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Stephanie Krohn


March 29, 2016

Easter in the eyes of a child

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Coming from Spring Break is always kind of difficult for me for the following reason. First, no one likes it when a break is over and the work starts again, but there is also another thing that bothers me and that is when people ask me if I went home for break. To hear all the great stories and adventures from my friends sure is not easy. They talk about how they had homemade meals, surprised their siblings, celebrated with their grandparents, or went on a walk with their dog. I am lucky that I can go back every now and then for at least the big breaks, but as a Sophomore I first realize on what I miss out on at home: all the vacations, all the birthdays, and all the changes at home.

For my Easter Break, I spent time with my friends in the probably most childish way. On Saturday, I went to the Easter hunt organized by College Church with a friend, Lorraine, and her son, Jaxson. It was in Cook Center and it was such a fun event. Unfortunately, I was a little bit too old since the age for the event was birth to 6th grader. Although I have a really childish mind, I was not able to participate in the egg hunt, and Jaxson rather played with the grass instead of searching for eggs. We also made cookies and painted crowns and crosses. We got those fake tattoos and ate way too much sugar. It was funny to see all these kids having such a blast. It kind of reminded me of my mom’s day care at home. After that we went to their place to dye Easter eggs. It was awesome and I burnt myself several times, trying to make the most colorful egg in the world. They turned out really cool and we made about 24 eggs. I wrote some cards and gave away some of the eggs like my mom would do it every Easter. WIth the left over colors, we then wanted to know what happens if we color our hair. I thought it would wash out with the next shower, but the tips of hair are still kind of red. On Easter Sunday, I facetimed my family at home. I talked to everyone because my parents had invited the whole family to their place. They told me how my three-year-old nephew slides down the stairs on his mattress and I showed them the weird weather in Kansas.

He loved the grass more than the eggs and shared his eggs with other kids instead.

He loved the grass more than the eggs and shared his eggs with other kids instead.


The crafting area was probably the best. Notice: Crayons don’t taste very well! One kid mistook his lollipop with on of them.

A little Easter basket for my special people :)

A little Easter basket for my special people :)

My Easter was really refreshing. Yeah, I hit a time when I miss my family and my home a lot, but more important is that I have friends and family here as well and spending time with them is very valuable to me. I have friends that haven’t been home for long periods of time that I probably wouldn’t be able to handle. So when we talk about missing home, it is good to know that others feel the same way.



Lynsie Petersen


March 24, 2016

Gratefulness…Outside of November

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As Americans and as college students who are privileged enough to be able to attend a private university, I feel that we forgot to be thankful and to count our blessings.

I know November is the “Month of Thankfulness” because Thanksgiving is at the end of the month, but why do we just stop with November? We should always be thankful, even for the little things.

This week, even though it’s a short one, has been a terrible week and I’m stressed out. I’ve complained about at least one thing every day. But I haven’t stopped to say thank you. For example, the door leading to the lobby of Stockton Rice from the Rice side is broken. The door doesn’t always shut completely and it causes an alarm to sound after the door has been “open” (not latched) for 2 or 3 minutes. The alarm is insanely annoying and hard to sleep through. But, instead of complaining about it, I should be thankful that I can hear the alarm, or that the alarm is in place to keep my friends and I safe, or that the need to go shut the door has caused me to get in a mini workout (I run to the door as fast as I possibly can, just so the noise will stop).

I’ve had some type of rehearsal 3 out of 4 nights this week. Those are insanely stressful in and of themselves, but at least I get to be doing what I love. Tonight, I had rehearsal for The Culture House’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Shakespeare). I leave campus at 5 and get back usually around 10. I don’t get a chance for dinner, so I usually just heat something up in my room either before or after (or both, no shame in that). Tonight, I decided to order barbecue wings from Papa John’s and to have them delivered after I got back to campus. It had been 30 minutes since they should have been delivered, so I called the store and asked why I didn’t have my food. They said they got a lot of orders when my order should’ve gone out, so it would be here in less than 10 minutes. I could have thrown a diva fit about it, about how it should be free because it was 30 minutes late, or I wanted store credit, or something. But I didn’t. I remained thankful that at least I have the extra funds to order food and that places like Papa John’s exist to make my life easier.


God Bless the BBQ Wings and Pepsi!


I literally haven’t eaten all day, so I’m pumped to dig into these wings!

I could keep going, but it’ll just get repetitive and I believe all of my readers are smart enough to get the idea with just the above examples. See, there’s another thing to be thankful for, my lovely readers!

Remember, any rough scenario can be flipped and something positive can be pulled out of it, you just have to be willing to look for the positive. I challenge you to look at the rough spots in your day and see what you can be grateful for, and let’s put gratefulness back into every month, not just November! :)

Div Tosinglo


March 23, 2016


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Dear, Bud

How are you doing? Good? Me too. Classes going well? You struggling a little? The taste of spring break got you all ready for summer? SAME, BROTHA, SAME! Well finish strong my man, we all want to see get that degree. Yeah no problem. Okay, here’s a little question between you and I, you know man to man? How are things with the ladies going? No, you can tell me I won’t tell a soul!  You’re struggling? These MNU girls can’t seem to give you a break? You even raise your hands up during worship at chapel? You even spend most of your time in the library studying? WHAT? YOU EVEN LET THEM CUT YOU IN LINE FOR SPICY CHICKEN THURSDAY? Dude that’s commitment! What are you supposed to do now? What? Your mom said be yourself? Nah, let’s keep that as our last resort. I found some of these Christian pickup lines online. It’s a Christian school, they are Christian girls, try them out. What’s the worst that can happen? I’m a genius? Oh, stop it. 😉




There’s no way she says no!



Just make sure she’s the only name and number on that list, you know?



You know because she so beautiful, you get it?



Try not laughing when you say this one.

Sometimes being cheesy pays off.



Because no one wants to do this alone.



Test this one on the Ministry Majors first, then branch out!



This one is very risky, because you don’t want to be known as the guy who keeps having dreams of God showing him his wife every night. That guy doesn’t even want to be that guy anymore.



Obviously we’re not going to use this one. This one is just for cracks and giggles.



Before she answers, tell her because if it is I’m not going to tell anyone. Then wink.



Even if you get turned down, my friend you’ll get a smile. Guaranteed!



Here is another one you have to close out with a wink. This will probably get you a eye rolling and maybe even a laugh,



Even if she walks away! I bet you really do put the “STUD” in bible study.


But yeah man that’s all I got for you. Did this work with my girlfriend? Umm well I’m single… What qualifies me then to give you advice? No, brother, what doesn’t qualify me? Exactly!




Katie Linsey


March 23, 2016

The Joy of On Campus Jobs

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One of my favorite things about MNU is the large variety of on campus job opportunities that are provided for students.

When I came into college, I had no clue how I was going to handle school and work, or even if I wanted to have a job. When I found out about on campus job opportunities, I decided to apply for a few and see how it went.

I ended up being hired as a student caller for Phonathon. I was also hired as a student blogger for the marketing department (which I’m obviously still doing now).

I’ve loved being able to work on campus because my supervisors have been very flexible and understanding. They want me to succeed in school and help me do that in any way they can. Plus, I never have to drive to work so that is great.

Like I said, last year my on campus jobs were Phonathon and student blogging. This year, I did those two jobs again. On top of that, I was hired as the Video Editor for the school newspaper (The Trailblazer) and I have a paid internship with Admissions.

I’ve gotten to meet so many incredible people, both students and staff, that have invested in me and helped me grow during my time in college. It’s a great way to make connections that can be beneficial in the future.

If you’re thinking about coming to MNU and you’re worried about working/money, don’t be. There are so many job opportunities on campus that make as much money (or even more) than an off campus job would.

I love my on campus jobs and wouldn’t trade them for anything!


Stephanie Krohn


March 22, 2016

Coming from Spring Break as Champs!

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This is one of those unforgettable moments in college life you only experience in the United States. Tonight was crazy and can’t be compared to anything else.

The MNU women basketball team is National Champions!

storming the court as Champs

storming the court as Champs

I was so happy to be a part of this and watch how our whole school came together as one. I am really proud of the team, especially my roommate Whitney. Watching them start in the fall and working hard even through the breaks, made me realize how much effort they put into the game. They deserve this so much!

The fact that we won against Baker makes me even happier. It was a fight though and it was a long way to get there.

I have watched some Conference games, mainly the ones at home. Unfortunately, I don’t know a lot about basketball, but I went every now or then. The atmosphere for basketball is always great! Because of MNU’s past successes, there are always tons of people who make noise and cheer for them. As an athlete, I know how hard it is to get people to come and watch, and I always feel that the men teams in general have more viewers. Nevertheless, tonight was packed! Yesterday for the semifinal, we were almost outnumbered by Upike fans who were from Kentucky. Good thing, ASG organized a bus today. We knew it was going to be THE showdown of the year and we needed as much support as we could get! I was lucky because as a videographer I could go in for free and walk around in order to interview players and coaches.

Pre-game selfie with St. John cannot be missing!

Pre-game selfie with St. John cannot be missing!

The beginning was rough. The whole arena seemed to be filled in orange. The baker fans were definitely heated from the beginning and they supported the team way better than we did. They started strong with a lot of three pointers in the first few minutes. They quickly took a ten point lead, 17-7, in the first quarter and were able to hold it. Right before halftime, MNU reduced the lead to only four points (25-21) by two quick baskets which made our fans go wild. After that we were alive; the crowd started cheering as if we were twice as many people as Baker. During the break, more fans came to fill the arena in red and blue. The women basketball team was transformed the next quarter. The defense played really well and didn’t let Baker score anymore points while the offense was getting closer and closer with safe two pointers. Finally, we took over and the fans sang the familiar “I believe that we will win!” The girls did really well on keeping the balance between offense and defense (from the little basketball knowledge I have) and scored every free throw. Baker on the other hand did not make any of their opportunities, no clue if it was due to our amazing fans or our amazing team that intimidated them. Besides outnumbering Baker, MNU fans were also way more creative. From posters to Body paint, we had everything. Baker still caught up to us several times, but this time MNU held strong. The last minute was announced, and all the fans were leaving their seats to storm the field! With 28 seconds left, we all knew that it was over and that we were Champs. Everyone was on the field (or court whatever it’s called), celebrating and dancing. A lot of players had tears of joy and even the coaches and faculty members couldn’t believe it!

G-O M-N-U my teammates covered in body paint

G-O M-N-U my teammates covered in body paint

Very creative Allie Harvey!

Very creative Allie Harvey!

I think the most fascinating thing for me was that we were all there to support this team that play in our name and wear jerseys with the name of our school, something we all identify with. Their win means that we are all winners and that is something I have never experienced before. It makes me proud to be a Pioneer!

Renee DeVault


March 22, 2016

Chicago and Championships

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Over the break a few friends and I stayed at Jordan’s house in Champaign, IL which we used as a home base for getting to Chicago and exploring the city. We had some mishaps along the way such as losing Levi’s bag on the side of the highway when, wrapped in a trash bag to protect it from rain, it escaped the ties binding it to the roof of our car and didn’t even make it into Missouri.

Unfortunately we didn’t realize this had happened until we were a few hours into the trip.

Levi handled things really well though and we were able to lend him clothes/take him on last minute runs to Target so he didn’t have to wear the same two outfits every day of our trip.

We also got to lead worship at Champaign First Church of the Nazarene which was an incredible experience for me. I love being able to serve God along side the people God has put in my life.

I have included some pictures from our Chicago adventures.

The Water Tower mall had a giant Lego store that we went crazy for almost as much as the fancy tea shop that let us have free samples.

The Water Tower mall had a giant Lego store that we went crazy for almost as much as the fancy tea shop that let us have free samples.

Chicago has a free zoo! We got to see all sorts of animals including some crocodiles which are my very favorite.

Chicago has a free zoo! We got to see all sorts of animals including some crocodiles which are my very favorite.


You can't beat $5 symphony tickets. Their symphony hall is absolutely beautiful and we got to hear some awesome pieces dressing up all fancy is always fun.

You can’t beat $5 symphony tickets. Their symphony hall is absolutely beautiful and we got to hear some awesome pieces played…plus dressing up all fancy is always fun.

As soon as I got back from Chicago the Trailblazer hit the ground running by covering the men’s basketball game against Georgetown in the Final Four of the NAIA championship. While the men did lose they played a great game and we got to be right there with them.

Joshua, our Editor in Chief, and Chace, one of our video reporters, got press passes and spots reserved for us at the press table. Josh and I sat almost dead center court.

It was probably the most fun I’ve had at an MNU game before although Josh did most of the actual work since he’s writing the story…and actually knows something about sports. After the game we went and did some interviews with the team.

I have a lot of respect for the student athletes on campus. I couldn’t even imagine taking the classes that I’m taking now while also going to workouts and practices everyday with games and tournaments all thrown in. I’m so glad that so much of our community is showing up to championship games and being so supportive.



Isaac Walker


March 20, 2016

Spring Break Adventures

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Hey friends!

Friday night, I got back from a crazy spring break.  No I was not partying, drinking, or waking up with my friends then discovering a dead body that forces us to make a blood oath so no one ever reveals our secret.  Instead, I was hiking through the Smokey Mountains with Kairos.

19 of us went to rough it up in the wilderness for three days.  We left last Tuesday and drove to Nashville.  We explored a little of downtown Nashville for a few hours then stayed the night at a church in Nashville.  The next morning we drove to our first hiking destination.  All the outlooks were blocked off because they were unstable so we really could not see the waterfalls to well.  From there we drove to Pizza Hut for lunch.  After we got our stomachs full we drove to our final destination where we stayed for the next three days and two nights.  The hike to our camp site was not too difficult.  It was about 2.5 miles and it was beautiful!  The weather was perfect too!  It was about 75 degrees and never rained!

The second day we hiked a little further to a site known as Virgin Falls.  It was a  massive waterfall that flowed out of a cave.  We hiked to the bottom and it was wild. The waterfall was creating huge gusts if wind and mist was flying everywhere!  After that Phil and I hiked to the top and explored the cave that the waterfall flowed from.  It was literally the largest cave I had ever been in!  The next day we packed up and came home!

Here are some pictures of our adventures.

IMG_3158 IMG_3162 IMG_3161 IMG_3159


Hiking to our camp site.

Hiking to our camp site.

IMG_3168 IMG_3167 IMG_3166

IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3179

The waterfall at our camp site.

The waterfall at our camp site.

IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3187 IMG_3195 IMG_3211

Chilling at our campsite.

Chilling at our campsite.

IMG_3197 IMG_3206 IMG_3208

Exploring the river.

Exploring the river.

IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_3216 IMG_3217

Hiking to Virgin Falls.

Hiking to Virgin Falls.

Overall, I loved the trip!  Everyone on the trip grew closer and we all had a blast together!

Until next time friends!

Katie Linsey


March 17, 2016

Spring Break 2016: Colorado

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Hey everyone! This week is spring break, which means that I’ve consumed more junk food than usual and I haven’t worn jeans at all (except to church).

On Saturday, I road tripped to Colorado Springs with my friend Morgan. We were on the same hall freshman year and this year we are on newspaper staff together. It was fun to spend time with her and relax!

Like I said, we began our adventure in Colorado Springs. We explored Garden of the Gods, went shopping in Manitou Springs, and hung out with some friends that live in Colorado.

Sunday morning church at New Life in Colorado Springs.

Agia Sophia – a coffee shop in downtown Colorado Springs. They have the best chai tea latte I’ve ever tried!

On the top of a rock at Garden of the Gods.

I took this while we were hiking a trail at Garden of the Gods. All the rocks are so pretty!

We made friends with a cute little kid while at the top of a rock.

We stayed in Colorado Springs for two days, and after that, we drove to Denver for our next set of adventures. We went to Red Rocks, shopping, and tried some local restaurants.

Climbing many flights of stairs at Red Rocks.

We made it to the top! The view was breathtaking.

I don’t have photos of everything we did, but we had a blast! We also did a lot of relaxing in the hotel which was definitely something I needed.

I hope y’all are having a great spring break. I love having time off, but I already miss my friends at MNU!


Lynsie Petersen


March 16, 2016

Spring has Sprung and Break has…Broken?

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I’m sitting in my bed at my house, back home, with my puppy laying by my side and my family scattered about. I just got home from dropping my best friend off at her house, even though she might as well live at my place.

Spring Break is halfway over and I haven’t done anything super exciting. And I don’t plan on it. At least, not in the usual sense of the word “exciting”. I mean, I know someone who went to New York and saw the Broadway show that I am just DYING to see (the answer is Hamilton: An American Musical, by the way), and several others went to various beaches and new places. I went home, to Missouri, a simple 67 miles from the campus.

Yes, I’d love to be doing what some of my friends from school are, but I’m so glad that I’m home. I can play with my pup dog whenever I want and I can watch television with my mom all night. I have spent my break sitting at IHOP with my 2 best girlfriends until 1:30 AM, I’ve gone shopping for clothes I don’t actually need, and I’ve gone to the dentist. But I’ve also watched my little brother take his Senior bow and receive his gold cords from National Honor Society for graduation and I’ve baked like my oven is about to be deemed illegal.


I definitely baked an apple pie for Pi Day (3.14)!


I had been home for 3 minutes before Rebyl asked for this selfie…


Poor Rebyl baby had to go to the vet and when we got home, we tucked her into bed for the night.

995340_10207211077530007_7383438332066246917_n 10441909_10207211077970018_2138439837301018780_n

IMG_0652 IMG_0654 IMG_0661 IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0667

Later this week, I’ll order a pizza with my best friend, while we watch movies after she gets off work and we bake a chocolate cake. I’ll sit through nearly 4 hours of softball practice for my little sister, and I’ll hopefully grab lunch with my theatre prof, Heather, while she’s in town for a scrapbook weekend.

So, just because I didn’t go some place insanely exciting or new, I still had an AMAZING Spring Break. Maybe one of these years I’ll actually go somewhere and do something different, but until then, I’ll just remember that “There’s No Place Like Home” (Wizard of Oz (1939)).

How did you spend your Spring Break? Tell me about it in the comments below! :)

Stephanie Krohn


March 15, 2016

Stuck in Kansas

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My Spring Break this year was supposed to be really boring!

I was planning on staying in my dorm – alone, watch movies and work on my homework to catch up on the last few weeks. I worked on my video for Coach Lamar’s 700th win. I interviewed Coach Lamar and had game footage of two games and the Senior speeches. It was a big deal for the Trailblazer because it is a feature, but it was also a big deal to me because I had so much good scenes to choose from. I also wanted to interview former players, but I wasn’t able to contact anyone. The video turnt out to be great, so watch out for a basketball video on the Trailblazer website or my Facebook account.

After that, I thought my Spring Break would just evolve around homework, but then my boyfriend surprised me with a day trip to anywhere I wanted to go and anything I always wanted to do in Kansas and he payed for everything just to make my Spring Break special. We went to the Oakpark Mall,  IKEA, Liberty Memorial Statue and the World War I museum. It was an awesome day because it made my break so special and unforgettable.

Sometimes it is good to be stuck in the wrong place if it is with the right people.

Old canons from the First World War!!!

Old canons from the First World War!!!