My three best stress relievers

Finals week is coming closer. Every day there is a tension between begging for the break to come closer and wishing the day had more hours to get assignments done. What should we do when the pile of papers keeps growing, the desktops of our computers are full of files, the printers in the library are overloaded with print jobs, and you skip sleep and food for meetings and Kresge Center visits. Stress gives you headache and even the care boxes of your mom won’t help anymore.
Then it’s time for a stress reliever. In my case, I can suggest each one of the following type:

1. Shopping!
Shopping helps a lot – believe it or not. First of all, you need to find a good shopping mall, for example Oakpark mall. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, just put a little amount aside because sometimes you need to give yourself a little treat! The new collections for the summer are out and the old collections are on sale. While being on the hunt for cheap and attractive deals, I promise you that you will forget every important school work for at least a little bit. A good way to escape from life, especially since there is a really bad signal in the mall, too. Plus, the only math you have to do is calculate how much your clothes will cost! 😉


And if you think that shopping is only for girls, skip to go to #2.

2. Madden for I-Phone
I began this new addiction called Madden Mobile. It really is a good game and keeps you engaged. I love to play it in between classes or before I go to bed. It gives you new challenges every day and you can unlock new players. My boyfriend got me into the app and I surprisingly liked it because it is relatively easy to control a player and the plays. For me, it is perfect because it distracts for a little bit, then I get frustrated because I am not really good at it, so I stop playing for a while and continue doing homework. The only problem is when you stress about waking up at 3 am to play certain challenges. In general, any video game can help and if you don’t have access to one, try a card game with friends which is even more fun (unless none of your friends have time, then you should show convince them to take a break).


Semesterferien 160

3. Be active!
Workouts and sports help to distract from homework too. It is not only good for your body, but also for your mentality. When I am stressed, it is like something blocks my thinking. When I work out, this wall breaks down and afterwards I work more efficiently. The other day I went on a long night walk on the trail and it was really relaxing. I slept much better over night and I felt really energetic the next day. Also, we have a great community. Chances that you find a group of people playing volleyball outside at night are really high. Just join for a little bit before going back to study all night.


I hope these suggestions help you to find a way how to get away from school for a little bit.
If none of these work, you can also pray for good grades and less stress! That always helps too! 🙂

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