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Cherith Campbell


October 2, 2012

The one where we walk with sticks.

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This past week has definitely been my favorite! Guess why– it was PE week! Brad King and his wife came over from MNU and got to spend time with us in Paris as well as play some super fun games and do interesting activities. We played badminton which was so much fun! (Ty and I dominated-just sayin) Then we go to rock climbing and high wires/ropes courses. Yesterday we played disc golf and ultimate frisbee. After the class session was over there were six of us that wanted to keep playing and our game got pretty intense. Lauren, Ty, and I won!

Today for our activity we learned the art of Nordic walking. We had a lady that we knew from our village come and teach us the right way to do it and give us insight on the advantages that the Nordic technique has over just normal walking without sticks. We were all a little skeptical at first–I mean really..walking with much different or beneficial could that be? But surprisingly a few of us picked up on it really well and loved it! We are looking forward to hopefully getting a set of walking sticks and doing it when we get back to the states.

Nordic walking became first known around 1930′s but it did not get popular in the area here until about 15-20 years ago. After using the sticks and then going to regular walking you can really tell what the sticks actually do. When properly Nordic walking you use 80% or more of the muscles in your body! And the amount of calories you burn is outrageous.

We have had such an amazing week with Brad and Deb and we wish that they didn’t have to leave. But the time that we have had has been incredible. Tomorrow is our last PE session and it will be 12 hour day of traveling and hiking through the ALPS! We start bright and early at 7 to catch the train. Should be a truly insane experience! CANNOT WAIT.

Learn something new today: The pulpit in the church was pushed to the side because the center of the faith was the communion-table of Christ. But then when Sola Scriptura came about the pulpit was put in the middle and the altars (the table for communion) was pushed to the sides because the scripture (God’s Word) became the center of the faith.

Joey Alligier


October 2, 2012

When You Got that Sista’ from Anotha’ Mista or that Brotha’ from Anotha’ Motha’……

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What is family?


Classically, it is considered to be based of off lineage, blood, crazy Uncle Bert!

For me, family is something different. I am adopted by my Great Aunt, so while that is still blood and I do get a few of my quirks from her, it’s just always been different! And not a bad different whatsoever. I admire and love my mom more than anyone in this world. (I’m not just saying that because she’ll read this lol)

Growing up, my mom and sister were the biggest components of my life! Within our family, we were our own family. That’s where I found my worth the most, learned from mistakes, and found out who I was. I can still remember the Saturday mornings, the family vacations, and the random “Hookie Fridays” that would end the week off right!

Now, for some, family isn’t as pleasant. Does that mean they have no family? NO. In the past few years while I was “too cool” for family I found that family is found less in blood and more in sweat and tears. Family is when you are willing to put everything into a relationship with another human being. It’s about the fights, the great nights, the “We need to talk” talks, the accountability, the good and bad that molds who you become.

The main person I can think of while I am writing this is my youth pastor! To preface the impact this man had I my life, I feel compelled to share that I have never had a father figure. After a youth camp before my junior year of high school, Jim became my best friend. From here I began to show him every aspect of my life. The good, the bad, the issues, the fight. That’s when the relationship began to grow excessively. Long story short, this 28 year old man and his family have become just that to me; family. We have inside jokes, trust, mowing Saturdays, and a constant competition of getting each other things with no acceptance of anything in return.

While that is my main example, this past year has given NUMEROUS people who I would NOT be ashamed to be tied to. They have seen my ups, downs, faithful, and struggling times.

In the pictures above you’ll see two little kids that have my heart. Kambri (Jim’s daughter/ my sister) and Austin (My nephew). I don’t love these kids because they are the most well-behaved, but because they love me with a love I don’t always understand. I don’t always get to see them, yet they treat me the same and usually with even more love.

Here at MNU this is what you find. Community with people who will become like family. They live next door, across campus, and even off MNU property. I know I would pick no other place to find people who want the best for me and my relationship with God. Whether it may be sharing my life with a new friend after chapel or growing closer to my RA, I know that I can call these people family. It’s found on the halls, in the classroom, even on the random benches around the beautiful campus.

In conclusion, don’t let family be tied to a last name or your cray cray Uncle Bert’s kids. Instead, find people who will fight for you even when you seem to be losing control. This is found in school, church, family, random friends that you meet in coffee shops (true story, I’ve experienced it). I do however know that my most beneficial relationships are based around Jesus Christ. Never be afraid to reveal who you are to someone who loves you enough to walk alongside you.

Keep on and keep God my friends

Emily Lawler


September 30, 2012

{Emily} September 30

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Hey Everyone!

I am trying to upload my video/vlog from the weekend but that is proving to be difficult. Until I get it up, here is what you need to know–

I had such a nice weekend because my MOM came to visit!

It was so nice. We got to eat awesome food and do some antique shopping in KC. We also got to go to Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.

Mom bought me some locally made soap there that smells amazing!  I wish you could smell this thing!

Rockaway Beach Soap


Ill continue trying to upload my video!



Allegra Vieux


September 28, 2012

A little fun around the admissions office…

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It seems like everyday when I’m working, MNU’s director of retention/ every student’s bffl Dennis Troyer makes an appearance around the Admission’s office. This week, Dennis (AKA DT or the Destroyer)  had surgery on his eye. A story like this for Dennis is just not fun enough, and therefore told everyone that he got into a fight with me and lost.

Dennis showing off his black eye

Phillip Prado


September 27, 2012

I’m inspired By…..?

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HEY GUYS!! I have come across an idea!  I have officially been inspired!  Last night I went to a concert in KC that really impacted me and I would like to share my joy with all you guys.  So I saw For King and Country, Jason Castro, Dara Maclean, and Heavens to Betsy perform live and are all now officially on tour driving from coast to coast.  Well this was pretty exciting to me for multiple reason: This is my first show I’ve seen since I’ve been here at MNU, and it was the first show of these guys’ tour (Proof of Your Love Tour) and they’re all pretty well known; Jason Castro was actually a competitor on American Idol; For King and Country and Dara Maclean are on K-Love all the time; Heavens to Betsy was a group of some amazingly musically talented guys.  They all had amazing performances and had some very unique styles about each and every one of them.

Now what inspired me wasn’t the performance, it wasn’t their musical talent, and it wasn’t even necessarily the message they had shared between the songs with us.  What inspired me was that here were some people who loved what they were doing; they loved worshiping God and sharing their stories with the world.  This shows me that God takes what we love, He takes our hopes, our talents, He takes our dreams and our aspirations, and He makes them into something phenomenal that works for His kingdom.  This is awesome to me because I know God can use me.  God can take me, mold me, and make me into something awesome using nothing other than myself.

At MNU we are focusing this year on the “Kingdom Within.”  That God’s kingdom is inside each and every one of us.  This inspiration I found ties in with that.  God’s heaven on earth is in our dreams and our hopes.  So what dreams and hopes do you have?  What talents and skills did God give you to use for His glory?  Take what inspires you and use your talents to then inspire others.  Once we do that, once we take our aspirations and give them to God and say “this is for you father,” is when we will truly become part of the Kingdom that God has for us!  So don’t be afraid to be dorky sometimes, or to sing even if you don’t know how. Don’t be afraid to finally pick up that paint brush and teach yourself to paint like you’ve always said you wanted to.  Just don’t be afraid to run for your dreams, because it’s through your dreams where God’s inspiration truly springs. :P

Some pictures of the show:

Cherith Campbell


September 26, 2012

The one where it all begins.

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Hey my name is Cherith and I live in Busingen, Germany/Switzerland. (well for the next three months) I am at the European Nazarene College with a handfull of other students from MNU that came as well. I have been here for two weeks now and have traveled through four countries and have stayed in three already! Our first trip was to Munich, Germany to visit Dachau, which is a concentration camp there. The experience there was unreal. I just got back from PARIS  and it was the most amazing trip I have ever been on! I visited Sacre Coeur, Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, Opera Garnier (the Opera House), plus many others. Everywhere you looked there was beautiful  buildings, architecture, monuments, statues, etc. We learned the history of the cathedrals and sites as well as shopped among the street vendors and side stores. I had the best Creme Brulee  ever at a restaurant called Chez Clement- I seriously wanted it to be a bottomless bowl! So far it has been such a crazy, unique, and wonderful experience and I am so excited for what is still to come!

*Follow me on this amazing journey as I sing and pray and learn and eat and shop my way across Europe. :)

Learn something new today:  Feudal Lord Story (The reason for Busingen being German owned but in the country of Switzerland)– Austria was the power and owned everything a long time ago. Switzerland started buying the land from Austria but then the Swiss stole the Feudal Lord (of Busingen) that lived across from where I live. They took him and kept him in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. From then on Austria forbid Switzerland to buy the land of Busingen. It is said that the village town/land of Busingen is to be a constant annoyance to Switzerland that they cannot ever have it.

Kelsey Cranford


September 26, 2012


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There is something quite unique about being in a completely new environment. Everything known before is shifted, and every interaction, every detail, every moment is filled with learning. In no other place does it become so clear to you that your only consistency is the Lord, and in no other place are you able to find a mind clear enough to fully examine yourself.

Studying abroad in Europe this summer was the trip of a lifetime. The memories I was able to make in that beautiful place will never be forgotten. Whether it was train rides, long walks in the country, thousand-year old churches, intentional conversation, hiking in the Alps, walking through palaces, eating at street-side cafés, exploring museums, or running in rain, these moments created such a beautiful experience for me. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to broaden my horizons and take on a new adventure.

Obviously, Europe is freaking cool, but in life, be the one who’s willing to risk and to take on the new challenge. As the Swiss always say, “No Risk, No Fun.”

Joey Alligier


September 25, 2012

Hey, I’m new here and you don’t know me, but read my blog and comment maybe?

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I am Joey and I am from Haysille, Kansas.

I am a Ministry major and Marketing minor Freshman!

The pictures above define me. Whether it be faith which defines me, family who built me, friends who deal with me and help me grow, music that explains and strengthens me, or the experiences I’ve had that have formed me!

The basic rundown of me:

I live for Christ

I love being cheesy

I am a hopeless romantic

I am outgoing

I love Sweet and Spicy Chili Doritos

Coffee is growing on me

My fave is a Vanilla Bean Frappaccino from Starbucks

I am adopted and I love my mom :)

I was born at 2lbs

I see Jesus in every little thing (or at least try)

My favorite NFL team is and ALWAYS will be the Chiefs

Rockchalk Jayhawk

I love music

I like taking “hipster” pictures

I love being punny

Liam Neeson and Steve Carell are probably my favorite actors

My favorite sport is basketball

I have a passion for the lowly, broken people of this world and especially of God’s family

Romans 5:3-5 is my life passage

My goal in life is to be a professional speaker/ live in another country/ possibly be a pastor

I am excited to give you all an insight to my life

If you wanna know more, I’d love to chat! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram! @praya_warrior

Other things I am involved in:

ASG-Freshman Class President

Improv team here on campus

Theater- I am Mortimer in the musical <—- YOU SHOULD COME SEE IT!!

I work in marketing at Chick-Fil-A

In closing, never forget who you are, instead own what God has given you. Good or bad. It took me awhile to find out who I am in Christ and now you’ve gotten a glimpse, but honestly, I still struggle with it! Even when it seems impossible, always picture the fact that our God is in the valley with us, not just waiting on the mountain top.

Keep on and keep God my friends

Kelsey Cranford


September 24, 2012


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Today is my very first post of many to come! I am so excited to get to share with you all a glimpse of what my life looks like throughout this coming year!

I guess an introduction is in order… Kelsey Rae Cranford is my name and I am a junior here at good ol’ MidAmerica. I am studying Sociology and Psychology and have yet to discover what to do with all that yet.  Regardless, I absolutely love what I’m learning and love how it challenges me every day. I’m from Manhattan, KS, and have the most amazing family I could ever ask for—two sisters who bring the hilarity and parents who model true love every day. I am no one extraordinary, but simply a young woman who is learning how to love the Lord. I love me some people time, especially deep, intentional conversation. I love being outside, especially on sunny days with a high of 75 or really any day within spring or fall. Music inspires me and if I had the time during the semester I would read more (I’m not talking textbooks). The people who are most important to me are those who challenge me. I am that person who laughs at everybody else’s jokes but has no one laugh at mine. People-watching is a hobby of mine as well as scaring people when the opportunity so presents itself. And lastly, I have 11 cavities. Real talk.

All in all, I am so stoked for all that is to come and to give you a peak into MidAmerica life! Welcome to my reality!


Allegra Vieux


September 24, 2012

in love with my crazy, beautiful life!

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Hi! I’m Allegra. I’m a junior marketing major and I have a passion for leadership and public relations. In other words, I like to host and throw parties/events!

I have lived in Mexico for the last 2 summers, so a total amount of 6 months. I am fluent in English, Spanglish, Sarcasm, and Mumble.

I’m involved with MNU Teen Challenge, the National Society of Leadership and Success, and I work in admissions.

My favorite color is orange and I’m addicted to Starbucks, all things Kardashians, and reality TV in general. Please note: the above title are lyrics. I like all kinds of music, especially of the teeny bopper variety.

Last week I met Joel Osteen. Call me a 45 year old soccer mom if it’s what you feel the Lord is leading you to, but I love that smiling man!

meeting Joel! also known as the happiest man on earth!

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