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Funny meme that says Apply for all the Jobs

And so the hunt beings. You can smell the excitement and fear in the air. It is internship application time! Some of us will come out victorious with our dream summer internship to look forward to… others of us will not be quite so lucky. Either way it is well worth the climb.

Months ago I put in my application for Starlight Theatre’s summer production intern position. Applications were due at the end of March. Mine was turned in January 15th. This was my second year applying for an inters hip with Starlight. Last year I received an email saying that the positions had been filled and that they were not interested in seeing me for an interview. It was a bummer. I decided to reapply this year hoping for a better outcome.

An entire month after applications were due this year and I still hadn’t heard back from Starlight. Not an email or anything! So I moved forward into looking for other summer opportunities.  But low and behold a couple weeks after that I received an email from Starlight saying that they had fallen behind and were just now getting to inter applications and would love to have me come in and interview! Woohoo! I was so pumped.  I went to the interview. I had an awesome conversation with the person that was going to be my boss if I got the job. And I left feeling pretty optimistic.

Welp last week I found out that I did not receive the job. He emailed me saying that it was a tough choice but he went with another candidate. And honestly blogger world this was a real bummer. I really wanted this position. I really though that this job was going to be a key stepping stone to a future goal of mine to be a Production Manger over a big theatre like Starlight.

However a lot of good came out of this. I got my foot in the door at Starlight. I GOT an interview. That’s more than I got last year. And next year when I reapply they will remember my name!

Now I know what you all are thinking… What is Elisa going to do this summer since Starlight’s internship didn’t pan out?

Well worry not internet. I am working at the Chick-Fil-A this summer in Olathe. I was able to get meet the franchise owner of the CFA out here in O-Town and he is an MNU grad. After my meeting with the owners I am hopeful and very excited about the opportunities to grow and move up in the company!


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