Election Week

It feels like the longest week in the history of my life.

The elephant on the blog is the presidential election this week. This was my first year to vote, and I feel like an adult officially! To remind us to vote, Professor Ford wore a Romney mask to class on Monday. He said he went to Wal-Mart for marked-down Halloween items. He wanted both a Romney and an Obama mask, but they sold out of Obama faces. He then suggested someone in a Stats class see if there is a correlation between masks sold on Halloween to which candidate wins office. Needless to say, this prof is a jokester!

I will say that on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday everyone on Facebook and twitter seemed very angry one way or another about this election. I almost felt like we were all going to split apart into separate societies at times because of how everyone was posting political rants and points of view. (exaggeration.)  Longest 3 days ever!

But, the election is over. We have a president. And now we’re getting back on track with our lives. I’m thankful to live in a country where we can peacefully disagree with one another, discuss our points of view, and go back to being friends.

On Thursday during class, my good friend Emrald was chewing bubble gum. The administrative assistant for the business department keeps a treasure chest filled with candy for the students, and happened to fill it on this day. Lecture got a little dry and… well. We started screwing around. Long story short, I popped the biggest bubble ever and it got in her hair, covered her eye, and stuck in her eye lashes. Funniest moment of my day!

Then on Friday I was setting up for Senior Visit Day and a large group of people were out on the campus mall playing Ultimate Frisbee. My coworker and I were in a hurry so we took the above picture while driving about 10 MPH on a golf cart. Doesn’t seem that fast, but when there is no seat belt or door or road it feels like 60.

All of this to say, no matter what political party you represent, no matter how passionate you are about a particular candidate, here at MidAmerica we put our trust in the lamb, not the elephant or the donkey. At the end of the day, we care about each other and are friends to the end.

Over and out. Peace and Blessins.

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