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Joey Alligier


March 12, 2013

Same Road, Different Paths

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It’s so common for us human beings to single ourselves out. Typically in negative ways and even sometimes positive things in negative ways; like bragging or such. But the aforementioned simply negative ways are usually when we feel inferior or seem to be missing the worth you deserve. We think we are the only ones to ever go down this road or we are the best ones to do it. These prideful and secluding thoughts can always be diverted by Christ and the love he came to bring. Other times it is combatted when someone we can relate to is found. About a week ago, I met a girl named Jessica. She had a little brother named Dustin. They live in Kirksville, MO and I met them while I was on a PR trip.


Get this, Jessica and Dustin are adopted by their Great Aunt and Uncle who are around 60 or so. Jessica is the older child and she is about 5 years younger than me. My mom is going to be 65 this year. Seems LEGIT right? SO SIMILAR! But wait, she is very involved in high school, as was I, and when we talked, the openness, trusting demeanor, attachment to people, and feelings in general all reminded me of me!

You’re thinking, “WOW, what a coincidence! It’s so cool how they met and it’s so similar!” OOOOOOO JUST BUCKLE UP, because it gets real (this is where it hit home for me). Her brother Dustin was born prematurely and had issues at birth with drugs and whatnot; so did I. The difference is that he ended up how I was supposed to of. While I had signs of most likely suffering from Mental Retardation, I was healed. Dustin is not in the same boat. Does that mean he is any less of an awesome kid, NO WAY. I love this kid and I hardly know him. He’s so attentive and outgoing and even a better bowler than I am.


It is so surreal to see how I have taken so much in this life for granted. So many things I overlook daily. Don’t we all do that, at least a bit? We put ourselves in a place where we basically pity ourselves because of some downfall or insecurity, but we fail to say how much we do have.

So when those feelings of “lesser-value” approach, remember that God is working. I have heard stories where the last name of someone who was adopted after almost getting aborted (King) actually gave an American man power and prestige in a foreign country to be able to give them spiritual and medical help in a time of turmoil within the area. Don’t doubt the way God sets up situations! Hold on tight and wait for the ups and downs. Just know the paths we all travel may be slightly different, but the road we are on is similar at the foundation.

Emily Lawler


March 10, 2013

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Hey Guys,

There were so many great acts in the talent show on campus tonight. Here is Josh and Quincy at MNU Mock Rock! Great Mash-Up! I am not sitting very close to the front but I still think the video is very enjoyable!


Phillip Prado


March 7, 2013

One Does Not Simply Choose A Major.

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HEY GUYS!  I have a thought for the incoming Pioneers, or any other high school senior preparing for college.

I bet you can guess what it’s about!


You guessed it!

It IS about choosing a major!

In coming to school sure you’re overwhelmed with trying to find a way to pay for school, you’re worried about making sure you have everything to bring to school, and you might even be worried about meeting new people.  Some of us aren’t as out going is the rest of you and the fear of isolation can get the best of us sometimes.  But I think the one thing that is the hardest to deal with above almost all else is choosing a major.

I mean think about it!  That can be a tough pill to swallow.  You are not only choosing a set of classes to take, but choosing a major is the beginning of how you will choose to spend the rest of your life.  This decision doesn’t just affect you in college.  It doesn’t even just affect YOU!  This decision affects your future spouse, kids, grandkids, and so on and so forth.

Wow…that’s insane to think about.  That’s really hard to grasp.  The idea that now you are starting to choose how to spend the rest of your life.  It almost seems so surreal.  We just got out of high school, and all the way up until this moment we experienced something different every year: new class rooms, new classes, new teachers, sometimes new schools, new people, new school supplies, new, new new new NEW NEW!! There’s summer break, winter break, days off, we could call in sick, we had no worries, and now we are about to make a decision that will, hopefully, be constant for years to come.  How in the world can we make a decision like that?

So now that we understand how important this decision is, I think there is one more thing we have to understand as equally important, if not more important. That is simply taking your time. Don’t rush to make this decision!  I have SO many friend who have NO idea what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and that’s perfectly fine because you have the rest of your lives to make that decision! So don’t hurry, pray about it, and make sure it’s something that makes you happy.

Choosing a major is not simple, so don’t try to shove it in a box.  Take your time, enjoy yourself in college, and make memories that you will be happy spending the rest of your life remembering instead of thinking back to that time that you were stressed and unhappy. So make the best of the present, and try not to rush into the future.  The future will come soon enough.


Kelsey Cranford


March 5, 2013


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I’m at this point in the semester where all the homework and craziness is getting the best of me. This past semester I had some upper division elective spots to fill and, since being a Sociology major and Psychology minor, I thought it’d be good to take some classes from the one remaining behavioral science major–Criminal Justice. Now, having taken no Criminal Justice classes prior to this semester, I of course thought it  best to jump into a senior-level course focusing on the most debated and controversial issues within Criminal Justice. NBD. Piece of cake.

Needless to say, the confidence has waned a bit since then. This class as well as the two other Criminal Justice classes I’m taking have proved to be a challenge. The first couple weeks of classes I pretty much spent most of the time feeling like a dumdum, having absolutely no clue about anything that was going on. Yet, they all have proved to by extremely interesting and I am so glad I made the decision to take the classes I did. Right now I’m brainstorming and researching internship opportunities in the area now that I’ve technically hit my senior year (graduating in Dec ’13!) and need to do my internship/practicum here soon that’s required to graduate. As much as it may seem like a burden to some, I’m super stoked about it and feel more prepared due to the Criminal Justice classes I’m in. I’m at a place where I have a general idea of what I want to do after I graduate but its still pretty vague. I’m hoping that through this internship the Lord would provide a clearer direction on what I’m supposed to pursue after graduation.

All this to say, a lot of the internships and/or future job opportunities are in the realm of Social Work and often involve some sort of casework. This is when you work with and represent people who are disadvantaged in society and need treatment or help. Taking the Criminal Justice classes that I am  I think I will help me feel more prepared for this kind of work and opens up ideas for different types of internships or future jobs.

Sorry if some of this is dry, I know Academics isn’t the most invigorating topic to read about, but its incredibly important! I have been so blessed by the education I am receiving here and have felt so challenged by my professors. Bo Cassell, my Sociology professor, is phenomenal and always has such interesting insights that provoke tons and tons of class discussion and learning. He is also someone I greatly respect because of his spriritual depth and leadership. What could be cheesy devotional thoughts or quick prayer times at the beginning of class are refreshing, insightful, challenging, and completely heartfelt. I’m so blessed to have a professor to learn from, not simply from an academic aspect, but in a completely holistic way–by simply watching him live.

That’s All Folks! Enjoy the coming week!

Emily Lawler


March 3, 2013

{Emily} Observation and Interviews

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Hi There,

I apologize that all my posts have been short and dry. I look forward to having more fun editing and creating quality videos for you to enjoy- my busy schedule is just getting the best of me! Hang with me. I hope you are well! See you next week lovely friends!


Phillip Prado


March 1, 2013

Just Another Coffee Engulfed, Library Stationed, Book Digging Session

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It was a nice break while it lasted, but our snow days are officially over!  Now it’s back to the dreaded homework we have been putting off and the horrid tests coming up we neglected to study for.  The bustle of school is back and it is time to get into the common groove once again.  So it’s time to load up on coffee, hit the library, and dig our Pioneer noses in the books.

Now, during one of my coffee engulfed, library stationed, nose digging sessions….wait, I probably shouldn’t say nose digging should I? It doesn’t quite sound like what I am trying to say if you know what i mean. :\  What about nose booking??  Hmmm…nah.  What about book nosing???  Hmmm…nope.  How about dig booking???? Ugh that doesn’t work either!!  WAIT! Book digging?!  Well, that sucks too, but I guess that will have to work now won’t it?  So let’s start over, shall we?

During one of my coffee engulfed, library stationed, book digging sessions, I had another moment.  It’s one of those moments that hit me oh so often and I am struck by an idea or I become inspired.  I have blogged about a few in the past and I’m sorry if you don’t like them but I enjoy sharing what it is I am thinking so here it goes!

Lately I have been spending some of my time with someone in particular who I believe really needs a friend now.  He’s going through some things and I feel a calling to be there for him when he needs someone most.  Now, I’m not gonna say who this person is, or what’s going on in their lives but I will share my thoughts behind the situation.  I feel like God has asked me to reach out to this person in any way possible whether it’s staying up late and hanging out, inviting him to events and things around the school, or just being there when he needs to talk.  I have been doing my best to show him that not only I love him and care for him, but God loves and cares for him WAY more than I could ever dream!

So here I am, studying, when this person crosses my mind.  I start wondering how he’s doing and if he is alright.  And that’s when I begin to notice that not only have I been doing what I can to help him, but he is also helping me just as much.  He is showing me a way of caring for someone in which I really haven’t put into perspective before.  He is teaching me what it’s like to love and be loved simply for being a child of God.  This is even more true because we both have almost nothing in common.  I don’t hang out with him to gain anything or to profit in any way, and he doesn’t accept me because we have the same interests or share the same hobbies.  We merely grow together for one devouring, overpowering, and deep truth:  God created us both and the love he has for us is perfect.

Because of this person, I am looking at the world through new eyes.  I am beginning to see my professors, friends, co-workers, strangers and every one else in between the way I believe God sees us.  Since I work at a daycare, this is how I have looked at the children I work with already, but thanks to this person that I now call a dear friend I am beginning to bridge the way I see those kids to the way I see the rest of God’s creations.  This is huge to  me.  It is a point in life I think every disciple of Christ needs to come to in order to further their spiritual life. Christ is amazing and I have known that for some time now, but if it wasn’t for this school, and the people I have met here, I might not have begun to realize how infinite his perfection really is.

This school has allowed me to grow in so many ways it’s not even funny.  From the good times, to the bad times, MNU is playing a huge role in shaping who I am going to be for the rest of my life.  Whether it’s from the people, the classes, or even my personal relationship with God, I am learning what it means to be a true disciple of Christ here, and I am so thankful for that.  And anyone else coming to this school better hang on because MNU will take you on one heck of a ride!  But hey, don’t worry, no matter how bumpy the ride is I can guarantee you will be happy with how it ends up.


Cherith Campbell


February 27, 2013

The one where you get the lowdown on Mabee.

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Mabee Library: 

*As you walk in the library you should look to the left and give a nice smile and friendly hello to the student workers at the front desk.

Bottom level - This is the “social level.” If you want to talk and socialize and if you’re okay with your studying being randomly interrupted by your peers then this level is where you should be.

Dewey’s - On the bottom level we have our coffee shop/cafe. They have tons of specialty drinks like coffee mixes, frozen blends, ciders  etc. There are also other bottled and canned drinks such as pop, Izze, fruit juices, Sobe, etc. Along with many different kinds of drinks you can also pick out some fruit, snacks, sweets, muffins, sandwiches, etc. Dewey’s is a great place to stop on your way to chapel or class or just an awesome way to start off your studying.

Big computer room - Also on the bottom level there is a big computer room. Sometimes this is used by classes but most of the time it is open for everyone to enjoy. This is a great resource for those who don’t have laptops but these computers are mostly used by students to print assignments, notes, etc.

Top level - This would be the “antisocial level.” If you need to focus and don’t want to be bothered or distracted than you should take the spiral staircase upstairs to a comfy couch/chair, study cove (blocked off desks), or isolation rooms.

*The lights throughout the library will flicker letting you know that you have 10-15 minutes until it closes. Except for finals week when its open later or special reasons when it could stay open later or close earlier.

Mon-Thu 7am-11pm
Closed for Chapel (Tue) 9:15-10:45am
Fri 7am-6pm
Sat 12-5pm
Sun 8-11pm


24 hour computer room - Late night prints after procrastinating to write a paper or copying training packets the morning of the seminar because you procrastinated.

24 hour Kresge room - Late night studying because you procrastinated or the place to go when you feel like distracting those who procrastinated.


Learn something new today:  Taylor Swift gave Greg his big break!

Check out Greg’s debut performance!


Photo feature: Samantha Lee Herring-Moore

Photo credit: Taylor Esparza


Kelsey Cranford


February 27, 2013

Just some funnies for your week.

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My fiance found this gem and I simply have to pass it on to you all. THIS LADY IS FOR REAL.


Allegra Vieux


February 27, 2013

Stephen Rowell interview of sorts

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Attention MidAmerica Nazarene University Blogs followers:

Planned for this week’s episode was the much anticipated interview of MNU’s own Stephen Rowell. Stephen gave advice and described the role of the best friend of a guy in the relationship. He comes with much expertise, and I am sorry to announce that due to circumstances which were out of my control, the interview was tampered with. See below.

Check out the hilarious interview which unfolded.

Over and out!

Joey Alligier


February 26, 2013

The Ships of Relation

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Relationship: Ring by spring baby!


Ahhhh, the beautiful S.S. Relation. Some are more party cruise ships, maybe one like the ship above (partially majestic, functional, and the destination acquired) or maybe just a row boat for one. As detailed as we could get about the way parts of a ship could reflect the many different facets presented in the realm of relationships, let’s just focus on what’s true and what may be something that we’ve just picked up along the way. In today’s society there are numerous misconceptions and unspoken rules that may cause quite the blunder at times.

If you’ve seen the vlog by my fellow blogger and hilarious friend Allegra featuring my good bro Andy, you know that MidAmerica has it’s own rules, regulations, and guidelines. My personal favorite, even though I have experienced it, is the “3 strikes and you’re in” rule. If you are seen around Campus, alone, with an acquaintance of the opposite sex you are automatically associated as a Facebook official couple, or at least very close to it. While this is typically incorrect, it gives free reign for friends to rag on you and point out what you already know happened and really have no idea how they found out (even though this is normally a positive happening). The guys probably take it to a higher extreme as compared to the girls, because let’s face it, that’s what guys do in relation to things from a sale at Taco Bell to an intense Intramural basketball game. As a freshman, I have fallen victim to this rule even though nothing was official.

Even though I have not officially gotten into a relationship here, the atmosphere and environment has helped me grow more than I had realized even before the past two days. Seeing positives and negatives, being challenged by Christ, and having to make decisions on my own are preparing me for the rest of my life.

Sometimes one grows weary trying to fight worldly inhibitions and selfish desires related to relationships. I believe these are often (and have been affirmed to the fact) personal boundaries set and nothing should hold you back from something that might change everything. All of this was put into perspective in a talk that I had with a few friends on Sunday night about certain situations and people. The best part of all of it was knowing these are my bros and they have my back.

Relationships can get messy, difficult, and flooded with emotions. In these times it is crucial to seek God and the guidance from people with an outside perspective. As someone who has recently been told they are introspective it is difficult to take a step back and evaluate as typically I am engulfed in one area that catches my attention. Instead of resembling me, aim to resemble Christ. He is the perfect propitiation of relationship and what love should look like.

Never let the world’s views determine the tint of the glasses you look at your surroundings with; in life in general and definitely relationships. You may miss an upcoming opportunity or you may never realize something or someone that has been there while you pursued the less important things of this life.

Relationship: The perfect out-showing of Christ’s love within us despite worldly, selfish, or short-term inhibitions.