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Allegra Vieux


October 19, 2012

Gotta get down on Friday

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What happens at 4:30 on Friday in the back room of Admissions?

TLC dance parties, featuring student workers with special appearances by Admissions Counselors Dennis Miller and Jay Sandbloom.

Happy Friday, everyone! Remember, don’t go chasing waterfalls.

Phillip Prado


October 18, 2012

Step Up

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Competition can be a crazy thing sometimes. I’m the kind of guy who loves competition, but I do not take it too seriously. So the other day Lanbarger House had a few dodgeball games in Land Gym and I see that there are a lot of other guys who love competition too…..but way too much.  They take it way too seriously.  There was name calling, cheating, lying, and it really just took away from the game.  And that’s really all it is:  a game.  It’s only a game and yet people treat these games like it’s life or death.  Yeah competition can be fun at times but why would you let something so petty consume you to the point of what looked like to me as hate.  Danny, the Lanbarger RE, was even called a racist because there were people who couldn’t stand the idea of losing.  I just thought to myself Danny? A racist? Are you serious?  This is one example of how we, as humans in general, have this tendency to point the blame.  We are quick to get defensive of our actions instead of just dealing with it, and then we get to this point when we messed up or we’ve fallen just a little short, it’s so easy to point the finger at others whether they are guilty or not.  And its not just in sports but in anything.  It’s in our school work, in sports, in friendships, and in just everyday tasks.  Why is owning up to our actions so hard?  Why can’t we just accept the fault?  I guess this just kind of hit me:  we really need to step up.  We are not kids anymore.  We need to step up as adults, as students, as friends, and most importantly as Christians.  If we don’t step up then we can’t go anywhere.  And if we don’t go anywhere we can not truly be happy.  We’re called to be so much more and we can’t afford to be petty.  I guess that’s just how I’ve been feeling lately and that’s what God has been speaking to me.

Kelsey Cranford


October 17, 2012

Hometown Glory.

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There’s something about moving away from home that makes you appreciate it all the more. It suddenly becomes a place that you begin to long for. I am so thankful to have had fall break this past weekend in which I was able to go home and simply be with my family. If you ever get the chance, be sure to make a little road trip out to the good ol’ town of Manhattan, KS, because visiting the little apple is quite the treat.

Being a college town, Manhattan is just a tad livelier than your average town of 53,000. My all time favorite place to spend time (other than my home of course) is the greatest coffee shop, Bluestem, which is located in the heart of Aggieville near K-State campus. Its orange-tiled floors, funky art, and, of course, amazing coffee is where so many good, intentional conversations have taken place throughout my high school and college years. Whenever I’m reconnecting with friends when I’m in town, it never fails to be the go-to spot. If I’m ever in need of a funky gift and/or the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen, Acme Gift is the solution. Just a few doors down, this place does not disappoint. Just this last weekend my family and I were celebrating my younger sister’s last home volleyball game and got her some gorgeous flowers there—a tad expensive, but definitely worth it. As you can tell by the unicorn picture above, Acme has the most unique and random gifts all packed into one little shop. I also love getting to be around K-State and seeing what life is like for students there. This last weekend I was able to check out one of my good friends’ ceramics studio and help her sell pottery at the student union, which was a blast because I was able to have yet another peek into the campus life of a state university. (I love people watching).

In regards to my home, I love that I have had the experience of growing up just a little ways into the country. I’ve always been one to love to go on walks, runs, and bike rides through the countryside. Especially with this fall season, it was just beautiful walking around and exploring. The leaves were a multitude of colors ranging from bright green to deep red and the weather was perfect. Our neighbors have always raised horses and it was so refreshing to visit them again and just soak up the beauty around me. Spending time with my family was so extremely refreshing as well and it felt so good to be in their presence and spend some good time with them. My parents are the best, always welcoming me with open arms but always purposeful in giving me any freedom and space I may need. I could go on and on about how well they love me, for they are some of the most selfless people I know. All in all, Manhattan brings such sweet, sweet memories to mind. So thankful I had the opportunity to revisit this hometown glory.

Cherith Campbell


October 16, 2012

The one where the hills come alive with the sound of music!

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This past weekend was my first personal trip of the semester. And I loved it. Hannah Swearengin, Hayley Pankratz, Erin Knocke, and I got up super early to catch a bus, then a train, then another train, and then finally hours later arrived in Salzburg, Austria. The train ride there was beautiful. The scenery that we traveled through was incredible. After we arrived we wandered around for awhile until eventually finding our hostel. Yes we stayed in a youth hostel. And yes it was awesome.

The next day we went to multiple museums such as Mozart’s birthplace and his residence. We also did some shopping through Old Town and along the river as well. We ate a cafe, enjoyed one of Salzburg’s original apfelstrudel (apple strudel). Delicious. That night we got in late and hung out in the lounge area at the hostel and we met other travelers that were our age. That was so cool. We ended up getting to know three guys in particular pretty well. Darcey, Will, and Max were about our age and they were on a one and a half journey around Europe before going back to London where they worked for some outdoor recreation place. Darcey and Will were actually from Australia and Max from Germany but they all met at this place where they had to decided to work at until moving on to college or going home. They were a blast.

The third day that we were there we went on the Sound of Music Tour. That was so much fun. We got to see where the movie was filmed and where all the scenes took place. For example, we saw the house that was used, the gazebo, the lake, the path Maria skipped down, the church where the wedding took place, the Abbey, and many other places. We got to hear interesting facts and behind the scene stories from the movie and about the actors. For the way home we got a train, rode it for multiple hours, got off and on another train, rode it for an hour, then finally got home…uh home?…wow how crazy is that for me to say home and mean Switzerland. So cool. Yet I do know where my real home is. (that’s for my mom) :)

Well first personal trip done and a success. I had such a great time with the girls that were with me and we made so many amazing memories. Tomorrow we leave for Taize, France so get ready for that next!

Learn some new things today:

  • Mirabell means beautiful, lovely, wondrous in Italian. And the Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg were used in the Sound of Music.
  • Salzburg means ‘salt castle.’
  • In the Middle Ages salt was called the white gold.
  • A dirndl (landhausmode) is the traditional dress for women worn especially in Germany, Austria, Bavaria, South Tyrol, and Liechtenstein. Based on the historical costume of the Alpine peasants. Where the bow is tied around her waste shows status: Middle front- still a young girl. Left front- single/available. Right front- married. Back- widowed.
  • The edelweiss is the flower of Austria. It grows up in the mountains and can be very hard to get to. In the old days if a young man wanted to show his love and valor he would hike up and pick an edelweiss for his girl.
  • Europeans wear their engagement rings on the left hand and then they switch it to their right hand when they get married. And guys wear engagement rings as well.



Joey Alligier


October 15, 2012

Passion, Purpose, Pumpkin

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On October 13, 2012 at 8am, in the cool, about to rain, Kansas weather a race was run. I was about to embark on a journey with one of my best friends and encouragements Mike Reynolds. Music prevalent was over the surrounding chattering crowd. Numerous shouts of encouragement being thrown out and an all around joyous time being had. All this somehow associated with one of the most massive sorrowful events that any family could experience. It was in honor of an amazing family, and I have never met them. The story, the fight, the loss, but the purpose triumphs. A record 3550 people attend an event to run, walk, jog, and maybe even briskly stroll. Plus the numerous people who didn’t run, but assisted in making the 14th Annual Jared Coones Memorial Pumpkin 5K Run/Walk a memorable one.

What was the first guy to discover milk doing to that poor cow? What was Captain Hook’s name before he became an amputee? Why do bad things always happen to good people? (I believe it’s because they can handle it and turn it into a positive, but that’s just me).There are some things in life we don’t understand. More specifically, why would a loving God take the life of a young boy with his whole life ahead of him and then leave the father as a widower due to the same infectious, disgusting disease. That’s the million dollar question that can only be speculated upon. In Romans 5:3-5 it states, “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” I believe we experience hardships in life, not because doesn’t care, but because there is positive, there is hope that we can choose to seek and embrace or ignorantly turn away from and harden our hearts from a God that wants to be our Comforter.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react. In my life I have been on both sides of the fight. Winning by finding God and running to the healer and the not so joyous side of letting what Satan presents consume me. I have reacted positively and negatively. But, through it all, I have ended up here. Still fighting and striving to cling to the hope that is offered in Romans and throughout the 66 page love letter we have. In the Coones family’s case, fighting to honor their son Jared and then imagine how desire to continue to fight could have stopped after Jayne (Jared’s mother) passed away. Devastation, for lack of a stronger word, comes to mind. But, instead, look where this memorial has reached and not even close to having peaked.

Before the race, I was asked why I was running. Well, to be frank (Don’t worry my name is still Joey), I like to challenge myself and that was my initial thought. Which led to more contemplation. Why do we run, walk, skip, in these races? It’s silly to think so many run so they can give up money and get a measly t-shirt . A minimal amount knew the people, most have never ventured a mile or two in their shoes, and we may not even be from the area affected. I then formulated the answer that I run not only to challenge myself, but to run for the ones who can’t. To take strides in a positive direction, to fight to the finish, to push ourselves in honor of people who fought and were beat. It gets hard, in life and in running (the pictures clearly prove). But with challenge comes growth, passion, and empathy. While the people are no longer here, their story, their fight, their purpose lives on in every safety pinned bib, every drop of sweat, and every stride taken.

Here’s to you Jared, Jayne, and the Coones family purpose. Thank you for the challenge, the example, the story that lives on

Keep on and keep God friends


P.S. If you didn’t see any issues with the image at the top of the blog ignore this. If you did, blame technology.


Emily Lawler


October 14, 2012

{Emily} Vlog Weekend Home

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Hey Everyone,

Here are some clips from my weekend home! Enjoy! Stayed tuned next week for a DORM TOUR!!!


Allegra Vieux


October 12, 2012

Ring by Halloween

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This past weekend, student chaplain Bri Davis and Michael Morrison, aka the face of ASG got engaged!

Michael’s roommate kept the proposal a secret for nearly 4 months, and Bri’s roommate kept it quiet for about 24 hours! Way to go, pioneers!

Right after the proposal, the couple headed back to Spindle Lobby for an engagement party. Congrats to the future Morrison family!

Phillip Prado


October 11, 2012

The Things I’m Missing

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   HEY GUYS!!! There’s something on my heart right now that I would really like to share with you all. There comes a time when our independence becomes almost…unappealing.  It’s a time when your love for your family and the love for your home really comes out and you can’t help but long for them.  Its a time when our pride gets pushed aside and all we want is to be at home again where there were no problems and no worries.  That time has hit me sooner than I had thought, and I miss my family.
       College is full of stress and full of business. Sometimes I fell like I’m ALWAYS on the go and have no time to myself to just relax.  This really gives me an appreciation for the life I had back home that I took for granted.  Some things I had then, that are now an entire state away, really pull on my heart strings and now I really miss them.   The biggest thing I miss right now is by far my three little sisters.
I don’t know what your relationship is like with your siblings, if you have any, but I love my sisters more than anything in the world.  My sisters names are Abigail, Izabel, and Porsche (10 years old, 8 years old, and 4 years old). Being without them has really shown me a lot of things I have taken for granted and really underestimated the amount of my life that they took up.  We’ve always been really close but now that I’m so far away from them, I can really see how much they really meant to me. And now that they’re getting older, getting more social and having more peers in their lives it scares me knowing that their friends are impacting them more than I am.  I want to show them Christ and His love but I’m afraid they won’t see that in their lives now that I’m not there. And it isn’t just my sisters that I miss but there’s a lot of things about my home that really suck to be without.
       I just want you guys to know that sometimes we lose God’s gifts and forget God’s in the process of following God’s plan.  And now that I’m in college, separated from my family, I can see the times God blessed me and I didn’t take notice, or I was given a gift from God I wasn’t aware of.  I just pray that we, as a school, really take in the value of our families, and of God’s love, and really try not to forget the things that are important instead of getting lost in the future that isn’t even here yet. We have priorities right here and now that we cannot look past that we need to give to God and ask Him to work on, and that He works on those things through us, as Christians.  That thing is my family and that’s what’s on my heart right now.
Abigail, Age 10                                        Izabel, Age 8                                          Porsche, Age 4
Cherith Campbell


October 10, 2012

The one where we go hiking across the SWISS ALPS.

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We went hiking through the Swiss Alps for our PE class….how sick is that.–yeah pretty sick right?! This was most definitely one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. We road trains to Stoos and then had to ride cable cars and then ski lifts (yes ski lifts) to the top of these massive mountains! It was the most breath-taking place I have ever been in my life. No doubt. The pictures that we have do not come close to its beauty. It is an experience that you have to actually be there to comprehend the magnificence.

We saw the land where Switzerland originated and that was so neat to learn about. The hike that we did was called The Blade. It got this name of its drop off slopes on both sides of the path. We hiked across the Swiss Alps on a trail called The Blade that was only about three feet wide. And yes- that is incredibly cool.  The hike was three hours long and I wanted it to never end. A small group of us have already discussed going back and doing it again on a free day. WAIT- did I just say that in my free time I’m going to go hiking through the Swiss Alps? Why yes I sure did. :)

This experience has been so life changing and I cannot wait to see what it will bring in the next two months!

Learn something new today:  The spiral ramps in castles or structures go clockwise for fighting purposes. It gives the native the advantage as they fight because it gives them bigger space for the hand and sword. While the enemy coming up has the opposite smaller space and the disadvantage.

Kelsey Cranford


October 9, 2012

An Arizona Weekend

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This last weekend my paradigm was shifted from cool, fall weather consisting of scarves, boots, and pumpkins to a distant land far, far away filled with sunshine, shades, and desert. I was ready for a mental break, for a shift of gears. I was ready to set aside the college chaos for a weekend and allow my mind to take in something fresh and new.

Arizona is quite different from the epic state of Kansas. It contains a beauty that is quite unique, consisting of cacti, palm trees, red rock, and mountains. My man and I took off for this spectacular place for his daddio’s wedding. We were stoked, not only just to hang out with the Anderson clan, but also to show our support and excitement of a union between a wonderful man and a wonderful woman, both whom honor and love the Lord. The entire weekend was a laugh fest as people simply enjoyed each other’s company, and I was welcomed with open arms to be a part of this family and their celebration as if I had always been. Let’s just say, it was most definitely worth the trip. #realtalk

If we look hard enough, there are examples of redemption all over the place. As fall begins, I am reminded that the leaves will begin to turn and fall, plants will begin to wither and fade, and the cold will soon begin. Snow and the long winter will eventually set in and before we know it all green will cease. Yet, spring will surely come as it has always come, and the new will spring up and flourish. This weekend, as well as this season, is yet another reminder to me of how beautiful it is that God allows us to shed off the old and take on the new. Time and time again the opportunity is provided to become something new, something fresh—a redeemed being. We are never to a point where this opportunity is taken away because it is something not based upon our performance or character, but is something based completely on the character of our Lord—SOLID. We are not bound by our former selves unless we so choose to be bound. This freedom we crave is ours so long as we simply accept it. How beautiful it was to witness a picture of this as I saw a man so filled with love and joy as he awaited his beautiful bride, and as I saw a couple stand before us and commit their lives to each other before the Lord.