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HEY GUYS!! I have come across an idea!  I have officially been inspired!  Last night I went to a concert in KC that really impacted me and I would like to share my joy with all you guys.  So I saw For King and Country, Jason Castro, Dara Maclean, and Heavens to Betsy perform live and are all now officially on tour driving from coast to coast.  Well this was pretty exciting to me for multiple reason: This is my first show I’ve seen since I’ve been here at MNU, and it was the first show of these guys’ tour (Proof of Your Love Tour) and they’re all pretty well known; Jason Castro was actually a competitor on American Idol; For King and Country and Dara Maclean are on K-Love all the time; Heavens to Betsy was a group of some amazingly musically talented guys.  They all had amazing performances and had some very unique styles about each and every one of them.

Now what inspired me wasn’t the performance, it wasn’t their musical talent, and it wasn’t even necessarily the message they had shared between the songs with us.  What inspired me was that here were some people who loved what they were doing; they loved worshiping God and sharing their stories with the world.  This shows me that God takes what we love, He takes our hopes, our talents, He takes our dreams and our aspirations, and He makes them into something phenomenal that works for His kingdom.  This is awesome to me because I know God can use me.  God can take me, mold me, and make me into something awesome using nothing other than myself.

At MNU we are focusing this year on the “Kingdom Within.”  That God’s kingdom is inside each and every one of us.  This inspiration I found ties in with that.  God’s heaven on earth is in our dreams and our hopes.  So what dreams and hopes do you have?  What talents and skills did God give you to use for His glory?  Take what inspires you and use your talents to then inspire others.  Once we do that, once we take our aspirations and give them to God and say “this is for you father,” is when we will truly become part of the Kingdom that God has for us!  So don’t be afraid to be dorky sometimes, or to sing even if you don’t know how. Don’t be afraid to finally pick up that paint brush and teach yourself to paint like you’ve always said you wanted to.  Just don’t be afraid to run for your dreams, because it’s through your dreams where God’s inspiration truly springs. 😛

Some pictures of the show:

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