Same Road, Different Paths


It’s so common for us human beings to single ourselves out. Typically in negative ways and even sometimes positive things in negative ways; like bragging or such. But the aforementioned simply negative ways are usually when we feel inferior or seem to be missing the worth you deserve. We think we are the only ones to ever go down this road or we are the best ones to do it. These prideful and secluding thoughts can always be diverted by Christ and the love he came to bring. Other times it is combatted when someone we can relate to is found. About a week ago, I met a girl named Jessica. She had a little brother named Dustin. They live in Kirksville, MO and I met them while I was on a PR trip.


Get this, Jessica and Dustin are adopted by their Great Aunt and Uncle who are around 60 or so. Jessica is the older child and she is about 5 years younger than me. My mom is going to be 65 this year. Seems LEGIT right? SO SIMILAR! But wait, she is very involved in high school, as was I, and when we talked, the openness, trusting demeanor, attachment to people, and feelings in general all reminded me of me!

You’re thinking, “WOW, what a coincidence! It’s so cool how they met and it’s so similar!” OOOOOOO JUST BUCKLE UP, because it gets real (this is where it hit home for me). Her brother Dustin was born prematurely and had issues at birth with drugs and whatnot; so did I. The difference is that he ended up how I was supposed to of. While I had signs of most likely suffering from Mental Retardation, I was healed. Dustin is not in the same boat. Does that mean he is any less of an awesome kid, NO WAY. I love this kid and I hardly know him. He’s so attentive and outgoing and even a better bowler than I am.


It is so surreal to see how I have taken so much in this life for granted. So many things I overlook daily. Don’t we all do that, at least a bit? We put ourselves in a place where we basically pity ourselves because of some downfall or insecurity, but we fail to say how much we do have.

So when those feelings of “lesser-value” approach, remember that God is working. I have heard stories where the last name of someone who was adopted after almost getting aborted (King) actually gave an American man power and prestige in a foreign country to be able to give them spiritual and medical help in a time of turmoil within the area. Don’t doubt the way God sets up situations! Hold on tight and wait for the ups and downs. Just know the paths we all travel may be slightly different, but the road we are on is similar at the foundation.

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