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Div Tosinglo


December 11, 2015

Finals is Like

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This week I walked around- Okay I’m lying, I texted a few friends and I asked them to describe what Finals meant for them. Here are some of the answers I got.

Haley Adams


“Finals is like eating at campus center…. for the rest of your life.”

Carly Blosser


“Finals week is like getting picked up by the struggle bus at 8 am, dropped off at 9 pm, and ran over 3 times.”

Lexie North


“Let’s be honest though, finals week is the same as always, because when am I not confused?”

Peyton Sassaman


“Finals week is like forgetting it’s Sunday and driving to Chick-Fil-a.”

Katie Linsey


‘Finals week means spending hours at coffee shops.”

Asher George


“Finals is proof of everything I’ve learned this semester.”

Avery SunnarBorg


“Finals week means reliving what I just learned for 16 weeks all at once.”

Michael Mendoza


“Finals is like medicine, you hate taking them, but feel better when it’s over.”

David Luna and Ashtynn Burns


“Finals week is when I cry the most,” Ashtynn started, “No, Finals week is more like everything I haven’t learned this semester.”

Hannah Bostic


“Finals week is crying whilst spilling the contents of our brain onto a paper or project.”

Bethany Bletterman


“Finals week is easy because I’m perfect.”

Jonathan Green


“Finals is like the joker and you have to be batman and save your grade.”

Jojo Bones (Aka BONE CRUSHER)


“Finals is like stubbing your toe on the edge of the fridge, you know because it hurts.”

Amanda Gauer


“Finals means driving to Taco Bell…. at midnight.”

Leah Messamer


“Finals week makes a person rethink their life.”

Jonathan Bledsoe


“Finals is like eating a bucket of nails.”

” Yo, Div what does finals mean to you?”


“Finals week makes me think the whole rapper dream doesn’t even sound that bad anymore. #Mixtapedroppingsoon.”

Katie Linsey


December 11, 2015

Creating an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

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For the past few months, I’ve been working on a semester long project for my Promotion Management class with a few teammates.

The assignment consisted of creating an Integrated Marketing Plan for the MNU Admissions Department. Specifically, we were supposed to create a plan to market the current SCOUT events that MNU holds.

It was crazy. We had to conduct our own research and think of every possible way to market high school students for SCOUT.

I say that it was crazy, and it definitely was, but it was also super fun and interesting. That was my first time doing a Marketing Plan, and the fact that it was going to be presented to an actual client made it even more real. Doing this project gave me affirmation that marketing is something that I’m passionate about. I could totally see myself in a marketing career someday, thanks to this project.

There were 7 teams that were “competing” to be chosen by the client as the plan that is actually used for SCOUT in the future. While I say we were “competing,” it didn’t really feel like that, because every team brought great ideas to the table. In that sense, everyone was a winner. :)

My team was chosen to present to the client, along with another team, which was so nerve-wracking but also exciting. After both teams presented great research and recommendations, the client chose my team as the one that they implement starting next semester.

Next semester, I’ll be working as an intern in the MNU Admissions Department to help plan the changes happening with SCOUT, and also do some general event planning.

I’ve loved the “real world” experience that MNU offers in the classroom. I’ve learned so many practical things, and also built up my resume pretty well with all these projects I’ve had to do. 😉

The countless hours I spent with my teammates, Brandon Gaines and Britney Lewis, were not wasted. I believe that project helped me understand what marketing is all about. There’s so much that goes into it, and now whenever I see an advertisement, I can’t help but analyze it. 😉

If you’re considering majoring or minoring in any part of business, I totally recommend it. Especially at MNU, the professors are incredible and know what they’re talking about. They do a fantastic job of being relevant and preparing you for the “real world.”


Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

My teammates and I after we found out we won.

Lynsie Petersen


December 9, 2015

Procrastin…I’ll Get Back to it Later…

December 9, 2015 | By | One Comment

T’was the night before finals week and all through the dorms, not a creature was stirring.. except for you because you spent too much time procrastinating and now you have to cram all night.


I’m not here to judge, I’ve been doing the same thing all week. And now, I’m here to give you some ideas about what not to do before Monday, just like all your fellow MNU students.

1. Watch Netflix — Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ChromeCast, whatever you use to watch your favorite reality series or rewatch classics like Friends and Parks and Rec, use it wisely this week! I find that one episode of Parks and Rec really helps me to refocus on that big project — the Pawnee Commons! I literally can’t get out of Pawnee and, like Lesile Knope would say, why would I want to?




2. Take Walmart Runs For Absolutely No Reason — This also includes trips to McDonald’s, Burger King, and Starbucks. Let’s be real, you don’t need to go any of these places at 2 AM (or PM), you just don’t want to keep studying and going to bed just seems wrong.

3. Stress Eat — Did you avoid that Freshman 15? Well good thing the semester isn’t over. This is the one time that eating your feelings is completely okay. That whole cake won’t judge you for eating the whole thing. It also won’t ask you to find X2-9x+20=0 (the answer is X=4,5, by the way. #NerdLife).

4. Take a Nap or 2 or 3. Finals are hard and you know you aren’t sleeping at night.


5. Watch YouTube videos of cats or babies, or whatever you enjoy. Check out this adorable video of babies eating lemons I found instead of studying!

6. Spend Hours on Pinterest or Facebook or Tumblr or BuzzFeed. Whatever social media you partake in, use it wisely! You might accidentally end up “liking” a photo of your crush from 3 years ago and they definitely can’t know that you’ve been stalking them for 6 straight hours…

Hours on Pinterest lead to amazing things like this...

Hours on Pinterest lead to amazing things like this…

7. Read Something Not School-Related — When was the last time you picked up a book for fun? Maybe you need to read the Divergent series for a fourth time or there’s a new fanfiction you haven’t had the time to read. Go do it!

8. Pick Up Extra Shifts at Work — Okay, it’s not the most fun thing, but hey, if you aren’t going to study anyway, you might as well make some extra cash.

Treat yoself

9. Think to Yourself, “At Least I Made it to Class Today” Enough said…

I snapped this pic in Intro to Human Communication of my fellow MNU Bloggers, Hailey, Steffi, and Renee. Steffi was giving an example about the topic and we were all listening intently.

I snapped this pic in Intro to Human Communication of my fellow MNU Bloggers, Hailey, Steffi, and Renee. Steffi was giving an example about the topic and we were all listening intently.

10. Complain About How Much You’ve Procrastinated. Then just keep going. You’ll study eventually and everyone knows you do better when you cram the night before, right?




***DISCLAIMER*** Please know that this blog post is all in good fun. I highly recommend studying way before, avoiding cram sessions, and getting plenty of sleep the night before.


No matter how hard your finals may be, just remember that once they’re over, it’s Christmas.


What’s your favorite way to procrastinate? Obviously, you are right now because you’re reading this, but tell me any “Procrastination Techniques” you have! :)

Stephanie Krohn


December 9, 2015

Pre-Christmas Time

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I love Christmas! It is my favorite time of the year not only because of the holiday, but also because of my birthday, the winter, and New Year’s Eve. It is the time of happiness, family, love, and starting over. The December brings so much variety even for people that don’t celebrate Christmas. I know that this is only one side of the spectrum because there is so much stress and hectic, too. But I like to remember what it was like for me when I was younger. There is a song called “Through the eyes of a child” by Reamonn, a German group. The lyrics say: “Why did we make it so hard? This life is so complicated until we see it through the eyes of a child.” I have some traditions that help me seeing life “through the eyes of a child.” For Christmas, they are baking, ice-skating, watching Christmas movies, etc. Every year, it gets harder because of the amount of work that needs to be done.

This year – my sophomore year – I thought finals week would be super easy. I thought that it would be easier because I already know what is going to happen because of my experiences from freshmen year. This year is completely different. Even though I have fewer classes, the requirements are way higher. Also, every teacher assigned a project at the end of the semester as if they all want me to fail classes. My expectations that this year is easier were totally wrong.

However, it is not going to kill my Christmas spirit. It started after Thanksgiving. Normally, my mom would start to decorate the house. Since we don’t have that much variety in our dorms, we hang up lights in the living room and turn on Christmas music whenever possible. Additionally, we have cinnamon apple sprays everywhere to fill the room with Christmas smells. We watch movies together, most of them I have never heard about. I was introduced to Christmas with the Kranks and the Mistle tones. It was different than watching the typical fairytales by the brothers Grimm or H.C. Andersen. My mom and I always go to theatres to watch a fairytale before Christmas, but I liked these movies as well.

The Christmas party in Spindle lobby was another interesting, new thing for me. We decorated Christmas Ornaments, made cookies, and ate sweets. It was fun because the crafting really helps to release stress during the last weeks of school. That’s why I like to bake, too. I made tons of cookies for my Interpersonal Communication class. For me, that is such a normal thing to do and I really enjoy it, even when I don’t get to eat the cookies, but many people were surprised that I took that time to make them. A lot of my friends have never made cookies before which was surprising to me. At home, we always bake. We even have a gingerbread house that represents the home of the witch in the fairytale Hansel and Gretel. Nevertheless, I am glad I was able to make those cookies in between my studies.



The other day, MNU had an ice-skating event at the crown center. It was awesome because there were only MNU students on the ice and I love anything winter related, so it was just the perfect combination for me. We had a lot to laugh about because we constantly fell in the most awkward positions. A highlight was to watch the Chileans walk really carefully over the ice as if they have never touched ice before (which could be true). Right next to the ice-skating is an area with decorated trees that are all lit up with Christmas lights. It is really beautiful, especially at night. After the ice-skating, we went to the Union Station. That place just made me speechless. You go in and it seems like you travelled back in time. The ceiling is over a hundred feet high and the architecture is breathtaking. We found out that it was built in 1914. They had a little area in the back with a model railroad you can walk through. That place was pure magic. The only thing that would be comparable to that place is an opera I went to in Germany where everything was covered in gold. We were the only ones walking around in the huge halls. Eventually, we met a security guard who told us about the ghost stories in Union Station. It was kind of scary and we left soon afterwards. It was a really great day.


I hope I get to do more fun stuff throughout the next week before I leave to go home although I am going to spend most of my time on studying. My roommates and I have a plan to buy a Christmas tree, decorate it, and put Secret Sister presents under it, so we all have a present when we come back from break. In my opinion, Christmas time is a great time. I know everyone is stressed, but it really depends on the person and what you make out of it. I will never be as excited as I was as a five year old, but I can make it enjoyable and bring joy to other people.

What are your traditions? What makes your Christmas unique?

Renee DeVault


December 8, 2015

Slaying the Stress Monster

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This week is insane.

It just is.

The week before finals everyone either seems to walk around like zombies who have given up on life or are running around like overly caffeinated squirrels trying to get everything done at the last minute.

I have taken to switching between the two pretty much on the hour.

I would prefer not to talk about the things that are causing me stress (as they are all my fault for putting them off). However, I would absolutely love to talk about the way God has blessed me with ways to keep me sane.


For example, Gabe stole my phone during lunch earlier in the week. Usually it would have made me upset but looking back on it, and the billions of pictures my poor phone was subjected to, it just really makes me happy that I have such goofy friends.

They constantly do things that make me smile and most of the time they aren’t even trying.


My friends have really become like a mini campus family. We eat meals together, make fun of each other, support each other, sit in silence and do work, and then make fun of each other some more. We’re living life together. That’s my favorite part of college so far.

I love explaining what I’m learning about in class to them. As a communications major communicating about communication to the people I most often communicate with, it makes me very happy.

I have an unhealthy nerdy obsession with learning, but it’s made even more fun when I can wave my arms around like a crazy person and explain why I am so excited. Even if they don’t think it’s as absolutely fascinating as I do, they at least humor me to let me talk about it. I appreciate that.

I also enjoy the random theological discussions Jordan poses in our group chats or when somebody asks for prayer, or when we’re able to vent about some life frustration that we just need somebody to listen to.

Another awesome stress reliever has been Action Pact, MNU’s improv team.


Improv is a form of live performance comedy in which  the actors make up everything on the spot, often asking for audience participation. I am on both the main improv team as well as the smaller Serve Team which travels to churches and does shows on weekends.

The main team did a show on Saturday night which was just too fun for words. It was our Christmas show so we got to dress up and many of our sketches had a Christmas theme.

Tickets to the show were $5 and those who came sat at a table in the Black Box theater and enjoyed cookies and hot cocoa.

I love improv because it requires little to no preparation on my part. That means no agonizing over lines, trying to remember where to stand, or making sure my voice or inflection is quite right. I just have to understand the rules of the game and then act on instinct.

I lose track of time when on stage with this team. An hour long show feels like almost five minutes. Not only is it fun to perform, but I also get to watch what hilarious and often awkward things my teammates do.

This kind of performance requires a lot of trust. I have to put myself out there on stage and say whatever I feel needs to be said and I need to be able to trust that they aren’t going to leave me out to dry. They constantly support me and have my back.

I wonder if any studies have been done on if there is a relationship between trust on stage and trust in real life? Or maybe trust on a team (like football or soccer) and trust in real life? I feel like they would subconsciously go together…just a thought. I should look into that.

Isn’t college great? I bet I could ask some professor about that and they would give me six books, a web address, and the name of someone they “have a connection with” who is an expert in the field.

Either way, I find I have gotten closer to members of the improv team by just allowing them to see pure, unadulterated, crazy me.

And they haven’t run off screaming yet so that’s a plus.


Another great thing about school this year which has really helped me to de-stress is the knowledge that everybody living around me is in the same boat.

We all have finals. We all have to deal with the cold weather and the last minute assignments and the random frustrating bursts of sickness which always come at the worst moments. Even the professors have finals stress. They have to grade assignments and deal with all of us students going to them for last minute help.

It’s kind of nice to go into the library and see a whole flock of poor students frantically doing assignments and coveting the few precious outlets in which to charge their laptops. They understand me when I put down my backpack with a heavy thud and mutter “ugh!”. Often, they join me.

So I guess we all have to learn to help each other out.


We have to, like my friend Justin does, clear dishes in the caf for our friends because we know it is a way to help them out.


We have to squeak into town, after going home for the weekend like Alex did, and rush to Bell Center in hopes of hearing the last song of the choir concert that our friends have worked hard to put on.


And we have to show up in the library when someone says they don’t want to study alone like Jordan did for me earlier today.

We have to take care of each other.

We have to take care of our professors, realize they’re people too. They’re not trying to ruin our lives, they’re just trying to do their jobs. We like when they make life easier for us, we should try our best to make life easier for them.

We are in a community centered around hope and love which comes as a graceful extension of God’s love to us. He never promised us that things would be easy (and really, we have it so easy compared to what some other people are going through right now) but he did promise to never leave us.

So we need to be willing to bring ourselves to God and not forget about him as we have a million other things on our minds.

Staying connected with God will help us to better serve our fellow students, be a blessing to our faculty, and hopefully keep a fragment of our personal sanity.

So that’s the three things I’m praying for this week

1. That I will not forget who really holds me accountable. It’s not my grades that matter in the end, but who I am as a person, and the amount that I have invested in casting my cares on God and trusting him to help me be the best student I can be.

2. That I will remember my fellow students; remember to care about what they’re going through, and not allow myself to think I’m the only person with problems or stresses.

3. That I will remember my professors: remember that they are human beings, like myself, just trying to do their jobs and live a Christ-like life to the best of their ability. I want to remember to trust that they know what they are doing and remember to pray for them in their efforts to help us while still remaining fair.

Best of luck y’all.

Hailey Kendrick


December 8, 2015

Does love at first sight exist?

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Many studies have been done to test the mathematical factors of true love.  In this video I talk about a few studies I researched and found interesting.

With all religion aside, what’s your best chances of finding the “one”?

To watch a few TedTalks on the topic…click HERE…or HERE

P.S. I’ll apologize in advance for the dancing at the end. :)

I hope every one has a GREAT winter break & spends time with the ones they love.

Mackenzie Theiler


December 5, 2015

Fall Semester Is Almost Over 📚

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There are only two weeks left of our fall semester. We call this period of the semester “crunch time.” This is where a lot of students are trying to do anything and everything to get their letter grade from a B to an A; or for those students struggling to pass that tough class, with a C or better. This is when, students start asking their professors for extra credit, or if there is anything else they can do to get their grade up.

A biology professor of mine, ounce said . . .

“Why would I trust and spend my hard earned money on someone who ‘half-worked’ their way through class and cheated on exams, just to get by? This student who, half-work’s their way through their degree only, ‘half-knows’ their field of study. Would you have faith in that person to be able to preform at the highest level of their job?”

An example this professor used, was a doctor . . .

“Lets say, you need surgery or medical attention of some kind, and the doctor YOU receive, ‘half-worked’ his way through school. As he examines you, he has to google, what it is that could possibly be wrong with you; or he has to look up, what and how much medication, he should give you. This doctor probably did not try very hard in his undergraduate and/or graduate classes. Two, he probably only majored in this field of study for the good pay.”

He is simply stating that the field of study you are majoring in, you should known like the back of your hand, without having to look it up. It should be second nature to you. Find something that is exciting to you, that you can wake up every morning 9 times out of 10, and be excited about what you are studying/majoring in, and one day do for work. If you are majoring in something that doesn’t excite you, then, maybe you should find something that does. At the end of the day, your grades really do matter.

Most internships look at your grades, to see what kind of student you are. They want to know how serious you are about your field and if you truly want to preform well in this field. Your grades reflect that. I understand not everyone is perfect, but if it looks like you are giving it your all, it will show.

After you receive your degree and have worked internships, you are now ready, to be hired by the company or facility you want to work for. They look more at your internships, rather than your grades, because they want to see if you have work experience, in that field or in fields related to that. Most students do not realize, and I believe this is the point, my professor was trying to make, if you have good grades, you have a good work ethic, if you have good work ethic, then the your employer can count on you to get things done. If you have okay, but not good grades, you may have a good work ethic, but just not try as hard; so, you may do well but it is harder for you to get things done.

With all this being said, YOUR GRADES are important. The amount of effort and care you put into them reflect, your determination and dedication to your major and field of study. Find something exciting and interesting to learn, that you can be proud about!


Facebook: /kenzie.theiler
Twitter: @kenzietheiler
Instagram: @kenzie_theiler

Isaac Walker


December 4, 2015

The Space Between

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Hey friends!

We are in the home stretch. These next few weeks are going to be tough and stressful for a lot of us.  I know they definitely will be for me!  For me, it’s been a little rough getting back in the groove coming back from Thanksgiving break.  It was like a strange teaser for the moment we all are waiting for…Winter break!   The end of the semester!

All the anticipation and excitement isn’t really helping with trying to study for finals and finish all those long term assignments that have been put off to the very last minute.  And I literally mean the last minute.   I may have turned a paper in at 11:59 that was due at 12:00am…But at least it was on time!

This post kind of relates to my post earlier about stress management.  This is about keeping the motivation strong though.  Wanting to give up and drop out of school is a common thought that runs through my head on the daily.  Remember the end goal.  What you want to do after college.

Set goals when you are studying.  Every hour you can take a break.  Eat a snack!  If you are reading, put little candies on the page that make you want to read more.  I use Junior Mints because I’m a chocolate/mint eating fiend.


If you’re into a certain show, let’s say the new Netflix series Jessica Jones, after you have reached your goal of reading take a break and watch half of the show then go back to studying when your brain has recovered.  I do this with YouTube videos because they are short and I have no self control when it comes to my favorite shows on Netflix…


Keep one evening free during the week!  Go out with your friends and do something fun.  Don’t lock yourself up!  Get out and get some social interaction other than the weirdos in the library that are silently sobbing into their textbooks.  Don’t be a textbook sobber.


Just know that we will make it through this stressful time together!  Christmas is right around the corner.

Until next time friends!  Merry finals week!

Div Tosinglo


December 4, 2015


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The semester is winding down rather quickly. We made some new friendships, and ended some old ones. We surprised even ourselves with how well we did academically, or maybe we learned we should and will do a lot better than we did next semester. We ate a lot because college fifteen comes for the weak. We accepted eight hours of sleep five days a week is only a dream. We learned how to cope with how poor we felt every time we left the cashier’s office. A lot of things happened this semester. You learned a lot, well I know at least I did. And I’d like to share a little bit about that.

During welcome week my freshman year, Dr. Hayse spoke to our class and said something that has stuck with me since, he said, “Here at MNU you will be challenged to make your faith your own.” I can personally attest to how true that statement was. This semester has been a shedding and growing faith season for me.

Ever since I was a kid, my prayers were so robotic. I prayed what I should and what sounded good. I ignored confessing to God how unworthy I felt at times , or how I wrestled to believe he loved me. I didn’t confess to him the pain and distrust that I carried. I didn’t confront the resentment that had grown in my heart for others. Those were things I didn’t believe were in his intrest. But that’s not at all who JESUS reflected God to be. Jesus was a man who desired to know and see the inner parts of humanity be transformed. A transformation that required vulnerability.

This semester I have learned how to share  my true feelings about the things I’ve been recently going through. In doing that I’ve gotten to exerience the grace and comfort of God work on my heart, and cultivate a deep intimacy between God and I.

Max Lucado (My role model from afar) brings it all together with this quote:


This truth about God has forever changed my perception on the concept of relationship not religion. Not only do I empty my heart out to God, but I also get to listen to Him responsed. I listen to his love reassure the fears in my mind that I am still his. I feel his mercy conquer the shame I once carried. His grace rescues me from bitterness and resentment. I’ve come to really understand the heart of God in these past few months.

Here are two songs that have been a lot of help in my journey of genuinely seeking God:

I’d love to hear some of your faith shedding and growing experiences, so feel free to leave a comment below.

Lynsie Petersen


December 3, 2015

Auditions and Callbacks and Cast Lists..Oh My!

December 3, 2015 | By | 4 Comments

This week was tough. I know finals are coming up, but those are nothing compared to auditions.

Even though it’s December and we’re about to leave for Christmas break, we are already getting ready for the spring play. This year MNU is doing “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie in the Sunderland Black Box Theater. I love that our theatre department continues to do well-known, classical shows, but I hate that they all have such small casts. “The Mousetrap” has a cast of 8 — 5 guys and 3 girls, however, 20 people arrived for auditions — 6 guys and 14 girls.

When a lot of people show up for auditions, my nerves go crazy. I’m pretty good about pumping myself up before I go in, but when my chances of being cast go from an estimated 1 in 6 chance to a 1 in 14 chance, I can’t help but feel like I’m about to hurl.


“I literally might hurl…” You know you read that in Rob Lowe’s voice…

Before any audition or performance, I listen to a playlist on my phone called my “Confidence Booster” and give myself a pep talk. The pep talk varies every time, but basically it always includes the phrases “You can do this”, “This is what you love to do”, and “You have more passion in your big toe than most people have in their whole bodies”. (That last one may not be true, but it makes me feel better.)

This is my playlist. It includes "Shine" by MackZ, "Let It Go", "Always Starting Over" and "Here I Go" from If/Then, "Brave" by Idina Menzel, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, and "Que Sara Sara" sung by Kristin Chenoweth.

This is my playlist. It includes “Shine” by Mack Z, “Let It Go”, “Always Starting Over” and “Here I Go” from If/Then, “Brave” by Idina Menzel, “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, and “Que Sara Sara” sung by Kristin Chenoweth.

When auditions were over, I felt pretty good about how I had done, but then the waiting game had begun. There was definitely going to be a callbacks list, we just didn’t know when.


I got the email with the list at 10:50 PM, just before I got off work. I had gotten a callback! Albeit, everyone had received a callback, but I didn’t realize this until after callbacks the next day.

Literally best

After callbacks, I felt really good about how I had done, but the waiting game had begun once again. For those of you who don’t know, waiting for the cast list is like waiting for Effie Trinket to call a name for the Hunger Games (only in this case, you want your name to be drawn).


I received the email with the cast list at 10:45 PM, once again, right before I got off of work. Unfortunate news lay in my future. My name was not on the cast list.

Never Smile

How I felt when I saw the cast list.

My emotions quickly switched from “I’ll never smile again” to “I’m completely dead inside”.


Literally 5 minutes later. Once again, read in Rob Lowe’s voice.

After disappointing news like this, I have to have alone time. Normally I just go to bed, so that’s what I did. As of today, I’m better. Yes, I’m sad that I didn’t make the cut, but I’m looking on the bright side and am going to help out backstage. I’ve congratulated my friends on making it and several have expressed condolences in response because they wanted me to be in the show with them, but I just told them that I’ll get it next time.

Bright Side

-Spamalot (the Musical)

I’m not letting this hurdle get in my way. I still love the MNU Theatre department and I will still pursue a career in performance. Every major actress has been rejected at some point or another. Idina Menzel auditioned for Disney’s Tangled and was beat out by Mandy Moore, but because she auditioned in the first place, the casting director had a video of Idina singing and that led to her being cast as Elsa in Frozen a couple years later. You can’t always win, but you can always try.

Expect the backstage vlogging to continue, but from a different perspective. :)