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Merry Thanksgiving!!!
Summer Jobs
21 & Sober
Improv Mannequin Challenge
A Miracle & A Tragedy
Behind the Scenes look at You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown
Baptism, War, and Improv
Homecoming Week!!!
Story Time
Midterms and Mass Chaos

Behind the Scenes look at You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown

Hello all! We finished up You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown with our final show last night! It was a great run. Now it’s time to let you in on some of the backstage secrets and shenanigans. Becoming Pigpen: You wanna know a secret? All the the “dirt” on Brandon’s face and shirt is really cooca powder. So even though he looked like he smelled really gross he actually smelled like chocolate!   As some of you know I played Lucy this fall in Charlie Brown. It was truly a fun role! At one point in the big number that[…]

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Baptism, War, and Improv

Week 6 Vlog. This video highlights an exciting week of faith, fun, and rowdiness at MNU. I’m excited to show y’all the excitement we’ve been up to here. Song: Stormy Blues, Arne Bang Huseby.

Midterms and Mass Chaos

As you all know by now midterm grades are upon us. What does this mean you may ask? Chaos. Mass chaos. Here’s 7 phases of this week that every college student feels on a spiritual level:   1.When you realize that its midterms and you have 2 projects, 5 tests, and and 3 papers due and you haven’t started working on anything:   2. When stress eating is becoming a real problem.   3. When you are in self denial and you think everything is going to be okay.   4. And then when reality sets back in and you realize there are not enough hours[…]

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