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Shred The Gnar

Week 16 Vlog. This video highlights Logan, Landen, and I’s adventure in Colorado. Check out all of the sights and sounds of us running around, and shredding that Gnar. Songs: Nothing, Kai Engel  & Roufianos, Pithikos.

MNU Track&Field and the Key to Our Success

  Some say it is the athletes. Some say it is the attitude. It may be the leadership, or some higher power intervening. One way or the other, it is not too daring to say that MNU Track&Field program has been successful. I am extremely proud to be a part of this incredible team that, in my opinion, embodies all of the things above. We are nothing else but a group of individuals, with different goals, beliefs, and backgrounds. However, our leadership, mainly coach Wiens, has been able to find a philosophy that speaks and resonates with all of us.[…]

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Dare I Say This?

This week I had one of the most fearful and risky conversations in my life. I know how big the issue with political correctness is, however my stubborn brain keeps telling me to wage a war against it. I believe that political correctness is a disease that needs to be cured, and the only way to beat it is to talk about the issues it covers. I was so happy to find once again that professors at MNU are absolutely fabulous in helping with problems of all kinds. In fact, I realized that I am at the right university where[…]

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