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My Journey to MNU

Here’s is the 100% true story of how I came about attending MidAmerica Nazarene University:   (This story was meant to be read with a generic almost British accent similar to how they speak when performing Shakespeare… keep this in mind)        My story begins in the magic area of Kansas City, Missouri. I was spending my days living in a beautiful castle (apartment building) right smack dab in the best (worst) party of KCMO. Guys, I Want A Castle. – Tangled GIF from Tangled GIFs It was my senior year of High School and the question had[…]

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Shred The Gnar

Week 16 Vlog. This video highlights Logan, Landen, and I’s adventure in Colorado. Check out all of the sights and sounds of us running around, and shredding that Gnar. Songs: Nothing, Kai Engel  & Roufianos, Pithikos.

How NOT to use Land Gym

So, everyone knows that part of being healthy is exercising, right? Are you part of #TeamGetSwole? Are you looking to lose a pound or two? Is basketball your thing? It’s a good thing we have our own gym and work out facilities here at MNU! We find the gym to be a great place to exercise when stressed out, exercise when we’re happy, exercise when we’re sad, exercise when we’re furious, and exercise when we’re feeling no emotions at all. However, we DO suggest using land gym a bit differently than we do in this video…

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