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Renee DeVault


November 2, 2015

The World Series for the Athletically Illiterate

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So let’s get one thing straight. Nothing I say in this post is anything serious about the Royals winning the World Series (woop woop swag it up home skillets).

I know nothing about sports.


It’s sad really.

So I’m going to talk about how the World Series has managed to impact my poor defenseless little life.

So first of all, refer to the cover photo to see how my College Small Group night was hijacked by the game. I was forced to sit on a couch with fellow Christians, spill Pepsi on myself like a slob, and yell non-opinion giving supportive statements such as, but not limited to….

“Hurray sports!”

“Do the thing!”

“Win the points!”

“Go team go!”

You know, normal socially awkward dinosaur statements. I was able to ignore most of the baseball craze until Halloween.

I was innocently attending a Faith Journey Church’s children’s fall festival, vandalizing adolescent faces, when the guys I drug out from under their rock began to talk about watching the game.


I was a cat-ish-creature and I forced Levi to be a cowboy by slapping a hat on his head and painting on his face.

I was a cat-ish-creature and I forced Levi to be a cowboy by slapping a hat on his head and painting on his face.

I let small females paint Bryton's face.

I let small females paint Bryton’s face.

Got Chipotle and was just about to watch the Royals game with this pastel emo punk of a freaking awesome guy

Got Chipotle and was just about to watch the Royals game with this pastel emo punk of a freaking awesome guy

I was pulled into a fury storm of positive Royals vibes by my oddly sports loving nerd friends. I thought this would be a nightmare but instead it became a method for a great friendship building session.

They put the game on and after a little bit we decided to play a card game. Mixing sports with nerdy fun confused me but I accepted it and it led to one of the most interesting, hilarious, and friendship building experiences of my college career.

I could have run as soon as sports were mentioned but I’m so glad I stuck it out. Between rounds of cards we began to ask questions to each other, answering a question after each round.

Something about the atmosphere being so relaxed made it easier to answer honestly and before I knew it we were talking about personal struggles and having a great conversation.

So I began to warm up to the idea of the Royals even to the point of loading into a small car and driving down to the Power and Light district to inact our swag on an unsuspecting city.

These are the cool cats we were trying to meet up with.


Unfortunately this picture was taken without us because they ended up in a sea of blue in front of the big screen and we ended up drowning in the shallow end and never making it to the middle of the sea to find them.

We decided instead to go back to Uphaus and watch the game…well two games actually.


That’s right folks! Royals and Super Smash Brothers! I now love baseball :) My friends got to watch the game, I got to be happily in their presence not understanding what was going on, and we all got to attempt to brutally murder each other with fictional characters.

I like Ike.

So hey, non sports friends, try it. Enjoy the fun vibes, keep a light heart, try new things. I’m glad I didn’t hide in my room until it was over like I was planning to :)

Isaac Walker


October 30, 2015

What Is The Point Of A Dry Campus?

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Hey friends!  This weekend is Halloween for those of you who do not know.  I am not really sure how you possibly could not know that.  But as long as I can remember, Halloween has not been on a weekend for a long time.  So I am sure there are going to be some crazy college Halloween parties.  Parties full of people dressed up in insane costumes pretending to be someone or something else just for the night.   And you know what college parties means.  Alcohol.


Now, MNU is a dry campus.  It is against the rules to have alcohol on campus and to even go out and consume alcohol.  The opinions on this are very mixed.  Here I will be discussing the subject.  I will give the opinions of others (who will remain anonymous) and then my own opinion.

MNU obviously holds the same stance on alcohol that the Nazarene church holds.  The Nazarene church does not see alcohol as a bad thing but we should still be abstinent from it because we do not want to cause our brothers and sisters to stumble and fall.  We want to avoid tempting others who may struggle with addiction.  If I were to drink in a public setting and someone with an alcohol problem saw me then decided to drink, would I be responsible for what they do after that point?  The Nazarene church believes that I would.

I totally understand what they are saying too.  We need to be there and take care of others who are struggling with any type of issue.  And even though that is what our school thinks, I have talked with a few other students who don’t necessarily agree with that view on alcohol.  I have heard of people who have gotten caught with alcohol on campus.  They also were the legal age to drink.  The consequences in my opinion outweigh the benefits of drinking here on campus.  You can get a pretty steep fine and even sent to AA in some cases.

But maybe living on a dry campus is not that bad of a thing after all.  When alcohol is stripped from a campus, it is a whole lot easier to keep it looking nice.  There will not be any raging parties that happen on campus.  That in turn keeps that dorms from getting destroyed from them.  There will not be any trash, like beer cans, scattered across the lawns of campus.


Students also have a better chance of doing well in their classes.  Without alcohol, there are less opportunities for them to be hungover the next day during their classes.  And it takes away one more distraction when homework needs to be done.  I know I do not need anything else to distract me from doing my work!

Being on a dry campus also gives students better opportunities to be more involved with campus life.  Heavy drinking, which is done a lot on wet campuses, really is not the most healthy thing for your body.  It can actually be pretty detrimental to your health.  That makes it a little difficult to participate in sports.


And now I know that I am making alcohol seem like a terrible thing.  Everyone has their own opinions on it and everyone has experienced it differently, whether it was negatively or in a positive way.  But as long I am on campus, I am going to follow the rules regarding alcohol and I encourage everyone to do the same!  Because, no harm can come from not drinking alcohol.

Until next time friends!

Div Tosinglo


October 30, 2015


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Maybe it’s been the gloomy weather, or maybe it’s all those Coldplay songs I’ve been listening to. But I’ve been in a really poetic mood. So I wrote this poem portraying some of the things you may find yourself dealing with college.


Every season brings in
a tide of new faces
and waves of new rages.
Old prides will be torn
down so humility
may grow.
You will reap what
you sow
Strangers will become lovers
and crushes will forget.
You’ll be a hopeless
romantic because cupid’s
arrows will miss.
You’ll tell stories of who
you want to be but
most will focus
who you’ve been.
They’ll be pains that’ll
take more than the
next day to mend.
You’ll learn that you can
dream farther than the
Walls you have set in your
Every season brings
a tide of new faces
maybe in this season
will be yourself that you find


Katie Linsey


October 29, 2015

Colorado – A place for new perspective

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Over Fall Break, I went on a last minute road trip with my friend Christen to Divide, Colorado. We stayed with some amazing people, probably the most hospitable people I know, and had a relaxing and refreshing weekend.

I knew that I needed an extended Sabbath time to pray about some things and take a break from school, so I made sure to use my time in Colorado wisely.

On Friday morning, Christen and I went to Golden Bell Camp and hung out with some horses. That was really the first time I spent time with a horse. It was incredible, to say the least.


On Friday night, of course, we watched the Royals WIN with the family we were staying with.


On Saturday, I had the day to myself to spend some time with Jesus in Colorado Springs. I went to my favorite spot in Garden of the Gods and journaled/prayed for awhile. When I was there, a random man (who was with his family) sat by me and randomly started telling me about God and how He loves me so much. It was crazy, because it was exactly what I needed to hear, and he didn’t even know that I was a follower of Jesus.


On Saturday night, I went to a dinner at Golden Bell that was over a campfire. Super cool.


On Sunday, right before we left for Kansas, we stopped in Colorado Springs to go to New Life Church (one of my favorite churches ever). I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in Colorado on a Sunday.

new life

Ever since I came back to that trip, I’ve had a refreshed spirit and a new perspective in aspects of my life. I highly suggest making time for life-giving experiences such as this one.


Lynsie Petersen


October 28, 2015

A Behind-the-Scenes look at Brigadoon

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This is from last week’s rehearsals and I hope you enjoy our antics! :)


Stephanie Krohn


October 28, 2015

English – Steffi, Steffi – English

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In my latest Interpersonal Communication assignement, the students were asked to say whether they determine meaning by looking at each word or considering the person, the background, and the context. Normally, I would have answered second, but lately I had some language “accidents” that would suggest that I go by word for word.

As a foreigner, it takes a lot of time to really learn a language. The only thing that helps is PRACTICE! Before I came here, I learned a lot about the English language. I learned the grammar, the vocabulary, and the difference between British and American English. Obviously, the last point didn’t really impact me because I will still give you my mobile number or ask you to go to the cinemax. If I ask for chips, I will get chips and not the expected fries, and I quickly found out that I play soccer and not football. Learning a language is a long journey, and you can’t take it without falling into embarrassing traps or annoying people. When I landed in Kansas, I thought I was prepared. I knew all the basics, and I even brought my handy, little dictionary. The first challenge was ordering food in Waffle House: My dictionary could not tell me what hashbrowns or gravy are. Luckily, the pictures on the menu saved my life. The next thing I struggled with was ordering ice-cream. My roommate told me six times that a floater was pop with ice-cream on top of it. It took us ten minutes of frustration and millions of “Can you repeat that please?” until she finally realized that I had never heard the word “pop” before. Also, Europeans don’t tip like Americans, so I want to take thta opportunity to apologize to all the waiters and waitresses who think that I am rude and never tipped them. Besides learning all the positions in soccer which made me look like a fool, I had to learn new phrases like “looking for bae”, “ring by spring”, and “you do you boo-boo” – not to mention all the abreviation people would send me like “smh” or “tbh”. What the heck?


My little helper has gone through a lot

Translating word by word became essential for me in order to understand people. Plus, if I didn’t know a word, I could ask immediately. Whenever I listen for context, I trip over unknown words. I still get the broad idea, but if someone asks me afterwards if I could repeat what was just said I am lost. That is why normal group conversations used to be the scariest thing for me. I could never participate because if I listened for the context, I’d misunderstand half of it. If i listened word by word, I was too slow to make a comment to that topic. At the beginning, it takes a long time to translate a setence from one language into another. The trick is to be tolerant and open to mistakes. I don’t know how many times I was made fun of, but I can guarantee my friends had a great time asking me if I could repeat that last sentence again. It also takes tolerance from your surrounding. I often ask my rommate if she could repeat the last thing she said because I didn’t understand what she was saying. Sometimes, I even need to ask twice or three times. Worst case scenario is that after asking four times, I still don’t know what she had said, and I just nod which is not a good solution. I only got away with this a few times.

Once, I hit the point when I started to think in English, everything became easier. I didn’t have to think about the structure of my sentences all the time, and I learned more words to express myself. Yet, I still make a lot of mistakes, but that is okay as long as somebody explained to me what is going on. The other day, I thought negative test results were bad, until somebody told me that negative in this case meant “nothing found” hence good news. I patiently try to pick up on words and phrases as quickly as I can which can be really bad sometimes as well. Like every other person, I pick up those words I shouldn’t. Way too often, I start my sentences with “Like”, “Literally”, or “What’s her face”; plus I found myself using the word “Savage”. Also, I randomly start speaking German to people sometimes when I come into the room after talking to my mom on the phone. I did that to my roommate once and it was fun to see her clueless face. On the other hand, I am an easy victim for her because she can set me up so easily. It is harder to tell if somebody is sarcastic or ironic when you are a foreigner, so I was really upset when she told me today she was moving out. Word by word translation: She was moving out. Context, Person, Backgound analysis: She is a savage! First, I believed her; then I figured out she was messing with me.

Download (1)

All in all, I can say I am almost fluent in two languages and most of the time, I don’t have any problems. If I do, I just picture others learning German. Here is a little bit of inspiration:

German compared to other languages (YouTube video)

Hailey Kendrick


October 27, 2015

To Work or Not to Work, That is the Question.

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Hey guys! This week I talk about your options between working on campus, off campus, or not at all while attending college. It’s important to know your options!

Renee DeVault


October 26, 2015

Don’t Go as God for Halloween

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Fall break was this week. I vowed to do two things

  1. To kickstart a revival of my bible reading habit
  2. To get all of my homework done so I could bask in a glorious no-homework, stress-free beginning of my week

Let’s just say God may be happier regarding my fall break reading habits than my professors. I didn’t get much homework done. I read my bible and hung out with my friends doing caffeine induced non-study study parties, mall trips, movie nights, and listening to music.

In communications studies there is a concept called “reframing” in which the words chosen to describe something effect how one perceives it or acts towards it. So instead of saying “I slacked off and hung out with friends and read my bible instead of my textbook”…I’ll say “I spent Fall Break forming meaningful relationships with both humans and the almighty” which causes me to think better of myself than I probably should :)


I don’t know if you have ever had this happen to you, but sometimes when I read the Bible God smacks me in the face with something and no matter where I go it follows me. I believe God has to do this to me because I am stubborn and often refuse to listen to what I need to hear the most.

The phrase of the weekend for me seemed to be “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge.” This is the beginning of Proverbs 1:7 in the NIV. Other translations substitute knowledge for wisdom but something about the word knowledge stuck with me better. Being a college student I am pretty much a knowledge leech, just frantically soaking up anything I can get from my professors, friends, and random internet literature.

Later in Proverbs 2:1-5 Solomon writes that the fear of the Lord comes from storing up the commands of God in us, attempting to understand them, and earnestly seeking further understanding of them. I had never thought of “the fear of the Lord” that way. But, since I didn’t want to write a paper and I had a perfectly good cup of hot apple cider already made and sitting on my desk, I decided to try it.

In Pentateuch with Dr. Edlin we’re studying the Exodus. I began to think about Moses standing before the God who brought the horrifying plagues on Egypt, who killed the first born of all of their households, who parted the red sea and killed the Egyptian army. I thought about when Moses first came before God and had to remove his shoes. I thought about how, later, the Israelites couldn’t go on the mountain of God because God’s presence would destroy them. And in light of the acts of a terrifying all powerful God, I thought about the commands God gave his people and how immediately God’s people broke those rules.

This led me to think about the law in general, the rules we follow as Christians and I began to realize something about myself. I’m not afraid to sin. I know that sounds odd, but in that moment I realized I’ve never really felt the wrath of God when I’ve sinned. The ground has never swallowed me up, I have never been struck by lightning, my water bottle has never suddenly turned to blood, and I may have been attacked by a frog once but I do not believe that was retribution from God.

The grace of God is incredible. He is the same God today as he was in the Old Testament. My physical, sinful self should not be able to physically exist in the presence of God and yet I know his presence is with me wherever I go.

I take for granted the fact that I can just pray to him. I don’t have to climb a mountain, and almost more importantly for me, I don’t have to be Moses. I don’t have to be born of a Levite or brutally murder petting zoo animals in order to talk to God.

Reading the Old Testament and Proverbs always makes me feel humbled. I am living in the Kingdom of God, a new era of personal relationship with the Father. That is a huge gift. I was very convicted as to the level of my own personal reverence of God. He put me in my place as a puny little human and praying from that perspective feels much more natural to me. I guess the fear of the Lord helped me gain some knowledge about my own shortcomings in that department.

To throw one back to Communications, I had to reframe my concept of myself from “obligated to pray to God” to “somehow miraculously able to talk to God”. My reality didn’t change, but the way I perceived it did and that in turn has effected how I’ve been praying.

So I am most in fear and awe of God while entering this Halloween season. Ghosts and Vampires are not real, but an all powerful being who can destroy whole nations with the words of his mouth is real. I’m just glad in his grace he has let me be on his side.

Two things I’m praying for this week

  1. Appreciation and acknowledgement of the sheer might and power of the God I am attempting to serve
  2. A humble and thankful heart for God’s grace and acknowledgment of my wimpy human status


Isaac Walker


October 26, 2015

Fall Break Hiking Trip

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Hey friends!

You may have noticed that I did not post on my normal day. Over the fall break weekend I went on a hiking and backpacking trip in Arkansas with Kairos.  Kairos is the college age ministry group that meets at College Church of the Nazarene. They normally take a trip every school break.  They go backpacking during fall break, skiing over winter break, backpacking again over spring break, and white water rafting over summer vacation.

Over fall break 22 MNU and JCCC students went to Arkansas and hiked the Ozark Highland Trails. We also peaked  Whiterock Mountain.  I really didn’t know a whole lot of the students that went on the trip, but by the end of the trip, I would consider everyone that went on the trip a friend of mine.  We had some crazy, fun experiences that brought us close.  I took a few pictures that kind of tell the story of our trip.




Just got on the trail.

Just got on the trail.

We pretty much followed a creek for most of the trail up the mountain.

We pretty much followed a creek for most of the trail up the mountain.


Found a small waterfall in the distance.

Found a small waterfall in the distance.

The views along the hike were just gorgeous! All the different colors in the trees were breath taking.

The views along the hike were just gorgeous! All the different colors in the trees were breath taking.




High up on a cliff.

High up on a cliff.


The farther we got, the more gloomy it became.

The farther we got, the more gloomy it became.

Sadly these pictures cannot do the beauty of the trip the justice it deserves.  Just know the trip was amazing.  I think everyone should go on at least one trip during their time here at MNU.  The trips are for everyone.  You don’t have to be an expert hiker to go on these.  Believe me, because I am not an expert.  I don’t even have all the equipment.  You can borrow whatever you need from friends.  I will definitely be going on more trips with Kairos in the future.

Until next time friends!





Lynsie Petersen


October 22, 2015

Sports vs. Theatre — Is There Any Difference?

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Whoever said sports and theatre are polar opposites was an idiot.

My youngest siblings play multiple sports each. I can’t count how many sporting events I have attended over the years; baseball, basketball, football, softball, and soccer. My oldest younger brother and I are the Fine Arts kids, as well as the brainiacs. I can tell you how many performances or quiz meets my siblings have sat through; less than 10. Now, I’m not wanting the excuse, “They just aren’t into that kind of stuff”. Well, I’m not into watching sports all day, but I do it. It’s called being supportive. I’m not going to lecture anyone about supporting your loved ones because that isn’t my place. But, this last weekend, while I sat out in the freezing wind, cheering for the St. Joe Hazard Softball girls, I started thinking about how softball and theatre are the same thing, but in a different context.

I know, it sounds insane, but just think about it: They have uniforms and cleats, we have costumes and dance shoes; they have 2 hour long practices, we have 6 hour rehearsals; when each finishes practice or performance, we eat like we’ve never been fed before. So why have two activities that are so similar been separated for so long?

Someone is ALWAYS Trying to Take You Out


When you go into an audition, obviously there are plenty of people trying to get the same role you are and they won’t stop until either a) you leave the audition feeling like you’ve failed or b) you crush them and take the role for yourself. The same goes for a softball game. The other team wants you to lose, so you just have to go out there and show them what you’re made of.

You are going to fail. This is part of being an actor. Don’t let failure keep you from finding success. If you aren’t cast, ask the director personally if you can work backstage. Show them that you want to be involved. That way, if you audition for them again, they’ll know how dedicated you are and might just cast you for that reason alone. In a game, the pitcher might throw a curveball and nail you in the foot or the knee. You don’t back down. You walk it off and score what could be the game-winning run. You don’t let the other team hinder your plans.



Once you get through a show with any cast and crew, you’re a family. My high school had a saying, “Ohana means Family. Family means that no one gets left behind or forgotten. Theatre is Ohana.” (Yes, it is based off Disney’s “Lilo and Stitch”) Your ohana will love and support you no matter what.

My sister’s softball coach’s wife wanted the girls to express their love towards one another so she got a whiteboard and some markers and had one girl lay her head on the board and the rest of the team wrote what they loved about her all around her. Then they took a picture. Not only is this an excellent team building exercise, it also shows love.

image2 image6

You’re Kinda Weird (But in a Good Way)


Let’s face it. Theatre kids are weird, it’s just kind of a given. Athletes are also weird. Usually, not as weird as the drama kids, but they’re still weird.

Sometimes you get lucky and win the MVP of the Game


If you work hard all year, whether on stage or off, you just might be named the Actor (or Techie) of the Year. It’s the biggest honor in any theatre circle and everyone wants it at some point. It’s the same with being named the MVP of the game. The affirmation of being recognized for your hard work, especially when you’re out in right field (backstage) and it seems like no one cares about what you do, but you make the biggest play of the game (fastest scene change) and it’s all worth it.

In the grand scheme of things, are we, as thespians, really that different from the jocks? Or have we just been separating ourselves for nothing?