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Isaac Walker


February 27, 2016

10 Questions College Students Are Tired Of Hearing

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Hey friends!

So I have been thinking lately and I have no idea what I want to do with my life.  I am majoring in sociology and I have some ideas about what I want to do, but I have not fully committed to anything.  I am only 21!  Sometimes I tell myself that I am young and I have plenty of time.  But other times I feel so old and that if I do not figure this out soon, I am going to die sad and miserable!  I was asked a few days ago what I am majoring in by an older man I had literally never spoken before.  After I told him I am majoring in Sociology, he asked me what I plan to do with that when I graduate.  I already hate it when people ask me that question, but he asked the question with a slightly condescending tone.  This leads me to the topic of this blog!  10 Questions all college students are tired of hearing.

  •  What are you studying?
  • 1

    Even ifI told you, you wouldn’t understand.

  • What do you plan on doing with that major?
  • I don't know! I still have plenty of time to figure it out.

    I don’t know! I still have plenty of time to figure it out.

  • Ready for the Real World?
  • Like this is not the real world now?

    Like this is not the real world now?

  • Are you going to get your masters degree next?
  • I still have to get through all of this first. Leave me be.

    I still have to get through all of this first. Leave me be.

  • Have you thought about going into ________ instead?
  • I picked this major for a reason.

    I picked this major for a reason.

  • Oh MNU?  Do you know _______ who goes there too?
  • There are a lot of people here. Odd are no.

    There are a lot of people here. Odds are no.

  • Are you seeing anyone?
  • Yes grandma. I'm in a committed relationship with anxiety.

    Yes grandma. I’m in a committed relationship with anxiety.

  • How do you like living on your own?
  • It has it's ups and down.

    It has it’s ups and down.

  • Have you gained the freshman 15?
  • Mind your own g dang business!

    Mind your own g dang business!

  • How are your classes going?
  • Oh ya they are so much fun and I love every second.

    Oh ya they are so much fun and I love every second.

Lynsie Petersen


February 25, 2016

Who Done It?

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We open TONIGHT!

The Mouse Trap by Agatha Christie is being performed by the MNU Theatre Department in the Sunderland Theater in the Bell Cultural Events Center!

Show dates are Thursday (7:30 PM), Friday (7:30 PM), Saturday (2:30 PM & 7:30 PM), and Sunday (2:30 PM). Tickets are $5 for Students, $10 for MNU Staff, $15 for Adults, and $12 for Senior Citizens!

Join us for a night of murder mystery fun, and find out Who Done It! :)

Stephanie Krohn


February 24, 2016

Discovering the MidWest Part I

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I made it a challenge to myself to see as much of the USA as possible. I love travelling and I love adventures! Of course, I am limited to my college student budget as well as to my ability to go places and the terms of my school semesters and soccer. That is no reason though to stay in the room and just complain (which became quite expensive to me lately because of the challenge). Therefore I planned to discover the surrounding. It is fascinating how many places I already found that even locals didn’t know about.

I completed the first step for my challenge last year when I bought my bike (which was named Jeremy by my roommate Madison). After my first bike, Geronimo, was stolen from campus shortly after summer break, I was really upset. Then, I realized that it would be good to invest in a new and better one and an expensive safety-level 5 lock. Every now and then, my parents send me things in the mail I can add to the bike like lights and a bell which has my city’s symbol on it. They also gave me a yellow construction vest on Christmas to wear on bike rides because they think it is saver. What they don’t know is that I accidently left it at home, because it is the most embarrassing thing to wear.


Preparing for Non-German weather


I added a bike rack so I can transport anything I want

First I just went along the trail around the school which is really nice for bikers. Then, I started taking trips to buy groceries. I found Aldi, a store from Germany, that is quite close to school and has a lot of German food. It is nice to go there sometimes because I can show my friends things from home. For example, during Christmas time, Aldi had chocolate calendars for the time before Christmas. At home, it is a tradition that you open a door from the calendar every day you wake up until it is Christmas Eve. So I bought one for our suite and I was surprised that for most of them that was an unusual thing to do.

Another day, my roommates took me Downtown Kansas City to a little restaurant called Town Topic. They had seats on the right and left, but the middle was so small that barely two people next to each other could fit. It was really cute but cool, because it looked like the time had stopped in there and we don’t have that kind of restaurants at home because of all the rules and requirements restaurants have to fulfil in Germany.


Last weekend, one of my teammates took me to the lake. It was such a beautiful weather outside and I was really motivated to go somewhere nice. We went to a little spot on top of a cliff where the wind wasn’t too bad. There we met an old man who collected the trash that people would ruthlessly leave behind in the nature and I thought that it was a really nice gesture. I will never forget that guy because he wore this huge red and bright blue baseball jacket and two hats. The top one was a trapper hat the other one a normal cap. He had big glasses and drove a tiny pink car. The funniest coincidence was that I met him again Monday morning on campus. However, he was really nice and he helped some tourists to find the Cedar Creek Falls, a little waterfall, at the side of the lake.

IMG_7117 IMG_7124


I already found some new places I want to go, including some cities further away. Last year for example, my parents and I went to Wichita. A lot of people who lived their whole lives in Kansas might think that it is the most boring place, but my Dad found this old recreated Western city there which is really fun. Plus, they have a little ring of fire every night at the Keeper of the Plains statue. I hope I can visit it again some time soon. Like I said, there is a lot of interesting things out here – at least for me. Even if you cannot compare it to the Grand Canyon or New York City, it is still worth visiting it and having a good time.

Renee DeVault


February 22, 2016

Diversity: The Road to a Smarter Church

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Dr. Cindy Peterson, one of my Communication professors, posted an article on our “Decision Making in Small Groups” class Moodle site entitled “How Diversity Makes Us Smarter” published by Scientific American.

Around this same time that she did this, Dr. Dean Flemming talked to my Book of Acts class about diversity in the church.

Learning these two things side by side, along with this being Black History Month, got me thinking…why can’t we combine these two concepts?

The article mentioned above basically states that a good mixture of factors such as race, age, sex, and background bring a variety of different perspectives to a decision making group thus empowering said group to make better decisions.

Another factor in this is simply knowing when you are about to step into a diverse situation. Many people already assume that people different from them are going to have different perspectives. This leads to two things…

  1. Ears ready to hear
    • When we assume those around us have different perspectives we tend to pay attention better than when listening to somebody who we assume will have the same or similar ideas to ourselves
      • This, of course, only really applies when we are willing to listen to those with different perspectives. However, in learning environments, or when among those who are open to other’s ideas, this is very much the case
  2. Better things to Say
    • The article says that when we perceive diversity in our audience those who are teaching will prepare material more fully because they may need to add extra information for those who do not share the same background or perspective so that they can still understand.

I look at these two aspects and immediately I think about our last two chapel speakers.

Reggie Dabbs, an incredibly personable and fun African American man brought a new perspective to MidAmerica students by telling his story and playing pop songs on saxophone.

Rev. Dr. Diedre Brower Latz, a woman from England and the leader of a theological seminary over seas also had a very different perspective and much different teaching style than Reggie.

Both of these speakers were absolutely incredible and I learned a lot from both of them but what I adored was their impact on the school and the way they were able to captivate attention.

I wonder how many MidAmerica students paid more attention because an assumed difference in perspective caused them to re-work how they thought about the experience before coming into chapel.

I also wonder if the speakers benefited from an audience different from themselves. Did they have to explain things in greater detail so I, an American white female who just graduated high school, could understand them?

Jesus calls us to go into every nation and preach the good news. The book of Acts, the beginning of the story of the church in going and fulfilling this, is a progression of the church becoming more and more diverse.

It begins with the disciples and Jews in Jerusalem. At Pentecost, Jews from around the world were present to celebrate in Jerusalem when the Holy Spirit came powerfully and they heard the early Christians begin preaching in their languages.

From there Samaritans were included through Phillip’s ministry and pretty much the rest of the book of Acts is Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles and the church expanding far past the Jewish world.

Diversity does not seem to be natural for humans. I’m no expert but it seems as though left to our own devices, we tend to gravitate to those who are like us. Breaking this human barrier and joining together unified under a God who created, and is over all of our differences gives praise and glory to God.

God is really the main thing we all have in common. All humans were created in the image of God regardless of age, race, sex, or background.

Within the church we can learn from diversity by better understanding the problems of other people as well as the ways they worship and find God. It is a witness to the world that Christ overcomes human barriers.

When designing missions and ministries the benefits of diversity would be countless. United in a common goal of reaching the world and growing closer to Christ, different perspectives and experiences can blend uniquely to create something that no single person or group could have created on their own.

Isaac Walker


February 20, 2016

I Have Car Troubles Regularly

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Hey friends!  Let me just tell you a little bit of the awful time I had Thursday.  I have the worst time with cars and have car troubles regularly.  In October I wrecked my car and totaled it.  I have had multiple flat tires, ruined many break pads, and hit many, many mailboxes.

So my most recent fiasco all started last Wednesday night.  At dinner Amanda asked if she could see my phone.  She does this thing where she will ask to see something, and once the person hands it to her she immediately throws it over her shoulder.  I told her she could see it if she promises she would not do that.  She promised and then immediately threw it over her shoulder….

Well I have an awful memory and within 30 seconds forgot that even happened.  So I left campus center with out my phone.  I called security to see if they could let me in, but they were dealing with an on campus emergency and could not help me.

I woke up the next day and had plans to go to Lawrence because I do not have classes on Thursdays.  Don’t ask how I managed to do that.  I really am not entirely sure myself.  And as I mentioned earlier, I have an awful memory and realized I still did not have my phone till I was half way to Lawrence.   I spent a few hours there with my friend.  We got lunch, went to a pet store, and then to a park with some older special needs people.  It was quite the day!  Around 1:30 I decided to head back to campus to pick up my phone then go to work.  I was slightly scared to drive with out my phone because of the small chance of something happening.

Ok. So when I say "car" this is what I mean. This is the vehicle I am driving since I wrecked mine. This is my mom's stylin mini van.

Ok. So when I say “car” this is what I mean. This is the vehicle I am driving since I wrecked mine. This is my mom’s stylin mini van.

I was driving and everything was going great!  I was singing along loudly to the radio and just having a good time all by myself in the car.  Occasionally someone would pass me and give me a weird look because I full on jam out hard in the car.  Then it happened.  Right after I passed Eudora, I my car started making a strange noise.  I turned off the radio and was listening.  It was driving weird too.  My heart was racing.  Then about 30 seconds of listening, my back passenger tire literally EXPLODED!  I screamed very loudly then proceeded to pull over.  I turned on my hazards and sat there for a little bit feeling lots of emotions.  I was scared because I did not have my phone with me.  I was also very angry that I did not have my phone with me.  I was also not too surprised that this happened, because I did not have my phone with me.

This is what my tire looked like.

This is what my tire looked like.

After I collected myself, I got out to asses the damage.  As I suspected the tire full on exploded.  But it was ok!  I know how to change a a tire!  I have had to do it multiple times!  This was just the first time I was alone.  But I am a capable 21 year old college student!  I can handle myself!  Or so I thought….. I popped open the back of the car and there was not a spare.  I moved all the stuff around to see if there was a hidey hole I could open and find the tire.  But to my NOT surprise there was nothing.  I was HACKED!  So I stood there like a fool in my Birkenstocks hoping someone would pull over so I could use their phone to call someone to come and help me.  I stood there for an HOUR AND A HALF!  No one stopped to help me!  Finally a police officer pulled over.  He asked if I had a spare tire and I told him there wasn’t one in the back.  He then informed me that a lot of times, they are stored under the car.  That was news to me!  And just like he said, there it was snug under the car.  Together we got it out, switched out the tires, and I was on my way.  By now it is about 3:30.

This obviously is not me or the police officer but this completely captures the feelings I had while changing that g dang tire.

This obviously is not me or the police officer but this completely captures the feelings I had while changing that g dang tire.

I did not have time to get my phone.  I had to go straight to work.  They were not too concerned that I was late.  I was just glad they noticed!  After work, I went with my mom to get a new tire.  That took the rest of my evening.  I finally got back to my dorm at 8.  I was so tired.  I just wanted to sit and watch Netflix alone.  For the rest of my life.

But things like this are regular events for me.  So I am use to it!

Until next time friends!

Div Tosinglo


February 19, 2016


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I’m going to ask you to do something very gutsy. I want you to close your eyes. Okay, not literally close them. Travel down memory lane with me, and think about freshman you. Think about the list of things you were looking forward to. Think about the things you were nervous or afraid about. Think about all the things you learned. And then imagine with me if I gave you four quarters, and told you to call up your freshman self, and give them one advice, what would that be? Then I handed you four more quarters, and told you to call up future you and give them one piece of advice, what would that be? I took to our campus streets and asked a few of our staff and students to answer that question. Here are some of the answers I received.


Dr. Cloud



Chair, Department of Bible, Theology, and Mission

“I would tell my freshman self to spend more time in life and less time in the books. Not that books aren’t important, but so is being apart of community. I would say to future me “hey future me, you need to treat your body better, rest, exercise, and food. Hopefully he listens to me.”

Melissa Miller


International Admissions Counselor

“I would tell my freshman self to burn for God and never stop burning. Seek Him with an intense, relentless desire deep within your very being. It’s what people need. Keep your eyes on Him and don’t get side-tracked by anything. You don’t need permission to go hard after Him. I would tell my future self to refer to the freshman advice.”

Chris Lindenmyer



“I would tell my freshman self to get involved with different things. Things like chapel, small groups ect. I would tell my future self to learn how to say no to things. There will be tons of great opportunities that will come, but they aren’t all for you.”


Whitney Peck


“I would tell my freshman self that it’s okay to say NO, and do your homework. Also, I would tell her to get a lot of classes out of the way early so junior & senior year can be relaxing, and a time to focus on what’s next. I would tell my future self that it’s okay to reminisce but don’t ever regret, and take chances!”

Whitney Newman


“I would tell my freshman self that God has something for you up head that will change everything about where you thought your life was going to be. He is so faithful, and so good. Enjoy the journey you are on now, because it’s leading to somewhere better than you can imagine. I would tell my future self that what you’re doing right now, and where you’re living is special, and important because you’re doing it to the fullest of your ability for the Lord. You’re the only you that you can be.”


Ty Hall


“Genesis 1:31 says, “Then God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good!” I spent the first three years of my college believing that I was not good enough, either due to sin or a lack of a Holistic Christ-Likeness in my life. I would tell my freshman self that “You are created in the image of God and that is good. However, a life that recognizes no limits cannot recognize the sovereignty of God. Also, you can’t possibly imagine how many wonderful people God will use to shape and direct your life. I would tell my future self to keep believing that God is big enough to redeem his creation. At the heart of God, is mercy, so keep believing that light cannot be overcome by darkness or the lack of mercy in the world today.”


Rico Mckay


“I would tell my freshman self to take all general education courses the first two years. Don’t get stuck taking those classes junior and senior year. It sucks. Then I would tell my future self that you only get one undergraduate career, have fun. Don’t waste it on stupid things…. and people.”

Thomson Ticum


“I would tell my freshman self to value yourself, man. You are valuable. I would tell my future self to be patient and to trust in God, because he has been faithful and I don’t believe he’s going to stop now.”


Amanda Lampley


“I would tell my freshman self to not be afraid of liking or appreciating things that others don’t understand. Comparison is the thief of joy. I would tell my future self that there is nothing that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so, either.”

Haley Adams


“I would tell my freshman self that it is okay to say no. You don’t always have to go out and constantly be with your friends. Also remember to not only be there for everyone else but be there for yourself and do what is best for you. I would tell my future self to never forget your passion. You love to travel. Don’t get caught up in work, and everyday life that you forget about your passions. Just get up and go somewhere different.”


Ana Brunk


“I would tell my freshman self that you aren’t the only one feeling lonely those first couple days of school. In fact, there are people who continued to feel just as lonely, if not more, in the weeks and months following. You invest in and love those people with no reservation. Then I would tell my future self that there are people who still have that lonely sick feeling in the pit of their stomachs. There are individuals on this campus who don’t feel like they belong. Don’t just tell them they belong (as if the ideal of belonging is a mere mantra we simply vocalize in Tuesday, Thursday chapels); show them they do.”

Kobe Lovan


“I would tell my freshman self to kill all of my expectations, and just go with the flow. I would also tell him to let things play out the way there supposed to. I would tell my future self to not lose heart if things don’t turn out the way you expected them and to trust the process.”

Jessica Lovelace


“I would tell my freshman self to not worry about bringing too much stuff. After you unpack you’ll come to realize that it wasn’t that much after all.  And I would also tell her to not get too worried about friendships changing through the year/semester. Remember, freshman year is about meeting new people constantly. I would tell my future self to make sure that you’re always reaching out to the freshman. Remember how the upper class-men did that for you? Didn’t it make college more enjoyable? I would then say yes. Yes it did.”

Yhoshua Ticum



“You’re going to love your freshman mentor Div, He’s good looking, he sits a little on the chubby side, but he’s alright, but most importantly he is a way better mentor than his co-mentor Jaque.” Okay he didn’t say that, but I felt that he wanted to. He actually said ” I would tell my freshman self to talk to more people, and don’t just stick to one group. I would tell my future self to stop raging over video games. Everyone on my hall knows about my addiction.”


Though we can’t step into a time machine and go back to change things. We can be voices for those to come. Voices that permit them to let go of expectations and trust the process. Voices that permit them to branch out, and seek to join community. Voices that call them to seek out the lonely, and the forgotten in community. Voices that encourage them to fan the flame of God’s fire in their lives. Voices that permit them to put themselves first. Voices that warn of comparison and redirect them to a path of contentment. Voices that speak to the wrestler in all of us wrestling to accept the unconditional love of God. I hope that God would redeem what you call regret and reveal to you how he desires to use it for others. Giving future you advice is all about seeing the measurement of your growth, and progression.

Katie Linsey


February 18, 2016

KT’s Class Life

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I’m in a lot of interesting business and marketing classes this semester, so I thought I would just briefly explain what I’m learning in all of them! I promise it’s not boring stuff. 😉

Consumer Behavior: In this marketing class, we are learning about consumer buying behavior any how that affects the way businesses should market to it’s customers. We are currently working on a project where we have to go to a store, evaluate people’s buying behaviors, and give suggestions to the company about how they can improve their marketing strategy. It’s a really interesting and challenging project… but super hands on and totally something that I’ll use in the future.

Typography & Page Design: This is my first graphic design class ever, so it’s been fun getting to learn about how to design different elements. I’ve learned way more than I ever thought I would about fonts and I love it all. We recently had a project where we designed our own font, which was so fun. Right now we are designing menus.

International Business: This class includes being educated about current events and talking about them. I really like that because it’s relevant. It’s things that I will probably have to deal with in the business world one day. We watch interviews with the top business leaders in the world, which is beneficial as well. It’s not a time-consuming class, which is good, and it’s still great knowledge to have.

Sales & Sales Management: Before going into this class, I didn’t think I had any desire to work in sales. I still don’t know how I feel about it, but this class has definitely warmed me up to the idea. There are so many aspects of sales that I didn’t know about. In this class, we are reading a book called “How To Win Friends and Influence People.” It’s a great read that I would highly recommend!

My other two classes are newspaper and my internship, which are fun too!

For all those out there thinking about majoring in business or marketing, I highly recommend it! The professors at MNU are phenomenal and really know what they’re talking about. :)



Lynsie Petersen


February 18, 2016

To See Or Not To See…That IS The Question

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I’ve always been told to not take things for granted and I thought I was being careful not to. Except, for one thing: my glasses.

I have worn glasses since the first grade and I know that I have a “glasses face”, meaning that my face looks great with glasses on. I’m pretty much blind without them and I know this. I went home this past weekend. I have a little sister with a big attitude. She got angry and started throwing things around 7:30 AM on Saturday morning. I got hit in the back of the head, my glasses fell off my face, and hit the ground 5 feet below, snapping in half.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_1 IMG_0540

How does a practically blind girl get by without her glasses? She doesn’t. I had an emergency eye doctor’s appointment an hour and a half later. And let me tell you, trying to fill out forms without vision is quite difficult. I have to special order my lens, I always have, so I knew I was going to be forced to wait a few days to get my new glasses. I couldn’t just skip classes until then, so I had to figure out how to get by*.

IMG_0539 IMG_0538

*I’m also writing this post blind…

Classes were hard, but I’ve been managing. Improv has been interesting to say the least. Work was even worse, I’m a math tutor, so it’s pretty frowned upon to get in a student’s private space bubble to read the math problem. My friends have had a good laugh though.


This was during a break at Choral Union on Monday night. Photo courtesy of Elisa Davis via Snapchat

However, my daddy came to the rescue this afternoon**. He picked up my glasses from the doctor’s office back home and drove down here to deliver them to me before lunch. Being able to see well makes your day a million times better.


Clearly, I’m insanely guilty of taking my glasses for granted. They’ve always been there when I needed them, but when they weren’t, I basically went crazy. So, here’s a new story you can share with your friends about not just expecting things to be there at all times. And, it’s at my expense, not yours.

**UPDATE: I finished this post after my glasses arrived.

Stephanie Krohn


February 17, 2016

My Faith in a Pic

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I have to admit that being a Christian in Europe differs greatly from being a Christian in Olathe, Kansas. At home, the only times you visit a church is on Christmas Eve or when you are a tourists. We have beautiful churches, but they are old and traditional. They are as old and traditional as the services, the messages preached and the songs that are sung. The result is that I barely ever went to church until I came here. And then I was confronted with a new perspective on faith and the bible which I barely knew anything about. It was a colorful side, but when coming from Europe the difference is really extreme. It is like stepping into the sun after being in a really dark room for too long and your eyes have to adjust.  I AM a Christian, but there is a lot more to it that I still have to figure out. This semester for the first time I am trying to define my faith in words.

I am in a Christian Beliefs class that combines these old traditional views about Christianity with new scientific theories in a way that they are logical. It shows me a perspective that I have never considered before! For the first time in my school history I read the lecture required for a course because it is interesting and challenging.

My faith is described best by the following picture: Imagine a detective on a case with a lot of different suspects and hints, trying to figure out what happened. That’s how I feel right now. Sometimes, I get thrown off by certain information and I have to start all over again although I was sure that I was almost there. So I started drawing a red line which connects the most important points – the points I know that are true. I know where all those lines cross there should be God. Because He is the Creator of everything and only He has the creative power that brought us into existence, according to my textbook “Discovering our Christian Faith” (<- See I really read it!) Yet, right now I just look at this red chaos that has similarities with a spider net, not sure which connections to cut and which ones to keep. It becomes clearer since I am part of the Christian Belief’s class. What makes me different now is not that I became more faithful or I converted to a certain domination. What makes me different is that I have a motivation and the confidence to bring clarity into the red chaos.



If my faith was presented by a picture…

The trigger was partly the class and partly Reggie Dabbs who came to speak in our chapel last week. He was an amazing speaker: funny, lively, and honest. He combined stories, Bible verses, videos, and music to deliver his message. All of us students could relate to him. He drew me into his stories and they really touched my heart. He would always joke around in the beginning and then his stories would become more and more serious. No doubt, it was the best service I have ever been to! A lot of people laughed and a lot of people cried. He was that kind of speaker who can really change something which was new to me because most of the time, young adults like us zone out if a story is longer than 20 minutes. The greatest thing was that in the end, he asked everyone who feels comfortable to come to the front and pray with him. I have never seen so many people stand up and come to the front in College Church. At that moment I knew MNU was a community and we go through everything together.IMG_7032






I realized two things that day. One: Being at MNU confronts you with deep thoughts sooner or later. Even if you try to ignore it, you will consider your faith at one point. If that is good or bad depends on the individual, but it definitely helps to see where you are in life and that you should appreciate it. And two: the red spider net of faith is a complicated system of thoughts, ideas, beliefs that keeps developing over time. As time passes, it will become clearer and less confusing – hopefully.. The good thing is that I have a lot of time to figure it out.


Little Update from the No-Complaining-Challenge:

I am leading the group with 8 complaints. I know I will be broke next month, but it is really interesting how my mindset changed. I constantly complain: the weather, the food, my grades, my free time, soreness, money, After a few days it is easy to sacrifice that, but sometimes, you just need to get something off of your chest. And that is totally fine if that makes you feel better. What we don’t consider is that our complaints  have an impact on others. It is hard to stay positive and enjoy life when you are around people who critizice everything. So let’s hopoe next week will be better!

If you missed last week’s blog, click here:



Renee DeVault


February 15, 2016

Feeling the Love

February 15, 2016 | By | One Comment

This weekend was absolutely incredible and full of love. Usually I wouldn’t cheese up Valentine’s day but this weekend was actually really special to me.

Friday and Saturday I went to the Women of Faith Farewell Tour at the Sprint Center. Their theme was Loved and it was one of the most encouraging conferences I have ever been to.


Most of the women who did this conference had been traveling and speaking together for twenty years. Several of the speakers were over sixty years old. It was incredibly encouraging to see women completely command that space, share their testimonies, and be still working and serving God to an incredible extent at their age.

I haven’t seen a lot of women preaching so it was awesome to get to hear their multiple styles and see much more strength and humor than I ever expected.

Plus I got to spend the weekend with my Mama.


I was really happy that she brought me. She’s been to several of these conferences and knew of the speakers already. It was so sweet of her to take me and to buy me cotton candy which is also sweet.


Most of the messages were about the revolutionary nature of God’s love. There was a large comparison made between adoption and God’s love for us. I also enjoyed the aspects in which they discussed the deep human need to be loved and to love. It was things I had heard before but they stated it in new ways which really made me think, including in some short dramas which was awesome to me since I travel to churches doing skits with Action Pact.

The conference as a whole impacted me the most through the experiencing of very powerful women who were also absolutely hilarious. I could see myself trying something like this in the future if God will allow me. It was something that I logically knew was a possibility but to see it in action in front of me will be a memory that I can really hold on to.


Sunday, following the conference was Valentine’s Day. For most of the day Quinn was off singing with Voices of Praise so I had an awesome day Co-leading Youth Group at Faith Journey church, going to service, making a Chipotle run, then going to my college small group.

Around dinner time though I got Quinn back! Woo!

He was able to come over to my house (I grew up five minutes from campus) and got to experience a DeVault family Valentines Day.

For years my mom has made a yummy Italian dinner and decorates the table with pretty red table cloths and hearts. We get together, drink sparkling apple cider out of wine glasses, and eat by candle light. Dad gives my mom roses which also help to decorate the room and mom gives all of us boxes of chocolate.

I was thrilled that Quinn was able to join my family this year.


After family dinner Quinn and I got to do our Valentine’s Day tradition.

Quinn and I started dating roughly three years ago on February 10th. Since this was only four days before Valentine’s day we decided to do something super low pressure. So on our third date ever, we went to Starbucks to talk and exchange homemade Valentine’s cards.

This was our fourth Valentine’s day and the tradition is still going strong.


image image image image image

We have so much fun just talking and making each other smile with our “wonderful” artwork. Plus then we have something to keep to remember our date.

And we save money so that’s pretty awesome 😉