International Student Dinner: Goodbye School

It has become a tradition for us, international students, to meet at the end of the school year and celebrate that we are one step closer to our bachelor’s degrees. This year, me and other students from thirteen different countries met thanks to our wonderful counselor for international students Melissa Miller and her amazing family.

This year our gathering was like a G20 summit. Although, one thing was different. Unlike the G20 political representatives, we actually get things done. 🙂 Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Brazil, Serbia, Ireland, Uruguay, Spain, Ethiopia, Haiti, Korea, and China are the countries we come from, and we are proud of it. #Europe #SouthAmerica #Asia #Africa

We all enjoyed each other’s company very much. For me, every such occasion is an amazing experience to get to know people from different countries because even though we’ve been all americanized: we still carry our home countries’ cultures in our hearts.

In the middle of school craziness, we rarely have time for any small talks. Luckily, events like this help to remind us where we come from, and how blessed we have been by the opportunity to become Pioneers.

Wherever we get together, the place immediately becomes the most diverse in the whole Midwest, and if you search for a place where the most accents resonate you should join us sometime.

In every way, today’s dinner was a great reminder of what America is about. America is a salat bowl, and each one of us is a different ingredient in it. America is also a life boat, offering not just safety but also freedom to pursue one’s dreams, and we are happy we are aboard.

Now, we only have one week of school left. Most of us are already home in our minds. Nevertheless, we, just like all other students, need to finish strong, ace our finals, and then enjoy our well deserved summers back in the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Brazil, Serbia, Ireland, Uruguay, Spain, Ethiopia, Haiti, Korea, and China. See You Next Year MNU! It has been a Heaven of a ride.

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