This weekend was the calmness before anxiety and stress hits you in the last week. I did absolutely nothing – at least nothing that was related to any kind of due date. I just enjoyed the beautiful spring at MNU and relaxed with friends.


My friend, Mo, made me watch a scary movie with her at the AMC and I spent the most time covering my eyes. When we came back, we watched even more movies, and this continued throughout the whole weekend. I finished a whole season of my favorite show and all the Hobbit movies.


I went to breakfast with Denise at First Watch and we went shopping in a bookstore. I ended up buying a game instead of a book. Since the weather was nice, I even went on a 10-mile bike tour along the Indian Creek trail until Overland Park. It was a nice and warm April day which is a pleasant surprise because in Germany the month of April is known for its crazy rainy days.

It goes through the woods and a long the creek – a very pretty scenery!

The trail in the woods

The trail actually goes until Missouri, but I will save that tour for another day.

After the bike tour, I had self-made burgers for dinner and prepared Mexican gelatinas for dessert which I had learned to make in California. I played Yahtzee, a game with dices that we always play at home on sunny days like that.

Strawberry Gelatinas with apples

Self-made burgers with real bread – Yumm!


On Sunday, I went over to Melissa Miller’s house who organized a meeting for all the international students. It was really fun because I have never been in a place with people from so many different countries. We listened to all kinds of music and talked about where we are from. We ate Brazilian Cheeseballs and had American Barbeque. Playing volleyball was funny because the communication constantly switched from Spanish to Portuguese and back. I had no clue what was being said, so I teamed up with Sydney, my suite mate, who struggled with me. We ended up being the last to leave.

It was the kind of boring weekend you want to have before due dates are crashing in. If you want to read more about the international meeting, you should continue on Michal’s blog.

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