Financial Aid Policies

plusaWhat is an academic year?

The Office of Financial Services uses a standard academic year for students enrolled in our traditional program. This year spans two enrollment terms (semesters). The terms total at least 30 weeks of instruction. A full-time student is expected to complete at least 24 credit hours during an academic year.

plusaWhat is enrollment status?

Full-time status is defined as taking 12 or more credits in a semester. Three-quarter-time status is defined as taking less than 9 credit hours in a semester. One-half-time status is defined as 6 credit hours a semester. Only the Federal Pell Grant is available for qualified students taking fewer than 6 credit hours a semester.


Verification is a procedure in which some students are requested to document certain data elements on the FAFSA—including but not limited to income and family size. Primary documents collected are the IRS transcripts for the student and the parents if the student is a dependent. A verification worksheet must also be completed.

MidAmerica Nazarene verifies all students who are selected by the Department of Education and may use its discretion in selecting students for verification. If selected for verification, no Federal financial aid funds will be credited to a student’s account until the verification process is complete.

plusaWhat is Satisfactory Academic Progress?

In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid, a student must make adequate academic progress toward his or her degree. Eligibility for federal financial aid is terminated if a student takes longer than 150% of the time established to complete his/her course of study. Students must successfully complete 66.67% of attempted cumulative credits.

For students transferring to MNU, the total number of credit hours accepted by MNU will be included in the number of attempted and completed credit hours in calculations for Satisfactory Academic Progress.

All undergraduates must achieve the following cumulative grade point average (GPA) to maintain financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress. These cumulative GPA requirements are monitored at the end of each semester.

See the entire Satisfactory Academic Process Policy.

Hours Attempted Minimum GPA Required
1-23 1.50
24-55 1.75
56 and above 2.00

plusaBalances Owed MNU



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