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Differences between the UK v US
Organizational Behavior Class
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Balancing Work & Family
Spontaneous Road trip

Differences between the UK v US

For my last vlog, instead of a travel video I decided to do one about the differences between the UK and the US. I know I’ve written a couple of blogs about the differences, but this way you get to hear the Brits opinions as well. This whole vlog is extremely chaotic, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t get to explain any difference fully because I kept getting interrupted, but you will get the just of it hopefully. Also, in case anyone was curious, I had to put the MNU logo in because some people, were doing inappropriate motions. It took us forever to actually get something that would sort of work, but we got there in the end. I am so grateful for having these vlogs to remember my time at NTC because without a doubt it has been the best year of my life. Cheers to everyone who has kept up with these because I know there was a lot. Honestly, if you ever get the chance to study abroad do it. I have learned so much about the UK culture, about the US culture that I had no idea about, and about myself. Studying abroad will change your life.

Organizational Behavior Class

As some of you know I am a junior business student. This semester I’m in a class called organizational behavior. In organizational behavior we do all of our projects and tests in groups. That’s right I said tests. Today my group presented to the class and one of our assignments was to create a video together. Below I have attached the video that we created for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! Elisa Davis

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Balancing Work & Family

Week 18 Vlog. This video highlights my open forum of balancing work and family. Join the discussion and comment your opinion below Songs: True North, Adam Selzer

Spontaneous Road trip

So last weekend, my only plans were to work on my essay that was due on Monday. However, on Thursday night we were all sitting around playing card games and board games and wanted to play more but had already played all of the ones that we had. On Friday at like 4:30 Harriet told me that they were all going to her house in Swindon (about three hours away) to get some more board games and asked if I wanted to go. Of course, if there is anything that I am always down for at any time it is 1. Breakfast 2. Coffee 3. Naps 4. Good music and 5. ROAD TRIPS. So two hours later we were hitting the road. It was a great trip filled with jamming out in the car and deep heartfelt convos. I did end up getting my essay done in case you were wondering. Basically this vlog is a bunch of random clips from our road trip and us being our crazy selves. Enjoy!

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