Faithful Endurance

As my blogs have shown before, life is full of numerous choices and chances. There are so many options and we are supposed to pick a path, a future, a career. Typically the beginning of even finding out what you want to do is the hardest.

I actually used to want to be a professional athlete,


a teacher,


then it transitioned to a professional chef!  This lasted from about my 6th grade year until my junior year of high school. That’s when Jesus got thrown in the mix.


The passion for Him took the reins. But I still love the idea of owning a business.

Business Growth Bar Chart

As I entered college I thought I knew what I wanted to do, urban ministries was always interesting to me. That has changed about 5 times. All within the same area, but definitely different paths down the road.


 I definitely, preliminary, think I would like to live in Africa and run my own needs of life  focused non-profit.


Earlier this year, I was faced with a predicament of what to do this summer and next school year. I applied for Resident Assistant for next year and ServeTeam for this summer. I am privileged and blessed enough to have gotten both!

I will be mainly a camp counselor this summer throughout the area and

large_summer camp

I will be the RA in the Freshman halls next year, which will DEFINITELY be an adventure; to say the least.


The things that God is leading me to currently are guiding me to the things he has planned. I have been in multiple roles that are showing me so much. The people I’m close to in these roles are fantastic, God-planted, influences. As I try and continue to look to God, he is revealing SO much.

Don’t be scared of the future. You may not know what is waiting around the corner, but never forget that the trials we go through are making us into the people needed for the jobs, careers, opportunities that lie ahead. Imagine it’s like being a boxer. When you lose or fail, you learn new tactics to win the next round. We are all adapting and learning creatures; God feeds on that and develops us through trials, ups, downs, gains, losses. Through all of this, don’t lose the faithful endurance needed to make a difference.

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