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Top Ten November Blessings
Top Coffee Shops of KC
Merry Thanksgiving!!!
Summer Jobs
21 & Sober
A Miracle & A Tragedy
Baptism, War, and Improv
An Action Pact Weekend
Fall Semester Is Almost Over 📚

Top Ten November Blessings

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I’m going to do a super cheesy blog post today.  Sorry not sorry, friends 🙂 My favorite thing to do is make lists, and one of the best ways to get my perspective right is to make a list of things I’m thankful for! So here you go! My top ten November blessings: The feeling you get when you’re walking across campus holding a thermos full of hot coffee. Who needs mittens, honestly? And *speaking of campus*, the trees exploded in color overnight and now we have reds and oranges and yellows EVERYWHERE! The amount[…]

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Top Coffee Shops of KC

Let’s be real here for a quick second and say what I know all you coffee-lovers are thinking: The only reason we want to go to a school in Kansas City is because of the plethora of new coffee shops!  DUH! Even though I’ve only been here three months, my friends and I have found our way to multiple coffee shops around campus (and I wonder why I’m broke :p).  Here’s a list of my top favorites! Pour This shop holds a special place in my heart. It was the very first non-Starbucks coffee shop I went to with my[…]

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Baptism, War, and Improv

Week 6 Vlog. This video highlights an exciting week of faith, fun, and rowdiness at MNU. I’m excited to show y’all the excitement we’ve been up to here. Song: Stormy Blues, Arne Bang Huseby.

An Action Pact Weekend

This past weekend the MNU Serve Team Action Pact went to Hays, Kansas on a quick three day trip to help out a start up church called The Vine. Action Pact is MNU’s improv travel team. When we are asked, we travel to different events, churches, and youth groups  to perform impov as well as skits.

The drive down to Hays took about 5 1/2 hours in our 11 person van. But we found ways to entertain ourselves.


When we arrived in Hays we met with the pastor and went to the church (which is held in a coffee shop) and did a little improv!

We stayed in the pastor’s basement which had a stuffed black bear in it.

Elisa with a taxidermist bear

On Saturday we went door to door in neighborhoods and trailer parks inviting people to the church. We traveled in groups of two or four. It was heartbreaking and eye opening to see the need for Jesus in Hays. Every single one of our groups had at least one door slammed in our face the second we mentioned the word ‘church’.

On the reverse we spoke to people who were very grateful to have us come by their house and speak with them. Christian was my partner for going door to door and we were able to pray with many people. We prayed for a man who was homeless, a man who had a disease in his legs, and a gentleman’s unborn daughter.

One of the trailer parks we went door to door in

Trailer park and the team of students I traveled with

On Sunday Action Pact performed the skit The Old Testament in 20 Minutes at The Vine Church.

Justin tells Alex something in the skit

Christian and Alex put up thier arms to build a house over blakes head

Action Pact performing The Old Testament in 20 Minutes at The Vine Church.

It was a great weekend but it was exhausting.

Action Pact members sleep on couches before performance.

On Sunday after lunch we headed back to Olathe!

Action Pact team selfie

Overall it was an excellent weekend! If you are a current MNU student or a prospective student I would suggest that you join an MNU Serve Team one year that you are on campus!

Stay classy,





Fall Semester Is Almost Over 📚

There are only two weeks left of our fall semester. We call this period of the semester “crunch time.” This is where a lot of students are trying to do anything and everything to get their letter grade from a B to an A; or for those students struggling to pass that tough class, with a C or better. This is when, students start asking their professors for extra credit, or if there is anything else they can do to get their grade up. A biology professor of mine, ounce said . . . “Why would I trust and spend my hard earned[…]

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