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Isaac Walker


January 15, 2016

A Look Back On My Break

January 15, 2016 | By | One Comment

Hey friends!

So this week concludes the first week of classes of second semester here at MNU.  Personally, I am not fully recovered from Winter Break.  It is a strange feeling because I was ready to come back to school.  Being a young adult and going back home is kind of weird.  My mom still wanted to know where I was going, who I was with, and when I would be home.  It really did not make me angry.  It was just kind of inconvenient because living here on campus, you get use to not having to tell anyone any of the details of your outings.

Thankfully, for most of my break I was not home.  The day MNU got out for winter break, I hopped on a plane with my younger brother and flew to Pennsylvania to see our father.

We were on the plane by 6:30am...We were not the happiest people on the plane.

We were on the plane by 6:30am…We were not the happiest people on the plane.

Once we got to PA, we were going non stop till the 31st of December!  I had one, and only one request though.  I HAD to see the new Star Wars movie.  Thankfully that was an easy request for our dad to fill.  I loved it with all my heart.  Also while we were with our dad, we did a lot of hiking.  We hiked along various parts of the Appalachian Trail.  I had never been hiking in PA before and I was kind of surprised how beautiful it is. Here are a few pics I took while we hiked.

This part of the Appalachian Trail went through a field. This is the lowest part of the entire trail.

This part of the Appalachian Trail went through a field. This is the lowest part of the entire trail.

This is where it started to get super rocky. It was awesome but very exhausting.

This is where it started to get super rocky. It was awesome but very exhausting.

We did not walk the whole trail. I found out it is actually pretty long. Here is a selfie I took at a pretty high point of the trail.

We did not walk the whole trail. I found out it is actually pretty long. Here is a selfie I took at a pretty high point of the trail.

Another pic from the high point. My big head isn't in it. Your're welcome.

Another pic from the high point. My big head isn’t in it. You’re welcome.

We did some other activities.  My dad had to work a few days so me and brother hung out at his apartment some.  We did not have access to a car, so we rode bikes around the cool town our dad lives in.

Young Asher on his bike.

Young Asher on his bike.

When we were not riding bikes, we were watching court shows on tv.  I became addicted to them…Judge Judy is my new #WCW.

One of the last days in PA, we drove Washington DC.  I had never been before and it was pretty awesome!  Sadly Obama was not there and I did not get to meet him…

We parked in the garage of this insanely nice hotel.

We parked in the garage of this insanely nice hotel.

Our first stop was to the Holocaust Museum. Not much needs to be said about it. It was beautiful, sad, amazing, and heart breaking all at once.

Our first stop was to the Holocaust Museum. Not much needs to be said about it. It was beautiful, sad, amazing, and heart breaking all at once.

Here is the Washington Monument. This is as close as I got...

Here is the Washington Monument. This is as close as I got…

As you can see, this is the one and only White House. Obama did not come out to say hi and the security guards outside would let me any closer...

As you can see, this is the one and only White House. Obama did not come out to say hi and the security guards outside would let me any closer to look in the windows…

We took a lot of selfies...I think my dad just discovered what they were and wanted to take them all the time!

We took a lot of selfies…I think my dad just discovered what they were and wanted to take them all the time!

After PA, we flew to Florida to meet our mom there.  We stayed with her brother and his family.  We went to the beach, an old military fort, and did some shopping.  We were there from January 1-6.  Here some pics I took while in FL.

Took this on the plane ride from PA to FL.

Took this on the plane ride from PA to FL.

It was pretty gloomy every day in FL, but it was still nice out.

It was pretty gloomy every day in FL, but it was still nice out.

This is a group photo of all the cousins and their significant others.

This is a group photo of all the cousins and their significant others.

This is me and my cousins precious, little child Lincoln Deahn.

This is me and my cousins precious, little child Lincoln Deahn.

Overall, I really enjoyed my winter break.  I got to spend it with loved ones I do not get to see regularly anymore.  At the same time, I am happy to be back here at MNU.

I hope you all had a great break and that you got to spend it with people you love you!  I hope this next semester is the best one yet for you all as well!

Until nest time friends!

Renee DeVault


January 10, 2016

Resolution vs. Solution

January 10, 2016 | By | No Comments

I have always had an issue with the concept of resolutions. Especially around New Years time because it all seems too overdone. No one is expected to really follow through on theirs and it seems to have become a cultural joke.

When I used to make resolutions I always found myself becoming increasingly depressed as I failed at my resolutions and constantly had to start over and fail again. I’m not sure if this is a personal problem or something common but in either case it raises an issue.

Are resolutions worth making if it’s just going to depress me when I don’t fulfill them?

However without resolving to change will I ever?

Is there a better way?

I propose that for real change to happen in a person’s life resolving to change is not enough. Perhaps at least in my life there needs to be less resolution for the future and more solution for the here and now. Some points that I’m exploring…

1, Accountability

I think this is why some people post their resolutions on Facebook. Once it’s public we may feel like we will stick to the goal better. I have seen this work for other people but it does not work for me. Public resolutions may seem like they would keep one more accountable but I think it just adds to the guilt factor when resolutions aren’t being met.

I would propose telling a smaller group of friends or family about what you want to change. The accountability is still there and in times when the plan gets rough you can focus more on getting back on track and less on the guilt of being off track.

Mutual accountability is also a beautiful thing. Finding a few friends who are trying to solve things of their own can be very helpful. Not only can you remind each other of what you want to do but one friend’s success may inspire another’s.

2. Creative Solutions to individual problems

Trying to fit an individualized issue in life into a mass solution may seem at times like fitting a square box into a circular hole. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. When a resolution is made I believe that a creative brainstorming session will almost always be necessary.

Perhaps the popular solution to a problem simply wont work. For example, joining a gym and working out a certain amount of time every day just wont work with a college budget or time table. And if this method is attempted anyway time and time again fails then it can cause resolution depression. The problem may not be with you if the resolution isn’t working out. The problem may be with the method.

Put on your thinking cap. Sit down, make a schedule and look at the realities of your time and resources and try to find a solution which is both possible and fits somewhere naturally in your life.

Ask friends for their help in designing a solution. they may see windows of opportunity or other creative solutions that you can’t. If the first solution or method doesn’t work then go back, be honest, say it doesn’t work and begin brainstorming another solution.

A quest for a solution allows for much more self-given grace than a resolution often does. When you fail or fall short finding a new solution can be more productive than failing the same solution multiple times.

3. Praying

First, I think that before setting out on a quest of self-improvement, God, who knows us best and knows who we were created to be, should be asked to reveal what needs to be changed in order to make us more like him, better able to do his work, and better able to bring praise to him with our lives.

I believe that if we ask God what we should focus energy on changing in order to fulfill these created purposes, he will tell us. Resolving to change and having a God-appointed mission to find a solution are two very different things.

If God calls you to change an aspect of your life or relationship with him then he will give you the tools you need to change it.

Our God seems to care much more about our process than our final product. We put a lot of stock in the product but it is through the relentless, suborn process of trying solution after solution to fully obey God that we develop our character. The difficult process, not the resolution and not the final product, is what equips us to be able to obey a call to change in the next area of our lives that he presents.


I do not believe that resolutions are bad. They can be very effective and significantly impact us, our lives, and our likeness of God if the effort goes past the resolution in into a solution. Trust your friends, be willing to try things differently, look for growth in failure, and constantly be asking God for strength and guidance into how to invest the resources that he has given you.



Isaac Walker


January 6, 2016

My New Year Resolutions

January 6, 2016 | By | One Comment

Hey friends!  It is five days into the new year and I have been doing some thinking.  Looking back, last year was not necessarily the best year of my life.  It was actually pretty rough on me.  Through all that, I have grown to be the person I am now and I think I have handled this past year very well. I have grown a lot from all of the trials I faced.  I made amazing new friends and strengthened the relationships of friends I already had.

I want to continue growing and becoming the person God wants to be this year.  With that, I have a few resolutions for this year.  I think I had made some every year and never followed through a single one!  I am kinda lame when it comes to things like that…But I have a good feeling about this year.  So if you all don’t mind, I am going to share some of my resolutions for this year. These are in no particular order and some are not quite as deep and serious as others are, but they all are important to me!

  •  Start a book and actually finish it.
    • I cannot tell you how many I have started reading and never finished.  Some books I started more than once!  I actually am about to finish a book I started a few months ago, but I want to start and finish one in the same year.  And a year is a very long time to give myself for one book!  I really am not that slow of a reader.  I just wont read it often.
  • Learn a new skill and become better at a preexisting skill.
    • I am taking a painting class this upcoming semester and honestly, I am a little scared!  I have never really painted seriously like that before.  I love Bob Ross, but I never even thought about attempting to replicate his visionary masterpieces.  So we will see how that half of this resolution pans out.
    • Some of you may know me as the violin guy that plays in chapel.  Well you are wrong.  It is actually called a viola.  It is similar to a violin, but it sounds better.  That is a skill I would like to be better at.  I literally never practice my viola and I know for a fact that if I did, I could be so much better.  I am not trying to be cocky or conceded, but when one practices, they get better.  I also sing.  I would go far enough to say that I am a good singer, but I know I have a lot of room for improvement.  I could increase my range and I could have better control of my voice.
This is my very own viola. I think I have been playing for about 11 years now.

This is my very own viola. I think I have been playing for about 11 years now.

  • I want to start exercising more regularly.
    • Last summer I took a yoga class at JCCC and the semester before that I took a gym class at JCCC and just used their work out facility.  I dreaded it every day but I felt really good from all the exercise.  Now I do nothing…I get winded walking from Colony to the caf…So many people I know work out regularly.  When they tell that they work out, I can feel the condescending tone in their voice.  What they really are saying is “Yes I know I am better than you”.  I want to be that person.  I will probably just run in the evenings or something.  Nothing too crazy.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
    • As I mentioned before, I love to sing.  I even write song lyrics from time to time.  For years I have wanted to start a YouTube channel where I posted covers.  I even would love to start one with my best friend Chelsea.  I follow a variety of different YouTubers and I know I could do what they do!  Me and Chelsea are just as funny and ridiculous as Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart.  We just aren’t famous!
For those of you who do not know her, I am sorry. This is Chelsea. We have been froends now for about 10 years now.

For those of you who do not know her, I am sorry. This is Chelsea. We have been friends now for about 10 years now.

  • I want to be more organized.
    • I am the worst procrastinator I know.  Every semester I start out using my planner like a boss.  I write everything I need to do in it, but by the second month I forget that it even exists.  It gets buried far down in my backpack.  That is when I forget about things.  Long term assignments are my worst enemies.  I put them off till the very last minute.  This semester I want to be on top of things better.  I will finish my assignments long before the day they are due.
  • Keep a daily devotional all year.
    • This may seem cliche and basic but I am serious!  I have always been encouraged by my mom to do this.  Over the many years of my short life, I have  accumulated quite a few different devotional books.  I have started a few of them, but not to my surprise, I did not stick with it.  I have My Utmost For His Highest and I have heard a lot of great things about that devotional.  If anyone has any recommendations, shoot them my way!
This is the daily devotional I am going to do every day!

This is the daily devotional I am going to do every day!

Here are some more with less detail:

  • Climb a 14,000 ft < mountain.
This is Mt. Beirstadt. I hiked up this mountain over the summer with Kairos.

This is Mt. Beirstadt. I hiked up this mountain over the summer with Kairos.

  • Get all my assignments in on time.
  • Figure out exactly what I want to do with my life.
  • Get a Chia Pet.
Chia pets are just cool.

Chia pets are just cool.

Now I know I will not accomplish all of these.  I will be happy with myself if I do one of these!  But I am going to try gosh darn it!  But in all seriousness, I am very excited for this new year.  I have a feeling God has a lot in store for me.  And I know that it is not going to be easy.  I am thankful for all the people He has put in my life that have helped me along the way and that are going to be here for me this year.

Happy new year friends!  I hope you all have an awesome year full of God’s blessings!

Until next time.

Katie Linsey


January 2, 2016

2016: A Year of Digging Deeper

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At the beginning of every year, I ask God to reveal a word for me to focus on throughout the year.

I spent hours praying for a word for 2016, but wasn’t feeling a decisive “yes” from God to any of the words that popped in my head. As I was worshipping at church tonight, it was clearly revealed to me that my word for the year should be “deeper.”

In 2015, a lot was brought to my attention about my relationship with God. Growing up, my Christian friends and mentors would always talk about having a “personal relationship with Jesus Christ,” but I didn’t fully understand what that meant.

For most of my life, I think my relationship with God was comparable to a relationship I have with a celebrity. I may know a lot about Taylor Swift. I may know who she’s dating, all the lyrics to her songs, and when she’s going to be on tour, but that doesn’t mean I have a relationship with her. If I saw her in public and started talking to her like I knew her, she would probably think I was weird because she’s never met me before. I think that’s how I was with Jesus. I knew all the stories in the Bible, I’d memorized some of the words He’s said, and I talked like I knew Him… but I’m not sure I had that personal relationship I heard about so many times.

2015 consisted of asking myself a lot of questions about my faith. It included figuring out what I believe, and how those beliefs should change the way I think and live. It’s not enough that I believe the words of Jesus. They must transform me in some way. After all, even demons believe in Jesus.

With all of that said, I believe in Jesus and I have a personal relationship with Him. But He continues to draw me deeper still. You can never have enough of Jesus. You can never be too close to Him.

In all the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to make quick decisions without taking God’s will into consideration. There have been times when I’ve been offered jobs and took them without even asking what God wants. I’ve dated people in the past without praying about it. It’s easy to leave God out of small and big decisions in life, but that’s not how Christ followers are meant to live.

Toward the end of 2015, I started praying about nearly every detail of my life. I started noticing drastic changes in my priorities and attitude. I’ve chosen to invite God into my relationships, my finances, the way I spend my time, where I serve, etc… and it’s clear to me that this is how it’s supposed to be.

The word “deeper” sums up everything I want 2016 to be. I want to dig deeper in my relationship with God and my relationship with others.

I encourage you to pray that God would reveal a word for your 2016. If you choose to do that, let me know what He says. :)


Renee DeVault


January 2, 2016

Fo Shizzle Winter Break Update, Yo!

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I kicked off winter break with STAR WARS!!!!! I was insanely excited. I went with Gabe, Josh, Quinn, and Kory to the B&B Theater in Overland Park (My current favorite movie theater) and we sat on the second row of their huge theater. Every few minutes before the movie started I would turn to one of them and excitedly whisper “STAR WARS!” probably driving them nuts, but they still talk to me so it’s cool.



I asked Josh to take a picture of Quinn and I in front of the Star Wars poster sign thing and ended up with about a dozen of these beauties.




They eventually took our picture and it makes me so happy. I grew up watching borrowed copies of the original three movies on VHS and I once had a Star Wars party where everyone came dressed up and we had a marathon (Thirteen year old me was pretty cool) and I went to Comicon two years ago dressed as a Jedi. I really enjoy Star Wars.


I was really glad I got to see Star Wars with Quinn because just a few days later I had to drive him to the airport to drop him off for his three week adventure to Nairobi, Kenya. His mother is the Chaplin at Africa Nazarene University there. I was thrilled that he got to see his family but it was still sad dropping him off. I get to go pick him up in less than a week though!


The time change makes communicating a little crazy. Lucky for me he has Wifi and we can face time but only early in the day or late at night. Midnight on New Years was 3:00PM my time so for a while he was communicating with me from a different year. We made many a time traveler and Doctor Who joke.


I joked that with Quinn gone I would finally have some time to work on things like my blog, my lines for Mousetrap (February 25-27th in the Black Box theater in Bell Center), edit my book, and write Quinn a one act play for his directing class…but man, it’s hard to be productive when friends and family are so much fun.

I have spent many a day at coffee shops sitting with my laptop writing though. I put in my headphones, listen to the Twenty One Pilots Blurryface album on repeat, drink coffee, and generally feel very connected to my introverted and creative sides.

By the way, Black Dog coffee shop in Lenexa (20 minutes from MNU) will let you purchase a “bottomless coffee” for around $4 which allows for unlimited refills on their brew coffee while you’re in the shop. This is very important know if you decide to spend eight hours editing your book and talking to cool people like Josh who show up to keep you from going insane.


My Christmas was awesome. My Grandparents came up for about a week. It was wonderful to get to just sit around the house and enjoy being with family. My mom and I got to take fun Christmas pictures together and it was just generally very relaxing and fun.

I very much needed a holiday. It was also great to get to go to my home church for Christmas Eve service.

20151225_002059360_iOS 1 20151225_014705757_iOS

It snowed a bit after Christmas here in Olathe. I then just got to sit around with my puppy, read mystery novels, and drink tea and dairy free hot chocolate. Life is good. I very much needed a break.


Olathe is still snowy but we go about our regular business. I’m setting up a bunch of plans to hang out with old High School friends as well as MNU friends who live in town.


Enjoy break cool cats.


Isaac Walker


December 11, 2015

It’s OK To Feel Down Sometimes

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Hey friends!

So I wanted to talk about this during mental health awareness week but I obviously missed that chance, but I think that I can tie the subject in pretty well to this upcoming week.

“But Isaac!  What are you even talking about?!”

I’m glad you asked!  I am talking about depression.


“But Isaac!  How does this subject tie into this upcoming week?!”

Ok, calm down I’ll tell you.

Finals week is stressful.  For some people, probably more than you think, it is a make it or break it time.  For some people, these tests are a matter of pass or fail.  This can put a ton of pressure on one person.  This school is a pricey place and failing a class means you have to take it again, and that means paying again.


This kind of pressure can mess with a person’s emotions for the worse.  Especially someone who is more prone and susceptible to depressive tendencies.  There are lots of things that can cause or poke at someones depression.

There can be biological or genetic things.  It can run in the family or someone can be on a certain medication that can worsen things.  There can be psychological factors or even environmental things.  And that is how this ties in.  The things I mentioned above are definitely environmental factors.

Something else that can be an external trigger is the work load that tends to pile up on students. I am sure you all know that things can pile up fast.  Especially if you are  a procrastinator like me!  For someone with depression or depressive tendencies, this can cause them to shut down.

Depression is the most common mental disorder in the United States.  Females are more likely to suffer from depression than males are.  As of now, the average age of diagnosis is about thirty two years old, but youth are definitely known to suffer from it.  And I think that as mental health is becoming something more and more people talk about, more people are going to be diagnosed and helped at a sooner age now.


That leads me on to my next point.

“But Isaac!  How do I know if someone I am close to is suffering from this?!”

Good question.  There are signs you can be aware of.

A lot of the information I am presenting can be found in the website for the Nation Institute of Mental Health.

So back to the signs.  It can be a little tricky because there really are not universal signs.  It affects everyone differently.  But there are some common signs/symptoms.  They include:

  • Feelings of anxiety, sadness, or a hollow feeling that won’t leave.
  • Eating a ton, or losing your appetite.
  • Sleeping a ton, or not being able to sleep.

man in bed with eyes opened suffering insomnia sleep disorder

  • Having a bad memory, and not being able to concentrate.
  • Losing interest in the things you once enjoyed.


You can view the full list on their website.  But as you can see there, there is a wide range of signs.  Some that are even the opposite of each other.

Well friends!  I am glad I could share this with you.  This is something, for whatever reason, I have been wanting to talk about for a while.

Until next time friends!

Mackenzie Theiler


December 5, 2015

Fall Semester Is Almost Over 📚

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There are only two weeks left of our fall semester. We call this period of the semester “crunch time.” This is where a lot of students are trying to do anything and everything to get their letter grade from a B to an A; or for those students struggling to pass that tough class, with a C or better. This is when, students start asking their professors for extra credit, or if there is anything else they can do to get their grade up.

A biology professor of mine, ounce said . . .

“Why would I trust and spend my hard earned money on someone who ‘half-worked’ their way through class and cheated on exams, just to get by? This student who, half-work’s their way through their degree only, ‘half-knows’ their field of study. Would you have faith in that person to be able to preform at the highest level of their job?”

An example this professor used, was a doctor . . .

“Lets say, you need surgery or medical attention of some kind, and the doctor YOU receive, ‘half-worked’ his way through school. As he examines you, he has to google, what it is that could possibly be wrong with you; or he has to look up, what and how much medication, he should give you. This doctor probably did not try very hard in his undergraduate and/or graduate classes. Two, he probably only majored in this field of study for the good pay.”

He is simply stating that the field of study you are majoring in, you should known like the back of your hand, without having to look it up. It should be second nature to you. Find something that is exciting to you, that you can wake up every morning 9 times out of 10, and be excited about what you are studying/majoring in, and one day do for work. If you are majoring in something that doesn’t excite you, then, maybe you should find something that does. At the end of the day, your grades really do matter.

Most internships look at your grades, to see what kind of student you are. They want to know how serious you are about your field and if you truly want to preform well in this field. Your grades reflect that. I understand not everyone is perfect, but if it looks like you are giving it your all, it will show.

After you receive your degree and have worked internships, you are now ready, to be hired by the company or facility you want to work for. They look more at your internships, rather than your grades, because they want to see if you have work experience, in that field or in fields related to that. Most students do not realize, and I believe this is the point, my professor was trying to make, if you have good grades, you have a good work ethic, if you have good work ethic, then the your employer can count on you to get things done. If you have okay, but not good grades, you may have a good work ethic, but just not try as hard; so, you may do well but it is harder for you to get things done.

With all this being said, YOUR GRADES are important. The amount of effort and care you put into them reflect, your determination and dedication to your major and field of study. Find something exciting and interesting to learn, that you can be proud about!


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Twitter: @kenzietheiler
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Isaac Walker


December 4, 2015

The Space Between

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Hey friends!

We are in the home stretch. These next few weeks are going to be tough and stressful for a lot of us.  I know they definitely will be for me!  For me, it’s been a little rough getting back in the groove coming back from Thanksgiving break.  It was like a strange teaser for the moment we all are waiting for…Winter break!   The end of the semester!

All the anticipation and excitement isn’t really helping with trying to study for finals and finish all those long term assignments that have been put off to the very last minute.  And I literally mean the last minute.   I may have turned a paper in at 11:59 that was due at 12:00am…But at least it was on time!

This post kind of relates to my post earlier about stress management.  This is about keeping the motivation strong though.  Wanting to give up and drop out of school is a common thought that runs through my head on the daily.  Remember the end goal.  What you want to do after college.

Set goals when you are studying.  Every hour you can take a break.  Eat a snack!  If you are reading, put little candies on the page that make you want to read more.  I use Junior Mints because I’m a chocolate/mint eating fiend.


If you’re into a certain show, let’s say the new Netflix series Jessica Jones, after you have reached your goal of reading take a break and watch half of the show then go back to studying when your brain has recovered.  I do this with YouTube videos because they are short and I have no self control when it comes to my favorite shows on Netflix…


Keep one evening free during the week!  Go out with your friends and do something fun.  Don’t lock yourself up!  Get out and get some social interaction other than the weirdos in the library that are silently sobbing into their textbooks.  Don’t be a textbook sobber.


Just know that we will make it through this stressful time together!  Christmas is right around the corner.

Until next time friends!  Merry finals week!

Isaac Walker


October 26, 2015

Fall Break Hiking Trip

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Hey friends!

You may have noticed that I did not post on my normal day. Over the fall break weekend I went on a hiking and backpacking trip in Arkansas with Kairos.  Kairos is the college age ministry group that meets at College Church of the Nazarene. They normally take a trip every school break.  They go backpacking during fall break, skiing over winter break, backpacking again over spring break, and white water rafting over summer vacation.

Over fall break 22 MNU and JCCC students went to Arkansas and hiked the Ozark Highland Trails. We also peaked  Whiterock Mountain.  I really didn’t know a whole lot of the students that went on the trip, but by the end of the trip, I would consider everyone that went on the trip a friend of mine.  We had some crazy, fun experiences that brought us close.  I took a few pictures that kind of tell the story of our trip.




Just got on the trail.

Just got on the trail.

We pretty much followed a creek for most of the trail up the mountain.

We pretty much followed a creek for most of the trail up the mountain.


Found a small waterfall in the distance.

Found a small waterfall in the distance.

The views along the hike were just gorgeous! All the different colors in the trees were breath taking.

The views along the hike were just gorgeous! All the different colors in the trees were breath taking.




High up on a cliff.

High up on a cliff.


The farther we got, the more gloomy it became.

The farther we got, the more gloomy it became.

Sadly these pictures cannot do the beauty of the trip the justice it deserves.  Just know the trip was amazing.  I think everyone should go on at least one trip during their time here at MNU.  The trips are for everyone.  You don’t have to be an expert hiker to go on these.  Believe me, because I am not an expert.  I don’t even have all the equipment.  You can borrow whatever you need from friends.  I will definitely be going on more trips with Kairos in the future.

Until next time friends!





Haley Raydo


January 9, 2015

Christmas Break Wrap Up

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Hello friends

So Christmas break is coming to a close and I definitely have mixed feelings about it.  I am ready to see friends and be back at school… I might not be ready for the “school” part of things.  Anyways I had a great Christmas break and I hope you all did too!

Here are some of the highlights:

I got to meet our pastor’s new baby!




Mayors Christmas tree!


Quality time at grandmas.



Crazy outings in freezing cold weather… Not our smartest plan





Some more quality time with my church’s college small group– previously known as the Wild Stallions.


college small group

Also many coffee dates, late night movies, work (blah), family game nights, Netflix marathons, and a many books read.

It is always nice to have some down time and re-energize before going into a new semester.  Although this next semester is going to be crazy difficult, I trust the Lord will not only get me through, He will use me in my weakness.  And by weakness I mean my current lack of motivation toward education (kidding mostly).

Thanks for stopping by