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Lynsie Petersen


April 28, 2016

It Isn’t Over Until the Finals are Graded

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Here we are, in the final stretch of the semester, and everyone is ready to start their summers, but there’s one last hurdle to be jumped: finals.

Finals are the bane of every college student’s existence, this is just a known fact. What isn’t known is that finals are also the professors least favorite time of year. professor

I know we’re all stressed and think our professors purposefully plan all the tests for the same week and they want us to fail, but trust me, at least at MNU, our professors want us to pass as badly as we do.

We may enter finals week thinking:


or even worse:


because we didn’t sleep the night before from studying, but our profs are in the exact same boat. They stay up late grading everything and making sure the final can be finished in less than the 2 hour time slot. I’m sure if they could get away with cancelling all the finals, they would.

popcile rugrats peanuts kuzco cat

Alos, the memes about finals week are hilarious and over abundant, so go ahead and google “finals week” and click on images and enjoy instead of studying like you know you should be.

Remember guys, the college isn’t necessarily against us, it just might not be “for” us this week, Or the professors for that matter.


Katie Linsey


April 27, 2016

What Jesus Has Taught Me This Semester

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This semester has been one of immense spiritual growth (which is just like any other semester at MNU). I’ve learned a lot about my myself and who Jesus is through the many experiences and opportunities I’ve had this semester. I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learned recently, so I thought I’d share a few things in hopes to encourage you or bring a new perspective to you.

The most significant/memorable thing that Jesus has taught me this semester can be summed up in three words:

Just love people. 

Simple, right? The new millennial wave of Christianity says this all the time. But the truth is, it’s not simple. I’ve been reading through the Gospels this semester and Jesus said some pretty tough things. Here’s one of them:

“Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak, do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back.” Luke 6: 27-30 (ESV)

In order to love people, we have to understand the definition of love. I don’t wanna just talk about love, I want to embody love. As I’ve been praying for the lost, and the ones that have wronged me, Jesus had given me His heart for all of His people. My heart aches for every soul I come in contact with that doesn’t know the love of Jesus. When I come in contact with those who don’t know Him, all I want to do is hang out with them. I want to get to know them. I don’t want to shove a Bible down their throat or try to convince them into faith. I just want to love them, and show them that they are worth it. That they’re valued. That they’re so loved. I believe there’s gold in everyone and I’m determined to find it.

This semester, Jesus has changed my heart in that way. He’s shown me that love is the answer to everything. Someone doesn’t know Jesus? Love them. Someone mocks Jesus? Love them. Someone hates you because of your faith? Love them.

I’ve met so many incredible people this semester that don’t know the Lord. They’ve become some of my closest friends. I don’t love them because “I’m supposed to” or “maybe they’ll go Heaven if I do.” I love them because they’re cool people. When I look at them, I look at them with the eyes of Jesus. I see love, potential, and value. Not being a Christian doesn’t make someone any less valuable or less worthy of love.

Ever since I’ve started hanging out with people outside of my “Christian bubble,” there have been a few rumors and questions about my character. When this first started happening, I was very discouraged and upset with the MNU community. However, after meditating on the life of Jesus and asking Him for wisdom, I couldn’t help but be filled with joy when people came to me with questions about false accusations they’d heard about me. I know it sounds weird that I was joyful to hear those things, but that was the life of Jesus in a nutshell. He was questioned and accused. There were rumors spread about him. And through it all, He just kept loving people. I don’t want Christians to ever forget Jesus’ response to a question he was asked about why he hangs out with “sinners.”

“And the Pharisees and their scribes grumbled at His disciples, saying, ‘Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?’ And Jesus answered them, ‘Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.'” Luke 5:30-31 (ESV)

There’s one more Bible passage regarding love I’d like to remind you all of before I end this thing.

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoings, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

I hope this could be a reminder to just love people.

Thanks for reading.



Stephanie Krohn


April 27, 2016

My three best stress relievers

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Finals week is coming closer. Every day there is a tension between begging for the break to come closer and wishing the day had more hours to get assignments done. What should we do when the pile of papers keeps growing, the desktops of our computers are full of files, the printers in the library are overloaded with print jobs, and you skip sleep and food for meetings and Kresge Center visits. Stress gives you headache and even the care boxes of your mom won’t help anymore.
Then it’s time for a stress reliever. In my case, I can suggest each one of the following type:

1. Shopping!
Shopping helps a lot – believe it or not. First of all, you need to find a good shopping mall, for example Oakpark mall. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, just put a little amount aside because sometimes you need to give yourself a little treat! The new collections for the summer are out and the old collections are on sale. While being on the hunt for cheap and attractive deals, I promise you that you will forget every important school work for at least a little bit. A good way to escape from life, especially since there is a really bad signal in the mall, too. Plus, the only math you have to do is calculate how much your clothes will cost! 😉


And if you think that shopping is only for girls, skip to go to #2.

2. Madden for I-Phone
I began this new addiction called Madden Mobile. It really is a good game and keeps you engaged. I love to play it in between classes or before I go to bed. It gives you new challenges every day and you can unlock new players. My boyfriend got me into the app and I surprisingly liked it because it is relatively easy to control a player and the plays. For me, it is perfect because it distracts for a little bit, then I get frustrated because I am not really good at it, so I stop playing for a while and continue doing homework. The only problem is when you stress about waking up at 3 am to play certain challenges. In general, any video game can help and if you don’t have access to one, try a card game with friends which is even more fun (unless none of your friends have time, then you should show convince them to take a break).


Semesterferien 160

3. Be active!
Workouts and sports help to distract from homework too. It is not only good for your body, but also for your mentality. When I am stressed, it is like something blocks my thinking. When I work out, this wall breaks down and afterwards I work more efficiently. The other day I went on a long night walk on the trail and it was really relaxing. I slept much better over night and I felt really energetic the next day. Also, we have a great community. Chances that you find a group of people playing volleyball outside at night are really high. Just join for a little bit before going back to study all night.


I hope these suggestions help you to find a way how to get away from school for a little bit.
If none of these work, you can also pray for good grades and less stress! That always helps too! :)

Renee DeVault


April 26, 2016

Action Pact takes to the road

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This last weekend the Action Pact travel team packed packed up our bags and jumped in our fifteen passenger van at 10:15 AM to begin what ended up as a seven hour road trip to Cimarron, KS.

Between moments of doing homework, sleeping, and jamming out to the radio our team of six alternated between melting in suffocating heat when the windows were closed or being slapped by relentless wind when the windows were opened.

Action Pact followed Voices of Praise, an eight person singing group, in Clifford, their big red van. This was the second event Action Pact has done with Voices of Praise and by far the most extensive. We stopped and ate lunch together as well as stopped at gas stations so we were able to talk to them.

When we arrived at the church there was pizza provided, we figured out who our host families were, and then went to Dodge city to explore their mall and hang out at Sonic. Some friends from MNU came to Cimarron with us too so it was a huge MNU country party getting to explore the town that some of our good friends from Cimarron spent so much time in growing up.

Sara, Linsey, and I stayed with a family from the church who provided a place for us to stay and a fantastic breakfast in the morning. I wish that we had been able to stay after church for lunch so we could have spent more time with them.

Action Pact did a last minute improv performance for the Youth Group before service which was interesting because while improv is intrinsically made up on the spot, our plan of what games to play and who is playing what games is usually planned out far in advance.

The actual service was probably my favorite part of the trip. Quinn led Voices of Praise in some incredible worship both before and after Action Pact’s performance of “The Complete History of Old Testament in 20 Minutes”. It was my favorite performance we’ve done of that show. I felt like the congregation was very receptive and Quinn was able to tie it into VOP’s next song so the transition felt seamless.

As soon as we had all of our stuff packed up after the service we got out of Cimarron and frantically tried to make it back to Olathe in time for the Theatre Awards Banquet. We were on campus for about five minutes before the banquet started. I was so proud of us.

The banquet was very fun. My fellow improv friend, Justin Collins and I won male and female freshmen of the year award, Quinn won one of the performance of the year awards and Joshua won a One-Act performance of the year award. There were several other awards but I’m afraid I won’t remember them all so I’ll just say congratulations to everybody broadly.

Enjoy some pictures my friend Sara Eigsti took on the trip.

image image image image image image

Lynsie Petersen


April 24, 2016

Take A Break

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Apologies for posting late this week, but things have been insane here lately. For starters, I literally have had something to do every night this week.

Monday night was choir, as usual, Tuesday was my night in Kresge, also as usual. But things got a little crazy starting on Wednesday.

Action Pact was asked to do 3 different shows this week alone. We were at Lighthouse Presbyterian in Paola, KS on Wednesday, on campus for MAX on Thursday, and in Cimarron, KS on Saturday and Sunday, followed by our theatre banquet as soon as we returned to campus.

Fun fact, Cimarron is 6 hours away and when you’re in a van with no air conditioning for a total of 13 hours (we got a little lost on the way down there), with no A/C, you don’t consider it a break.

On [insert day of the week here] night, I couldn’t sleep, so I took a quiz on Facebook titled “How Badly Do You Need A Vacation?” I scored 321%. That quiz had no idea what the next week had in store for me. But it was right. I desperately need a break.


Of course, I was listening to the Hamilton cast recording at the time and the next sing that played was “Take A Break”. Basically, the song is Alexander’s wife and sister-in-law (Eliza and Angelica, respectively) begging him to take the summer off and go visit their father in upstate New York.

Take a break! Run away with us for the summer, let’s go upstate! We can all go stay with our father, there’s a place I know, in a nearby park, where you and I can go when the night gets dark. Take a break.

Alexander insists that he has to stay home and work. Ironically, the very next song has the line

I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake. You never seen a…orphan more in need of a break…

I mean, c’mon! Alex! Dude, your wife literally just offered you a vacation and you said no. Or have you forgotten that in the last 2 minutes?

If you listen to the rest of that song (titled “Say No To This”), you find out that he ends up having an affair and can’t manage to “say no to this”. This is just further proof that sin gets us when we are weak and busy. Directly following the above quote, he sings

…missing my wife. That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life…

Reynolds Pamphlet GIF

When we get too busy and we don’t focus on what’s actually important, we let Satan in. I’ve been wrestling with my faith a lot here lately, but I honestly think it’s just been spiritual warfare. I have been so busy that I haven’t been able to focus on Jesus. This weekend was the first time in forever where I was actually able to stop and reflect on what God is doing in my life. I have prayed more this week than I have in months, simply because I’ve been too busy.

As the semester comes to a close and finals happen, as well as the show I’m stage managing wraps up, I’m trying to be more focused and calm, so hopefully I keep Miss Maria (pronounced Mariah) Reynolds out of my life. I challenge you to do the same. Life is stressful, but take a break and then come back to whatever is freaking you out, “and don’t give the devil a foothold” (Ephesians 4:27).

Take A Break 1

Katie Linsey


April 21, 2016

A Tribute To The People I Couldn’t Live Without

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This school year has been so much more than I ever could’ve imagined. I have had amazing opportunities I never thought would come. I’ve also had incredible people in my life that equip me to be successful and encourage me to be fully who I was made to be. This blog is dedicated to those people – the ones that I couldn’t live without.

1. My family


The first people I couldn’t live without are my family. My mom and dad have always been so encouraging in whatever endeavor I’m pursuing. They have been so gracious to support me in every stage in my life, and continue to show me that support even though I’m an “adult.” I know that if I ever need anything, they’ll be there in every way they can. My sister is also a gem. I look up to her so much, in ways she’ll never even know, even though she’s younger than me. Hanging out with her is so relaxing and fun. I couldn’t imagine life without a sister that is also a best friend.

2. Caitlin Alley


This girl… where do I even begin? We’ve been best friends for over 5 years, and even though I don’t see her as much as I’d like, I can still confidently call her my best friend. She is my number one sister in Christ, someone that I know will always give me wise advice and has my best interest in mind. She walks with Jesus daily, and that’s so evident in her lifestyle. She’s the kind of friend that will challenge you and also love you so hard through anything.

3. Hannah Bostic


I could not do college without Hannah. I have to see her at least 29 times a day or I’ll go crazy from missing her so much. She knows every detail about my life, what makes me happy or mad, and my heart from the inside out. She’s the best encourager I know. Her heart is full of love, grace, and patience. Her love for Doctor Who, board games, and sour patch kids are just great. Everyone needs someone like Hannah Bostic in their life. (but please don’t steal her from me)

4. Christen Zimmer


This girl is so in tune with the Holy Spirit. I love being around her because she is full of wisdom, love, and grace. She’s one of the most genuine people I know. I know that I can be completely vulnerable and honest with her, without her judging or condemning me. The nights of laughter and tears are ones that I am most thankful for, and will never forget. I’m so excited to see where the Lord takes this girl. It’s gonna be good.

5. Morgan Peiffer


One time we went to Colorado and it was one of my favorite trips because I got to learn more about Morgan’s heart and her quirks. She is such a unique, genuine, wise person. She is not afraid to face her emotions, fears, desires, etc. and I know she’s growing so much because of the way she leans into life’s happenings. I am learning so much from being a part of her life. She’s always uplifting, bringing happiness to my world if I’m having a mundane day.

6. Melodie Griseta


I will never forget the day we met a few years ago. We had everything in common, and we prayed with each other just minutes after meeting. I believe that encounter set the pace for our friendship. Every time we get together, we always talk about Jesus and what He’s up to in our lives. It’s a friendship that I look forward to growing because I always feel so uplifted and encouraged when I’m with her. Also, she shares the love for One Tree Hill with me so obviously our friendship is legit. I’m so thankful for the role she plays in my life!

7. Lindsey Allen


I met this girl at Youthfront LaCygne a few years ago when I asked her for directions to my cabin because I was SO LOST. Thanks for those directions, by the way. :) Lindsey has got something that not many people do. She’s got a unique spirit that is so inviting and loving. Whenever I’m with her, I feel so loved and cared for. She genuinely cares about my life and how my spiritual life is going. There’s no such thing as surface level when it comes to friendship with Lindsey, which I love so much. Thanks for always being there, even though we don’t see each other as often as I’d like.

8. Christa Johnson


She’ll always be my roommate, even though she’s not. I hate that I don’t see her more, but I’m so thankful for the time we spent together freshman year and over the summer. Christa is so real. That’s the best word I can think to describe her. She’s not afraid to be herself and be honest. She’s also a really great listener and gives great advice. Hanging out with her is always a fun time.

9. Canaan Bellis


This girl is so fun to be around. I know that whenever we hang out, we’ll have a fun time. I love the way she’s honest and uplifting. She really knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down! I love the late night food runs and Netflix binge watching. Thanks for always being there when I need you. It’s a joy being your friend. I’m really glad I met you this semester. :)

I’m glad that I could introduce y’all to the people that have helped me get to where I am today. I couldn’t do life without the love, support, and encouragement I receive from each of these people in unique ways. I’m so thankful that God knows who we need in our life and when we need them. :) What a good, good Father.

See you next week. :)


Stephanie Krohn


April 19, 2016

Summer means _______ (Fill in the blank)

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I asked different people on campus to finish the following sentences about summer:

  1. Summer means ___________ .
  2. One thing about MNU I will miss is ____________ .
  3. One thing about MNU I won’t miss is ______________ .
  4. The first thing I will do during break is ______________ .
  5. My plans for the summer are ____________ .

Everyone has different plans and thinks differently about the summer time. Personally, I am not a big fan of summer. Mostly, because I work full time. As you can see, my summer is pretty boring, so let’s see what the rest of MNU does for the longest break of the year!

Jazmine Parra-Navarro


  • Summer means fun and adventure
  • One thing about MNU I will miss is all the different personalities in one location
  • One thing about MNU I won’t miss is the spotty WiFi
  • The first thing I will do during break is soaking up some sun
  • My plans for summer are working, traveling and exploring the outdoors

Sydney Knight

IMG_7691 (1)

  • Summer means freedom
  • One thing about MNU I will miss is nothing because I am stuck here
  • One thing about MNU I won’t miss is 8 am classes
  • The first thing I will do during break is visit friends
  • My plans for summer are working and family vacation to Canada where they have a cabin right at the lake in Ontario

Denise Dantzler


  • Summer means swimming
  • One thing about MNU I will miss is the campus because it looks really pretty in the summer
  • One thing about MNU I won’t miss is the caf food
  • The first thing I will do during break is sleep
  • My plans for summer are doing an internship, studying for the Elsa, and going on the cruise to the Virgin Islands, Jamaica and Mexico

Coach Rodden


  • Summer means warm weather, gardening, restoration, and family activities
  • One thing about MNU I will miss is the people
  • One thing about MNU I won’t miss is 5:30 am… sorry teams 😉
  • The first thing I will do during break is plant my garden and clean up my garden
  • My plans for summer are hanging out with my kids more and running my weightlifting camp

Chace Owen


  • Summer means hot work
  • One thing about MNU I will miss is the people
  • One thing about MNU I won’t miss is Josh and the crazy weather
  • The first thing I will do during break is sleep and work on video projects
  • My plans for summer are to work at Camp (Table) Rock, fly drones, make videos, and driving boats

Josh Brisco


  • Summer means miserable weather and Baseball
  • One thing about MNU I will miss is *starts laughing really hard* the people from the Trailblazer – except Chace
  • One thing about MNU I won’t miss is Chace and the stress of deadlines of projects that I don’t enjoy
  • The first thing I will do during break is sleep for one day and then start working on projects that are not related to school
  • My plans for summer are to do some creative things I don’t have time for during the school year

How would you fill the blanks? Please leave a comment! :)



Renee DeVault


April 18, 2016

Have a little Fun, will ya?

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I have been learning some valuable lessons about having fun this last week.

It seems like it would be easy, like Oh, of course I know how to have fun, don’t you? But in reality, in the middle of the insanity that is April, I found myself focusing on the stress so much that I nearly forgot how to have fun.

Tuesday the Sophomore class council threw a Napoleon Dynamite prom. IMG_1962

It was hosted in the tipping point in the Land Gym building on campus. The movie was playing in the tipping point, there were tater tots in the cafe area, and a disco ball and music in the actual gym area.

What ended up happening was a crazy dance party to some 80s music which, when done by theater people, ended up being very dramatic and probably horrifying for outside observers. There is definitely a difference between dancing to impress and dancing to be silly and funny.

We were not trying to be graceful…and that was a good thing.

It was one of my favorite nights of the semester so far though. I always forget how fantastic friends and dancing go together. Any chance you get, do something silly with people you love. Like perform at an improv show for new pioneer students where you can pretend to be a gerbil for a few minutes.

Gerbils don’t have homework. It’s nice.

Speaking of silly, newspaper has really ramped up this week. Joshua and I conducted interviews for the new Trailblazer staff and we’re doing interviews for our next print edition coming out on April 27th.

Being on Trailblazer staff is a lot of hard work but it’s also one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had. The people are fun, we get to talk about what is happening on campus, and we get to talk about what’s happening in the news and world around us.

Having to work is 200% more fun when you love the people you’re working with. I think this applies to studying for finals too, I am definitely getting people together that I enjoy to do some studying this year. We all have to get work done, but that doesn’t mean we have to be miserable.

Take a nod from St. John’s Sabbath rest challenge and take some time to play this week.

Photo credit Katie Linsey

Photo credit Katie Linsey


Isaac Walker


April 15, 2016


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Hey friends!

One of my favorite Netflix original series is back on!  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 is back on Netflix and I could not be more excited!  I plan on watching it all this weekend.  After doing so I will give you a little review.


Season 1 was pretty good.  The show is about a a woman who is a survivor of a cult.  Kimmy and a few other women were retrieved from a bunker where they lived for over ten years.  Kimmy is now out and living in New York City.  The show follows her and the friends that she makes.  The show deals a lot about how we, as humans deal with pain and trauma.  We all have a past and we all have to deal with it.

I want to know!  What is your favorite show on Netflix?  Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time friends.

Div Tosinglo


April 15, 2016


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  • Our university is under attack. Our greatest enemy is greater than running out of toilet paper, your  8am class, getting busted for staying later for open dorms, and even bigger than finals. What’s bigger than all of that? The large epidemic of singleness that has prolonged its visit upon our campus. We have been called to “be fruitful and increase in number; to multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” (Genesis 9:7) (After we ring by spring first, of course). But how can we ring by spring if there is such a big gap between the guys and girls on this campus? So I took it upon myself to single handily (No pun intended) save our school. I believe that one of the biggest causes of this plague is ignorance. The guys don’t know what the girls want. The girls don’t know what the guys want! Enough with the assuming! So I asked a friend of mine (Who is a girl) and also girls around campus this simple question: What do MNU girls look for in a guy? and did the same for the guys. No more being lost in translation this is as direct as it’s going to get!


All a girl wants is….

  1.  A guy with a nice smile
  2. A guy who isn’t afraid to associate with people outside of his friend group
  3. A guy who is a little weird
  4. A guy who believes the best in other people/ Extends grace
  5. A guy who is humble yet confident
  6. A guy who is not cheap but frugal
  7. A guy who appreciates my weird and awkward moments
  8. Chivalry (don’t let it die even though some girls don’t want you to hold the door for them… DO IT I WANT YOU TO)
  9.  A guy who is assertive & can lead me
  10. an adventurous guy
  11. A guy who is willing to sing in the car with me ( just pray she’s not a Taylor Swift fan)
  12. A guy who has good hygiene
  13. A guy who consults Jesus before he consults me
  14. A guy who puts others before himself
  15. A guy who can hold an intelligent conversation

All a guy is looking for is a girl who…

  1. is genuinely kind to everyone
  2. has a nice smile, show your pearly whites
  3. Can pick up on sarcasm and relay it
  4. has pretty eyes
  5. is confident , but not an ego maniac
  6. brushes her teeth
  7. dresses modestly 😊
  8. is exclusive about her relationship with God
  9. Doesn’t pressure the future.
  10. Laughs at my jokes, even if they aren’t that funny (Preach it!)
  11. Will let me open the door
  12. Rub my head
  13. Values herself
  14. is selfless
  15. has a cute laugh



There are pros and cons to going to a small university. But today. In this blog it’s a pro. Because you get to know pretty much everyone! And I can honestly say that the majority of the guys live up to these desires, and the same goes for our girls. Maybe this joke about singleness goes deeper than just dating. Maybe this blog speaks truth about how unfamiliar we are with one another as a community. Maybe it’s a call out of our comfort zones and cliques, and a call to branch out! Or maybe it’s just another sneaky way to reawaken MNU Mingle. Who knows? But if this blog was the exact push you needed to find your future husband or wife. Just remember….to give credit where credit is due! 😉


  • Div