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Mackenzie Theiler


November 5, 2015

✧Always Find the Light in the Dark✦

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This woman is phenomenal! Her name is Amy Wong. She is a professional life coach. If you ever need guidance or just enjoy reading inspiration articles, she knows what she is talking about! I picked this article for you guys all to read because it is extremely inspirational. If you are having a hard time with something, this article can definitely help you through your hardship. She has tons of other articles posted, about different things that could be going on in your life. The main motto of all her topics is, that everything is on purpose! Even though, times may get tough, there is always an upside to every downside. Keep staying positive and stay strong, even when you feel like giving up. One of my favorite quotes is: Before you give up, remember why you started!”

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Mackenzie Theiler


November 5, 2015

– – – – – Traveling to New Places – – – – – ✗

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The adventures have begun . . . . . . Two weeks ago, got a three day weekend! MNU calls it “fall break.” It is really just a Friday off from school, but I was not complaining! So, I made a spontaneous decision, to get away for the three day weekend. I needed to take a break from all the midterm exams and studies.

When people ask, what city I am from in Northern California, I say, Sacramento. Why, because it is the closest city to me, for someone who, does not truly know California. I am actually not from the city, nor am I a city girl! I am actually from the country, and I am a country girl at heart!

What better way, to start exploring new places, than to drive to Nashville, Tennessee. For those of you, who have never been there, you must go. The total drive time from Olathe, Kansas to Nashville, Tennessee, was about 8.5 hours. Fun Fact about how big California is:  From my house, I can drive to Eugene, Oregon, in about 8.5 hours. It was the most perfect weekend to be in Nashville. There were so many events going on! The Tennessee Titans had a football game, along with the college team Vanderbilt University. The Nashville Predators (hockey team) played the Pittsburg Penguins; Nashville lost by one. They also held the Ragnar Relay Serious, it was a 200 mile relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville. Multi-team race with 6 people on each team. The last thing Nashville had going on was a Political Meeting. I also got to see the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. They were not lying when they say, “Nashville is lit up in neon lights” at night. Broadway is the main strip where everyone goes in their country boots and cowboy hats to have a great night. On the Broadway strip they have really scrumptious food places. This was an eventful and awesome weekend to be in Nashville, Tennessee!


Mike’s Ice Cream – Voted one of the top three ice cream places to go to in Nashville, TN. Waiting in a block long line was worth it!

Red Velvet Ice Cream

Red Velvet Ice Cream 😋🍦



The Stillery – This five cheese layered mac and cheese monstrosity topped with a spicy buffalo chicken breast was the BEST dish I have had in a while.


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Katie Linsey


November 4, 2015

Kansas City is the place to be.

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In case you haven’t heard, the Royals won the World Series. One amazing thing about going to MNU is that it’s 20 minutes from Kansas City, which is extremely convenient when events such as this happen.

I’m a huge Royals fan, but mainly I’m a huge Kansas City fan. I love the Royals, but I couldn’t name every player on the team and I don’t know everything there is to know about baseball. I’ll admit that I don’t watch every game, but I don’t think that makes me any less of a fan than the other 800,000 people at the parade yesterday. We’re proud of our city. We’re proud of our Royals.

I’m so proud of the Royals that I changed the name of our business building from “Metz” to “Royalz” for a week.


Photo courtesy of Haley Adams

I was even proud enough to skip class on Tuesday and go to the parade/rally (along with many, many other MNU students). It was cool to see lots of students and families gathered to celebrate our team. I felt like I was surrounded by 800,000 of my best friends.


Photo courtesy of KCTV5 News

Long story short… I’m proud. We all are. And rightfully so, because we did it. We won the World Series.


(Cover photo courtesy of Alex Jolley)

Stephanie Krohn


November 4, 2015

5 signs you need a break!

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Dear friends,

please confirm me that the last break was way too long ago. We are a little bit over half the semester now, and it feels like infinity. Although christmas seems to be close, it is just an illusion that won’t help us to get up at 7 am every day in the next 30 days. Also, the closer christmas gets, the sooner we have to face finals, and the more stressed we become. The solution? Please somebody invent another holiday in between Thanksgiving and Fall Break or expand the weekend to three days! Another great idea I got to know from my Dad’s work is a “mummy” day. Every three weeks, he gets a Wednesday off, in order to relax.

I know I should be grateful for the things I learn and the good education I get (plus I pay for it!), but here are the ten struggles that really show that it is time for a break:

1.Messy room

The classical messy room! Homework, practice, school, exam, etc. there is no time to clean your room! You start to wear the same clothes – sweatpants annd hoodie – everyday because it is comfy and you have less to wash. The washing room becomes an unknown, avoidable area. You don’t care about dirt in your room as long as there is one clean path from the door to the bed. When your room is a mess, your life is a mess

2.Excuses take over

Forgetting homework? Late for class? Missed assignment? When you are stressed, you can get so creative with excuses. My favorite excuse is and  will always be soccer! Most of the times, it is even true. But sports is not the only excuse you can rely on. We all have used one or the other: no internet connection, broken computer, trouble understanding (always good for foreigners), Royals win (worked only once), etc. Using excuses is not a good thing,  it will make you feel bad afterwards, and it only helps temporarily, but – hey – it works. Shame on humanity!

3.No calls from home

When was the last time you talked to your parents? In my case, the more stressed I am, the more I forget to text or write my parents. There is just so much on my mind that I can’t care about what is going on at home. Normally, I don’t realize how quickly time goes by and that I didn’t get a call for over two weeks.  Unfortunately, answering messages from home is really time consuming because parents don’t wrote “Hey what’s up?”. No, they use texting to send you an electronical letter, starting with “Dear daugther,…”, followed by several paragraphs, a picture, and a greeting at the end with their names – as if we didn’t save their numbers. My normal stressed response is “Nice!” No wonder nobody is calling me.

4.Food becomes more and more important

My life saver and temptation during this hard time is food. On sundays, I usually bake because it is relaxing and cakes are the best thing to eat when you are stressed. But I also take trips to restaurants, or smuggle cookies from the cafeteria. I was hooked on Ramen noodles because they take less than 10 minutes and they are cheap. Food is not really a problem unless you eat really unhealthy or it makes you broke (or both). I can’t concentrate without food, but when I get invited for a quick trip to Walmart or McDonald’s, I know it will hurt my bank account. It is an avoidance-avoidance situation. Stress makes me hungry, but no money makes me more stressed.


5.No sleep

Since college, I had to reduce my sleep requirements dramatically. As a college students, you also get introduced to naps again, something I never appreciated unitl now. I don’t understand people who go to bed later and get up earlier than me and I don’t want to understand them. All I know is that you probably should not talk to me before 10 am, and if I didn’t have a coffee, you better don’t talk to me at all because I most likely spent half the night in the library, finishing my essay.


Hailey Kendrick


November 3, 2015

What’s a day in college look like?

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college life

It’s November? It’s November!

Time to schedule classes for next semester… already! Upon planning my new schedule, I realized a typical college daily routine will change semester to semester. So I wanted to illustrate to you all what your schedule MIGHT consist of going day to day. (Now let’s remember that I’m taking 16 credit hours and working full time. This might not be what YOU end up doing.)

Morning Routine:


I wake up around 7:30am, as a commuter I leave at 8:20am for my 9am class. Depending on the day, I might eat breakfast, spend a solid amount of time looking through news articles on my phone, and maybe print out a last minute assignment before driving to good Ole Olathe; all the while singing in my car.



On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have public speaking at 9am, followed by freshman seminar at 10am (which is now over), then old testament at 11am, followed by my lunch break. Most of the time I will go buy an over priced salad from Dewey’s Cafe (inside the library) and eat while I study. Finally, I arrive to composition 1 in a food coma at 1pm. Tuesday and Thursday I have introduction to human communications at 12:15pm and digital media following that. BUT! We can’t forget chapel on those mornings as well. This semester I had 16 credit hours (which is how many you really need to take to graduate in four years, most of the time.)

Afternoons: 99.8% of the time, I have work at 2:30pm. This means I leave comp 1, head straight to my car, and go to work until close. I’ll study during my lunch break typically; and if I don’t have work, I’ll go home and write/edit this vlogs/blogs for you all.

Evenings: During the eventful weeks of the Trailblazer, I’ll spend my evenings in Dobson’s computer lab working on the layout. The evening is the typically study time for me and when I prepare my work for the next days classes.

Night Routine:



Photo credits to Buzzfeed.

If I closed at work, I’ll get home around 9:30pm. I will probably eat, shower, and simply watch Netflix. Not much homework gets done on the evenings that I close…I’ll be honest.

Semesters to come…I’m the Full Time Assistant at work now! That’s right guys, I officially got promoted yesterday. I tried to make my schedule more accommodating for that. MWF I’ll only have one class and they’re at 6pm. Tues-Thurs, I’ll go to class (and chapel) from 8-1 and then I’m home free! I’ll take 1 online class, but still maintain my 16 credit hours.

Being a smaller university it is important to note that we only have X-amount of opportunities to take each class. It’s typically only going to be offered a few times; especially when you get into the upper level classes of your major. For me, this means taking summer classes, and working split shifts at my job, and working hours in a sorta-kinda flexible schedule with it all together. It is totally possible to get in the classes you need, but you need to be determined.

On a side note, this past weekend the ROYALS became WORLD CHAMPS, it was HALLOWEEN, and I had the weekend OFF! So I combined a series of Snapchat stories to give the opportunity of showing the best 10 second moments throughout the weekend…and I’ll post it later tonight!

and with that, I will see you tonight.

Renee DeVault


November 2, 2015

The World Series for the Athletically Illiterate

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So let’s get one thing straight. Nothing I say in this post is anything serious about the Royals winning the World Series (woop woop swag it up home skillets).

I know nothing about sports.


It’s sad really.

So I’m going to talk about how the World Series has managed to impact my poor defenseless little life.

So first of all, refer to the cover photo to see how my College Small Group night was hijacked by the game. I was forced to sit on a couch with fellow Christians, spill Pepsi on myself like a slob, and yell non-opinion giving supportive statements such as, but not limited to….

“Hurray sports!”

“Do the thing!”

“Win the points!”

“Go team go!”

You know, normal socially awkward dinosaur statements. I was able to ignore most of the baseball craze until Halloween.

I was innocently attending a Faith Journey Church’s children’s fall festival, vandalizing adolescent faces, when the guys I drug out from under their rock began to talk about watching the game.


I was a cat-ish-creature and I forced Levi to be a cowboy by slapping a hat on his head and painting on his face.

I was a cat-ish-creature and I forced Levi to be a cowboy by slapping a hat on his head and painting on his face.

I let small females paint Bryton's face.

I let small females paint Bryton’s face.

Got Chipotle and was just about to watch the Royals game with this pastel emo punk of a freaking awesome guy

Got Chipotle and was just about to watch the Royals game with this pastel emo punk of a freaking awesome guy

I was pulled into a fury storm of positive Royals vibes by my oddly sports loving nerd friends. I thought this would be a nightmare but instead it became a method for a great friendship building session.

They put the game on and after a little bit we decided to play a card game. Mixing sports with nerdy fun confused me but I accepted it and it led to one of the most interesting, hilarious, and friendship building experiences of my college career.

I could have run as soon as sports were mentioned but I’m so glad I stuck it out. Between rounds of cards we began to ask questions to each other, answering a question after each round.

Something about the atmosphere being so relaxed made it easier to answer honestly and before I knew it we were talking about personal struggles and having a great conversation.

So I began to warm up to the idea of the Royals even to the point of loading into a small car and driving down to the Power and Light district to inact our swag on an unsuspecting city.

These are the cool cats we were trying to meet up with.


Unfortunately this picture was taken without us because they ended up in a sea of blue in front of the big screen and we ended up drowning in the shallow end and never making it to the middle of the sea to find them.

We decided instead to go back to Uphaus and watch the game…well two games actually.


That’s right folks! Royals and Super Smash Brothers! I now love baseball :) My friends got to watch the game, I got to be happily in their presence not understanding what was going on, and we all got to attempt to brutally murder each other with fictional characters.

I like Ike.

So hey, non sports friends, try it. Enjoy the fun vibes, keep a light heart, try new things. I’m glad I didn’t hide in my room until it was over like I was planning to :)

Isaac Walker


October 30, 2015

What Is The Point Of A Dry Campus?

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Hey friends!  This weekend is Halloween for those of you who do not know.  I am not really sure how you possibly could not know that.  But as long as I can remember, Halloween has not been on a weekend for a long time.  So I am sure there are going to be some crazy college Halloween parties.  Parties full of people dressed up in insane costumes pretending to be someone or something else just for the night.   And you know what college parties means.  Alcohol.


Now, MNU is a dry campus.  It is against the rules to have alcohol on campus and to even go out and consume alcohol.  The opinions on this are very mixed.  Here I will be discussing the subject.  I will give the opinions of others (who will remain anonymous) and then my own opinion.

MNU obviously holds the same stance on alcohol that the Nazarene church holds.  The Nazarene church does not see alcohol as a bad thing but we should still be abstinent from it because we do not want to cause our brothers and sisters to stumble and fall.  We want to avoid tempting others who may struggle with addiction.  If I were to drink in a public setting and someone with an alcohol problem saw me then decided to drink, would I be responsible for what they do after that point?  The Nazarene church believes that I would.

I totally understand what they are saying too.  We need to be there and take care of others who are struggling with any type of issue.  And even though that is what our school thinks, I have talked with a few other students who don’t necessarily agree with that view on alcohol.  I have heard of people who have gotten caught with alcohol on campus.  They also were the legal age to drink.  The consequences in my opinion outweigh the benefits of drinking here on campus.  You can get a pretty steep fine and even sent to AA in some cases.

But maybe living on a dry campus is not that bad of a thing after all.  When alcohol is stripped from a campus, it is a whole lot easier to keep it looking nice.  There will not be any raging parties that happen on campus.  That in turn keeps that dorms from getting destroyed from them.  There will not be any trash, like beer cans, scattered across the lawns of campus.


Students also have a better chance of doing well in their classes.  Without alcohol, there are less opportunities for them to be hungover the next day during their classes.  And it takes away one more distraction when homework needs to be done.  I know I do not need anything else to distract me from doing my work!

Being on a dry campus also gives students better opportunities to be more involved with campus life.  Heavy drinking, which is done a lot on wet campuses, really is not the most healthy thing for your body.  It can actually be pretty detrimental to your health.  That makes it a little difficult to participate in sports.


And now I know that I am making alcohol seem like a terrible thing.  Everyone has their own opinions on it and everyone has experienced it differently, whether it was negatively or in a positive way.  But as long I am on campus, I am going to follow the rules regarding alcohol and I encourage everyone to do the same!  Because, no harm can come from not drinking alcohol.

Until next time friends!

Div Tosinglo


October 30, 2015


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Maybe it’s been the gloomy weather, or maybe it’s all those Coldplay songs I’ve been listening to. But I’ve been in a really poetic mood. So I wrote this poem portraying some of the things you may find yourself dealing with college.


Every season brings in
a tide of new faces
and waves of new rages.
Old prides will be torn
down so humility
may grow.
You will reap what
you sow
Strangers will become lovers
and crushes will forget.
You’ll be a hopeless
romantic because cupid’s
arrows will miss.
You’ll tell stories of who
you want to be but
most will focus
who you’ve been.
They’ll be pains that’ll
take more than the
next day to mend.
You’ll learn that you can
dream farther than the
Walls you have set in your
Every season brings
a tide of new faces
maybe in this season
will be yourself that you find


Katie Linsey


October 29, 2015

Colorado – A place for new perspective

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Over Fall Break, I went on a last minute road trip with my friend Christen to Divide, Colorado. We stayed with some amazing people, probably the most hospitable people I know, and had a relaxing and refreshing weekend.

I knew that I needed an extended Sabbath time to pray about some things and take a break from school, so I made sure to use my time in Colorado wisely.

On Friday morning, Christen and I went to Golden Bell Camp and hung out with some horses. That was really the first time I spent time with a horse. It was incredible, to say the least.


On Friday night, of course, we watched the Royals WIN with the family we were staying with.


On Saturday, I had the day to myself to spend some time with Jesus in Colorado Springs. I went to my favorite spot in Garden of the Gods and journaled/prayed for awhile. When I was there, a random man (who was with his family) sat by me and randomly started telling me about God and how He loves me so much. It was crazy, because it was exactly what I needed to hear, and he didn’t even know that I was a follower of Jesus.


On Saturday night, I went to a dinner at Golden Bell that was over a campfire. Super cool.


On Sunday, right before we left for Kansas, we stopped in Colorado Springs to go to New Life Church (one of my favorite churches ever). I highly recommend checking it out if you’re ever in Colorado on a Sunday.

new life

Ever since I came back to that trip, I’ve had a refreshed spirit and a new perspective in aspects of my life. I highly suggest making time for life-giving experiences such as this one.


Lynsie Petersen


October 28, 2015

A Behind-the-Scenes look at Brigadoon

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This is from last week’s rehearsals and I hope you enjoy our antics! :)