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Joey Alligier


October 31, 2012

What if I can’t see?

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Imagine you are driving. It’s been quite a drive and you’re a little antsy to get where you’re going. The conditions aren’t the best. Sorta foggy, it’s beginning to drizzle. It’s near nightfall and you think you’re getting lost. O and you’re blindfolded. There are so many options on which way to go, what road to venture down. What do you choose?

This is life. Whatever “car” we’ve been given or decided to try and use to get going. Some of us have a Lexus or a 2012 Ford Fusion. While others may drive something along the lines of an 88 Ford Crown Victoria. The car we take may decide the level of difficulty at times, but our life situations do not decide our outcome.

We come to a point in life where there are decisions to be made. Whether it be concerning relationships, schools, and other possible paths of life. It is never an easy decision, but what worth effort comes cheap? Our salvation came at a high cost, school often comes at a very high price, success in which ever facet you want it in comes with work. What we often neglect is that we don’t have to fight alone. School has teachers/tutors and success is often accompanied by people who care. The same is applicable in our drives as Christians. We can get people to be our back seat navigators or when life gets that hard and it’s necessary, be our tow truck.

Don’t forget that failure is okay. It only reveals correction and answers for next time. As Paul sort of asks, “Does that mean we should continue to fail?” Of course not! A set back is a set up for a comeback! Throughout the Bible we see failure, but reasoning, guidance, and purpose behind it! Does this mean getting back up after you’ve fallen the 18th time is gonna be cake? NOPE. BUT, as the movie Soul Surfer cares to share, “I don’t need easy, just possible.”


So, back to our car ride. The road is life. It’s long and dreary sometimes. We are all wanting to get somewhere we are not. The conditions are the failures we get to face, the ones we can choose to address and adjust our skills to or let them throw us off. It’s foggy because we don’t know what’s next. A hill, mountain, sharp turn, or curve may be lurking beyond our 5 foot eye-sight range. The rain that starts is often when it gets the hardest. We begin to lose sight and try all that we can to get it off ASAP. Life is getting dark, due to all that’s already come at you, you lose hope and don’t know where to turn. You may wonder how you are driving successfully at all with a blindfold on, right? Well, that’s because you have made the decision to put it on! Follow me here :) You do have friends that can be in the backseat, but only One can have control of the wheel, if you let Him. Jesus is your guide, He knows the twists and turns coming. So, you gave Him the wheel and trusted Him by putting on the blindfold. So does it really matter if you can’t see? After all, faith is hope in the unseen.

Keep on and keep God my friends,


Cherith Campbell


October 29, 2012

The one where we worshipped in three languages, got ‘adopted,’ and walked like an Egyptian!

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A lot has happened in Switzerland this week. So here’s a recap!

ICF: A group of us went to Neuhausen to a youth/adult worship event and it was amazing. There were people from around ages 15 to about 30. Everyone got there and socialized while others bought coffee and snacks. Then at eight the craziness began. We filed into a big room with a stage. A video introducing all of the worship team played and then they all appeared. The whole night was multilingual and that was definitely my favorite aspect of the entire evening. We rocked out to songs in English then they would go right into singing in Swiss German and then there were High German lyrics below everything. Being amongst all those people was such a great experience. In the middle of worship I looked around and realized what an awesome thing I was witnessing. So many of the people in that room were from completely different backgrounds, cultures, and even languages. Yet, we were all worshipping the same God and He was speaking and working in all of us despite our differences. God was touching Swiss, German, Dutch, and us Americans all at the same time. In each of our languages, in each of our circumstances, and in each of our individual lives. That was insanely cool to be apart of!

Adopted family: Hayley and I got invited to go over to a couples’ house from the international church this past Sunday. We spend the afternoon at their house with their family and had a blast! They have three little girls that are absolutely adorable. Lilly is 3, Maddy is 5, and Katie is 8. They are actually from the states and are living here for about five years on business. We had dinner and played with the girls; they showed us around and told us jokes. They started working on art pictures to give Hayley and I when we had to leave so we will be getting those at church next time. :) It was really great to be in a home and family atmosphere because we haven’t had that in awhile. We got to know them and we shared our stories as well. It was good to have that hospitality and openness with them and their girls.

Halloween: We had a Halloween costume party  and it was wonderful. We had Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood and a Christmas present and Rosie the Riveter and a wolf and a grandma and pirates and a peacock and a Mexican selling bananas. Yes- quite the range of characters. Linda and I went as Pharaoh and Cleopatra. We looked pretty dang good if i do say so myself. It.was.great.

I’m leaving for Frankfurt, Germany and will be there for a week so I’ll have to catch up on everything when I get back.

Learn something new today: When you look at your reflection in the outside of a spoon you will look normal but turn the spoon and look into the indented inside of the spoon and you will be upside down. Blew my mind. :)


Kelsey Cranford


October 29, 2012

The Homecoming Madness

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Homecoming week is one of those weeks that is filled to the brim with all kinds of events. Two of my wonderful roomies are on ASG this year and worked their buns off trying to make homecoming week enjoyable for everyone. Every day was themed something different, including blast from the past day, reppin’ yo team day, and country swag day which lead up to our annual carbash and hoedown. Land gym soon became a sweat fest mixed with hay, cowboy boots, donuts, and cider. Everyone line danced until we were all completely drenched. The following evening was the homecoming banquet which was located downtown at the Uptown Theatre. Us ladies got all dolled up and primped ourselves until we could primp no more and met up with our men to take off. The venue was so fun and my dearest Lauren did such an amazing job getting all the details together so that we could enjoy the beautiful night. There was dancing this time around (pretty bawler for a Nazarene school) and we had a great time making fools of ourselves and looking absolutely ridiculous. The following night, after our pioneers crushed the yellow jackets (woot woot!), everyone went to Emerald City Gym which is basically a huge play place for the big kids. This place is filled with trampolines, rock-climbing walls, gymnastic equipment, ropes, and has a huge foam pit. It was basically a night where we revisited the good ol’ childhood days, which was just perfect. All in all, this past weekend was a riot. Thanks to all who made it possible!

That’s all folks!

Allegra Vieux


October 29, 2012


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I’m up to my ears in projects.

Homecoming banquet was on Friday.

3 sporting events Saturday.

and I worked all day Sunday.

………..I wouldn’t trade this crazy schedule for the world.

When I was in high school, I remember being scared out of my mind that I wouldn’t be prepared for college classes. My teachers all talked about time management and using planners. I would like to say to them that I’ve never been able to keep a planner. Every year I start out buying one thinking “this is going to be the year” and then I go strong for about a month or 2 and then lose it or quit updating it.

My dear friends, this is the year. If I could tell my high school self not to worry, and that classes are harder but my teachers would prepare me for what I need, I so would.

The good news is, I LOVE all of my projects and am SO excited, which motivates me to work on them. Right now for promotion management, we are writing an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign for Blue Springs Harley Davidson. We are working with partners, and the group that comes up with the best promotional campaign for BSHD 1. Wins! (I’m competitive) and 2. Presents it to the actual store owners, and gets a chance for their ideas to be used. Excited? juuusssst a little! Also, my partner and I plan to win and be used as the example for years to come. I’ll share our ideas and the reasons behind it once the other groups have solidified their campaigns and cannot steal our idea. :)

On top of all the school work, there’s so much going on for entertainment! Homecoming banquet this year was at the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City (near Westport.) It was a beautiful night, and please note the cutest date ever, my nephew Mr. Lennox Vieux.

Then, there are sporting events! We hopped all around to the games because womens soccer, football, and mens soccer all overlapped. Can I just say how excited I am to be a Pioneer? Both soccer teams tied, Kei Kamara (of Sporting KC) made an appearance, and football won 55-0! Everything we do, we do with excellence.

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!

Emily Lawler


October 28, 2012

{Emily} Update: Praxis, STUDY FEST!!

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Hey all,

Hope you are doing well. Here is what is going on in my life right now!


Phillip Prado


October 25, 2012

Homecoming Week!

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HEY GUYS!!!! Have you been feeling the MNU Spirit this week?? Cause I have!  This week has been pretty crazy!  Homecoming is just around the corner and the road there was long and obnoxious.  This whole week has been full of events and themes all the way from “Blast from the Past,” where we dress up like a previous decade, on Monday, to “Country Swag,” where we show the whole school how good we look as cowboys and cowgirls, today; from “Twin Day,” where we match someone else, on Tuesday to “Reppin Yo TEAM,” where we wear clothes that rep our favorite team, on Thursday.  I have to admit, my two favorite days were definitely Twin Day and Country Swag. On Twin Day we had a Smoovie night.  This is where we got the opportunity to watch a movie together and drink smoothies (get it? smoothie + movie = Smoovie).  We watched Disney’s Brave, ate popcorn, and drank smoothies until our hearts were content.  And then Country Swag, which was tonight,  we had a bonfire, as seen above, a carbash, and a hoedown.  It was an awesome experience.  Everyone in the school put there differences aside, came together to achieve a common goal, despite our problems and distractions, and accomplished that goal: to beat the living snot out of a car with a sludge hammer and burn some crap!!  Then we all kicked it at the hoedown and line danced the night away.  Now I can’t wait for the homecoming banquet tomorrow, and a night at Emerald City Gym and the homecoming football game Saturday (Go Neers!). Overall, this week has been awesome.  This is definitely a community that really gets us all involved and having fun.  Never have I felt so loved, so connected, and so at home as I do here.  MNU is just that, my home, and I’m proud to be a part of it

Kelsey Cranford


October 24, 2012

The Honeybee Hive.

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I am convinced that the kind of people you surround yourself with shape who you become more than anything else in life. In coming to college, I knew that I needed to find a community of people who could not only support and encourage me, but also challenge me through speaking truth into my life. It is beautiful looking back on the past few years and seeing how the Father has taken me on this journey of provision in allowing me to share life with such good, good people.

I currently reside in Draper 2 on campus, otherwise known as the Honeybee Hive. I live with 5 beautiful ladies who have been super great to share an apartment with. I contemplated giving you all a sneak peek into our home, but after surveying the premises I thought it best to wait until it actually looked half decent. There have been so many good memories within these walls already, and I’m so thankful for each of us making each other a priority amongst the chaos. Just the other night my suitemates and I met up with a group of gals downtown at this adorable little restaurant called Chez Elle to celebrate my suitemate Lauren’s birthday. They specialize in making the most delicious crepes you can imagine and was a perfect spot for the occasion. We did what girls do best—we got all dolled up, took tons of pictures, and came back for a late night of slap-happiness.

Draper is great, not just because of the home-like feel and the amazing roommates, but because we have the dearest Patti as our RE. The other night she got out the fire pit and some hot cocoa, and invited whoever was around to join her and her wonderful hubby for a night of s’mores and sitting around the fire. She loves being involved in our lives and is always up for time spent together. It feels so good living on a campus where you are able to be in relationship with your residential staff and actually get to share life with them.

However, above all, the person who has really shaped this last semester for me has been my wonderful roommate, Miss Kailene Cloud. This gal is a gem, always thinking of others before herself regardless of circumstances. She has been such a rock for me and what a good, good journey it’s been getting to know her heart more and more over the past year and a half. She has such a refreshing spirit and has challenged me in countless ways through watching her work through life and follow the Spirit. In times of doubt and confusion her life has been a testimony to me that God is truly at work and actively involved in our lives. I thank the Lord everyday for providing her in my life.

That is all folks.  Sayonara.

Cherith Campbell


October 24, 2012

The one where we live with ‘brothers.’ (monks)

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We just got back from Taize, France on Monday and it was quite an experience. We stayed in a monastic community where we lived in a community of brothers. A brother resembles a monk but just isn’t catholic. They have dedicated their lives to celibacy and to God. Taize is a community that is geared toward youth and they have hundreds and even thousands come to live in the community for a period of time.

We had prayer services three times a day. Before breakfast, before lunch, and then after dinner. The prayer services are very unique. Everyone sits on the floor and the whole service consist of singing chants, scripture reading, and silence. The brothers sit in the center area of the chapel building. It was very interesting to see the ways that they worshiped and the positions that they took. – bowing.

All of us were assigned work places in order to participate and give back to the community that we all lived in together. My group tore down these massive tents that people stayed in when they go there. It was such a specific task to tear down and fold everything and then put it away. Our ‘responsible’ or team leader was Pawel (25) and he was from Poland but had decided to volunteer in Taize for a year. Julian (19) was also another permanent (volunteer/worker) and he was German. He has until Christmas to work in Taize and then he will go to the United States to work in national parks out of Arizona. They were so nice and amazing to get to know.

Every morning we would partake in communion and every weekend they celebrate Easter. On Saturday we had a candle lighting service which was really cool to be apart of. These kids would light their candles and pass it along to the brothers who then passed it to us. Once you had the light you were to pass it to someone who did not.

The week we spend there was definitely a time to remember. We met people from around the world, learned the way of a monastic community, and really experienced God in a very different and interesting way.

Learn something new: Rubbing noses: the purpose/meaning of this cultural action isn’t to ‘rub noses.’ It is actually the idea of them getting close enough to breathe in the breath of the other person. It is an action of intimacy.

Joey Alligier


October 23, 2012


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On October 23rd in Community Chapel at College Church there was a group from Africa that belted it out, broke it down with some sweet moves, and definitely praised the Lord. They were called Chosen, and for good reason! They were “chosen” by God to excel at what I am incapable of, to do what I plan to do in that of bringing Christ to those EVERYWHERE, and also remind me of what I forget sometimes.

There are two separate things I’d like to focus on in this piece. First, what those amazing kids reminded me of. In one of the songs one of the young girls said something along the lines of, “No matter the struggle, the fight, the mountain to climb, God is there and will help.” Given that today wasn’t the most joyous of days to begin with, I felt like poop inside and out and nothing was really going right, this is what I needed to hear! Often times God uses the simplest things to prove Himself the strongest. Like the faith, and in this case-talent, of a child. This leads us to the next, more applicable section!

In the first section I mentioned two talents or actions. The fact that these children could break it down and I can’t and the ultimate goal of what they do and how I can connect. As atypical as these statements seem, they make perfect sense when we see them in a larger light. We are all distinctly designed instruments in God’s tool box. As 1 Corinthians 12 puts it, we are all different, yet integral, parts of the body of Christ. Some of us can dance and some of us can speak, some will lead congregations of people in a church, and some will start them. This topic doesn’t even include the people whose ministry is through their occupation, not strictly “ministry”. What all these ministerial positions or abilities have in common is the second part within my first statement. The talent is different but the goal and the anticipated outcome is the same; revealing the power of God.

We are all chosen for God’s ministry, even if we aren’t in “ministry”. This is apparent by the next thing that happened in chapel. MNU women’s basketball coach Aubrey Clair stood up and gave her testimony. She was actually semi-tricked into the whole situation. She wasn’t comfortable up there like the dancing/singing group was, but the impact had the same basis. God will guide, lead, and help us when it’s the most dim.

The avenues that God presented Himself were SO different, as there are in every day and everyone’s life. BUT our God is what remains, always. Through decisions to be made, issues to be faced, and trials to be won, He is there. There is never any reason to fear. So always remember, whether you are a singin/dancin fool or someone who was kinda baited into giving your testimony, you are here for God’s purpose, no matter the avenue. With Aubrey and Chosen it was the SAME stage, SAME God, DIFFERENT purpose, BOTH CHOSEN!

Keep on and keep God my friends.

Emily Lawler


October 22, 2012

{Emily} Tour: See Our Dorm’s Living Space

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Hey Guys!

Here is just a quick peek at my dorm. This video shows the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. My bedroom is on the first floor, but there are two more bedrooms upstairs. I will film a dorm room tour as well! But Until then, hope you enjoy!