The starts with an “F”… and it ends with an “ollow throug”

First off: I purposely left out the “h”
Secondly: Friends, whether it be in class assignments, friendships, appointments, business transactions, bill payments, and probably everything else, Follow Through is critical.

It’s one thing to start, one thing to begin, one thing to initiate something. It is another to follow through with whatever that thing may be.’s dictionary has defined the phrase as follows:
“finish doing something: to take further action as a consequence or extension of a previous action, especially to continue something through to completion”

In other words, do and finish what you are supposed to do.

Even if, and especially when a commitment may be difficult, undesirable, or unattractive, Follow through is something that must happen if one is desiring a full, respectable, and respected life.

I write this as a person rich in experience. Unfortunately, it’s rich from the experience of not following through. Case in point, this blog was due two weeks ago. Thank you merciful bosses.

I will also say friends that when I don’t follow through with assignments, relationships, and other commitments, there is usually a guilt and a sort of dark cloud that constantly hangs over my head. Reminiscent of procrastinating on essays anyone?
But maybe what’s worse than the guilt is the eventual apathy that comes from failing to follow through.

Being apathetic is one of the most depressing things I have ever experienced friends, don’t go down that road.

I can also tell you that in the times that I do follow through, accomplishment, relief and joy take place 😀 That my friends is never not enjoyed.

So that’s it friends. It starts with an “F” and it ends with an “ollow through.” I hope you can internalize this truth for yourself.

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