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Div Tosinglo


October 9, 2015


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  1. Don’t say yes out of pity. Spare the other person the embarrassment and yourself the uncomfortable feeling and just say no thanks.
  2. Don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on the night. We’re all college students trying to pay off loans. There’s no need to impress anyone.
  3. Don’t ask a guy or girl that you just met the week of homecoming. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for spontaneity, but do you really want homecoming to be your make it or break it? (too soon, my friend, too soon)
  4. Don’t sit in the corner and not dance. You are in college! The Church Of Nazarene is finally letting us dance! What a time to be alive! Take advantage of it! (Bust a move!)
  5. Don’t let the stress ruin the fun. Don’t forget why you spent all that time on your hair, or all those hours shopping for that one dress that caught your eye the first moment you walked into the store, but still spent three hours, trying on twelve more dresses, to only settle on the first one you saw. Have a fun night; your 15+ hours in the library studying agrees with me.


  1. The guy has to ask the girl! I’m a firm believer of chivalry, AND WHEN YOU ASK HER OUT, GO BIG or- well just go big. You never know it might get you out of the friend zone. (Too far?)
  2. Ladies! I got this one from a lady, so hold your fire. Apparently, ladies don’t have the best track record when it comes to dancing, so YouTube some dance lessons. It won’t hurt anyone; it might even save someone from getting smacked across the face (coordination is key.)
  3. Go to the Hoedown. For two reasons: 1. Ron Jackson and the ASG team host the best parties around. 2. If you don’t have a

    date by Thursday then DON’T GO! No, I’m kidding you should still go, because you might meet a last minute date who might turn out to be your special someone that you’ll live happily ever after with. (You’re welcome.)

  4. Guy’s compliment your date even if you’re just going as friends, if she doesn’t show it she’ll still be wondering if she did it right. Ladies fix your guy’s tie even if it’s already fixed, because we love it when you do.
  5. Plan out your night, but don’t over-plan so much that you miss out on the great moments. Homecoming is more than just a dance, or an opportunity to find your Mr. or Mrs. Ring by spring. Homecoming is a moment of freedom, freedom to make memories that you will forever remember.


Isaac Walker


October 9, 2015

5 Signs You Transferred From A Community College

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Hey friends!

Being a transfer student gives me a whole new perspective on things, here at MNU.  I’m a new student, but at the same time I have been in college for two years!  Here are just a few things I have noticed about being a transfer student from a community college.


  1. You walk around with your headphones in all the time.

People at community college aren’t the most social.  Almost everyone there walks around with headphones in and alone.  It’s almost a social taboo to have a conversation with someone else in the hall.


2.   You do not mind eating alone in the cafeteria.

It is an everyday, normal thing to eat alone at community college.  It isn’t the easiest place to make friends honestly.  It also doesn’t help when everyone looks like they want to eat alone too.

3.    You are not use to paying this much for college…

Community college is significantly less compared to every other college really.  I wont give you the exact numbers I had to pay, but I will say I did not have to take out a loan for community college…I am not use to having no money!


4.    You don’t mind having to walk everywhere.

When attending community college, I had to drive 25 minutes from my house to school everyday.  Once there, I would have to park extremely far away from the actual campus because it is so large.  So now, even walking from Colony to Dobson isn’t that bad!

5.    Not knowing what year you actually are.

I get asked all the time what year I am and I never know how to answer.  I give a different answer every single time I’m asked.   I am as old as a junior, I am on the first year class list, and I voted for homecoming as a sophomore.  So that is how I answer that question now.

6. (Bonus)     Living with your best friends is an amazing thing!

I am extremely lucky that some of the best people I know live here and go to school here!  While I was going to community college, I still lived at home.  Now that was not necessarily a bad thing, I would much have rather lived on campus with all my friends!

FRIENDS -- Season 2 -- Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing, Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green, David Schwimmer as Ross Geller, Courteney Cox as Monica Geller, Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay (Photo by NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

To sum up, I love it here and there is no place I’d rather be!

Until next time friends.

Katie Linsey


October 7, 2015

What Forgiveness Is – And What It Isn’t

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Recently, I’ve had to forgive people for some things that I wish didn’t happen. Through the process of apologizing and forgiving, I came to realize that my definition of forgiveness was skewed. I assumed that forgiveness came with certain expectations and stipulations, but the truth is, it doesn’t.

On Sunday, my pastor talked about forgiveness, and what he said was nothing short of a revelation to me. Here’s what he said…

Forgiveness doesn’t make someone’s sin okay.

Forgiveness doesn’t deny hurt or offense.

Forgiveness is not always a relational reset.

And here’s what I got from what he said…

Forgiving someone doesn’t mean burying the hurt that you feel. It doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to forget what happened. It simply means that you are no longer giving yourself the right to judge someone based on what happened.

Forgiveness doesn’t always result in things being back to the way they were before. It may mean that the relationship drifts apart, or even ceases to exist. And that’s okay.

I used to get frustrated when I would forgive someone and then still remember the hurt I felt, or when things wouldn’t go back to normal and I thought I had forgiven them the wrong way (or maybe not at all).

Ephesians 4:31-5:1 says, “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.”

Love people. Forgive people. Don’t be angry or bitter.

But don’t bury hurt. Don’t force relationships. Don’t ignore sin.

It’s a fine line, and sometimes I feel like it contradicts itself – but I do know that the Bible says to love and forgive… and that’s solid truth.

I’m still learning how to fully forgive, and what that looks like. I’d love to hear your input if you have any to give.

Thanks for reading, friends.


P.S. If you’d like to watch the sermon that my pastor preached, click here.


Lynsie Petersen


October 7, 2015

Weekend Antics

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As college students, I think we tend to forget there’s more to life than classes and work. I know I’m guilty of spending my weekends in my dorm room doing homework and cleaning house, or I go home and do absolutely nothing and then complain on Sunday night about how much homework I have to do before 7:30 AM Monday morning.

This weekend was one of the busiest I’ve had since the semester started. It began with “Brigadoon” rehearsal on Friday afternoon and ended with a drive back from Atchison, KS with friends on Sunday evening. It was great to get off campus and have fun.

After rehearsal on Friday, I went back to my room and cleaned up and did homework, I was anxious to get it done so I could have fun starting Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, I went to Action Pact rehearsal and then I as off to watch my little sister and her softball team play in a tournament here in Olathe. (*They went 6-0 and took 1st in their division.) After watching a game, I headed home to get ready for that night. I had a ticket to the Kansas City Young Audiences Benefit Concert featuring Broadway diva Kristin Chenoweth at the Kauffman Center for the Arts in KC, MO. Kristin is one of my favorite Broadway/TV/Movie Stars and I was so excited to have the opportunity to see her in person. Throughout the concert, she made me laugh, made me cry, and then laugh some more. Kristin is a Christian and she always performs at least one worship song. That night, she chose to perform “Upon This Rock” and I sang along and worshipped my heart out. I’m sure the people next to me thought I was insane, but I couldn’t care less. I was worshipping my God along with a few hundred people, being led by one of the biggest names in New York City. After the concert, I went home and I was still so filled with awe at how the night had gone that I couldn’t sleep.

The 12U St. Joe Hazard Softball team and their 1t place trophy!

The 12U St. Joe Hazard Softball team and their 1st place trophy!

My view of the concert. I was in the choir loft behind Kristin. :/

My view of the concert. I was in the choir loft behind Kristin. :/

Kristin's "Hollywood Walk of Fame" star; located at the Starlight Theatre in KC, MO.

Kristin’s “Hollywood Walk of Fame” star; located at the Starlight Theatre in KC, MO.

Sunday morning, I got up and went to my home church and worshipped just as intensely as I had the night before. After small group, I went home and headed to Atchison, KS to see Benedictine’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof”. I had never seen this show, so I was excited to go. The performance was really good and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The real fun was the trip back to campus. We stopped at a Casey’s General Store for gas and snacks, and Sara and I got locked out of the car in the cold wind while we waited for Heather to come back out. It never occurred to either of us to walk back inside and wait there. It was only like 5 minutes max, but because it was cold, it felt like 20 minutes at least. After a few minutes of waiting, I went back inside and found Heather checking out. That didn’t stop me from looking her in the eye and saying, “Mom, we need the keys because you locked us out and it’s cold”. Since she’s the theatre professor here, she played along and responded, “You won’t freeze to death. I’m coming. Carry this for me, would you?” The employees seemed completely confused, but we thought it was hilarious.

Heather, Sara, and I before "Fiddler" started.

Heather, Sara, and I before “Fiddler” started.

It was great to get away and just be a 20 year old for once in my life. I’m super pumped to go to the Renaissance Festival this weekend and then spend some quality time with my Action Pact family.

Remember friends, there’s more to college than classes and work. Use those weekends to your advantage and get ahead on homework and/or sleep, but also be a true young adult and go out and have fun! There is ALWAYS something to do in the Olathe/KC area. Go exploring, go shopping, see a concert, dress up like it’s the 1600’s and eat turkey legs, anything. These years are fleeting, so enjoy them while you can!

Share your weekends below in the comments and give your fellow MNU peeps some ideas! I look forward to reading about your adventures. :)

Mackenzie Theiler


October 7, 2015

• Welcome to My Life •

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Facebook: /kenzie.theiler
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Instagram: @kenzie_theiler
YouTube Channel:  Mackenzie Theiler

Hailey Kendrick


October 7, 2015

The Challenges of Commuting

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Hi guys! This week I talk about the challenges I have found in my 30 minute commute to school and back every day, how it has affected me, and what I have done to overcome it!

Stephanie Krohn


October 6, 2015

Sick, Sicker, Homesick

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Hello friends,

Have you ever felt really home-sick? I have! I actually miss home all the time: I miss my family, I miss my friends, and – most important – I miss home cooked meals!!! I believe, every college student experiences homesickness, and there is nothing bad about it, unless you let it take over you: bad grades, being unsocial, perform badly in sports, etc. The trick is to know what to do when you feel overwhelmed by the desire to go home. Especially for students who live further away, it is a challenge. If you fly here, you probably know the struggle. It is not possible to go home for a weekend, and your parents most likely won’t come to visit you for a few days.

As a freshmen, that was what I most struggled with. After every game, my teammates would run to their parents, family members, or friends. I was used to see at least my parents at every game I played back home, and now there was no one. I couldn’t even call anyone because they were all asleep (I hate time differences!).

If you feel the same way right now, don’t worry! Even though it was a tough start into the semester, I soon realized that MNU quickly became my family. I found friends who came to watch me play, and my roommate’s parents basically adopted me. Even the professors and REs are great supporters here. I cannot imagine a soccer game without Patti or St. John cheering for us, and there are several more. I learned that MNU makes you feel at home, but it also takes a little bit effort from the students.

I know college life is busy, frustrating, and exhausting. It is easy to let something like homesickness take over. It is easy to look at old pictures and think everything new sucks, but another thing I noticed last year is that the more you separate yourself from others, the more you will miss out on all the fun. The consequence is that you get more homesick and separate yourself even more. Here is a list I created with ideas how to prevent that:

  • Start a project!

Call some friends and start something! Fall is the perfect time to go to a pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins! Winter is perfect for beauty or DVD nights. What about making a movie yourself or decorating the room for Christmas? There is a bunch of creative things to do. Did you know MNU had a ceramic classroom?


  • Talk to someone!

Talk to friends or your RE/RA or your favorite professor/coach! Maybe they know how you feel and can help you. If not, just talking helps a lot, too!

  • Be social!

Nothing helps more than being around large groups of people. MNU offers so many events you can go to -> soccer for example =) It distracts and will change your thoughts. Plus, you spend some quality time with great people and won’t miss out on anything.

  • Find other people from your area!

For me, it helps a lot if I just have a little bit of Germany in Kansas. Also, there are a lot of people interested in what I know from home and vice versa. I can show them for example German dishes and they teach me something typical from their home. It is always fun and, in return, I learn something new.

  • Be busy!

Homesickness will overwhelm you if you sit in your room and do nothing. There is always something to do, even if it is homework. So get up, clean your room, go for a run, do SOMETHING!

Renee DeVault


October 5, 2015

Night of Worship and Prayer Round One

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Last night, October 4th, about fifty MNU students walked in the cold to the Harvest Prayer statue in the middle of campus and found a team of about fifteen people who were in way over their heads and praying their heart out for God’s will to be done because their human ability was just not enough.

Before I tell the story of last night and the incredible things God did, let me just say hello! My name is Renée DeVault, I am a freshmen Bible and Theology/Communications major at MidAmerica Nazarene University and I am having the time of my life here. I want to tell the story of October 4th as my “introduction” blog because it presents a model for what I hope my life on campus stays like.

Jordan Warren and a group of our friends have been praying about this series of events for about eight months but had only been planning this particular event for a few weeks, ever since meeting with a group of students who all shared a vision for revival on campus. Jordan did most of the planning, he reserved the space and the equipment, recruited the worship team, and recruited me to coordinate the prayer side of this “worship and prayer” event. When he said that he wanted to pull everything together in only a few weeks we were up for the challenge but I admit I was highly skeptical that it would all come together, further proof of why I should not be in charge 😉

But sure enough, posters were made, people recruited, equipment rented, songs practiced, and I found myself walking from my dorm to the campus mall with my prayer team, all bundled up for a cold night and scared out of my mind. We had about fifteen people setting up when I arrived a little after 5:00. I gave a disjointed pep talk to my prayer team, trying to fit four years of tips I’ve gathered from prayer ministry into a four minute crash course before rushing to help the worship team set up.

I am technology ignorant and physically uncoordinated so I generally helped with tasks like “hold this metal bar up”, “hold my phone for me”, “fill this bag with rocks”, and “You should take a picture of this.” I am constantly amazed by the technical “know-how” of my friends, watching them run wires and set up sound systems, it was definitely a very humbling experience.


At 6:00 when the team was scheduled to be practicing, the equipment wasn’t fully set up, the sound wasn’t working, the projector wasn’t working, and we were beginning to feel rain drops. Around 6:30 Jordan called us all together and asked me to pray. The fifteen of us stood in a circle, arms around each other and asked God to show up despite our human limitations, despite the sound not working, with no lyrics on the screen and possible rain. I was struck with the realization that if anything happened that night, it was going to be because of God, not because of anything on our part.

After we all prayed together, Jordan sent me to continue to pray while the rest of the team prepared for an acoustic worship set and the sound team desperately tried to turn on the sound. I began to walk around the area of our event and pray, just calling for God to come and praying for the people who were going to be coming. Fifteen minutes before seven, we found a button that hadn’t been pressed and suddenly the sound was working. There was barely enough time to do a sound check and absolutely no time to rehearse before about fifty students showed up ready to worship.

What these students got was a worship team that had never played together, a prayer team which had never prayed together, a sound system which hadn’t been fully tested, a screen which started working moments before the event, what seemed like the coldest night we’ve had in Olathe so far this year, and an encounter with the living God. It was incredible. That’s almost all I can say about it.

I saw people in tears who I had hardly ever seen show emotion. People I prayed for opened up about pain in their lives, doubts about God, anxiety about life, and generally just stuff they were struggling with. By the end of the night people were huddled in groups of two to five people praying for each other, listening for the voice of God with each other, and putting aside their worries as they discovered the joy that comes with corporate prayer and worship.

While packing up the event we shared stories about what God had done. I thought I had seen a lot but each member of our clean up crew had just as many stories as I did. It was late at night by the time we were done packing up and talking, but it felt like only a few minutes.

20151005_021754282_iOS 20151005_021800447_iOS

Some people may say it’s a small start. Fifty students, two hours of worship, no big deal compared to the huge churches and worship teams which draw thousands into auditoriums and stadiums, but numbers weren’t what we were going for. In the culture of a private Christian school, we wanted to have an event that wasn’t on the original calendar. Worship has become so normal for us that we wanted to move it to a different setting, know that we weren’t going to get spiritual formation credits, and seek God for the sake of God, not for the sake of routine or requirement. This isn’t to say there’s anything wrong with the school scheduled events, we just reached a place where we wanted more of God than the schedule of events allowed for and we had a hunch that other students felt the same way.

So long story short we planned, we failed, but God still showed up. I can deal with that pattern. So we’re going to keep planning events because we want to be proactive in making our faith our own, not depending on what the school or ASG or Res-Life plans. We’re hoping that these events inspire people to plan their own and realize that there’s no pressure in having to perfectly plan something in order to develop their relationship with God and with fellow believers.

For our next “Night of Prayer and Worship” we’re planning on partnering with churches in the area to expand the ministry beyond MNU. For me, that’s the whole spirit of this school. We’re learning how to listen to and serve God here so that we can bring it out from here. Stay tuned, I’m hoping for many more adventures to come.

Isaac Walker


October 2, 2015

Impact World

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Hey friends!

I’m sure a lot of you have heard of YWAM by now.  They are an international Christian organization who’s sole purpose is to bring as many youth to Christ as they possibly can.  They have gone all over the world to places like India, the Philippines, England and even Delaware.  But the last two nights, they were in my hometown of Spring Hill, Kansas.

The local churches have been preparing for YWAM for months.  The churches have spent countless hours praying, organizing teams, preparing food for the Impact teams, and setting up the stages.  Honestly, I am relieved to be over with it.  Also, I had no idea how the actual events were going to be and how the youth were going to respond.

First off, the performers and the speaker for both nights were amazing!  Wednesday night, the team that performed and presented the Gospel was the Xtream Team.  It was compiled of a bunch of buff men that broke hundreds of bricks with their arms, elbows, and even their heads!  They also bench pressed a car engine, bent metal rods with their teeth, and ran through multiple layers of ply-boards.  The whole night, my anxiety was very high.  I was so nervous one of them was going to mess up and get hurt.  I was not mentally prepared to see someone get a compound fracture.  But despite me being a worst case scenario thinker, it was hard to not be impressed!

Here is one of the performers breaking a stack of bricks with his head!

Here is one of the performers breaking a stack of bricks with his head!

The second night, the GX Team was in town and they were a group that had a team of pro skaters and a bmx cyclist.  There was also a group that were professional dancers.  They did some hip hop and contemporary routines for us all.  Both groups did things that just blew me away.  I do not know much about either well enough to explain it over a blog.  Just trust me!  They were both amazing!

The BMX Biker jumping of a ramp.

The BMX Biker jumping of a ramp.


Here is a dancer from Guam doing a free style routine.

Here is a dancer from Guam doing a free style routine.

People responding to the messaged preached at the Impact World Event.

People responding to the messaged preached at the Impact World Event.

Now for the part that really matters.  How did the students react?  HUNDREDS!!!!  So many kids went up in response to the message they heard!  Hundreds of kids gave their life to Christ after just two nights!  This ministry is a great one.  I really did have my doubts, but they were put away after I saw all the people get up and go to the front when asked to respond.  I really do believe lives were changed.  Not every single one that went up, but I know a lot were changed for the better.

Impact has a few more stops in the area.  They are going to a lot of schools in the Olathe area.  A schedule for their Southern Johnson County tour can be found here.  The events are free to go to, and all ages are welcomed.

Until next week friends!

Div Tosinglo


October 2, 2015


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1. When there’s not enough hours in one day.


If you don’t feel like you have time for yourself, others, or even everyone’s favorite friend Netflix; relax friend, you are not alone. There is a gravitational pull drawing us in all sorts of directions. From waking up for classes to then trying to squeeze lunch in between back to back classes. I know you’re probably wondering if it gets better. I think the busyness teaches us that we must either manage our time or our time will manage us. My advice would be to understand that sometimes priorities must change. Sometimes you have to buckle down and read those thirty pages, but other times you have to go on that walk to clear your mind.

2. When freshman 15 hits you hard


No this is not a myth unlike Santa clause ( spoiler alert), the Easter bunny ( spoiler alert the sequel), and bacon Friday goes on untill 10:30 (now I’m just saving you the embarrassment). Freshman 15 is real and it’s here. For those who are hearing of this terminology for the first time; I guess it would be worth my while to explain. Freshman 15 is the belief (that I’m living proof of) that one gains up to 15 pounds during their first year of college. Why? There’s not really one answer to that, you could just be eating because campus center food is on fleek ( delicious), or you could be stress eating, or maybe you eat every time you leave the cashier’s office. Now that you know of this epidemic, eat healthier!

3. When you have to use change to buy some mcdonald’s

2015-10-01 14.38.36

It’s 10:30 at night you’re just now leaving the library after hours of studying your brain into a deep headache (yes it is possible). You decide you deserve a treat for your hard work so you drive down to your local Mcdonald’s. ” That’ll be a dollar nine.” The cashier says. So you hand her a quater, two dimes, six nickles and thirty- four pennies. If this hasn’t happen to you yet; don’t worry it’s a coming!

4. When you have to ask someone to sign you into class


This is for the times you know you’re cutting it close with attendance and you won’t make it in. The perks of being in a lecture class of about sixity students is you can find a homie ( a friend) who would be willing to sign you in if you can’t make it.

5. When you have to guard your laundry


Jonathan Green waiting for his load. 

When it comes to laundry it’s a dog-eat-dog world. If you leave your clothes and don’t look after it, few things might happen: Either your soaked clothes will be thrown out of the washer, your half dry clothes will be on the ground or you’ll be missing your favorite socks and sometimes underwear (this one I’m still in the process of understanding.) So one thing you must learn how to build is a “I don’t play games when it comes to my laundry” face or my friend college will be a very long socks-less experience.

6. When you have to wake yourself up for class

Alrms clook

Our biggest enemy in this college warfare for our degree is our bed. Oh bed how evil are you! You welcome us in after a long day of classes, work, and running around. You are warm or cool whenever we need you to be. But you are so evil when we try to get up for classes you trap us in the warmth of you and the sheets! So we find oursleves creating more than one alarm to get us out of your trap. You! Will! Be! The! Death! Of! ME!

You have arrived, but you are not alone!

Too often I find mysef under the impression that I’m the only one struggling with getting use to this fast pace lifestyle. I think we all feel that way at one point or another, but you’re not alone. Maybe your struggle didn’t make the top six but it’s real and hard. So this is for you my friend, if you’re struggling with adjusting to any of these college lifestyles just know it get’s better, and you are not in this alone.