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Mackenzie Theiler


December 5, 2015

Fall Semester Is Almost Over ūüďö

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There are only two weeks left of our fall semester. We call this period of the semester “crunch time.” This is where a lot of students are trying to do anything and everything to get their letter grade from a B to an A; or for those students struggling to pass that tough class, with a C or better. This is when, students start asking their professors for extra credit, or if there is anything else they can do to get their grade up.

A biology professor of mine, ounce said . . .

“Why would I trust and spend my hard earned money on someone who ‘half-worked’ their way through class and cheated on exams, just to get by? This student who, half-work’s their way through their degree only, ‘half-knows’ their field of study. Would you have faith in that person to be able to preform at the highest level of their job?”

An example this professor used, was a doctor . . .

“Lets say, you need surgery or medical attention of some kind, and the doctor YOU receive, ‘half-worked’ his way through school. As he examines you, he has to google, what it is that could possibly be wrong with you; or he has to look up, what and how much medication, he should give you. This doctor probably did not try very hard in his undergraduate and/or graduate classes. Two, he probably only majored in this field of study for the good pay.”

He is simply stating that the field of study you are majoring in, you should known like the back of your hand, without having to look it up. It should be second nature to you. Find something that is exciting to you, that you can wake up every morning 9 times out of 10, and be excited about what you are studying/majoring in, and one day do for work. If you are majoring in something that doesn’t excite you, then, maybe you should find something that does. At the end of the day, your grades really do matter.

Most internships look at your grades, to see what kind of student you are. They want to know how serious you are about your field and if you truly want to preform well in this field. Your grades reflect that. I understand not everyone is perfect, but if it looks like you are giving it your all, it will show.

After you receive your degree and have worked internships, you are now ready, to be hired by the company or facility you want to work for. They look more at your internships, rather than your grades, because they want to see if you have work experience, in that field or in fields related to that. Most students do not realize, and I believe this is the point, my professor was trying to make, if you have good grades, you have a good work ethic, if you have good work ethic, then the your employer can count on you to get things done. If you have okay, but not good grades, you may have a good work ethic, but just not try as hard; so, you may do well but it is harder for you to get things done.

With all this being said, YOUR GRADES are important. The amount of effort and care you put into them reflect, your determination and dedication to your major and field of study. Find something exciting and interesting to learn, that you can be proud about!


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Isaac Walker


December 4, 2015

The Space Between

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Hey friends!

We are in the home stretch. These next few weeks are going to be tough and stressful for a lot of us. ¬†I know they definitely will be for me! ¬†For me, it’s been a little rough getting back in the groove coming back from Thanksgiving break. ¬†It was like a strange teaser for the moment we all are waiting for…Winter break! ¬† The end of the semester!

All the anticipation and excitement isn’t really helping with trying to study for finals and finish all those long term assignments that have been put off to the very last minute. ¬†And I literally mean the last minute. ¬† I may have turned a paper in at 11:59 that was due at 12:00am…But at least it was on time!

This post kind of relates to my post earlier about stress management.  This is about keeping the motivation strong though.  Wanting to give up and drop out of school is a common thought that runs through my head on the daily.  Remember the end goal.  What you want to do after college.

Set goals when you are studying. ¬†Every hour you can take a break. ¬†Eat a snack! ¬†If you are reading, put little candies on the page that make you want to read more. ¬†I use Junior Mints because I’m a chocolate/mint eating fiend.


If you’re into a certain show, let’s say the new Netflix series Jessica Jones, after you have reached your goal of reading take a break and watch half of the show then go back to studying when your brain has recovered. ¬†I do this with YouTube videos because they are short and I have no self control when it comes to my favorite shows on Netflix…


Keep one evening free during the week! ¬†Go out with your friends and do something fun. ¬†Don’t lock yourself up! ¬†Get out and get some social interaction other than the weirdos in the library that are silently sobbing into their textbooks. ¬†Don’t be a textbook sobber.


Just know that we will make it through this stressful time together!  Christmas is right around the corner.

Until next time friends!  Merry finals week!

Div Tosinglo


December 4, 2015


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The semester is winding down rather quickly. We made some new friendships, and ended some old ones. We surprised even ourselves with how well we did academically, or maybe we learned we should and will do a lot better than we did next semester. We ate a lot because college fifteen comes for the weak. We accepted eight hours of sleep five days a week is only a dream. We learned how to cope with how poor we felt every time we left the cashier’s office. A lot of things happened this semester. You learned a lot, well I know at least I did. And I’d¬†like to share a little bit about that.

During welcome week my freshman year, Dr. Hayse spoke to our class and said something that has stuck with me since, he said, ‚ÄúHere at MNU you will be challenged to make your faith your own.” I can personally attest to how true that statement was. This semester has been a shedding and growing faith season for me.

Ever since I was a kid, my prayers were so robotic. I prayed what I should and what sounded good. I ignored confessing to God how unworthy I felt at times , or how I wrestled to believe he loved me. I didn’t confess to him the pain and distrust that I carried. I didn’t confront the resentment that had grown in my heart for others. Those were things I didn’t believe were in his intrest. But that’s not at all who JESUS reflected God to be. Jesus was a man who desired to know and see the inner parts of humanity be transformed. A transformation that required vulnerability.

This semester I have learned how to share ¬†my true feelings about the things I’ve been recently going through. In doing that I’ve gotten to exerience the grace and comfort of God work on my heart, and cultivate a deep intimacy between God and I.

Max Lucado (My role model from afar) brings it all together with this quote:


This truth about God has forever changed my perception on the concept of relationship not religion. Not only do I empty my heart out to God, but I also get to listen to Him responsed. I listen to his love reassure the fears in my mind that I am still his. I feel his mercy conquer the shame I once carried. His grace rescues me from bitterness and resentment. I’ve come to really understand the heart of God in these past few months.

Here are two songs that have been a lot of help in my journey of genuinely seeking God:

I’d love to hear some of your faith shedding and growing experiences, so feel free to leave a comment below.

Lynsie Petersen


December 3, 2015

Auditions and Callbacks and Cast Lists..Oh My!

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This week was tough. I know finals are coming up, but those are nothing compared to auditions.

Even though it’s December and we’re about to leave for Christmas break, we are already getting ready for the spring play. This year MNU is doing “The Mousetrap” by Agatha Christie in the Sunderland Black Box Theater. I love that our theatre department continues to¬†do well-known, classical shows, but I hate that they all have such small casts. “The Mousetrap” has a cast of 8 — 5 guys and 3 girls, however, 20 people arrived for auditions — 6 guys and 14 girls.

When a lot of people show up for auditions, my nerves go crazy. I’m pretty good about pumping myself up before I go in, but when my chances of being cast go from an estimated 1 in 6 chance to a 1 in 14 chance, I can’t help but feel like I’m about to hurl.


“I literally might hurl…” You know you read that in Rob Lowe’s voice…

Before any audition or performance, I listen to a playlist on my phone called my “Confidence Booster” and give myself a pep talk. The pep talk varies every time, but basically it always includes the phrases “You can do this”, “This is what you love to do”, and “You have more passion in your big toe than most people have in their whole bodies”. (That last one may not be true, but it makes me feel better.)

This is my playlist. It includes "Shine" by MackZ, "Let It Go", "Always Starting Over" and "Here I Go" from If/Then, "Brave" by Idina Menzel, "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, and "Que Sara Sara" sung by Kristin Chenoweth.

This is my playlist. It includes “Shine” by Mack Z, “Let It Go”, “Always Starting Over” and “Here I Go” from If/Then, “Brave” by Idina Menzel, “Defying Gravity” from Wicked, and “Que Sara Sara” sung by Kristin Chenoweth.

When auditions were over, I felt pretty good about how I had done, but then the waiting game had begun. There was definitely going to be a callbacks list, we just didn’t know when.


I got the email with the list at 10:50 PM, just before I got off work. I had gotten a callback! Albeit, everyone had received a callback, but I didn’t realize this until after callbacks the next day.

Literally best

After callbacks, I felt really good about how I had done, but the waiting game had begun once again. For those of you who don’t know, waiting for the cast list is like waiting for Effie Trinket to call a name for the Hunger Games (only in this case, you want your name to be drawn).


I received the email with the cast list at 10:45 PM, once again, right before I got off of work. Unfortunate news lay in my future. My name was not on the cast list.

Never Smile

How I felt when I saw the cast list.

My emotions quickly switched from “I’ll never smile again” to “I’m completely dead inside”.


Literally 5 minutes later. Once again, read in Rob Lowe’s voice.

After disappointing news like this, I have to have alone time. Normally I just go to bed, so that’s what I did. As of today, I’m better. Yes, I’m sad that I didn’t make the cut, but I’m looking on the bright side and am going to help out backstage. I’ve congratulated my friends on making it and several have expressed condolences in response because they wanted me to be in the show with them, but I just told them that I’ll get it next time.

Bright Side

-Spamalot (the Musical)

I’m not letting this hurdle get in my way. I still love the MNU Theatre department and I will still pursue a career in performance. Every major actress has been rejected at some point or another. Idina Menzel auditioned for Disney’s¬†Tangled and was beat out by Mandy Moore, but because she auditioned in the first place, the casting director had a video of Idina singing and that led to her being cast as Elsa in¬†Frozen a couple years later. You can’t always win, but you can always try.

Expect the backstage vlogging to continue, but from a different perspective. :)

Stephanie Krohn


December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving aka “Erntedankfest”

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“Erntedankfest” is the best German translation I could come up with for this American holiday. It means fest of thanking the harvest. We barely celebrate it anymore, since agriculture has lost its importance. Celebrating it again and in an American style was therefore really exciting for me.

Like last year, my roommate, Denise, took me home with her to Omaha, Nebraska. I was really glad that I was invited because I wouldn’t have known what to do on Campus all by myself. Especially after so many people asked me “Are going home for Thanksgiving? Do you even celebrate it?” or “What are you going to do? Do you need a place to stay?” I felt like being all by yourself must suck. On the other hand, I was surprised that so many people were willing to welcome me at their home. I guess that is something I really appreciate about being in the United States. People let me know that I am from another country all the time, BUT they always turn it into something positive by asking questions and inviting me into their lives. I hope that every foreigner can experience the same thing as me regardless of where they are from because it¬†makes you feel at home.

So did Denise and her parents. They told me from the beginning that I was part of their family and I didn’t have to worry about anything. We visited both sides of the family and ate tons of food. I really liked that everyone brought some kind of food and at the end, we had a whole buffet. The food was really different from what I know. I tried sweet potato pie and vegetables I have never seen before. For me, it all seems like a big mixture of everything. Even with small portions, it was impossible to try everything¬†although one of the uncles highly encouraged me to try every kind of meat they had.¬†Once you think you are full, they served desert. Good thing, we were able to play baseball in the basement with Denise’s little cousins aka an hour workout. It was great to be a part of that happiness. I really liked that the family ¬†just spends time together. The break is really not that long and so you appreciate every minute with each other. We played a lot of cards or just talked or played with the kids instead giving all our attention to media and technology.

Playing music as a family - something I have never done before

Playing music as a family – something I have never done before

Go fish with the Dantzlers

Go fish with the Dantzlers

The highlight for me was that  we went to the Nebraska Huskers game in the capitol of Nebraska. It was freezing cold and it just snowed the night before. From my German perspective, I thought the stadium was going to be empty. There was just no way people would voluntarily go to a game, sitting on a frozen bench to watch college football. But I was wrong. It was packed! When it comes to college football РI learned Рthere is no such thing as too cold. I had four layers of sweaters and pants, a jacket, two hats, two pairs of gloves, and three socks on. My preparation was really good because I made it to half time with my toes almost not dead. It was a great atmosphere and I recognized that opposing fans were seated next to each other wihtout causing trouble! Another culture shock! From my German soccer experiences, I know that you better avoid fans from the other team unless you want to end up in a fight.

Together we carried 20 layers!

Together we carried 20 layers!

Marching band of the Huskers in the Memorial Stadium with 20¬įF

Marching band of the Huskers in the Memorial Stadium with 20¬įF

I am so thankful for this American experience. I can recommend anyone to go abroad, make new relationships and get to know another culture. There is nothing cooler than being accepted as a stranger and then made into a part of a family or a friend. It really showed me how multifaceted life can be in a good way. It is exciting, interesting, and educational.

Happy belayed Thanksgiving!

Hailey Kendrick


December 1, 2015

Black Friday In KC

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Growing up in Kansas City was something that I didn’t value much as a kid, but now I’m extremely proud to be apart of this city. I enjoy everything about it, including its not-so-great parts. An example of this would be Black Friday. Literally a few hours after we celebrate with our families about how thankful we are, we all rush to Walmart and Target to spend last weeks paycheck and fight people to the death for those 1000 thread count sheets that are half price. HALF PRICE!

This is not foreign to me. Since I was 16, I worked Black Friday over night, and in those early hours that I wasn’t working, I was out shopping. It became a ritual with my mother and I; we’ve gone every year that I can remember.

Now, I don’t suggest going into this adventure alone. People are brutal. Vicious. Violent. All for those bed sheets. So after our third plate of turkey and mash potatoes, Austin and I ventured up to Legends to hit up the best sales.

Austin & I before we went shopping.

Austin & I before we went shopping.

First, we went to Kohl’s. It just so happened that we arrived 15 minutes after they opened the doors. Needless to say, we waited to checkout for 45 minutes. Although, we meet a lovely couple behind us who laughed at ALL our jokes. We ran into them literally everywhere else we went shopping. Next stop was Target, and HOLY COW it was a civil environment for once! Long story short, Target ended up releasing a report that showed that their online sales hit new records on Black Friday; people are frankly just not shopping in store anymore. With the exception of this lady…

She totally cut me in line. Okay, go ahead, go get your bed sheets.

She totally cut me in line. Okay, go ahead, go get your bed sheets.

“Number 9 is open,” the Target employee in charge of line control told me. I smiled and began to take my position when the woman picture above pushed me out of the way. Um, what? Haha. I turned to look at Austin, totally appalled by the act, and he was just cracking up laughing. She then commenced to sign up for a Target RedCard (their credit cards). Neither the cashier or this lovely lady had any idea of how to sign her up. She even tried to swipe her ID on the terminal…Seriously? So I waited patiently so she could get her additional 5% off every purchase here on out. (I used to work at Target… RedCard expert right here.)

Last but not least we went to JC Penneys and shopping through all their clothing deals. Austin purchased new pants, dress shirts, plaids, and a fancy pair of shoes. I simply invested in ear warmers. It wasn’t overly packed so we agreed to split up. As the woman I am, I wondered over to Sephora in hopes of all things lip liner and eye shadows. The best part was running into Austin looking at the Naked Eye Plattes for my birthday present. I pretended I didn’t see him, and that I don’t know about the present. A+ to him.

Once home, we simply spread out all our new purchases on the floor and soaked up all the sweet deals we cashed in on. For a rainy Black Friday, it was a success.

BUT THEN, I had to work. Maurices is a wonderful company that believes in people first. So I didn’t have to work over night, just during the day on Friday. Boy oh boy, we were not busy. Although I still had a blast with my boss and other coworkers helping the woman who did come shop with us.

IMG_1242 IMG_1224 IMG_1212


If you watched the last vlog, you might have heard my mention of “not the best family life.” This makes holidays difficult and challenging to say the least. Luckily, this Thanksgiving went swimmingly. Here’s some fun pictures with my family that I love oh-so-much.

I’ll see you guys on Tuesday. :)


Austin wanted to pose like a typical “white girl.”


My sister and Austin. Before this was taken, they randomly took my keys and made a trip to the dollar store for cookies.


Gracie and I. Yes, we do look just about identical.


Both my siblings, Gracie and David. And then there’s Austin.

Katie Linsey


December 1, 2015

Christmas in KC

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Hi, friends! The holiday season is here, so I’ve put together a list of things to do in Kansas City around Christmas time. I hope you’ll check some of these out!

Photo courtesy of

  1. Candy Cane Lane

Established in 1958, this street of houses has incredible Christmas light displays. It’s fun to fill a car with friends, grab some hot chocolate, and drive down this street! Candy Cane Lane is located on the¬†7900 Block of Outlook Street, Prairie Village, KS, 66208.

Photo courtesy of

2. Sar-Ko Par Park 

A park with a Christmas lights display that is located on 87th & Lackman in Lenexa. The lights are staying up until Sunday, January 10. This park includes a lake and a beautiful walking trail, surrounded by lit trees.

christmas card lane

Photo courtesy of

3. Christmas Card Lane

Christmas Card Lane consists of a few streets of houses with Christmas light displays. It is located west of Ridgeview & north of 151st street in Olathe. This display is available to view until New Years Day.

christmas in the park

Photo courtesy of

4. Christmas in the Park

Christmas in the Park is located at Cornerstone Park. The address for that park is 215 N. Center Street in Gardner. This park includes many Christmas displays and is a fun family friendly place to check out.

Photo courtesy of

5. The Ultimate Santa Adventure

This simulation takes getting a picture taken with Santa to the next level. More information about this innovative new holiday experience can be found here. Packages start at $35 per group.

Photo courtesy

6. Plaza Lights

I’m sure all of you already know that the Plaza at holiday time is beautiful. If you’ve never been, I highly encourage it. The extended holiday hours of the Plaza are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday through Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday.

crown center

Photo courtesy of

7. Crown Center

The most beautiful place to go ice skating in all of Kansas City during the holiday time. Crown Center is located at 2450 Grand Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108. It costs $6 a person to ice skate (children and adults over 60 are free).

Have a Merry Christmas, y’all!


Renee DeVault


November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving in Texas

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For Thanksgiving break I went with Quinn, my mom, my dad, and my brother to Houston, Texas to visit my family.

I thought I would share some of my pictures from the trip :)

We left right after classes on Tuesday and spent almost fifteen hours in the car over the course of two days

We left right after classes on Tuesday and spent almost fifteen hours in the car over the course of two days

Quinn, my mom, and my brother at a Jack in the Box somewhere southern

Quinn, my mom, and my brother at a Jack in the Box somewhere southern

Driving through Dallas was absolutely gorgeous

Driving through Dallas was absolutely gorgeous


My cousin Blair and I set the tables for the big meal on Thursday

My cousin Blair and I set the tables for the big meal on Thursday


This little girl kept me company for most of Thursday. She's so adorable!

This little girl kept me company for most of Thursday. She’s so adorable!


Friday we went to a University of Houston football game. I know nothing about sports but Quinn and I managed to have fun. It was just great to hang out with family.


We drove home Saturday and Sunday.

It was great to see family that I hadn’t seen in a while. I decided also to thank God for three main things this year.

  1. For my Family. They have supported me through all of my crazy endeavors and they love me. I know that means a lot.
  2. For my Friends. Coming back to MNU and seeing them again after being away for a while really made me realize how much I have come to love them and depend on them as an everyday part of my life.
  3. For MNU. That sounds cheesy, but hearing about other colleges from my cousins and going to a big school for a football game made me realize how well suited MNU is for me. My professors really care about me and I really care about them. I’ve been given so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten at a big state school. I am very thankful for being here.

A little over two weeks are left in my first semester of college. I am both relieved and a little saddened. I will miss this semester greatly.

Stephanie Krohn


November 25, 2015

No Money Left?

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For all my friends who wish the amount on their bank account had at least two digits… In front of the point. How am I supposed to buy something with $0.64 left? I know, I know, it’s all my fault: I wasn’t responsible enough and I didn’t pay enough attention in Personal Finance. If I had known what a college students has to pay for food and entertainment to get over the frustration of homework and classes, I would have started to save money from 6th grade on.

I am just kidding. Taking care of money is not easy, especially when you alone are responsible for it. It’s all about the balance because you certainly don’t want to miss out on anything, but also it takes a good evaluation of what is real and what is not. College is probably not the first time you will meet people who own more money than you do. Therefore, they can spend it with less care. Nevertheless, we all face times when we wonder where all our money went, no matter how much we started out with. So writing this blog, I can help you, the reader, as well as myself with the problem of money spending in college. My researches gave me some ideas how to find a balance without being that cheap person that never spends a penny!

I divided the problem in three subcategories: activities, food and shopping (including school material).

1. Of course, you want to go to the movies tonight, go to the Haunted House or the Pumpkin patch, and drive home for Thanksgiving. Even though gas is cheap, all the other things charge you a lot. First rule, don’t let anyone pressure you to do things you can’t afford. Borrowing money is not cool, but being I debt is embarrassing – at least for a trivial reason like that. Instead of going somewhere you could do something at home. Get a big group of people and play board games or have a jam session. Another idea is to go outside and take pictures or discover parks in the area (there are actually a lot of cool places to go in and around Kansas City like ). You can also visit people or look if there are any sport events going on. You can also go with the classic movie night in the dorm.

What about a bike tour?

The Nelson-Atkins Museum is one of the best places in KC - and it's free!

The Nelson-Atkins Museum is one of the best places in KC – and it’s free!

2. Going out for dinner is a trap when it comes to spending money, don’t fall for it! If you are on a meal plan like me, remind yourself that every meal is taken care of (except for my weekend breakfasts for some reason). And if we are brutally honest, there is nothing the caf doesn’t have (with a lot of fantasy). Instead of going to Starbucks, you can get an iced coffee there or instead of McDonald’s, you can make your own Oreo milkshake. Yeah, it sucks that you can’t take it out and it doesn’t taste exactly the same, but it is worth it when you can save five bucks every day. Another advice to make the caf more attractive is something my roommate and I came up with. Each day we challenge each other to make a creative dinner for the other person in the caf. We already had a lot of good creations like garlic bread or green pesto sauce.

3. For the last point I recommend asking yourself twice: Do I really need this? Almost every time, there is a cheaper option to what you are going to buy. If you are looking for books or DVDs in a store, just ask some¬†friends¬†to borrow it¬†instead. Don’t order things from the internet because it is really easy to lose control over how much money you have left. If you really need new things like school books, try to get rid off your old ones first. I used amazon this year to ship my old general education books away and it was surprisingly easy. Plus, I made a little bit money to buy new ones. You can always pair up with another person to buy books since most of the time you only need the book in order to study for tests.

All in all, you have to find a rhythm. Mine consists of always paying my cell phone bill at the beginning of the month, and havinga little bit left at the end, in case I need it for something I didn’t¬†have in mind. For me, this is one of the biggest challenges. I never had to care about how I spent my money and now I¬†have three back up accounts, constantly concerned that this is the month I will have negative numbers on them.

Writing this down  helps me to hold myself accountable to my own plans and advices, but I also hope it can help you all to have a second thought about spending. It makes it so much easier to accomplish real dreams! My motivation is a trip to California next year, and I gladly give up Starbucks every second day, if that makes me able to go.

Lynsie Petersen


November 25, 2015

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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My all-time favorite Thanksgiving themed “movie” is “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, and it has been for as long as I can remember. The message is just important to me now as it was when I was a little girl: No matter the circumstances, you should always remember to give thanks for what you do have.

Barely 2 minutes into the short film, Charlie Brown’s little sister Sally says the following: “Why should I give thanks on Thanksgiving? What do I have to be thankful for? All it does is make more work for us at school.” and then complains about an essay her teacher asked her to write.

How often do we complain about the little things in life? Or do we question what we have to be thankful for? As Americans, we tend to take things for granted? Like the fact that we live in America and have the freedoms we do.

My mom is in the Air Force and has been deployed twice. My dad was a Marine as well. I’m definitely not the biggest fan of the US government because of this, but I’m still thankful I live in this country and that my parents are willing to give up their lives if needed to protect our country.

I’m just as guilty of the next person for taking the obvious things for granted. The air I breathe, the fact that I have a home and loving parents and (sometimes annoying) siblings, and that I go to college, or that I’m allowed to be writing this blog post. These things seem to be the things I’m supposed to have, but so many people don’t. And that’s why we should be grateful.

I'm thankful for my family, my pets, and the privilege to celebrate Christmas openly.

I’m thankful for my family, my pets, and the privilege to celebrate Christmas openly.

Towards the end of “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”, around the 17 minute mark, Peppermint Patty begins complaining that Snoopy and Charlie Brown are serving toast, popcorn, gummy worms, and pretzel sticks for Thanksgiving dinner, more specifically, the Thanksgiving dinner that Peppermint Patty invited herself and two friends to, last minute nonetheless. “Where’s the turkey, Chuck? Don’t you know anything about Thanksgiving dinner? Where’s the mashed potatoes? Where’s the cranberry sauce? Where’s the pumpkin pie?” Next, Marcy reminds Patty that she invited herself over, thus she should be thankful there’s any food at all.

That’s another thing I take for granted, having food every day, multiple times a day. I do complain about Campus Center, but at least we have Campus Center. It may not be Chick-fil-a or Chipotle, but at least a source of daily nourishment is offered. When I go home for the weekends (which I’m blessed with the ability to do), there’s always food in the cupboard and fridge, and a good chunk of America doesn’t have that luxury.

The “movie” rounds out with Charlie Brown’s grandmother doing what any grandma does: invites the unfed friends of Charlie and Sally to Thanksgiving at her condominium. Snoopy and Woodstock share their Thanksgiving meal and all is well.

I'm also thankful for my decor-crazed mother and brother. Our yard looks awesome!

I’m also thankful for my decor-crazed mother and brother. Our yard looks awesome!

So take a minute and be thankful for what you have because it could all be ripped away from you in a flash of an eye. And if the opportunity arises, be like Charlie Brown’s grandmother and invite someone over for your Thanksgiving feast. They may need it more than you think.

What are you thankful for? Comment below and let’s all share in the blessings! :)