Enjoy great food and competition at the Rib Cook-Off and BBQ Competition under the Big Tent in the Pioneer Stadium parking lot.  Great prizes are available for the winning team, and everyone gets a chance to share the amazing food!  To register a team, see the Official Entry Form below.


OCTOBER 12, 2013


Welcome to MNU’s third annual Homecoming BBQ Competition.  We are excited about this event, and with your help this is sure to be a successful contest.  Below are the details and rules for the BBQ contest.  Please complete this form and email, fax or mail to the Office of Alumni Relations at MNU before October 1, 2013, the official entry deadline.  The contest will be open to the first 20 teams of MNU Alumni and/or current Students who register.  

There will be four categories for judging the competition. They are:  Judged Pork, Judged BBQ Sauce, People’s Choice Pulled Pork and Pioneer Spirit.  There is NO ($0) entry fee for this contest however we prefer that if you participate, you plan to compete in all four categories.  

This year, we would like to give everyone that competes in the contest the opportunity to smoke the pork and provide the meat for the tailgate lunch.  For those of you that are willing and have the cook space, we will be providing all of the pork necessary for the lunch and would like for you to contribute by smoking at least 2 additional pork butts for the event.  When you return your entry form, please indicate if you are able to assist us with this so that we will know how many additional pork butts we will need to prepare.

Categories Details / Rules:

1.    Judged Pork / Judged Sauce:
    a.    Each team will prepare pork and sauce to be turned in to be judged by 12 p.m.
    b.    Pork and sauce will be sampled and judged on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best.
1.    People’s Choice Pork:
    a.    Each team will prepare pulled pork and provide samples to the public between 11-11:45
        a.m.  Spectators will then rate the flavor or your pork on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the best.  
    b.    Each team will be provided sample cups to serve their pork.
    c.    Each team will be provided with enough pork and must plan to serve at least 100 samples.

2.    Pioneer Spirit:
    a.    Each team will need to decorate their designated space in the “Pioneer Spirit”.  
    b.    Decorations and or props must be contained within the designated team’s space.
    c.    No traveling decorations will be allowed.
    d.    Three incognito judges will rate your team’s “Pioneer Spirit” on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being
        the best.

At the end of the judging time, all scores will be totaled for each category and individual winners as well as the greatest overall total winner will be announced at the awards ceremony.  Prizes will be awarded to each winning team.  Teams will be allowed to begin setting up on Friday, October 11 at 3:00 p.m.  Team spaces will be 20x20 and will each have electricity.  

Judging times will be as follows:
11 AM -12 PM – People’s Choice Pork and Pioneer Spirit
12 PM - Judged Pork and Sauce
12:45 PM - Awards Ceremony.



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