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Joey Alligier


April 29, 2013

Such a Fine Teacher

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Grandpa MNU taught many classes,
many classes taught Grandpa MNU
I am one of them and you may be to
So let’s just talk about spirituality.

MNU is about faith, community, and service. Not just the students, but the professors also aim for this. One of the most open, vulnerable, understanding professors is a man that has been through SO MUCH and is willing to talk to you about life. I even have a meeting set up to talk to him! This guys has been here since the beginning! He has taught numerous classes, as far as I know, all around our faith.

One of my favorite all around professors, thus far, at MNU would be Dr. Larry Fine. I currently have his Christian Beliefs class and MAN is it a lot to take in after chapel at 11 am. He is consistently challenging us with reading material, notes, and soooo many hypothetical situations! We have discussed sin,morality, the Holy Spirit and yes, even sex. His approach is so smooth, yet loving! He wants us to voice our opinions and he respectfully, which is key, gives his. He always follows with his ideas after the hypothetical situations so it gives us the chance to know what we know and not be influenced. I LOVE IT! My mind has been blown so many times in there and I love it.

It’s just amazing to see his firm, yet open faith. Professors like him make this place one of the most amazing places to be. They set the standard for community and faith development. I am proud to be a Pioneer when gauging the influence they have over so many influence-able lives!

The best part? He’s only one of the many amazing faculty members ready to just do life with us!

Keep on and Keep God,

Joey Alligier


April 24, 2013

Thas’ Why We Friends!

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MNUPioneersIn another installment of the focus on community here at MNU, we will evaluate the simple things. The simple, easily over-looked things can have the most impact.

When someone says, “Hi!” as you walk across campus, when a friend sits to have lunch with you, or you get that uplifting text that hits right where you needed it or maybe even a simple “Happy Birthday”. In the large scheme of spending 4 years here or especially in life, these seem like nothing. However, we don’t always see what’s going on underneath! That, “Hi!” could have come in the midst of an insecure thought about people not caring. Or that text could have been the light when the day seemed so crummy.

I, for one, can attest to all of this. I have and I have seen people put up walls just to see who cares enough to peek over or break through. The simple things are like picking those walls apart one brick at a time. It always seems like when I feel the most down is when people always say, “Hey”, interrupting the attack from the Devil on my mind. Because of the people have treated me, I try to reciprocate the behavior.

Recently, the simple acts like being vulnerable or opening my room to 8th graders for MAX has been so impacting; on myself and them. They see the love of this campus and the Lord and I am filled tremendously! As weighing as it can get, I would not trade putting myself out there for others.

The best part, I’m not the only one. People all over this campus care just like this and even more so. Even when it’s difficult there are people there. Professors, students, visitors who get it, they are willing to put their heart on the line to help and to put forth the effort in the little things.
The next time you see someone walking across campus open a door, say, “What’s up”, or admire the cool Boy Meets World shirt they have! You never know the impact you could have from a simple act.  It’s all about ordinary people doing a little extra and pointing to an extraordinary God. That’s what MNU is about.


Keep on and Keep God,

Joey Alligier


April 10, 2013

Revealing the Gifts Within Them

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Leadership. It seems like a very simple word that indicates a head of an operation of some sorts. There are so many different types of leaders in today’s society and plenty in the past as well. The president of the United States, CEO’s of businesses, you, me, Hitler.

Stay with me here :)

Good leadership is more than a title. I could have my doctorate and still waste away as a human being. Leadership is largely about influence. As weird as it does sound, Hitler was one of the greatest leaders! The way he communicated his beliefs and spread his ideals was crazy! Was it COMPLETELY WRONG, YES! But I think you know what I mean.

While everyone is a leader in some facet, there are those who are more outspoken or simply seen more. Within most schools there are typically leaders who take on the challenge of representing their school and trying to help connect, develop, and establish the school as a whole. In high school is was StuCo, here at MNU it’s ASG.

Here is a video that is too good to miss by Mr. Blake Nelson, RE of Snowbarger! It is about NSLC 2013! The National Student Leadership Conference hosted schools from all over the country, and Canada, here at MNU. A 3 day experience that I’m sure was amazing!

I leave you with a quote that changed the way I looked at leadership. “Leadership is not about revealing to others your gifts, but revealing the gifts within them.” -Joe Sailors

Leadership is not about being in front of the group as much as it is about coming alongside people and helping them develop. Leaders are the ones who stand out to help others find their fit. I encourage you to have a positive influence and seize the leadership opportunities that are awaiting at the end of your fingertips.

Keep on and Keep God!

Joey Alligier


April 3, 2013

The Importance of Being a Pioneer

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Being a Pioneer is more than a title or a mascot. It’s all about what you do! In this resurrection season our focus is turned towards the being of Jesus Christ and unfathomable characteristics he possess. People all over this campus are getting it! Also, this week we are hosting the NSLC! National Student Leadership Conference! It’s gonna get crazy! We are Pioneers not because we go to MNU, but because we go out. In the community and further.

Next week in this community we will be putting on a show called “The Importance of Being Earnest”. A play I had never actually heard of until this semester, but one that is sure to become a favorite. It is a comedy that involves love, imagination, and a couple of AWESOME butlers :)

Here’s a preview :)

Joey Alligier


March 26, 2013

Faithful Endurance

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As my blogs have shown before, life is full of numerous choices and chances. There are so many options and we are supposed to pick a path, a future, a career. Typically the beginning of even finding out what you want to do is the hardest.

I actually used to want to be a professional athlete,


a teacher,


then it transitioned to a professional chef!  This lasted from about my 6th grade year until my junior year of high school. That’s when Jesus got thrown in the mix.


The passion for Him took the reins. But I still love the idea of owning a business.

Business Growth Bar Chart

As I entered college I thought I knew what I wanted to do, urban ministries was always interesting to me. That has changed about 5 times. All within the same area, but definitely different paths down the road.


 I definitely, preliminary, think I would like to live in Africa and run my own needs of life  focused non-profit.


Earlier this year, I was faced with a predicament of what to do this summer and next school year. I applied for Resident Assistant for next year and ServeTeam for this summer. I am privileged and blessed enough to have gotten both!

I will be mainly a camp counselor this summer throughout the area and

large_summer camp

I will be the RA in the Freshman halls next year, which will DEFINITELY be an adventure; to say the least.


The things that God is leading me to currently are guiding me to the things he has planned. I have been in multiple roles that are showing me so much. The people I’m close to in these roles are fantastic, God-planted, influences. As I try and continue to look to God, he is revealing SO much.

Don’t be scared of the future. You may not know what is waiting around the corner, but never forget that the trials we go through are making us into the people needed for the jobs, careers, opportunities that lie ahead. Imagine it’s like being a boxer. When you lose or fail, you learn new tactics to win the next round. We are all adapting and learning creatures; God feeds on that and develops us through trials, ups, downs, gains, losses. Through all of this, don’t lose the faithful endurance needed to make a difference.

Joey Alligier


March 12, 2013

Same Road, Different Paths

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It’s so common for us human beings to single ourselves out. Typically in negative ways and even sometimes positive things in negative ways; like bragging or such. But the aforementioned simply negative ways are usually when we feel inferior or seem to be missing the worth you deserve. We think we are the only ones to ever go down this road or we are the best ones to do it. These prideful and secluding thoughts can always be diverted by Christ and the love he came to bring. Other times it is combatted when someone we can relate to is found. About a week ago, I met a girl named Jessica. She had a little brother named Dustin. They live in Kirksville, MO and I met them while I was on a PR trip.


Get this, Jessica and Dustin are adopted by their Great Aunt and Uncle who are around 60 or so. Jessica is the older child and she is about 5 years younger than me. My mom is going to be 65 this year. Seems LEGIT right? SO SIMILAR! But wait, she is very involved in high school, as was I, and when we talked, the openness, trusting demeanor, attachment to people, and feelings in general all reminded me of me!

You’re thinking, “WOW, what a coincidence! It’s so cool how they met and it’s so similar!” OOOOOOO JUST BUCKLE UP, because it gets real (this is where it hit home for me). Her brother Dustin was born prematurely and had issues at birth with drugs and whatnot; so did I. The difference is that he ended up how I was supposed to of. While I had signs of most likely suffering from Mental Retardation, I was healed. Dustin is not in the same boat. Does that mean he is any less of an awesome kid, NO WAY. I love this kid and I hardly know him. He’s so attentive and outgoing and even a better bowler than I am.


It is so surreal to see how I have taken so much in this life for granted. So many things I overlook daily. Don’t we all do that, at least a bit? We put ourselves in a place where we basically pity ourselves because of some downfall or insecurity, but we fail to say how much we do have.

So when those feelings of “lesser-value” approach, remember that God is working. I have heard stories where the last name of someone who was adopted after almost getting aborted (King) actually gave an American man power and prestige in a foreign country to be able to give them spiritual and medical help in a time of turmoil within the area. Don’t doubt the way God sets up situations! Hold on tight and wait for the ups and downs. Just know the paths we all travel may be slightly different, but the road we are on is similar at the foundation.

Joey Alligier


February 26, 2013

The Ships of Relation

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Relationship: Ring by spring baby!


Ahhhh, the beautiful S.S. Relation. Some are more party cruise ships, maybe one like the ship above (partially majestic, functional, and the destination acquired) or maybe just a row boat for one. As detailed as we could get about the way parts of a ship could reflect the many different facets presented in the realm of relationships, let’s just focus on what’s true and what may be something that we’ve just picked up along the way. In today’s society there are numerous misconceptions and unspoken rules that may cause quite the blunder at times.

If you’ve seen the vlog by my fellow blogger and hilarious friend Allegra featuring my good bro Andy, you know that MidAmerica has it’s own rules, regulations, and guidelines. My personal favorite, even though I have experienced it, is the “3 strikes and you’re in” rule. If you are seen around Campus, alone, with an acquaintance of the opposite sex you are automatically associated as a Facebook official couple, or at least very close to it. While this is typically incorrect, it gives free reign for friends to rag on you and point out what you already know happened and really have no idea how they found out (even though this is normally a positive happening). The guys probably take it to a higher extreme as compared to the girls, because let’s face it, that’s what guys do in relation to things from a sale at Taco Bell to an intense Intramural basketball game. As a freshman, I have fallen victim to this rule even though nothing was official.

Even though I have not officially gotten into a relationship here, the atmosphere and environment has helped me grow more than I had realized even before the past two days. Seeing positives and negatives, being challenged by Christ, and having to make decisions on my own are preparing me for the rest of my life.

Sometimes one grows weary trying to fight worldly inhibitions and selfish desires related to relationships. I believe these are often (and have been affirmed to the fact) personal boundaries set and nothing should hold you back from something that might change everything. All of this was put into perspective in a talk that I had with a few friends on Sunday night about certain situations and people. The best part of all of it was knowing these are my bros and they have my back.

Relationships can get messy, difficult, and flooded with emotions. In these times it is crucial to seek God and the guidance from people with an outside perspective. As someone who has recently been told they are introspective it is difficult to take a step back and evaluate as typically I am engulfed in one area that catches my attention. Instead of resembling me, aim to resemble Christ. He is the perfect propitiation of relationship and what love should look like.

Never let the world’s views determine the tint of the glasses you look at your surroundings with; in life in general and definitely relationships. You may miss an upcoming opportunity or you may never realize something or someone that has been there while you pursued the less important things of this life.

Relationship: The perfect out-showing of Christ’s love within us despite worldly, selfish, or short-term inhibitions.

Joey Alligier


February 19, 2013

What’s Next?

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15836_landscape_curvy_roadIt’s that point in the semester and the year when things start to get crazy. Relationships become tense and possibly broken, stress is out of control, and New Years resolutions become distant and put on the back burner for next year. School is weighing down and Spring Break is looking pretty nice! The weather isn’t helping much either. It’s cold, cloudy and that means BEDTIME IS ALL THE TIME! Metaphorically, the road/mountain we are on is presenting numerous curves and twists that are throwing off your alignment. Why is it happening like this though? Maybe it’s because the place we are at is beginning to seem doldrum-like with work, school and we want something more exciting or just different.

What do we do to combat this feeling of wanting to give in to the lackadaisical behavior that would most certainly bring about unfortunate consequences? What happens when we see the world around us fall into questionable crumbles that resemble something we thought we once knew? How do we react to a prowling sense of complacency? What’s our answer when all we can ask is, “What’s next?”

Well, my friends, I am here to encourage you to not give up. Why? you ask. WELL, think of the options the glory to come. The relationships have potential to be remedied, Spring Break is around the corner, the INSANITY Workout is right where you left it, and the weather is likely to get better soon (Maybe not the next 3 days, says half of Facebook). The doldrum-like state is combated with numerous things; the late night “bro” time, the epic prank war, the weekend family adventure, or reconnecting with what set you off on the right foot the first time. After all, there are so many possibilities that await! Take me for example, Resident Assistant next year, Public Relations team this summer, and friends who continue to be there to persistently build me up!

What should often set us off on the right foot is Christ. When we are close to Him we view the world through tinted glasses that allow loving broken people, seeing the beauty in tomorrow’s possibilities and not focusing on today’s roadblock, and/or being there for people who need you. Yet, the world constantly throws us loops that take away momentum and leave us a tad bit winded.

James 1:12 says,
“Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.”

or 1 Peter 5:10 says,
“And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”

Let this be the breath that fills up your lungs and gives you the strength to make it through the Old Testament memory tests, the INSANITY-level 2 workouts, and the cold treks through the blinding, toe-frosting, yet endless possibility filled snow. When the questions and worry begin to mound about what’s around the corner remember; worrying is taking responsibility for something God never intended you to be concerned about. Let Christ be your answer to, “What’s next?”

Keep on and keep God,

Joey Alligier


February 12, 2013

For Such a Time as This

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In the Old Testament, Esther was placed in a specific place, position, and situation. She was positioned to save her people and didn’t really realize the placement of God until her cousin Mordecai told her that she was the queen for SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

If you noticed from my last blog, I’m at a bit of a crossroads when it comes to future decisions. As I allow others to advise me and give me their opinions I feel the push. The push I am experiencing now is to be an RA. There are a lot of hesitance on my part because of personal issues, preset plans and other opportunities. Of course, I would be struggling with this decision (as I ruled it out earlier this year) as SCOUT was about to happen. I even had a freshman-to-be tell me he would love to have me as an RA. He wouldn’t leave it alone about being an RA over the next 15 hours. If I always listened to what people told me I should do, I might be in jail! So, I took it for what it was. There are also a few other little indications from people; people asking if I’m going to do it or telling me I should! I am of course looking for God in all of this and wanting Him to have control.

I was once offered these wise words. Whenever the future looks uncertain and don’t know what to do and don’t want to make the wrong decision tell God, “I want to honor you. This is where I am feeling the pull. I am going to pursue this and if you have other plans, just slam the door in my face.” Once again, don’t let the fear of failure leave you empty. Either you’ll be happy from success or wise from failure.

In all things, listen for God and His direction. He will place people who have a word for you to know. 2 Timothy 1:7 says that we have NOT been given a spirit of timidity, but one of courage. God will place people to encourage, direct, and empower you.

Whenever you feel the push or pull, explore and inquire deeper. Who knows, you may in a certain position for such a time as this. After all, the people who achieve extraordinary heights are ordinary people just doing a little extra.

Keep on and keep God,


Joey Alligier


February 5, 2013


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I know it’s just the beginning of February and the weather isn’t quite up to par with the mid-year months, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about the best time of the year, right? Typically the summertime is full of carefree attitudes, little responsibility, and lots of adventures. I mean, with no school, no bedtime, and no guidelines things can get a little crazy, of course in a sane, wholesome, moral way!

However, this summer may be a little different. It will most likely not lack adventure, but will include hard work and some responsibility. As of now there are a few options on the table for what could happen.

1) Do nothing


2) Go back to Wichita to work and intern at a church


3) Try and be part of the PR team at MNU


4) Go to Europe for school


All of these options seem plausible and most seem to fit in God’s plan or would at least allow Him to work. It’s these times that are the hardest. It’s when you want to honor Him with all you do and there seems to be more than one “right” way. It’s not that I think God will smite me if I choose doing nothing, but I want to be placed where it benefits the Kingdom, helps others grow, and develops myself in who He is. I guess all I need to do is pray and pursue different options. Often times we need to quit trying so hard and just do something. If I wait until I’m “sure” of what I should do I will have most likely miss out on most, if not all, of these opportunities.

Don’t let the fear of failure or the wrong decision EVER keep you back from striving. God honors the fight, the desire when your heart is in the right place. I’m not saying don’t ask for direction or purpose from Him, but don’t sit on the sidelines so long that you miss the opportunity to play the game.

Life will present a lot of plausible paths, lots of questions, and numerous obstacles. Always remember to keep on and keep God