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Facebook Live!
Shred The Gnar
The People of MNU

Facebook Live!

Howdy Folks, Landen and I have the opportunity to help the admissions team bring some unique content to our prospective students. Along with Chloe Smith and Faith Johnson, we will be going live on Facebook to virtually bring you onto our amazing campus! Our first live video will be Wednesday, February 8th. Each one of us hope you’ll take the time to join!

Shred The Gnar

Week 16 Vlog. This video highlights Logan, Landen, and I’s adventure in Colorado. Check out all of the sights and sounds of us running around, and shredding that Gnar. Songs: Nothing, Kai Engel  & Roufianos, Pithikos.

The People of MNU

These are the people of MNU. Well, not ALL of the people, but a few! We’re not that small! Also, the reason Landen and I are dressed up in this video is because we are starting a campaign to make mondays more enjoyable, by dressing up and looking fly. Join us next week for another collaboration video with Chace as we head to Colorful Colorado to go skiing!!! It’s gonna be great.

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