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Isaac Walker


March 11, 2016

Spring Break

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Hey friends!

As you all know, this is the last day of classes before our Spring break starts.  Most of us are leaving campus.  Tuesday, I am leaving at 7 in the morning to drive to Tennessee with Kairos.  We are going to be backpacking through the Smokey Mountains.  I have gone on several trips with Kairos and this will be the second time for me in the Smoky Mountains.  Last time I went backpacking through them was two years ago.

We will be back late Friday night.  I am going to do my best in taking pictures to have enough good pics to blog with next week.  I will be posting the blog on Saturday because I wont have access to internet.

Here are some pictures from the trip two years ago.  I did not have as good of a device to take good pictures two years though.

This was the first waterfall we saw on the trip.  This was also as close as we got to it.

This was the first waterfall we saw on the trip. This was also as close as we got to it.

This is a rope bridge that we crossed.

This is a rope bridge that we crossed.

This is the river we crossed.  I love the color of the water.

This is the river we crossed. I love the color of the water.

This is me slightly over packed.  But this was my first ever backpacking trip! And I survived.

This is me slightly over packed. But this was my first ever backpacking trip! And I survived.

This cave is the one we camped in.  The water at night was perfect to sleep to.

This is another waterfall we hiked to.  It is called Virgin Falls and is over 100ft tall.

This is another waterfall we hiked to. It is called Virgin Falls and is over 100ft tall.

This the top of Virgin Falls.

This the top of Virgin Falls.

Hopefully I can get better pictures this time around.  If you all remember, say a few prayers for our group as we are trekking through the mountains.

Until next time friends!

Stephanie Krohn


March 11, 2016

Why PR is a nightmare!

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As you can see from my blogging consistency, I have been REALLY busy the last week although I didn’t have any midterms. I finished my midterms the week before and there weren’t a lot of assignments due. Yet, I was so stressed out that my biggest wish was that the day would have 48 hours. On one hand, I wanted the spring break to come, and on the other hand, I was scared because I needed more time to figure things out for my class. And this class is Public Relations (PR) with Dr. Hamilton.

I might have mentioned it before that Dr. Hamilton, my advisor, introduced to the class by saying:

“You will love this class… when it’s over!”

Ice-Breaking activity with my group, the first day we got together. I was assigned group leader and got the money to do something to get to know each other.

Ice-Breaking activity with my group the first day we got together: I was assigned group leader and got the money to do something to get to know each other.

Me, always concerned about grades and my performance in class, was freaked out even before the semester had started. Now, halfway through, I knew that it will get even worse once we hit April.

The class is all about Public Relations which is the management of the flow of information between an organization, a company, or a person and the public. It is the opposite of advertising because it manages the publicity by using media as an outlet. In our class, we are all assigned groups who organize an event for a non-profit organization in Johnson County to raise money for them. It contains a lot of work because the event has to be planned in detail. My group helps the organization AHH, Artist Helping the Homeless. They support programs in their surroundings. One part is that they make sure that a person gets from A to B to benefit fully from the programs instead of falling back into old habits. They successfully helped to get a lot of people off the streets and saved the community money to support these people. We are plan a silent auction with art pieces at the end of April. It will also have a drawing and anyone who participate can be a part of it. It might not seem like a lot, but it takes a lot of strategies, plans, and objectives to execute an event like that. We have a beginning budget of $100, but we need to organize food, gifts, sound and light equipment, measles, art pieces, flyers, posters, tickets, guest speakers, an audience, etc. This doesn’t only take money, but a lot of time and communication. For example, I am in charge of talking to the head of AHH, and I daily write him e-mails to ask for his opinion on things like logos or guest speakers. Since we represent that organization, they have to agree to everything we do in their name, same with MNU who we represent as well. Also, we needed to find a location and reserve it. One of our group members has really good relations to the Cunningham Life Center which brought us an essential advantage.

The biggest problem is probably to think about how we can get people motivated to come to our event. I know this will be the hardest part because I know from my own experience that I say I will come and watch a game and then I never show up. In a school with barely 2000 people this is a real challenge. Additionally, I know we don’t have the most money, so we can’t expect students to donate tons of money. In the last few days, I have been brainstorming ideas that would make our event attractive to students or other people in the community. On Thursday, we had a meeting with Dr. Hamilton to talk about our next steps. He was impressed that we had a lot of committed artist who wanted to donate art pieces for our auction, but then he asked: “What are you going to do when only eight people show up when you expect fifty?” We all were silent. Of course, we need an emergency plan, but we would rather have our original idea work out than choosing an alternative. It’s already March and we have one and half months left to advertise and find support.

What if only eight show up and the whole project is a disaster?

(hopefully) our location: We can put up pictures and other art pieces for people to walk around and purchase by auction

(Hopefully) our location: we can put up pictures and other art pieces for people to walk around and purchase by auction

This question truly is a nightmare because we are responsible for the event and AHH is counting on us. It is still a long way to go and a lot of things to plan. Over Spring Break, I have to go to different businesses to ask for support and donations. I check my mails every five minutes with the hope or fear that somebody e-mails me back. Especially with the technology today, everyone knows we are available 24/7 which makes us even more responsible to always respond in time and not to forget anything. If somebody forgets to forward an e-mail or make a call, it can stop the whole project. I realized that I rather write an essay that is due the next day or take a midterm because afterwards I am done. With this class, there is no end to it and you have to be flexible and at call at any time.

The other day, Kim Campbell was a guest speaker in one of our lectures. She is in charge of Marketing and Communications at MNU and held a really great lecture about non-profit organization. At the beginning of the lecture, she told us that she was in the same class and that she is the living proof that you can survive it. I know now that Dr. Hamilton was right because I will look back on the class and be so happy that I will never have to do this again.

What would make you want to come to our auction? Please comment and share! :)

Lynsie Petersen


March 10, 2016

Now is the Time to Seize the Day!

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How do you start your legacy? By seizing every opportunity you can. And that’s what I’m doing.

Renee DeVault


March 7, 2016

Action Pact and Religions of the World

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I have been loving this semester of classes that I’m in as well as the events that I’ve gotten to do through Action Pact, the improv SERVE team that I’m a part of.

Friday Action Pact and VOP (Voices of Praise, the singing group that Quinn is a part of) got to work together to put on an awesome show for Heritage Christian Academy’s Father Daughter Banquet.

It was a great tag-team event with VOP singing and Action Pact playing some games culminating in a SERVE team showdown lip sinc battle before VOP performed their final set.

I love getting the chance to do theater as one of my jobs. It’s something I never would have expected to be doing this time last year.

Another awesome factor about this last week has been my Religions of the World class taught by Dr. Randy Cloud and Dr. Charles Christian. It’s required for my major but students can take it as an elective or a philosophy gen-ed class.

This week Dr. Cloud talked about Islam and some of the myths that we believe about Muslims. There was a large component about learning the facts of the religion including it’s history and practices but we also just had some great discussion time.

Dr. Cloud brought some traditional Islamic clothing into class for us to look at while he led the lecture.

Dr. Cloud brought some traditional Islamic clothing into class for us to look at while he led the lecture.

It’s really been an incredible class. Learning about other religions really has helped me understand Christianity better and some of the ways it is unique. My favorite experience by far was Saturday when I went with Dr. Cloud, Quinn, and Matt, a friend and fellow classmate (in my Hebrew class actually) went to a Messianic Jewish service.

The best way I could have described the experience was joyful. They danced during worship and clapped and smiled and shouted out. I loved watching the joy and reverence that they had for the Torah and the Gospels which they have a copy of in Hebrew.

I loved how they did one lesson from the Hebrew Torah (our Old Testament) and one lesson from the Gospels. The balance of old and new was beautiful both in testaments as well as in culture.

Be open to new experiences. I’m having a lot of fun.

Mackenzie Theiler


March 7, 2016


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Why are colleges set up differently then others? As in, why are some colleges set up as a quarter system, verse’s some are set up as a semester system? What makes them, so, different from one another?

Well, the difference, for those that do not know, a semester is 14 to 16 weeks and a quarter is 6 to 8 weeks. There would be 2 quarters for 1 semester. I go back and forth if, I like semesters or quarter systems better. I like that there is only 8 weeks, which makes it crunch time all the time. I also, like, that one can take more classes in a quarter system; whereas, semesters you are stuck with those classes till school is out. I do like, in having a semester system, there is more time to get your work done; and if you get injured, like me, you have time to make up work and still, stay on top of class work.

I feel like one’s preference would be if they are, a “go, go, go,” or they like to take their time and things slow. My JC school were semesters. Here, at MNU, it is also, step up as semesters. I really like taking summer classes, though; because they are, only, 6 to 8 weeks long. I seem to preform better, when my classes are in a shorter amount of weeks. Then again, if, I had an excellent professor that did not teach us, with such high difficultly, and went about a different approach, as in, “we know absolutely nothing about this class,” teach us SMARTER not HARDER! They would be a lot more successful kids. Professors should reach out to the attendance, find there interests, not just teach the class, straight out of the book!

If you are taking semesters, it helps to find classes you are interested in. Sometimes, though, there are classes that are not as fun, but you have to take them to get your degree. Being in a semester there are more changes to change your grade than in a quarter. It is a lot more rigorous and one must be focused. Taking semester classes though, there is a lot more room and error for someone to slack off and get sick of the class. It, too, takes a lot of focus and staying on track to finish with a good grade.

For those of you who have not started college yet, or you are a parent, and trying to help your son or daughter find a school. I would encourage them to look into, if they want to be in a quarter system school or a semester system school.

Whichever school you decide to attend, Rate My Professors is an awesome site, where previous students wrote about what they thought of their professor. This can help you decide what professors are good, bad, and fit your needs as student.

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Katie Linsey


March 4, 2016

Top 5 Study Places Around MNU

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1. Black Dog

black doh

I don’t like coffee, so I really enjoy getting the smoothies and chai teal lattes here. They have quality stuff!

“Black Dog has the best toast in the universe! Literal manna from heaven.” – Wyatt Stark, sophomore  Kinesiology major

Miles from campus: 9.3 miles

2. Sweet Tee’s 

sweet tee's

I’ve only been here once, but it’s very spacious with lots of seating for those many hours of homework. It’s never really busy which is also good.

Miles from campus: 0.6 miles

3. Groundhouse


This place has a variety of table seating and comfy seating.

“It’s a good place to sit, relax, and get stuff done. It also smells good.” – Hannah Bostic, sophomore Elementary Education major

Miles from campus: 11 miles

4. Panera 


This is a great study place that has lots of variety. If you come in the morning, the bagels and coffee are great. If you come in the afternoon, smoothies and coffee are the way to go. And if you come during a meal time, obviously they have quality food. I love that this restaurant leans on the healthy side.

“Panera is an inviting place that has a good atmosphere, but it’s also located next to other retailers so when you’re done studying you can drown your worries in shopping.” – Christen Zimmer, sophomore Marketing major

Miles from campus: 3.7 miles

5. Thou Mayest

thou mayest

If you really want to get away from campus and fit in some study time while you’re exploring Kansas City, this is a great place to go. There’s two floors, so plenty of space.

Miles from campus: 21.6 miles

I hope that if you don’t already go to these places, you’ll consider checking them out! Let me know if you have any other local study places I should check out as well. :)


Lynsie Petersen


March 3, 2016

Who Are You Texting? IDK, My BFF Jill…

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“God made us best friends because He knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.” -Unknown

When I decided to move away from home for college, I didn’t have a best friend to think about. My best friend and I had a huge falling out because she wanted to date my brother and I was unsupportive of that decision. I ended high school with one friend and my heart set on becoming a pioneer.

The summer after freshman year, I went home and became the chauffeur for my siblings and their friends, which meant awkward car rides with my brother and ex-best friend. I honestly can’t remember what happened that led to us being friends again, but I do remember a long talk and lots of tears and loads of forgiveness.

Through all of the crud, Felicia and I reconnected as if our friendship had never ended. She is the jelly to my peanut butter (because she hates peanut butter), the cream filling to my Oreo cookies, the sidekick to my Captain Obvious, and the Joanne to my Maureen…

There’s a line in the opening song of “Hamilton” that says “don’t forget from whence you came…” and I love the story about how Felicia and I met. She was in 4th grade and I was in 5th and it was Valentine’s Day. Our mutual friend’s mom was giving us both a ride home and Fish had a Valentine’s Day Box made out of chocolate and was literally the coolest thing 5th grade me had ever seen. Her, myself, and our other friend ate that whole chocolate house before we got the 6 blocks away to her house. I don’t think Felicia’s mom was too happy about that. And despite losing a year and a half (to my brother), our friendship has only grown stronger and weirder.

Sisters 2

Felicia and I before a choir concert… circa 2011

Sisters 5

Felicia and I at Christmas Eve service… circa 2015

Sisters 6 Sisters 7 Sisters 8 6

No one really understands you like your best friend does. We have been through so much and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side (except maybe a few celebrities (Idina Menzel, Phillippa Soo, Aaron Tveit, Lin-Manuel Miranda…)). I have 3 younger siblings, but the one closest to my age is a guy and doesn’t actually understand me. Felicia is my little sister (she’s 6 months younger than me) and my partner-in-crime.

Sisters 1

Best friends are hard to find and the distance between Fish and I isn’t easy to deal with, but we do. She and I have Skyped every night this week and honestly, we spend most of our conversation doing our own thing, but enjoying the presence of our best friend.

Sisters 4

One of my last visits home, Felicia and I went on a best friends date to see “Sisters” (Tina Fey and Amy Poehler) and then got wings at Applebee’s.


This was taken after we had been separated for nearly 2 months. I was at school and she was home. Yes, we love the cheesy “white girl” poses. circa Fall 2015

1 2

A girl needs a best friend with whom she can be herself, no matter how weird that is. Fish and I have done some strange things in our many years of friendship and I don’t see us becoming any less weird anytime soon. Best friends give you a sister you can confide in and a built-in support system. Someone who will tell you that you look hot in one selfie and like a hobo in the next and not care if you’re offended and won’t judge you for shoveling junk food down your throat at 3 AM when you claim to be dieting.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate all the best friends out there! Share your favorite memory with your best friend down below! But, I guarantee that my best friend is better than your best friend. :)

Stephanie Krohn


March 1, 2016

Already/ Only Halfway Through

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We all associate different thoughts with these exams. One might think positively and say it is already halfway done or think the negatively “only halfway through”. Whenever I hear midterms, I happily realize that the class that I am taking only requires two instead of five tests: Midterm and Final.

But honestly, it is the busiest and most stressful time, especially in the spring semester.

My theory is that teachers as well realize that it is already/only halfway through the semester and they try to make you do all the projects and read all the chapters they don’t want to check on right before summer break.
But, yeah, a lot has happened in the last few days!



My friend, Hannah, came the long way from Germany and we are having a great time! My roommates and I are showing her around and shout out for all of my roommates for doing a great job on that! We went to the basketball game which was amazing because it was Coach Lamar’s 700th win and we have been at the plaza and in Westport on Sunday when the weather was nice. Unfortunately, she also has to witness my several group projects she has been a part of lately. But luckily everybody loves her. In Multimedia Workshop, they even wanted her to write an article for the newspaper.
It is good to have a little distraction from all the tests and it feels more like home when someone from home is actually here. Normally, I would not take the time to do something fun, but I found that just the right balance of fun and work really helps me a lot.
Between four ongoing group projects, four exams this week and four times practice, we try to do as much as possible although we have very limited time. As usually around this time of the year, my day is characterized by short sleeps, cafeteria snacks like a banana or a toast for every meal, hourly stays in the MABEE library, and big towers of blue notecards (taken from the library). While the first weeks you are motivated and engage in every class, during this time of the semester, you just try to get by assignments with a minimum of effort. At the beginning, you shoot for an A and, then you willingly accept a B, and halfway through, you are happy with anything that is a C and over. On my last test for example, I received a 0.5 points higher than the minimum I was supposed to get. The most frustrating part is when you come back from break – motivated again – and notice that the week before break messed up your whole grade. Then, we wait for the extra credit and accept any task our teachers give us until we end up in the same stage right before finals. Since I went to the same scenario all my school life, I am good with planning my time, but the other day I heard someone say that after you graduate the GPA doesn’t matter anymore. That really made me wonder how that is supposed to motivate a student to do well in school? If you just try to pass a class, do you really learn anything important for your major? While some students consider working for a good grade or chilling in order to relax, the ones with the goal to pass consider to either suffer three more months or to drop when halfway through. As I mentioned earlier, a balance is really important, but I don’t think that neither a passing student nor a good grade student has enough of it and the system doesn’t encourage it either. Most of the time, we have to figure it out on our own and we fail because we make mistakes all the time and we make them over and over again.
Midterms trigger all kind of responses: sadness, happiness, stress, impatience, etc. Some might think about summer classes or internships and others might think about their next trip during break.  One position glance for everyone is that it is only one and a half weeks until spring break!

So let’s all hang in there together!

Renee DeVault


February 29, 2016

Trapping the Mouse

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This last weekend I got the opportunity to play Mollie in Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap. It’s a murder mystery set in post WWII era England and is probably my favorite show I have been in.

The hair and makeup alone for this production was so incredibly fun. It took almost two hours for me to get fully ready with my makeup, hair, and costuming. Quinn and I had a lot of fun with it though.

I just thought I’d share some of our pictures from dress rehearsal week as well as some pictures of the actors and the set.


image image


Sam had some incredible aging makeup on him which I loved.


Nathan was by far the creepiest of us all. I could never tell if it was him or the facial hair though.


Taking my hair out every night was an interesting process. It always exploded far beyond anything I would have expected. If only I could harness that power for good.


Our set was incredible. I felt very at home on it by the end of the show and was quite sad to take it down on closing night but that’s the beauty of theater, every end has a beginning. The one act shows will be performed in this space next month and a new set will go up.


These next few pictures are from dress rehearsals before I got a different shirt and my face/hair done up like a 1950s barbie doll.


This role was probably one of my favorites because of the wide range of emotions that the character goes through. Mollie seems all bubbly and happy but she has a secret which haunts her through the whole show as well as what my director called “quite a backbone.” She’s a little crazy. But maybe it’s fun to be crazy.


This show was an awesome experience. I got to finally learn how to do a British accent and pencil my eyebrows…you know…essential skills learned in college 😉

Div Tosinglo


February 28, 2016

Taking a break from community, but not breaking away from it.

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I love being around people. I love all the sharing that goes on. From sharing stories, frustrations, weird dreams, class discussions, passions, desires, who’s cute, who’s not, the list goes on and on. I believe community makes us better for each other. But could there also be a season of cutting back on people time, and increasing solitude time.

In the book of Ecclesiastes King Solomon has reached old age, and writes what I would call a  “this is what I’ve learned” book. His guidance sound much like one a grandfather would give his grandchildren. My favorite chapter in the book, and possibly even throughout scipture is Ecclesiastes 3:1-6

A Time for Everything

3 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:

    a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

When I read this I hear Grandpa Solomon say that life is lived out through seasons. I hear him say no one season defines the entirety of your life. I hear him say all is healthy to go through if carefully balanced out.

I needed this truth as I toyed with the idea of solitude. I feared that I would come to enjoy not being around people so much that I’d never want to be social again. But this verse speaks truth to me. We live in and out of seasons. And this is my season to pull back, and find God in the solitude.

I think the comforting understanding that this new season is one God has lead me to, and when it’s time He’ll lead me out of it.