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Balancing Work & Family

Week 18 Vlog. This video highlights my open forum of balancing work and family. Join the discussion and comment your opinion below Songs: True North, Adam Selzer

Spontaneous Road trip

So last weekend, my only plans were to work on my essay that was due on Monday. However, on Thursday night we were all sitting around playing card games and board games and wanted to play more but had already played all of the ones that we had. On Friday at like 4:30 Harriet told me that they were all going to her house in Swindon (about three hours away) to get some more board games and asked if I wanted to go. Of course, if there is anything that I am always down for at any time it is 1. Breakfast 2. Coffee 3. Naps 4. Good music and 5. ROAD TRIPS. So two hours later we were hitting the road. It was a great trip filled with jamming out in the car and deep heartfelt convos. I did end up getting my essay done in case you were wondering. Basically this vlog is a bunch of random clips from our road trip and us being our crazy selves. Enjoy!

Day Trip to York

This last weekend we decided to take a day trip down to York. Karl and Anna had a conference down there so we just decided to make a trip out of it. They dropped us off at a bus station in town and we caught the first bus into the city center. The town had some really cool city walls, castles, and shops. There is also a cathedral there called the York Minster which was absolutely gorgeous. We were going to go inside, but we didn’t end up having enough time. There was also this tour called York’s Chocolate Story because apparently KitKat was made/invented in York. We had lunch at a local fish and chips shop (aka a proper chippie). We also went into a classic British sweets shop and got some really sour candy which we tried, and at the end made Karl and Anna try as well. There were also some interesting street performers that we saw. All in all, it was a good day!

Shred The Gnar

Week 16 Vlog. This video highlights Logan, Landen, and I’s adventure in Colorado. Check out all of the sights and sounds of us running around, and shredding that Gnar. Songs: Nothing, Kai Engel  & Roufianos, Pithikos.

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