Cafeteria Choices: Which One Do You Prefer?

One of the things I was pleasantly surprised with my freshman year was the range of choices in our cafeteria. One can eat healthy all the time; however, plenty of unhealthy temptations are available as well. Being an athlete forces me to avoid the pizza/fries section; although, I would lie if I said that my everyday routine (salad and grilled chicken) makes me as happy as a big bowl of ice-cream or pepperoni pizza would. All of the choices we have beg a question: which one do you prefer? Are you one of those lucky people who can eat junk food and drink soda every day while not gaining a pound? If so, let me to congratulate you. However, for those fighting hard to maintain their weight (myself included): I have some advices…


Junk food versus healthy food comparison photo

One of the easiest ways how to distinguish junk food from real food is to look at its colour. My coach once said, “If everything on your plate is brown and deeply fried, you are going to be in trouble.” Simply put, the lesson here is to make your plate colourful. 

Pizza and fries on a plate

It is all about making your food choices a habit. This plate may be tasty; however, it does more harm than good to your body.

Chinese noodles and a salad bowl in a picture

This dish, on the other hand, offers everything your body needs to function well. Also, the colour rule is more than evident in this picture, isn’t it?

A picture of bacon with hash browns

Everybody loves “bacon Fridays.” That one day of each week with crispy and tasty bacon makes one happy. Well, this happiness is surely not shared by his/her cholesterol rate.

A bowl of fruits and nuts

Much better choice how to start one’s day. On top of that, the colour rule in place once again, proving itself right.

A bowl of ice-cream

Nevertheless, good or bad for us: everybody needs ice-cream sometimes.

To conclude, I would like to say that we have the opportunity to make good choices; therefore, eating pizza seems to be a great waste. Our bodies are like machines. One can either treat it as a diesel truck that consumes anything you put into it, or one can treat his/her body as a jet plane that consumes just the finest fuel available. So, which one will you be?

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