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College – Is It Really Worth It?
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A Week in the Life of an MNU Student According to Snapchat
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5 Things College Has Taught Me

College – Is It Really Worth It?

A question that every student asks, and every parent is worried about. We all have been there. There are times when all the effort, time, and money seem to be invested into something we don’t really care about. We all learned by heart the stories preaching about the importance of having a college degree. On the other hand, we all know Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates who dropped out of college and are billionaires now. So, which path is the right one? I think that college is not as much about getting a degree as it is about[…]

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A Week in the Life of an MNU Student According to Snapchat

Hello all! As some of you know this week I had to have surgery so I wasn’t on campus much. But not to worry, Snapchat kept me up to speed on all the hot gossip. So here’s a little insight into what happens on campus according to Snapchat: Campus Center: There was a serious lack of cheese in the cafeteria. Good to know. Good to know.   Choir: Why yes, yes I do.   Chapel: Students that don’t go to MNU yet do not be fooled by this picture. Chapel very rarely comes with doughnuts. But when it does it is[…]

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5 Things College Has Taught Me

  My name is Logan and I’m about a month into my freshman year here at MNU. When we begin new journeys and start over in a new place, we encounter situations, people, and places that we’ve never experienced before. I’m going to talk about some of my experiences so far and what they’ve taught me. 1. Learn to manage your time wisely In High School my schedule was pretty much cut and dried. Go to school at 8 am, attend 7 classes, football practice after school, homework, free time, bed. There wasn’t much room to fit other stuff into[…]

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