Maurine Dickerson Research Award

Feb. 1, 2013
Maurine Dickerson Library Staff 102012

Library staff met the founder of MNU’s library when Maurine Dickerson visited at Homecoming 2012. Left to right row one: Maurine Dickerson, MNU founding librarian, Glenda Seifert, Lon Dagley. Row two: Bruce Flanders, library director, Lauren Hays, Janice Stephens, Julianne Newberry.

The Maurine Dickerson Research Prize is a newly created academic achievement reward. Two research prizes will be awarded annually: one to students in the traditional undergraduate program, and one to undergraduate students in the adult program. The program recognizes students who have written a paper of outstanding quality. A panel of librarians and teaching faculty will judge the submitted works through a blind review process. The award is named in honor of Maurine Dickerson, the first librarian at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Application Process

Papers must be submitted to Lauren Hays, Instructional and Research Librarian, between April 1 and April 15, 2013. The papers can be sent via e-mail or delivered in person. Submissions should include a brief description of the paper and information about the class in which it was written, including the professor’s name, the title of the paper, and the name of the student. (The title of the paper should be present on the submitted paper, but the student’s name should not be on the work.) Contact Lauren Hays with any questions (913-971-3561).

Selection Criteria

Eligible participants are current traditional undergraduate students, and current undergraduate students in the professional program, who have used library resources to write a paper. The submitted work must have been written for a class taught at MidAmerica Nazarene University during the current academic year.

The submitted papers will be judged by three criteria:


Each winner will receive a $250 cash prize and a certificate of recognition. The prizes will be presented at the Awards Chapel. We extend our sincere thanks to James and Carol Garrison, who have generously underwritten the cash prize to be awarded to the undergraduate students in the adult program.