There is something quite unique about being in a completely new environment. Everything known before is shifted, and every interaction, every detail, every moment is filled with learning. In no other place does it become so clear to you that your only consistency is the Lord, and in no other place are you able to find a mind clear enough to fully examine yourself.

Studying abroad in Europe this summer was the trip of a lifetime. The memories I was able to make in that beautiful place will never be forgotten. Whether it was train rides, long walks in the country, thousand-year old churches, intentional conversation, hiking in the Alps, walking through palaces, eating at street-side cafés, exploring museums, or running in rain, these moments created such a beautiful experience for me. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to broaden my horizons and take on a new adventure.

Obviously, Europe is freaking cool, but in life, be the one who’s willing to risk and to take on the new challenge. As the Swiss always say, “No Risk, No Fun.”

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