This break was full of adventures!

Texas, a pretty girl, and an intense Jesus filled retreat; just to name the highlights.
One of the most consistent adventures I embarked on was to a local coffee shop that warms my soul.
Mead’s Corner.
Meads_Front_Door-250x250Click on this ^^^^
This place is the epitome of serenity.
It offers a peace that just has the Holy Spirit as the composition of the atmosphere.
Alongside the fair trade coffee they have gelato, beautiful art/photography, an amazing staged area used for artists, and a quality view into the city.This place is my inspiration, my hangout, and *spoiler, my number one date spot.
To me, it’s more than a place with fulfilling aromas, it’s passion.
I want to open a coffee shop.
It will be called Grounded: It’s more than just beans

It’s a place to feel grounded when the world feels like it keeps knocking you down.
It’s a place where your faith can be explored no matter the record you hold.
It’s a place where the heart is addressed by the compassion it is built on.
It’s a place we all need at times.


I have had this idea for about two years.
In high school I actually developed a detailed, preliminary plan that would kick start the process.
Other facets that have been added are a meeting space for businesses, a restaurant portion, and a fair trade, human trafficking, addressing shop.


I want this.
Not for me, for others, for opportunity.
Dreams come and dreams can go. Or they can give you purpose and passion
I take this time to say, don’t give up on your dreams or aspirations.
Don’t give up.
If it’s to come to MidAmerica, make it happen
If it’s to walk on the moon, take the leaps necessary
If it’s to open a coffee shop, call me


Keep on and keep God,

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Joey Alligier


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  • Dear Joey,

    I really like this! It made me feel warm inside, not being sarcastic. One day when you own this coffee shop I will make an effort to come and be apart of it.

    With Love,
    The Reverend

  • Not sure if you remember me, but you came to a coffee shop by the name of Common Ground in Fort Scott, KS and I was your barista. You talked to me about MNU versus ONU and so on and so just so happens I stumbled across your blog. Keep on keepin’ on! This spoke to me!! You’re going to witness to so many people in your coffee shop one day. I hope I can visit it and maybe be a part of it.

  • Reverend,
    I feel honored to have your approval and possibly be graced with your presence. I look forward to seeing you.

    Ashton, HEY!
    That was such an eventful evening. I hope that the college search is going well. Have you visited yet?! And thank you so much. I would love to have you.

    • I’ll be seeing ya in August! The night before you guys came to the Fort, I prayed long into the night that God would give me some guidance with the future stuff, and the next night you guys came into Common Ground..I took that as a sign. Beyond psyched to attend this University and allow God to move!

  • Love your piece Joey. We’re honored that you used some beautiful shots from inside Mead’s to tell your story and express your heart.
    Joey, this makes us wonder: Since we are doing many of the things you talked about and are passionate about, Can we offer you a platform right now, in and through Mead’s Corner, to begin this dream?
    let us know!

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