My Refreshing Spring Break: Workouts, Sky-diving, Space-traveling, and a lot of Starbucks


A man taking selfie in Kansas City downtown

Some people relax in the nature: I relax in the city

Canceling my travel plans, I thought my Spring break would be a boring bummer. However, this past week turned out to be an amazing time, enabling me to charge up my batteries, explore Olathe’s amusement options, catch up on sleep, and be focused only on Track&Field.

Hurdles on a grass

There’s no better way how to welcome Spring but by some hurdling

Instead of wondering around in New York City, I had decided to stay faithful to Olathe and use spring break as a lazy time, tottering among our track stadium, Olathe wellness center, and my bed. It may sound boring; however, believe me or not, sometimes I prefer boring before exciting because prior to this week, I felt like my mind was constantly racing.

No school assignment for a week? Almost unbelievable. I had not had such a week for a long time, hence spring break felt like a true blessing. With all this time, I explored Olathe a bit. I visited an escape room and predictably did not escape; I tried indoor sky-diving; but most surprisingly I discovered a gate to Europe at Aldi.

Aldi supermarket interior

The same setting worldwide, if I may borrow the McDonald’s slogan

I admit, it is a little late to find out about an European grocery store after almost two years of existing here; however, that’s not the point. The main thing is that Aldi liberated me from the unnecessary hugeness of Walmart. On top of that, the store’s set up is exactly the same as back home, which from an unknown reason to me, evoked a feeling of nostalgia. I guess I am looking forward to home considering that even a store’s interior can make me feel homesick.

A gym

After two hours of this, one really deserves the spa downstairs

Overall, despite the fact that spring break in Olathe, Kansas does not sound very enviable, mine was more than awesome. Now though, in case you share a boat-load of homework with me, let’s get back to studying, but not for long because Summer is almost here!

A man taking a selfie

Summer is nocking on the door


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