Michal Riha and Stephanie Krohn Proudly Present Harper’s Hugs.com

Every semester there is that one class you hate and love at the same time. For me, professor Hamilton is usually the common denominator, representing such class on my schedule. His classes are very challenging yet fun and practical. Today, I would like to share my experience with the Communication in the Digital World course, which has been another terrific class, combining theoretical knowledge with practical skills.

Besides all the interesting information about relationships in the digital world, communication theories, and the Internet, we have learned how to create a website from scratch. Usually for me, team-work projects are a nightmare. This time, however, I’ve teamed up with Steffi Krohn, and our German/Czech team has been working very well.

We hope our work is going to spread Harper’s Story far beyond the border of Kansas.

The organization we’ve worked for is called Harper’s Hugs, and it’s been created in remembrance of Harper Rodden who died in an accident while being at a daycare facility. We are so grateful for the opportunity to help our great coach and a dear friend Whitney Rodden to promote something that had turned the MNU community upside down.

Some of the statistics are painfully staggering. Hopefully, our website will help to achieve some legal changes because children deserve more safety!

Mrs. Rodden is an amazing person who handled her loss admirably. She has been a phenomenal client, and it has been a privilege to help her to get one step closer to the goal of raising awareness of the issue of insufficient safety requirements at daycare facilities.


I hope that after reading this blog you are going to click on the link above to see our international team’s work. We are proud of our creation; however, we are even more grateful that we could be helpful to others while getting an amazing education.


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