On October 23rd in Community Chapel at College Church there was a group from Africa that belted it out, broke it down with some sweet moves, and definitely praised the Lord. They were called Chosen, and for good reason! They were “chosen” by God to excel at what I am incapable of, to do what I plan to do in that of bringing Christ to those EVERYWHERE, and also remind me of what I forget sometimes.

There are two separate things I’d like to focus on in this piece. First, what those amazing kids reminded me of. In one of the songs one of the young girls said something along the lines of, “No matter the struggle, the fight, the mountain to climb, God is there and will help.” Given that today wasn’t the most joyous of days to begin with, I felt like poop inside and out and nothing was really going right, this is what I needed to hear! Often times God uses the simplest things to prove Himself the strongest. Like the faith, and in this case-talent, of a child. This leads us to the next, more applicable section!

In the first section I mentioned two talents or actions. The fact that these children could break it down and I can’t and the ultimate goal of what they do and how I can connect. As atypical as these statements seem, they make perfect sense when we see them in a larger light. We are all distinctly designed instruments in God’s tool box. As 1 Corinthians 12 puts it, we are all different, yet integral, parts of the body of Christ. Some of us can dance and some of us can speak, some will lead congregations of people in a church, and some will start them. This topic doesn’t even include the people whose ministry is through their occupation, not strictly “ministry”. What all these ministerial positions or abilities have in common is the second part within my first statement. The talent is different but the goal and the anticipated outcome is the same; revealing the power of God.

We are all chosen for God’s ministry, even if we aren’t in “ministry”. This is apparent by the next thing that happened in chapel. MNU women’s basketball coach Aubrey Clair stood up and gave her testimony. She was actually semi-tricked into the whole situation. She wasn’t comfortable up there like the dancing/singing group was, but the impact had the same basis. God will guide, lead, and help us when it’s the most dim.

The avenues that God presented Himself were SO different, as there are in every day and everyone’s life. BUT our God is what remains, always. Through decisions to be made, issues to be faced, and trials to be won, He is there. There is never any reason to fear. So always remember, whether you are a singin/dancin fool or someone who was kinda baited into giving your testimony, you are here for God’s purpose, no matter the avenue. With Aubrey and Chosen it was the SAME stage, SAME God, DIFFERENT purpose, BOTH CHOSEN!

Keep on and keep God my friends.

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