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Joey Alligier


September 25, 2012

Hey, I’m new here and you don’t know me, but read my blog and comment maybe?

September 25, 2012 | By | 10 Comments


I am Joey and I am from Haysille, Kansas.

I am a Ministry major and Marketing minor Freshman!

The pictures above define me. Whether it be faith which defines me, family who built me, friends who deal with me and help me grow, music that explains and strengthens me, or the experiences I’ve had that have formed me!

The basic rundown of me:

I live for Christ

I love being cheesy

I am a hopeless romantic

I am outgoing

I love Sweet and Spicy Chili Doritos

Coffee is growing on me

My fave is a Vanilla Bean Frappaccino from Starbucks

I am adopted and I love my mom :)

I was born at 2lbs

I see Jesus in every little thing (or at least try)

My favorite NFL team is and ALWAYS will be the Chiefs

Rockchalk Jayhawk

I love music

I like taking “hipster” pictures

I love being punny

Liam Neeson and Steve Carell are probably my favorite actors

My favorite sport is basketball

I have a passion for the lowly, broken people of this world and especially of God’s family

Romans 5:3-5 is my life passage

My goal in life is to be a professional speaker/ live in another country/ possibly be a pastor

I am excited to give you all an insight to my life

If you wanna know more, I’d love to chat! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram! @praya_warrior

Other things I am involved in:

ASG-Freshman Class President

Improv team here on campus

Theater- I am Mortimer in the musical <—- YOU SHOULD COME SEE IT!!

I work in marketing at Chick-Fil-A

In closing, never forget who you are, instead own what God has given you. Good or bad. It took me awhile to find out who I am in Christ and now you’ve gotten a glimpse, but honestly, I still struggle with it! Even when it seems impossible, always picture the fact that our God is in the valley with us, not just waiting on the mountain top.

Keep on and keep God my friends


  1. Hey, I just read this And it is great. You’re amazing, friend date maybe??

    Isreal, this is reeeeaaalll good stuff! Keep it up! I want to read about your life and stalk you!

    • jballigier

      Thanks Grandma :)
      It’s a good thing I know who you are!

      • Whhhhaaattt? You don’t know me.
        But I just feel like we are best friends because I read your blog! :) I know so much about you now, i could steal your identity!

        • jballigier

          Let’s just be friends and you can share my identity or something lol, don’t steal it :)

  2. I don’t know what I love more – this post or the fact that your Grandma is commenting?!!!! LOVE IT! Super glad you to have you on MNU Blogs this year!

    • jballigier

      lol Both are very joyous happenings :) I am pleased and blessed to have the opportunity!

  3. Josephina!

    So……I was stalking your life, as usual, and I can’t tell you how much I miss you, first of all. Secondly, this is SO great! I am so proud of you and of what you’re becoming. I plan on stalking your life more often now that you’ve got a fancy blog! 😉 Love you, poop!


  4. jballigier

    I like stalkers! I hope you enjoy :)

  5. Love it, but just so you know, vanilla bean isn’t coffee 😉

    • jballigier

      So I’ve heard…..

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