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Div Tosinglo


May 5, 2016


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Guys, it’s time! Time to separate the reals from the fake, the Queen B’s from the Kardashians, the Pioneers from the settlers. This is what makes you a pioneer! Hopefully you can Identify and enjoy!

  1. If you’ve never had a conversation with Pope St. John, and not laugh or smile then you’re not a pioneer.
  2. If you’ve never texted your home girl (or homie) to come open the door for you, because you stayed out past curfew then you’re not a pioneer.
  3. If you’ve never had to squeeze six people into an individual study room, because all the group study rooms had one person in all of them then you are not a pioneer.
  4. If you’ve never pranked Lisa Downs then you’re not a pioneer.
  5. If you’ve never shed a few gangsta tears after walking out of the cashiers office, because you just made a payment then you’re not a pioneer.
  6. If you’ve never contemplated walking pass the scanners when there is no one to scan you in then you’re not a pioneer.
  7. If by spring semester of your senior year you haven’t proposed to the girl you’ve been dating since freshman year then you’re not a pioneer.
  8. If you’ve never sat alone with the opposite sex, and literally that exact same day people ask if you guys are dating then you’re not a pioneer.
  9. If you’ve never used all of your flex and meal scan in the first month of the semester then you’re not a pioneer.
  10. If you’ve never squeezed someone’s hand after community benediction at chapel then you’re not a pioneer.
  11. If this has never been your life priority list at least once this year then you’re not a pioneer: 1. Netflix 2. School.
  12. If you’ve never had spicy chicken Thursday then you’re not a pioneer.
  13. If you’ve never gotten hype at a football game, because of how hype Mario gets then you’re not a pioneer.
  14. If you’ve never asked yourself, “Where do all the nursing majors go?”, then you’re not a pioneer.
  15. If you haven’t had a conversation with D.T that lasted longer than five minutes then you are not a pioneer.
  16. If you’ve never liked a Scott Kramer Facebook post then you’re not a pioneer.
  17. If you’ve never had to talk yourself into not skipping your 8 am class then you’re not a pioneer.
  18. If you never die a little every time you hear tuition go up then you’re not a pioneer.
  19. If you’ve never prayed to God to let you pass a test you didn’t study for then you’re not a pioneer.
  20. If you’ve never heard your Prof Say “Check the Syllabus” then you’re not a pioneer.
  21. If you’ve never prayed for more fruity pebbles at the cafe then you’re not a pioneer.
  22. If you’ve never had the pop machine keep running after you moved your cup then you’re not a pioneer.
  23. If you don’t eat ice cream in the winter time then you’re not a pioneer.
  24. If you’ve never taken a picture of the campus and posted it on social media then you’re not a pioneer.
  25. If you’ve never been friend zone, turned down for a date, or started a relationship all in the gazebo then you’re not a pioneer.
  26. If you’ve never gotten *Lit* at an ASG event then you’re not a pioneer.
  27. If you’ve never started using the terms “Friends” or “Lean in” after spending a chapel with Brady Braatz then you’re not a pioneer.
  28. If you’ve never been hunted down by Gale after going over ten minutes with a to-go box then  you’re not a pioneer.
  29. You’re not a pioneer if you’ve never heard St. John say “Go be Holy.”
  30. If you’ve never applied for chapel forgiveness then you’re not a pioneer.


Renee DeVault


April 26, 2016

Action Pact takes to the road

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This last weekend the Action Pact travel team packed packed up our bags and jumped in our fifteen passenger van at 10:15 AM to begin what ended up as a seven hour road trip to Cimarron, KS.

Between moments of doing homework, sleeping, and jamming out to the radio our team of six alternated between melting in suffocating heat when the windows were closed or being slapped by relentless wind when the windows were opened.

Action Pact followed Voices of Praise, an eight person singing group, in Clifford, their big red van. This was the second event Action Pact has done with Voices of Praise and by far the most extensive. We stopped and ate lunch together as well as stopped at gas stations so we were able to talk to them.

When we arrived at the church there was pizza provided, we figured out who our host families were, and then went to Dodge city to explore their mall and hang out at Sonic. Some friends from MNU came to Cimarron with us too so it was a huge MNU country party getting to explore the town that some of our good friends from Cimarron spent so much time in growing up.

Sara, Linsey, and I stayed with a family from the church who provided a place for us to stay and a fantastic breakfast in the morning. I wish that we had been able to stay after church for lunch so we could have spent more time with them.

Action Pact did a last minute improv performance for the Youth Group before service which was interesting because while improv is intrinsically made up on the spot, our plan of what games to play and who is playing what games is usually planned out far in advance.

The actual service was probably my favorite part of the trip. Quinn led Voices of Praise in some incredible worship both before and after Action Pact’s performance of “The Complete History of Old Testament in 20 Minutes”. It was my favorite performance we’ve done of that show. I felt like the congregation was very receptive and Quinn was able to tie it into VOP’s next song so the transition felt seamless.

As soon as we had all of our stuff packed up after the service we got out of Cimarron and frantically tried to make it back to Olathe in time for the Theatre Awards Banquet. We were on campus for about five minutes before the banquet started. I was so proud of us.

The banquet was very fun. My fellow improv friend, Justin Collins and I won male and female freshmen of the year award, Quinn won one of the performance of the year awards and Joshua won a One-Act performance of the year award. There were several other awards but I’m afraid I won’t remember them all so I’ll just say congratulations to everybody broadly.

Enjoy some pictures my friend Sara Eigsti took on the trip.

image image image image image image

Renee DeVault


April 18, 2016

Have a little Fun, will ya?

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I have been learning some valuable lessons about having fun this last week.

It seems like it would be easy, like Oh, of course I know how to have fun, don’t you? But in reality, in the middle of the insanity that is April, I found myself focusing on the stress so much that I nearly forgot how to have fun.

Tuesday the Sophomore class council threw a Napoleon Dynamite prom. IMG_1962

It was hosted in the tipping point in the Land Gym building on campus. The movie was playing in the tipping point, there were tater tots in the cafe area, and a disco ball and music in the actual gym area.

What ended up happening was a crazy dance party to some 80s music which, when done by theater people, ended up being very dramatic and probably horrifying for outside observers. There is definitely a difference between dancing to impress and dancing to be silly and funny.

We were not trying to be graceful…and that was a good thing.

It was one of my favorite nights of the semester so far though. I always forget how fantastic friends and dancing go together. Any chance you get, do something silly with people you love. Like perform at an improv show for new pioneer students where you can pretend to be a gerbil for a few minutes.

Gerbils don’t have homework. It’s nice.

Speaking of silly, newspaper has really ramped up this week. Joshua and I conducted interviews for the new Trailblazer staff and we’re doing interviews for our next print edition coming out on April 27th.

Being on Trailblazer staff is a lot of hard work but it’s also one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had. The people are fun, we get to talk about what is happening on campus, and we get to talk about what’s happening in the news and world around us.

Having to work is 200% more fun when you love the people you’re working with. I think this applies to studying for finals too, I am definitely getting people together that I enjoy to do some studying this year. We all have to get work done, but that doesn’t mean we have to be miserable.

Take a nod from St. John’s Sabbath rest challenge and take some time to play this week.

Photo credit Katie Linsey

Photo credit Katie Linsey


Isaac Walker


April 15, 2016


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Hey friends!

One of my favorite Netflix original series is back on!  Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 is back on Netflix and I could not be more excited!  I plan on watching it all this weekend.  After doing so I will give you a little review.


Season 1 was pretty good.  The show is about a a woman who is a survivor of a cult.  Kimmy and a few other women were retrieved from a bunker where they lived for over ten years.  Kimmy is now out and living in New York City.  The show follows her and the friends that she makes.  The show deals a lot about how we, as humans deal with pain and trauma.  We all have a past and we all have to deal with it.

I want to know!  What is your favorite show on Netflix?  Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time friends.

Div Tosinglo


April 15, 2016


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  • Our university is under attack. Our greatest enemy is greater than running out of toilet paper, your  8am class, getting busted for staying later for open dorms, and even bigger than finals. What’s bigger than all of that? The large epidemic of singleness that has prolonged its visit upon our campus. We have been called to “be fruitful and increase in number; to multiply on the earth and increase upon it.” (Genesis 9:7) (After we ring by spring first, of course). But how can we ring by spring if there is such a big gap between the guys and girls on this campus? So I took it upon myself to single handily (No pun intended) save our school. I believe that one of the biggest causes of this plague is ignorance. The guys don’t know what the girls want. The girls don’t know what the guys want! Enough with the assuming! So I asked a friend of mine (Who is a girl) and also girls around campus this simple question: What do MNU girls look for in a guy? and did the same for the guys. No more being lost in translation this is as direct as it’s going to get!


All a girl wants is….

  1.  A guy with a nice smile
  2. A guy who isn’t afraid to associate with people outside of his friend group
  3. A guy who is a little weird
  4. A guy who believes the best in other people/ Extends grace
  5. A guy who is humble yet confident
  6. A guy who is not cheap but frugal
  7. A guy who appreciates my weird and awkward moments
  8. Chivalry (don’t let it die even though some girls don’t want you to hold the door for them… DO IT I WANT YOU TO)
  9.  A guy who is assertive & can lead me
  10. an adventurous guy
  11. A guy who is willing to sing in the car with me ( just pray she’s not a Taylor Swift fan)
  12. A guy who has good hygiene
  13. A guy who consults Jesus before he consults me
  14. A guy who puts others before himself
  15. A guy who can hold an intelligent conversation

All a guy is looking for is a girl who…

  1. is genuinely kind to everyone
  2. has a nice smile, show your pearly whites
  3. Can pick up on sarcasm and relay it
  4. has pretty eyes
  5. is confident , but not an ego maniac
  6. brushes her teeth
  7. dresses modestly 😊
  8. is exclusive about her relationship with God
  9. Doesn’t pressure the future.
  10. Laughs at my jokes, even if they aren’t that funny (Preach it!)
  11. Will let me open the door
  12. Rub my head
  13. Values herself
  14. is selfless
  15. has a cute laugh



There are pros and cons to going to a small university. But today. In this blog it’s a pro. Because you get to know pretty much everyone! And I can honestly say that the majority of the guys live up to these desires, and the same goes for our girls. Maybe this joke about singleness goes deeper than just dating. Maybe this blog speaks truth about how unfamiliar we are with one another as a community. Maybe it’s a call out of our comfort zones and cliques, and a call to branch out! Or maybe it’s just another sneaky way to reawaken MNU Mingle. Who knows? But if this blog was the exact push you needed to find your future husband or wife. Just remember….to give credit where credit is due! 😉


  • Div
Isaac Walker


April 1, 2016

King of All Fruits

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Hey friends!

So those of you who know me know that I like adventure.  I also really like Asian culture.  So if there is an Asian market, you best know I’ll be there buying all sorts of amazing foods.  A few nights ago, me and my roommate/best friend decided to try something new together.  We wanted to eat the King of All Fruits.  Also known as the Durian Fruit.

Here is a bunch of the fruits in a pile.

Here is a bunch of the fruits in a pile.

Drove to an Asian super market that is about 15 minutes from campus to purchase the fruit.  They are rather large fruits.  About the size of a water melon and the spikes on them are actually very sharp!  So it was kind of painful to hold.

But what is so special about this fruit?!

I am so glad you all asked.  They are known for their smell.  When cut open, they smell very bad.  They are considered the worst smelling fruit in the world.  And I can confirm that this is a true fact!  When we bought it, the whole fruit was frozen solid.  So we stuck it in a bowl and put it in our hot shower.  After about 20 minutes, it was thawed enough to cut open and eat.

Someone cutting a Durian fruit open.

Someone cutting a Durian fruit open.

What the inside looks like.

What the inside looks like.

The moment we started cutting it open, the smell started to reach our noses.  It was a nice combination of banana, raw pumpkin, pineapple, and butt.  And it tasted exactly like it smelled!  I can see why people would like it but I did not.  Not for one second.  The texture was what got to me the most.  It was so mushy.  It was just yellow, smelly slime.

So needless to say I did not like it.  But I encourage you all to go out and try some Durian!  It is a good cultural experience.

Here is a video of children eating some Durian.

Until next time friends!

Div Tosinglo


March 23, 2016


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Dear, Bud

How are you doing? Good? Me too. Classes going well? You struggling a little? The taste of spring break got you all ready for summer? SAME, BROTHA, SAME! Well finish strong my man, we all want to see get that degree. Yeah no problem. Okay, here’s a little question between you and I, you know man to man? How are things with the ladies going? No, you can tell me I won’t tell a soul!  You’re struggling? These MNU girls can’t seem to give you a break? You even raise your hands up during worship at chapel? You even spend most of your time in the library studying? WHAT? YOU EVEN LET THEM CUT YOU IN LINE FOR SPICY CHICKEN THURSDAY? Dude that’s commitment! What are you supposed to do now? What? Your mom said be yourself? Nah, let’s keep that as our last resort. I found some of these Christian pickup lines online. It’s a Christian school, they are Christian girls, try them out. What’s the worst that can happen? I’m a genius? Oh, stop it. 😉




There’s no way she says no!



Just make sure she’s the only name and number on that list, you know?



You know because she so beautiful, you get it?



Try not laughing when you say this one.

Sometimes being cheesy pays off.



Because no one wants to do this alone.



Test this one on the Ministry Majors first, then branch out!



This one is very risky, because you don’t want to be known as the guy who keeps having dreams of God showing him his wife every night. That guy doesn’t even want to be that guy anymore.



Obviously we’re not going to use this one. This one is just for cracks and giggles.



Before she answers, tell her because if it is I’m not going to tell anyone. Then wink.



Even if you get turned down, my friend you’ll get a smile. Guaranteed!



Here is another one you have to close out with a wink. This will probably get you a eye rolling and maybe even a laugh,



Even if she walks away! I bet you really do put the “STUD” in bible study.


But yeah man that’s all I got for you. Did this work with my girlfriend? Umm well I’m single… What qualifies me then to give you advice? No, brother, what doesn’t qualify me? Exactly!




Isaac Walker


March 20, 2016

Spring Break Adventures

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Hey friends!

Friday night, I got back from a crazy spring break.  No I was not partying, drinking, or waking up with my friends then discovering a dead body that forces us to make a blood oath so no one ever reveals our secret.  Instead, I was hiking through the Smokey Mountains with Kairos.

19 of us went to rough it up in the wilderness for three days.  We left last Tuesday and drove to Nashville.  We explored a little of downtown Nashville for a few hours then stayed the night at a church in Nashville.  The next morning we drove to our first hiking destination.  All the outlooks were blocked off because they were unstable so we really could not see the waterfalls to well.  From there we drove to Pizza Hut for lunch.  After we got our stomachs full we drove to our final destination where we stayed for the next three days and two nights.  The hike to our camp site was not too difficult.  It was about 2.5 miles and it was beautiful!  The weather was perfect too!  It was about 75 degrees and never rained!

The second day we hiked a little further to a site known as Virgin Falls.  It was a  massive waterfall that flowed out of a cave.  We hiked to the bottom and it was wild. The waterfall was creating huge gusts if wind and mist was flying everywhere!  After that Phil and I hiked to the top and explored the cave that the waterfall flowed from.  It was literally the largest cave I had ever been in!  The next day we packed up and came home!

Here are some pictures of our adventures.

IMG_3158 IMG_3162 IMG_3161 IMG_3159


Hiking to our camp site.

Hiking to our camp site.

IMG_3168 IMG_3167 IMG_3166

IMG_3173 IMG_3174 IMG_3179

The waterfall at our camp site.

The waterfall at our camp site.

IMG_3177 IMG_3178 IMG_3187 IMG_3195 IMG_3211

Chilling at our campsite.

Chilling at our campsite.

IMG_3197 IMG_3206 IMG_3208

Exploring the river.

Exploring the river.

IMG_3214 IMG_3215 IMG_3216 IMG_3217

Hiking to Virgin Falls.

Hiking to Virgin Falls.

Overall, I loved the trip!  Everyone on the trip grew closer and we all had a blast together!

Until next time friends!

Isaac Walker


February 27, 2016

10 Questions College Students Are Tired Of Hearing

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Hey friends!

So I have been thinking lately and I have no idea what I want to do with my life.  I am majoring in sociology and I have some ideas about what I want to do, but I have not fully committed to anything.  I am only 21!  Sometimes I tell myself that I am young and I have plenty of time.  But other times I feel so old and that if I do not figure this out soon, I am going to die sad and miserable!  I was asked a few days ago what I am majoring in by an older man I had literally never spoken before.  After I told him I am majoring in Sociology, he asked me what I plan to do with that when I graduate.  I already hate it when people ask me that question, but he asked the question with a slightly condescending tone.  This leads me to the topic of this blog!  10 Questions all college students are tired of hearing.

  •  What are you studying?
  • 1

    Even ifI told you, you wouldn’t understand.

  • What do you plan on doing with that major?
  • I don't know! I still have plenty of time to figure it out.

    I don’t know! I still have plenty of time to figure it out.

  • Ready for the Real World?
  • Like this is not the real world now?

    Like this is not the real world now?

  • Are you going to get your masters degree next?
  • I still have to get through all of this first. Leave me be.

    I still have to get through all of this first. Leave me be.

  • Have you thought about going into ________ instead?
  • I picked this major for a reason.

    I picked this major for a reason.

  • Oh MNU?  Do you know _______ who goes there too?
  • There are a lot of people here. Odd are no.

    There are a lot of people here. Odds are no.

  • Are you seeing anyone?
  • Yes grandma. I'm in a committed relationship with anxiety.

    Yes grandma. I’m in a committed relationship with anxiety.

  • How do you like living on your own?
  • It has it's ups and down.

    It has it’s ups and down.

  • Have you gained the freshman 15?
  • Mind your own g dang business!

    Mind your own g dang business!

  • How are your classes going?
  • Oh ya they are so much fun and I love every second.

    Oh ya they are so much fun and I love every second.

Isaac Walker


February 20, 2016

I Have Car Troubles Regularly

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Hey friends!  Let me just tell you a little bit of the awful time I had Thursday.  I have the worst time with cars and have car troubles regularly.  In October I wrecked my car and totaled it.  I have had multiple flat tires, ruined many break pads, and hit many, many mailboxes.

So my most recent fiasco all started last Wednesday night.  At dinner Amanda asked if she could see my phone.  She does this thing where she will ask to see something, and once the person hands it to her she immediately throws it over her shoulder.  I told her she could see it if she promises she would not do that.  She promised and then immediately threw it over her shoulder….

Well I have an awful memory and within 30 seconds forgot that even happened.  So I left campus center with out my phone.  I called security to see if they could let me in, but they were dealing with an on campus emergency and could not help me.

I woke up the next day and had plans to go to Lawrence because I do not have classes on Thursdays.  Don’t ask how I managed to do that.  I really am not entirely sure myself.  And as I mentioned earlier, I have an awful memory and realized I still did not have my phone till I was half way to Lawrence.   I spent a few hours there with my friend.  We got lunch, went to a pet store, and then to a park with some older special needs people.  It was quite the day!  Around 1:30 I decided to head back to campus to pick up my phone then go to work.  I was slightly scared to drive with out my phone because of the small chance of something happening.

Ok. So when I say "car" this is what I mean. This is the vehicle I am driving since I wrecked mine. This is my mom's stylin mini van.

Ok. So when I say “car” this is what I mean. This is the vehicle I am driving since I wrecked mine. This is my mom’s stylin mini van.

I was driving and everything was going great!  I was singing along loudly to the radio and just having a good time all by myself in the car.  Occasionally someone would pass me and give me a weird look because I full on jam out hard in the car.  Then it happened.  Right after I passed Eudora, I my car started making a strange noise.  I turned off the radio and was listening.  It was driving weird too.  My heart was racing.  Then about 30 seconds of listening, my back passenger tire literally EXPLODED!  I screamed very loudly then proceeded to pull over.  I turned on my hazards and sat there for a little bit feeling lots of emotions.  I was scared because I did not have my phone with me.  I was also very angry that I did not have my phone with me.  I was also not too surprised that this happened, because I did not have my phone with me.

This is what my tire looked like.

This is what my tire looked like.

After I collected myself, I got out to asses the damage.  As I suspected the tire full on exploded.  But it was ok!  I know how to change a a tire!  I have had to do it multiple times!  This was just the first time I was alone.  But I am a capable 21 year old college student!  I can handle myself!  Or so I thought….. I popped open the back of the car and there was not a spare.  I moved all the stuff around to see if there was a hidey hole I could open and find the tire.  But to my NOT surprise there was nothing.  I was HACKED!  So I stood there like a fool in my Birkenstocks hoping someone would pull over so I could use their phone to call someone to come and help me.  I stood there for an HOUR AND A HALF!  No one stopped to help me!  Finally a police officer pulled over.  He asked if I had a spare tire and I told him there wasn’t one in the back.  He then informed me that a lot of times, they are stored under the car.  That was news to me!  And just like he said, there it was snug under the car.  Together we got it out, switched out the tires, and I was on my way.  By now it is about 3:30.

This obviously is not me or the police officer but this completely captures the feelings I had while changing that g dang tire.

This obviously is not me or the police officer but this completely captures the feelings I had while changing that g dang tire.

I did not have time to get my phone.  I had to go straight to work.  They were not too concerned that I was late.  I was just glad they noticed!  After work, I went with my mom to get a new tire.  That took the rest of my evening.  I finally got back to my dorm at 8.  I was so tired.  I just wanted to sit and watch Netflix alone.  For the rest of my life.

But things like this are regular events for me.  So I am use to it!

Until next time friends!