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Phillip Prado


March 28, 2013

Hiking? In Tennessee? I think so :)

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YES! It happened! Through Kairos, our wednesday night chapel service, we went hiking at Savage Gulch in Tennessee over spring break! It was a week of amazingness, let me tell you! I don’t even know where to start. There was hiking (obviously :P), beautiful scenery, amazing fellowship, and plus Savage Gulch is only 2 hours north of Nashville! So not only did we see some of America’s most amazing landscapes, but we also got the chance to see one of America’s best cities.  But before I get a head of myself, how about I start from the beginning?

So 7 am, Monday morning, we loaded up the vans to embark on a 9 hour drive to the city of Nashville, Tennessee where the beginning of our trip took place.  After a few restroom pit stops and a lunch break, we arrived in Nashville at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon.  After a little sight seeing, we stopped at a Nazarene Church where we would stay the first night before we began our hiking endeavors that Tuesday morning.  Later that night, we were taken deeper into Nashville to try out some of the cuisine they had to offer.  A few of us went to this chicken finger restaurant that had been made out of an old house, which was so fun to just be at because it was such a creative place, called “McDougal’s.”  I, honestly, do not think I have had better chicken fingers in my life. So if you are ever in Nashville, you HAVE to try this place! THEN, after we ate, we had the chance to go to this coffee shop called “Fido’s.” Now, there are two reasons I fell in love with this place: one I LOVE coffee (you could say coffee is some what of a passion of mine) and man did they have amazing coffee, and another thing I loved was that we were told that “Fido’s” was one of Taylor Swift’s favorite coffee shops in Nashville.  Now I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Taylor Swift.  Anyone of my close friends will tell you that.  I don’t know why or where it came from, but I do. So that was a really cool experience for me.

So the next night, after sleeping on a hard floor in the middle of a sunday school room, we woke up bright and early, separated into smaller groups, and headed out to Savage Gulch to begin out adventure.  Now I could talk your ear off about the next few days that we had experienced.  It felt SO incredibly good to get out of the classroom, and to experience something fun and new.  That’s one thing I love about MNU.  There are so many opportunities for us to get out in the world and to experience life.  This week was definitely a week I had the chance to experience life. I didn’t want to leave :\.

Now not all of this trip was “fun.”  There were some parts that were pretty…blahhh: sleeping in a tent with below freezing whether (it actually started snowing!), not being able to shower or change, eating dehydrated food, having to trek through ice cold water, carrying a 50+ pound back pack, etc.  It was pretty hard work at times, but overall, despite the little difficulties, I had one of the most fun times of my life.  I got to see intense valleys, some beautiful forests, I got to stand on the edge of some bluffs that were over a 100 ft in the air, and I got to witness several waterfalls, including one of the tallest waterfalls on the eastern half of the US: Fall Creek Falls, measuring in at 256 ft high. It was absolutely breathtaking seeing some of these things.  No picture that could ever be taken by anyone would do any of this landscape justice. In order to really understand you have to get out there and see it for yourself, not just  search on google, or see it in National Geographic, or read it on some college student’s blog, but go there, and be there, and stand in awe at how amazing it is. I couldn’t have had a better spring break!

If you want to learn more about these kind of events here don’t be afraid to ask! There are an infinite amount of students and staff here that are more than willing to keep you up to date, and let you in on some of our events and trips!

MNU is so awesome for letting their students get involved in things like this by teaming up with Kairos and College Church of the Nazarene (which is just across the parking lot where Kairos takes place).  I am so grateful that I am a part of a school that allows it’s students to go out and actually see what God has created.  I made such a great choice coming here, and I know any of you up-in-coming freshman will see you are making the right choice too.  And if you have not made your choice yet, stop looking! I guarantee you will love it here.  It may be a small campus, but it’s a big world, and MNU let’s it’s students be a part of it all.

IMG_20130322_134454Fall Creek Falls

IMG_20130322_134220Waiting To Begin our Hike

IMG_20130322_133852Pantheon Replica in Nashville

IMG_20130322_134914Part of the hiking path leading up to a waterfall


Cherith Campbell


March 28, 2013

The one when spring break 2013 is over.

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“Easter is the only time of year when it’s perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.”

Well this time of year is super hectic and really calm all at the same time for us students here at MNU. We just had our spring break last week and I can’t speak for anything else but I did some random things during my break. My break went a little like this:

  • A lot of work! – Since I had the whole week off I got the chance to work many more hours than I normally do…in turn making much more ca$h money! Which is GREAT! 
  • Freaks! – Some of my friends (Blaire, Sam, and Marissa) and I went to Freaks on Broadway (tattoo/piercing parlor) and got some stuff done. Blaire got her first front helix done, Sam pierced her rook, and Marissa got her second holes done. And I had them gauge one of my cartilage piercings a little bit because I wanted a specific earring in it.
  • I spent the weekend in Springfield, MO at a youth retreat called DNOW (Discipleship NOW) I was with a ton of youth from a church there and we got to go rock climbing, worship, eat, play games, etc. During this weekend I was able to use my ASL (American Sign Language) because there were two girls that were deaf. They were so sweet and I loved hanging out with them!

So I just started classes back up on Tuesday and now we have Easter break! This means we don’t have classes again until next Tuesday. It’s so nice to have breaks like that but at the same time it’s hard to get back in the swing of things after being gone and out of routine so much.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter!

Learn something new today:  Squirrels forget where about 50% of the nuts they’ve hidden are.

Kelsey Cranford


March 27, 2013


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613428 11As much as I would have loved to have gone on some sort of trip or traveled somewhere during the break, I am so thankful to have had some time to just relax and start hacking away at THE LIST (the never-ending task list of wedding details, school papers and projects, internships details…and on it goes). My fiance and I finally registered for our wedding which proved to be an all-day event. Let me tell you, bedbath&beyond is INTENSE. That place is packed to the brim from floor to ceiling, no joke. It was such a blast creating our wish list together, scanning for this and that and then some. I was also so excited to be able to give my bridesmaid invites out to my ladies which was of course so fun and I am just so excited to get to share this upcoming day with them. I purchased vintage handkerchiefs on Etsy (officially addicted) and used them to make a sort of envelope surrounding the invitation and tied twine around it to hold it all together. Of course, the absolute highlight of the break was beginning the studying process for my upcoming Senior Comp Exam that I have to pass in order to graduate…Basically I have to go back and study all my notes from every Sociology class I’ve taken at MidAmeria to prepare for the exam and hope to do well enough to pass. Its here in a week and a half so hopefully I’ll have good news to share about it soon! Despite the studying I was able to spend some good time with the family which was so refreshing. As you can see, watching the Sound of Music was a definite priority for the little sister and I during my break times between studying–can’t go wrong with that movie choice. It was such as blessing to find some rest both physically and spiritually with the fam and get geared up for the rest of the semester. Ready to do this!

I hope you had a wonderful spring break and are ready to finish out the year strong! THATS ALL FOLKS!!

Emily Lawler


March 26, 2013


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Hope you are all well!


Joey Alligier


March 26, 2013

Faithful Endurance

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As my blogs have shown before, life is full of numerous choices and chances. There are so many options and we are supposed to pick a path, a future, a career. Typically the beginning of even finding out what you want to do is the hardest.

I actually used to want to be a professional athlete,


a teacher,


then it transitioned to a professional chef!  This lasted from about my 6th grade year until my junior year of high school. That’s when Jesus got thrown in the mix.


The passion for Him took the reins. But I still love the idea of owning a business.

Business Growth Bar Chart

As I entered college I thought I knew what I wanted to do, urban ministries was always interesting to me. That has changed about 5 times. All within the same area, but definitely different paths down the road.


 I definitely, preliminary, think I would like to live in Africa and run my own needs of life  focused non-profit.


Earlier this year, I was faced with a predicament of what to do this summer and next school year. I applied for Resident Assistant for next year and ServeTeam for this summer. I am privileged and blessed enough to have gotten both!

I will be mainly a camp counselor this summer throughout the area and

large_summer camp

I will be the RA in the Freshman halls next year, which will DEFINITELY be an adventure; to say the least.


The things that God is leading me to currently are guiding me to the things he has planned. I have been in multiple roles that are showing me so much. The people I’m close to in these roles are fantastic, God-planted, influences. As I try and continue to look to God, he is revealing SO much.

Don’t be scared of the future. You may not know what is waiting around the corner, but never forget that the trials we go through are making us into the people needed for the jobs, careers, opportunities that lie ahead. Imagine it’s like being a boxer. When you lose or fail, you learn new tactics to win the next round. We are all adapting and learning creatures; God feeds on that and develops us through trials, ups, downs, gains, losses. Through all of this, don’t lose the faithful endurance needed to make a difference.

Phillip Prado


March 14, 2013


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HEY GUYS!! It’s MIDTERMS WEEK! Do you know what means?  It means that next week is spring break!! And this guy gets to spend his week in Nashville hiking and camping in the woods! The school is taking a bunch of us students down there for the week to have fellowship together and to just have a good time outdoors. BUT I will talk about that more in 2 weeks, after break, when I get back to blogging!

So this week has been INSANELY BUSY! Last semesters Midterms were not this bad.  Maybe it’s because I didn’t really have any last semester at all! And this semester I will have had like 4! I’m so stressed out.  And on top of that I have a huge English Comp paper due, I had to give a speech this week, I had a New Testament Test that I did not study nearly enough for, and then some.  I feel Like I don’t have time to study…

But can I tell you a secret?

Especially to you future Pioneers that will be here next semester.

I do have enough time.

I have plenty of time.

I have plenty of time to do homework and to study that is..  The problem is that I don’t have time for the things I love.  I just don’t let myself get overwhelmed so  I purposefully take time off of studying and homework to just relax, hang out with my friends, or even just to read something else other than homework.  I have noticed that taking one day off out of the week helps tremendously: that’s called the sabbath just so you know. But what also helps is taking mini-sabbaths off in the middle of the day.  20 minutes here, or an hour there to just kick back and forget about the stress helps so much.

If I were to push all the things I love to do off to the side, biking, working out, reading my bible, hanging out with my friends, than I would easily get overwhelmed and do even worse on the assignments and tests I know I should’ve done better on.  Just like anything, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I have noticed that, in weeks like this, over stressing myself does more bad than good.  I feel worse, I get upset easily, I’m tired, I lose motivation.  It’s just not a good place to be, and I definitely don’t want to be stuck there.

So studying for midterms isn’t just about pushing through the week as hard and fast as you can.  I’ve said this before, but college isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, and pacing yourself is key.  So taking a coffee break, hanging out with friends, going out to eat, or even just relaxing and watching your favorite tv shows are not a problem. I said I’m stressed now, but if work work work was all I did then I would be SWIMMING in stress. I’m happy with where I am at.  I am calm, cool, collected, and confident I will do well. So if you are new to this college life, another less I have learned that I would like to share with you guys:  Don’t be afraid to stop and just chill.  You don’t want to become overheated and break down now do you?


Cherith Campbell


March 13, 2013

The one where MNU loves YOU!

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I know that most of my posts have lots of humor and are light-hearted but this one is gonna take on a more serious feel about myself and the presence/impact of MNU in my life.

A week ago my great-granny died and there were a lot of emotions. Even though her dying was very sad, it was a celebration because we all know that she is in Heaven. When tragedy strikes it is always great to have people who care about you to help and comfort you. Being here on campus gave me such a great support system around me. My roommate and other friends on my hall all comforted me when we found out that she had passed and it felt so good to have them with me.

MNU is such a great place of community. There are so many people on campus that truly care about each of the students that go here. I continually was checked up on by multiple professors about how I was doing since the funeral. Going to any other school would provide professors that either had too many students to even know me personally or just don’t care in general. But here at MidAmerica the professors and staff and students all have such a sense of community and love for one another. MNU is such an amazing place to be.

Learn something new today:  The word koala is aboriginal for “no drink.” Koala get the water they need from their food.

* I love Koalas!

Allegra Vieux


March 13, 2013

A break from the webshow

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Friends. Family. Followers.

Remember that one time when I accidentally deleted the majority of the footage from the first take of Andy Blum’s video? Because I’m beginning to notice a pattern.

I filmed with Gordie Wetmore (MNU student and celebrity) featuring his magic griddle in a little how-to segment… and then there was 1:37 saved out of 9 minutes overall.

As any true friend would, Gordie agreed to re-take the video. Be watching for that to come up. I will tell you that as of right now I’m flooded with homework, so be watching after spring break.

Things I have due before Spring Break (which is in 3 days but who’s counting.)

  1.  3 home page designs for KCMO’s website (for my web interface design class)
  2. Moderate 1 of 2 Focus Groups I’ll be coordinating this semester (for my Marketing Research class)
  3. Write a paper that was due last week about the shopping experience of Von Mar (for my Retail Management class)
  4. Set dates for meetings with a local non profit organization regarding a benefit event (for my Public Relations Class- more to come on this)
  5. Come up with 5 articles to use as secondary research for a survey to the adult/grad student body (for my Marketing Research class)

NSLS update:

We had our second broadcast last night and the speaker, Brad Meltzer, was phenomenal (and hilarious which gains you about 500 bonus points in my book.) Brad is a best selling author 9 times over and has an incredible story. Key thought- Dream Big, Work Hard, and Stay Humble.

Spring Break plans-

I know you all want to know what I have planned for Spring Break, and let me tell you to prepare yourselves… I will be spending my week in Bartlesville, OK recovering on my parent’s couch from a colonoscopy! Get. Jealous. Isn’t it great being an adult?

Currently listening to:

Picture 2

This is the church I go to in Olathe (Life Church.) Recently, we had a worship night and they recorded it and put it on Spotify, which means I have had it on repeat. Holla!

A tip for you prospective students out there: Never leave your phone laying around without a password that cannot be unveiled.

Picture 1

Why did I post this, you ask? It’ll come full circle when you see Gordie on my show in 2 weeks.


Well. This has been spastic and all over the place. Kind of like my brain right now.

Over and out!


Joey Alligier


March 12, 2013

Same Road, Different Paths

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It’s so common for us human beings to single ourselves out. Typically in negative ways and even sometimes positive things in negative ways; like bragging or such. But the aforementioned simply negative ways are usually when we feel inferior or seem to be missing the worth you deserve. We think we are the only ones to ever go down this road or we are the best ones to do it. These prideful and secluding thoughts can always be diverted by Christ and the love he came to bring. Other times it is combatted when someone we can relate to is found. About a week ago, I met a girl named Jessica. She had a little brother named Dustin. They live in Kirksville, MO and I met them while I was on a PR trip.


Get this, Jessica and Dustin are adopted by their Great Aunt and Uncle who are around 60 or so. Jessica is the older child and she is about 5 years younger than me. My mom is going to be 65 this year. Seems LEGIT right? SO SIMILAR! But wait, she is very involved in high school, as was I, and when we talked, the openness, trusting demeanor, attachment to people, and feelings in general all reminded me of me!

You’re thinking, “WOW, what a coincidence! It’s so cool how they met and it’s so similar!” OOOOOOO JUST BUCKLE UP, because it gets real (this is where it hit home for me). Her brother Dustin was born prematurely and had issues at birth with drugs and whatnot; so did I. The difference is that he ended up how I was supposed to of. While I had signs of most likely suffering from Mental Retardation, I was healed. Dustin is not in the same boat. Does that mean he is any less of an awesome kid, NO WAY. I love this kid and I hardly know him. He’s so attentive and outgoing and even a better bowler than I am.


It is so surreal to see how I have taken so much in this life for granted. So many things I overlook daily. Don’t we all do that, at least a bit? We put ourselves in a place where we basically pity ourselves because of some downfall or insecurity, but we fail to say how much we do have.

So when those feelings of “lesser-value” approach, remember that God is working. I have heard stories where the last name of someone who was adopted after almost getting aborted (King) actually gave an American man power and prestige in a foreign country to be able to give them spiritual and medical help in a time of turmoil within the area. Don’t doubt the way God sets up situations! Hold on tight and wait for the ups and downs. Just know the paths we all travel may be slightly different, but the road we are on is similar at the foundation.

Emily Lawler


March 10, 2013

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Hey Guys,

There were so many great acts in the talent show on campus tonight. Here is Josh and Quincy at MNU Mock Rock! Great Mash-Up! I am not sitting very close to the front but I still think the video is very enjoyable!