It’s All About Encouragement

nicoleBramble-1Nicki Bramble was referred to MNU’s adult degree completion program by a very credible source. Her husband had completed his Bachelor of Arts in management and human relations there and loved it. His ringing endorsement gave her the confidence to jump in and start on the completion of her degree.

"I heard wonderful things about MNU through neighbors and my husband," Bramble says. "The adult program has many options for the working parent or adult."

Bramble is able to continue working as an accounting coordinator at Houlihan’s Restaurants Inc., because of the convenient class schedule, but the overwhelming reason she recommends the program to others is the encouragement she gets from MNU staff and other students.

"I realize that I love to learn new things and can really relate to the classes I’m taking," Bramble says. "I take a lot from my teachers and their ability to give such positive feedback as well as the tools to earn my degree. Again, the encouragement is the greatest of all."

What does she hope her MNU degree will do for her?

"The confidence and skills that are learned in college are usable in every aspect of life," she states. "I’m sure that my degree will help me in the future, either at my current employer or for any other opportunities that arise."