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Joey Alligier


February 20, 2014

Inductive Application

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If you have seen my recent blogs, they are missing a key component of the UNIVERSITY.. Academics! I just wanted to take a smidge of of what I am learning and give you a glance in. photo 2 (1)This is what Dr. Dean Flemming likes to call an Inductive Study.

This is for The Book of Acts class I am currently taking. We are going through the whole book and looking at prescriptive and descriptive texts from scripture. We take this passage and evaluate narrative construction, repetition, key words, really simple things that, when put together, make something beautiful and so applicable.

The piece above is from Acts 5. It may seem like a bunch of writing and random arrows, but it is really a culmination of personal and group analysis. In the analysis, we talked about God’s character, Jewish Law, and the actions of the Holy Spirit then and now.

I want to show you this not to only showcase how cool Flem-Dog is; but to show you what this university is about.

What you learn in the classroom shouldn’t stay just there. It should enable you to change your daily life and impact the lives around you. Real world understanding is grasped in every class; whether when we leave or in our future career. I am blessed to learn about the Bible with my peers and mentors and get to find out ho God is daily.

Talk about challenging…

Heather Engle


February 17, 2014

Church, cheesecake, and coffee shops

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Hello friends! :]

So this second semester of college can get pretty hectic sometimes! Everyone is thinking about what they’re going to be doing this summer and maybe even for the next school year! I wanted to share with you guys just a few of the different, exciting opportunities that are offered here at MNU and inform you what they are all about!

(And take note, these are only a few of the many opportunities that are offered here at MNU!)

Personally, I am looking into auditioning for SERVE teams for this summer. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a traveling team of MNU students that represent the college at different Nazarene churches and camps throughout the whole summer. They have multiple teams that you can be a part of, there’s the worship team, sponsor team (the counseling team), Action Pact (our improv team), and we just added another one which is our student preachers team! I am trying out for the worship team for this summer! If you want to know even more about this, here’s a link to the part of the MNU website that gives you more information than I can give you!

The second thing I want to tell you guys about is the RA positions. I know that if you’re reading this and you’re going to be an incoming freshman, this doesn’t apply to you right now, but as you come here and get to know your RA that you will have for the rest of the year, start thinking about if you would want to be one for your sophomore year! It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to be an example to maybe the freshman class coming in the next year, or even an RA in the upperclassmen dorms that the people who live there can go to for help with anything. That’s what I’m thinking about doing this next year as well! It’s crazy to think about how fast this year has gone by, and we only have about 8 more weeks of this semester left! So these are just 2 of the things I am considering for this next year. There are so many cool things that you can be a part of here at MNU, and if you’re thinking about coming here next year, do not hesitate to get yourself connected with them! You will not regret it!

Anyways, this coming week is our spiritual deepening week! We have this once every semester for a whole week.This means we have multiple services throughout the whole week with a worship session and a message that follows it. These are always so great to go to because it is really refreshing to come and worship with everyone, and also make sure we are keeping ourselves in line with God’s will for our lives. These services also bring about transformation in peoples lives, and this isn’t because of the people, I believe it’s because God is there, present, and has the power to change lives. :] It’s really awesome to see God moving through these services!

Here’s a picture of College Church where these services are held! This was actually at one of the services that was going on last night! (Isn’t it beautiful?):

2014-02-16 18.02.42

It was also my birthday this past Tuesday, so I wanted to show you guys some pictures of how lovely my friends are. :]

2014-02-13 21.46.09

Everyone was super busy on my actual birthday, (last Tuesday) so that next Thursday, I invited some of my friends to go to the cheesecake factory! This was a great idea, but also a really bad one. We all had classes that next morning, and we didn’t get back to the dorms till around 10:30 that night! With a stomach full of cheesecake. But other than that, it was so much fun, and i had a wonderful time with these amazing friends. :]

2014-02-13 21.14.11

Here’s just SOME of the cheesecake that we got to choose from! :]

2014-02-13 22.01.15

This was my cheesecake! I got a chocolate mousse cheesecake (that can’t remember the name of right now) but seriously….i almost died it was so good.

2014-02-11 18.46.29

Now on Tuesday night, which was my actual birthday, i went to my aunts house and had dinner with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins! I absolutely loved having a home cooked meal on my birthday, and they even baked me a chocolate cake with chocolate icing! They also had chocolate ice cream to go with it! I was in heaven. One of the things that I’ve learned in college is to appreciate the home cooked meals you get, every once in a few months. :] If even that.

Well, I promised that my next blog post would be more exciting so i hope it lived up to your expectations. :] Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I tried going to Starbucks in the afternoon this past Sunday…….BAD IDEA. if you’re wanting a quiet place to go and do your homework on a Sunday afternoon, do not go to a coffee shop. It’s insane. Luckily, i found 1 seat open at the 3rd coffee shop i went to. The picture at the top of my blog shows how busy it was at the Starbucks i ended up at.

-Heather Rose :]

Joey Alligier


February 15, 2014

I’m Snow Fed Up

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Good ol’ Home on the Range
Given statehood on January 29th, 1861
The Sunflower State
Birthplace to Barry Sanders and Bob Dole

Known for unpredictable and ridiculous weather trends.

I think we all know I’m referring to snow.
Please allow the next few lines of letters formed into words to be a venting session.
Now, I know I know, BAHUMBUG.
BUT, I like the snow…..for about 15 minutes. Then it can melt.
February 3rd, 4th, and 5th brought forth a ridiculous amount of snowfall. This cancelled school for the 4th and 5th.

Moral of the story:

1)The only times snow is okay is when:

I mean, in general, it’s a beautiful thing. I just absolutely hate the cold.
and singular layer of shirt
seems like a dream of a previous life.
ICICLEOn the other hand, this looks pretty sick! So, it’s not all horrible

As my venting comes to an end, I appreciate your ear.
In all reality, the snow makes MNU look beautiful and there are even places to sled here.

I hope I didn’t shed too much light on your blizzard, sNOw matter how much I hate the cold!

Keep on and keep God,

Mario Flores


February 15, 2014


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Friends, because of MNU I may or may not be a saver of lives.
So you may be thinking, “Mario, you are one arrogant person. What in the sweet Fritos are you talking about?”

Well friends, MNU has consistently hosted American Red Cross Blood Drives. Last year, I donated blood for the first time first semester. The second time was Spring semester and then this past week, was my third time. Each time it’s been a pleasant and worthwhile experience. This is despite the fact that I am like most people and not Needles’ number 1 fan:

Needles never fail to poke...

Needles never fail to poke…

But truly friends donating blood can save people who need blood transfusions. Perhaps a person got into an accident, and had a lot of blood loss. Well, with the donations from people just like you and me, you could prevent them from any further devastation!! This is a real thing peeps.


In my high school we would have Blood Drives. At the institution of higher learning that I attend, keeping the support for Blood Drives has not diminished. And that is a good thing:

Thumbs up

For most people, it is a pleasant experience. Just look at this guy giving blood:


After the initial poke, the blood just flows into the bag. And on my lap was my Sociology textbook.

After the initial poke, the blood just flows into the bag. And on my lap was my Sociology textbook.

Speaking of Sociology, here’s Bo Cassel the Chair of the Sociology Department:


Note: Professor Cassel was bending his knees to shorten his height  by at least 4 inches.

Note: Professor Cassel was bending his knees to shorten his height by at least 4 inches.



Plus friends, when you donate blood you get to eat goodies like these:


Cheez-It Crackers are where it's at!

Cheez-It Crackers are where it’s at!

And Yes, they give out stickers!!!!


Plus it’s great quality people that work at these Blood Drive donations that help keep the people(like myself) keep coming back for more.

From left to right: Dan, Linda, Stephen, and Mario.

From left to right: Dan, Linda, Stephen, and Mario.

So look up or call 1.800.733.2767.

It’s a good idea think about it friends. You can literally be a life-saver.

Until next time, Peace in the Middle East and know that you are loved.


Mario Paul Flores

P.S. Here are some pics of the injection, and a video of the needle being removed. For the sake of others, I will not put any of the pictures that I think could cause Simply more controversy.

So they lather on some Iodine, a strong disinfectant, and I get to have a some yellowy orangy stuff on my arm.

So they lather on some Iodine, a strong disinfectant, and I get to have a some yellowy orangy stuff on my arm.

And for viewer discretion I am not posting a pic of the needle actually inside of them. But here’s a video of Stephen taking it out!


Ultimately Friends, it is Christ that saves lives. Predominantly He uses people to do so.

If you are interested in seeing what an MNU Chapel looks like, here’s a video that has glimpses of what it is:

Haley Raydo


February 14, 2014

6 Things I Wish I Knew In High School

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Hello friends!

Happy Valentines Day to all you blog readers out there.  Whether your single or your in a relationship, I truly hope you feel the love of the Lord today!


Now with all that out of the way, I can begin with what I have been wanting to talk about. Last weekend I went to my high school’s homecoming basketball game.  All I can really say is that it was very strange being back.  I mean so much has changed.  This brought back memories of my high school days (yes I am aware it has only been a year), but these memories reminded me of how much I have learned and how much I have grown.  There are so many things, looking back now, that I wished I would have known.  And so.. that is what I decided to write about.  The 6 things I wish I knew in high school.

I wish I would have known:

1.  You can be the most popular person in school, but in a few years no one will care.

Now I am saying this to more of my freshman year of high school self.  There is something about high school that brings so much pressure to fit in and to be liked.  And the truth of it is, no one will care when you leave high school.  Now I am not saying that it is a bad thing to make friends, but by the time you graduate everyone goes their separate ways.  What will really last the test of time are the friendships you make by showing true godly love and compassion.  So if you’re in high school or even in college (the concept still applies) don’t stress about the number of friends, stress about the quality!

2.   No one will remember what you wear, but if there are pictures being taken… They will most likely end up on Facebook.

I am literally embarrassed about some of my old pictures from high school.  Sometimes I am rather confused about my fashion choices.  But good news people… THERE IS A DELETE BUTTON.

Hahaha this is a pretty embarrassing picture of my freshman homecoming... but very funny.  Annie on the left is my very best friend who I came to MNU with... and the boys in the middle, Steven and Cole, are still my two best guy friends to this day.

Hahaha this is a pretty embarrassing picture of my freshman homecoming… but very funny. Annie on the left is my very best friend who I came to MNU with… and the boys in the middle, Steven and Cole, are still my two best guy friends to this day.

3.  Don’t get involved with the drama!

Now I am not a fan of drama, but a big part of my personality is that I am a peacemaker.  So naturally I like to solve problems and create a piece.  Although there were times that I really just needed to stay out of things.  Drama follows you everywhere you go in life.  The people who always told me that it’s just a high school thing.. LIED!  However, learning how to deal with it earlier on in life will definitely come in handy in college.  So stay out of the little things, don’t involve yourself when you don’t need to be involved!

4.   Boys will drive you crazy (and vice versa) and it is ok to take a chill break from them!

No but seriously… Do I have to expound?  You have the rest of your life ahead of you to deal with the opposite sex.  Don’t put yourself through the craziness if it can be avoided.  (and if you are happily dating in high school… good for you! It is rather difficult!)

5.    “You have your whole life ahead of you…”

Yes I know that makes me want to roll my eyes too, but it is so true!  It is easy to forget because your whole life all you have ever known is school, but their is a majority of your life waiting on the other end.  Although your choices do make a difference later on down the road, there is still a ton more life ahead to make even better decisions. The seemingly big things at the moment (no matter what stage of life you are in) are extremely small in comparison.

6.    1 Timothy 4:12 “Do not anyone look down on you because you are young…” 

So often the thought that I was too young held me back from what God wanted to do in me.  I thought, “I’ll do that when I am married and have a job..” It was so easy to let my “status” as a high school student define me, but God has things for us no matter what stage of life we are in.

Anyways… That is all I have! If you have anything to add you can always comment down below!

Thanks for stopping by!


Heather Engle


February 10, 2014

a view of MNU

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Hello Friends!

So I realized that I currently have 26 pictures of clouds on my phone JUST from being at MNU.

I might be a little obsessed…

I’d like to share a few of them with you guys though! I thought it would be cool to show you guys how beautiful MNU is. But also, how beautiful God’s masterpieces are.

This is super random, but i didn’t want to give you guys another blog about the snow days that we just had. Which isn’t bad, cause they were awesome! But yeah! So IN HONOR of all of the snow days we have had, here’s some random pictures of clouds and sunsets/sunrises. I hope you enjoy! :]

clouds5clouds4 clouds3 clouds2 clouds 1

I know all of these may look the same to you, but I feel as though God has created all of them in a unique way. :] He’s maybe the creator of the universe.. and He’s just super cool like that.

Next weeks blog will have more things to it. I promise! Thanks for stopping by!

-Heather Rose :]


Haley Raydo


February 8, 2014

Snow Day Shenanigans

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Hello friends!

Well it is that time of the week again… time for a new blog! This week has been rather crazy.  I mean we only had 3 days of classes due to snow!

IMG_2623The great thing about college snow days is.. You are in college! So you are stuck on campus with all of your best friends!  They even extended open dorm times (guys in the girls dorms/ girls in the guys dorms) so of course that is always nice!

There is something so sweet about a snow day… Just the feeling the night before, “I don’t have to go to classes tomorrow…” is the absolute best!  You stay up late (which means watching movies or watching my friend Randi own some guys at ping pong), you sleep in late and take your time in the shower, and you spend all day with no plans!

My friends and I spent part of our day sledding on Lanpher Hill (right next to the freshman boys’ dorm) and my friend Dan decided to bike down the hill as you can see in the video.

I hope you all had great snow days! If you are in high school right now, just wait until college for your snow days!

Thanks for stopping by!


Mario Flores


February 8, 2014

Snow, Soccer, Land, and Late Nights- Fuh Dayz.

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With the rather cold, below freezing, below 0 feeling, icy, snowy weather, Soccer-in Land Gym, and Late night/early mornings have been much more common place this past week.

I will still take this weather over 100 degree weather any day.

I will still take this weather over 100 degree weather any day.


White on white, snow on my car. It only took like 6 minutes to shovel everything AND my car started no problem :D Hooray for no need of jumper cables!

White on white, snow on my car. It only took like 6 minutes to shovel everything AND my car started no problem 😀 Hooray for no need of jumper cables!

Underneath the snow, there were some layers of ice...

Underneath the snow, there were some layers of ice…


If you punch it a few times, the ice breaks, and then can be removed. I tried taking a video but it was so dark nothing could be seen. (These pics are taken with flash)

If you punch it a few times, the ice cracks and breaks, and can then be removed. I tried taking a video but it was so dark nothing could be seen. (These pics are taken with flash)



I always think it's a cool sight to see my breath. I promise though, I brush my teeth so it's not visible because it's ratchet.  However, my beard somewhat appears to be! For whatever reason the right side naturally fluffs out more than the left :S

I always think it’s a cool sight to see my breath. I promise though, I brush my teeth so it’s not visible because it’s ratchet.
However, my beard somewhat appears to be! For whatever reason the right side naturally fluffs out more than the left :S




Moving on, with the beloved Snow Days that MNU had two of, two things were especially on the rise in the spending of my time.

1 Soccer:

This is a picture of Italy's soccer star MARIO Balotelli, we kind of look alike right?

The man jumping in the picture is Italy’s soccer star MARIO Balotelli, we kind of look alike right?

Only, with our socces it’s these incredible people that play in our beloved Land Memorial Gymnasium (Or just Land Gym).


These people all came out Monday night. The night we found out a Snow Day was to be our tomorrow!

Typically Killian will text a few people, and after word spreads we meet at the gym and play. Literally all people of all skill levels are welcome. From novice-never-played-before persons, to some of our actual men and women soccer stars from our actual soccer team that come and show us a good time and challenge, to everyone else in the middle, soccer is a great community building-exercise fulfilling sport. Games can have scores kept track of (which most of the time it is) or we just play till time runs out and people have to go home. The mood is virtually always light and positive. While at the same time, there’s still space to compete and get better!

Afterwards, I thought I’d give a brief tour of Land Gym so here are 3 videos of our beloved place to work out, relax, eat, study, and enjoy one another’s company.

1st is a video just after the end of our soccer playing:

2nd is a video of the Tipping Point a place full of couches and other sitting furniture. Also there’s a stage, theater seats for occasional movie nights, a piano for the clearly cool and classy peeps that can play it-Yes that was an attempt at alliteration. We also have Improv shows and Open Mic nights here! My sincere apologies for the lighting though! Oh and one more thing we have a free hot chocolate, coffee, and chai tea machine in here!

3rd We have Land Café. This place is open 9pm to Midnight from Sunday till Thursday. Because our Cafeteria closes at 7, having this place with food-such as my personal favorites: Bosco Sticks or Cream Cheese pretzels!! Late night snacks are a dream that’s actually a reality. Especially since we can pay for the items by using our flex dollars(amount of money put onto your student ID card that’s built in from your tuition.) So for those who don’t have a debit or credit card, you can still pay by swiping and feeling adult like:P

SO, after playing soccer in the night time, I returned back to my dorm room to hang out with some quality peeps.
Now you’ll find that late night-or typically-early morning hang out times are often entertaining. For example, at 4 o’clock in the morning, when cards fall out of one’s hand-that one being one of my best friends Joey V. it’s one of the most hilarious things ever. So here’s a clip of me trying to capture the moment.

And fear not, Joey was cool with this being shown here.

So Monday night/ Tuesday morning we had a great time playing card games and sharing stories.

Front left is my roommate Caleb and above his forearm is my good friend Leon.

Front left is my roommate Caleb and above his forearm is my good friend Leon.


Alas-ish Classes started back up, and with all the time available to do school work during the snow days, hardly was done. So staying up a little later and using the Ping-Pong room as a study room worked well for me. Yay for procrastinating! Not.
I must confess though friends, if one keeps up a late night/early morning lifestyle, it’s pretty much inevitable that Coffee (or some other caffeine drink) and naps will be your best friends. So please beware of that.


Till next time friends, I’ll just keep living the dream.

Grateful in Him,


Mario Paul Flores

Allegra Vieux


February 7, 2014

Come Clean

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Okay blogging friends. If you tuned in last week, you probably have a very skeptical view of my buddy Stephen. Normally with friends like Steve, I would just allow you to keep on believing that he is the man that will never trust a fart again.

But now I’m feeling guilty because some of the information was fabricated. tainted. false.

So it’s time for me to come clean. (enjoy the sweet sounds of Eisley while reading.) I’m reposting the story here. Follow my commentary (of my own story) to find out what actually happened on that Tuesday afternoon.


One time last year, I was feeling a little loopy. I had stayed up all night one Monday attempting to get a project done in the 24 hour lab, one of the feature’s in the library on campus. I had classes that day, so I was awake all day Monday, then all night, then all day Tuesday. It was now hour 34 of being awake when the incident happened.

The sun was setting. It was a beautiful day in April. I drove my car over a hill to see some gentlemen preparing for a fish fry. Among the men in this group, I noticed my friend Stephen Rowell in the distance.

In order to fully understand the story, you have to understand all that this Stephen Rowell.

Stephen answers to no one. He is his own person. He has looked like he is 35 since his Freshman year and has been mistaken for a parent or professor (as pictured above) on numerous occasions. He was “secretly” in love with me for a good year and I finally had to shoot him straight for him to get the idea. He now is dating an amazing woman of God, and I couldn’t be happier for him!

Okay he’s never been in love with me. It’s an on-going joke that for some reason to me never gets old. Sometimes when he asks me a question, like “why can I not do __ the right way?!” My automatic response in the past has been “I don’t know Steve. Maybe it’s because you’re in love with me?” Gets him (ehhh …me) every time.

Stephen isn’t great with schedules. He’s the guy that shows up 10 minutes late to classes regularly but walks in with a Venti Vanilla latte in hand and iPad in arm, greeting anyone and everyone. I wouldn’t call him disruptive, because the professors are usually delighted when he comes in. He’s the guy everyone wants to be around because there’s never any guessing what’s on his mind.

I wouldn’t call it accurate to say “usually” before “delighted.” More accurate would be to say, “Sometimes, the professors are delighted that he actually decided to show up to class.”

That being said, on this Tuesday late afternoon/evening, I may have had sour feelings toward Mr. Rowell. It may have been because I stayed awake for a meeting with him that he missed. It may have been because he went fishing for this fish fry. He may have had another valid reason for not showing up to said meeting, but none of them mattered. What mattered was how tired I was, and how carefree he was, setting up the grill for the big event of the week.

As my car descended the hill, I stopped when I was level with the crew. I hit my brakes, rolled down my window, and shouted, “STEPHEN!!

Stephen looked at me like a deer in the headlights. He slowly meandered over to my window, leaned down, and I couldn’t shake the look on his face. He looked troubled, concerned and in doubt. I asked how he was doing, and he began talking aimlessly. Very out of character for him. He was looking down into my car and making little to no eye contact. Whatever was troubling him was far bigger than this missed meeting that was bothering me.

The above paragraphs contain about 95% truth if the subject matters are reversed. The reality of the situation is that as I shouted “STEPHEN!!” I looked at him like a deer in the headlights. I could not make eye contact. I began talking aimlessly. Nothing mattered in this moment because of a personal matter. Read on:

A couple days later, I received a few text messages from Stephen. In this series, he said something to the extent of “Allegra, I think we need to clear the air. I’m sorry I embarrassed you when I crapped my pants in front of you the other day. I hope you know I wasn’t feeling well and it doesn’t happen often. I hope you don’t view me differently because this has never happened before.”

-> A couple days later, I sent a few text messages to Stephen. In the series, I said something to the extent of “Stephen, I think we need to clear the air. I’m sorry that in the moment your head was in my car the other day, I crapped my pants. I hope you know that I don’t just do this on the reg. I wasn’t feeling well. I hope you don’t view me differently because this has never happened before.”

JUDGE ME if it’s what the Lord is calling you to do, blog world! I did it! I crapped my pants in front of a dude. In the United States. Yards from my dorm room. Had I ever done this in Mexico while I was camping and the closest outhouse was a quarter mile from my tent? No. What about on a job site with no running water or usable facility? No. Okay well what about after a hot pepper challenge with my teammate Fernando? NO! It happened on Campus in the luxury of all these amenities!

In my defense, there were a lot of things working against me. I am a vegetarian and there is a lot of fiber in my diet. I hadn’t slept and had a lot of coffee and caffeine: natural laxatives. I had my first ever surgery and it was on my abdomen, so food wasn’t processing correctly…

And as I shouted, “STEPHEN!!” it was just too much pressure on my abdomen.  

Why did I tell him? Because I thought for sure he knew! And I interpreted his silence as assumption. Assumption that this is a regular thing in my life. At least by telling him myself, I could control the message that was sent. (Public Relations class came in handy.) I could let him know this was a one-time thing. And you know why I’m feeling so guilty? Because as students have asked him about this situation, he has gone along with it to protect my pride. EVEN AFTER I THROUGH HIM UNDER THE BUS.

And now the entire world knows about my bowel issues. If you would like to join with me and prove that this happens to everyone at some point or another, post your story below! We can laugh about it together and rise against the judgers who claim this has never happened to them!  We can start judging them for lying!

Hopefully I didn’t lose any of my followers for this… Oh well. That’s me.

Over and Out!




Joey Alligier


February 6, 2014

How to: Thrive as a Pioneer

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This one goes out to all my high school peeps who are looking into MidAmerica!

College is a nerve-racking thought/experience; don’t get too ahead of yourself. 
It’s not as scary as TV says!
This place will become your home. 

Here are 5 specific pieces of advice to thrive as a Pioneer:

1) Seconds are okay…sometimesWe’ll start off easy.
The buffet style food sends your brain synapses into a whirlwind. THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS. 
The freshman 15 is a real crisis that deserves attention in today’s society.
In all seriousness, get ready for an overload..
O and don’t forget SPICY CHICKEN THURSDAYS; it’s like manna from the Lord and BACON FRIDAYS; if you get up…
And I know you’re wondering, and yes, it is okay to have cereal FOR EVERY MEAL
Just take it slow, alright.

2) Wear big coats.
This one has to be kept under wraps…
It’s also multi-faceted.
Wear a coat/ because this is Kansas and who knows what the weather will throw at ya
and also wear one  so you can sneak more than 1 piece of fruit out of Campus Center..SHHHHH

Moving on.

3) Write it down.

There will be a lot going on.
This is a beautiful opportunity to get organized. The flip side isn’t going with the flow, it is getting overtaken by the flash-flood-type waters.
Use different colors for social events, tests, readings OR you can categorize by classes!
However you do it, WRITE IT DOWN.
Trust me…

4) Save, save, Savers

College means you don’t “pay as you go”
You pay at specific times and after your 4 years.
This means it will seem like you have a lot of money at times to “JUST SPEND”
This may be true, but you should start a savings account in case of a rainy day (We already talked about how the weather changes)
Fellas, you might get a lady, in that case, there are a lot of “rainy days” AKA Starbucks trips.
Another way to save money is to shop at Savers, it’s like a Goodwill.
On my list of steals, not literally, from there is a $10 pair of Sperry’s, a $3 Ralph Lauren Polo scarf, and a $8, $200 Bally dress shoes. 

5) Yes. Yes. No.Say yes to things more than you say no.
This is college and a smaller college at that; that means numerous opportunities.
My freshman year I was the Freshman Associated Student Government President, in the play and musical, a student blogger, working in admissions, on the improv team, playing intramurals, working at Chick-Fil-A. Needless to say, I should have said “NO” to a few things and “HECK NO” to a couple others.
In short, GET INVOLVED, but don’t load your plate too full. Then you won’t enjoy it.
BUT, get off your booty and out of your dorm room, go to Wal-Mart with friends and play some tag or something.
Take advantage of the big and little things.grid

6) I know, I said 5, get over it. 

This one needs your utmost attention.
You come to college and figure out who you are, what you’re becoming, and who you want to be.
There is NO need to throw someone else in the mix right away.
Don’t argue with me. 

We are not settlers; WE ARE PIONEERS. 

There you have it, the 1st installment of the “How to:” series from yours truly

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Keep on and keep God,