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MERC Fashion Show
How NOT to use Land Gym
MNU Basketball and The 3rd Half
Christmas Spirit at MNU
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MERC Fashion Show

Welcome back to school MNU! The Merc’s new spring line is hot hot hot! Stop by Campus Center as soon as you can to pick up one of this season most fashionable looks!


For this first look Brandon is sporting an MNU Pioneers #1 jersey and visor. And to complete the outfit topped it off with the classic MNU wall clock. This look is perfect for a classy night on the town with your BFF’s. This outfit can be purchased for only $65.85.

Brandon poses with his MNU merchandise on


This next look is for the all the sassiest MNU Dads out there. It will only cost you $11.90 to complete this look of Pioneer Sunglasses and an MNU Dad mug! (Beautiful fake fireplace not included in purchase)

Elisa poses with MNU sunglasses and an MNU Dad Mug by the fire


The MERC is not simply the place where you find  the latest spring trends. You can also find a myriad of knickknaks including the MNU Pennant, an I (Heart) MNU Sippy Cup, and Greeting Cards. Modeling these fabulous items is the wonderful Ana. These three items can be purchased together for the low LOW price of $31.39.

Ana shopping in the MERC looking at Birthday Cards and an MNU sippy cup


The last picture for our fashion show exhibits not one but THREE different MNU sweatshirts. All the coolest people (and mannequins) are wearing them this season. These sweatshirts combined with any one of MNU’s winter accessories makes the perfect Going-to-Class outfit.

Women in the MERC pose with their MNU garb on




How NOT to use Land Gym

So, everyone knows that part of being healthy is exercising, right? Are you part of #TeamGetSwole? Are you looking to lose a pound or two? Is basketball your thing? It’s a good thing we have our own gym and work out facilities here at MNU! We find the gym to be a great place to exercise when stressed out, exercise when we’re happy, exercise when we’re sad, exercise when we’re furious, and exercise when we’re feeling no emotions at all. However, we DO suggest using land gym a bit differently than we do in this video…

MNU Basketball and The 3rd Half

Hello everyone! We thought you all might like to see some of the things that we do here on campus, so check out our video where we show you some of the basketball game vs. Benedictine College. Afterwards we went to Land Gymnasium for 3rd Half, an event that ASG puts on for the students to go to and have fun after basketball games! Enjoy!

Christmas Spirit at MNU

I am a big fan of this holiday. I simply love everything about Christmas and all its traditions. My birthday is also in December, so I am naturally a winter child who loves the cold, snow ball fights, and building snowmen. Last week, I wanted to found out what other people on campus think of this awesome time. I know there is a divided community. A lot think it is commercial garbage whereas others share my point of view. I talked to different students and recorded some of their answers: Mac What do you like about Christmas? I like the[…]

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Going to College Ten Minutes from Home

This week has been very busy and hectic so I’ve decided that instead of making a video blog, I would write a blog! Also, I was going through my camera and found the picture featured above, and thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, I’m going to share a little bit about how my college experience has been, living just ten minutes from home! For me, deciding where to go to college was one of the toughest and most extensive decisions I had ever made in my life. There were so many factors I had think about. What was the campus[…]

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