View Registration and Grades Online

As of July 1, 2008, we no longer regularly mail grade reports to students.
If you have recently taken classes with MNU and would like to view your enrollment or grades, please visit WebFor and click on "Enter Secure Area."

Login Information

Log in to using the following information:

Typically, this is your first initial, middle initial (if provided on initial application), and last name (Example: Pete R. Pioneer would use "prpioneer").

The last six (6) digits of your Social Security Number.

Once you know your login, Click here to visit Click on "Enter Secure Area" to log in.

Accessing Registration

Once logged in, click on "Student Services. Click on "Registration," then select "Active Registration."

Accessing Grades

Once logged in, click on "Student Services." Then click on "Student Records." Depending on what you need, select "Final Grades," "Final Grade Report," or "Academic Transcript."

**Remember that both are unofficial web documents. If you need an official transcript, please view the directions for ordering transcripts. Transcripts cannot be ordered through WebFor.**