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Theatre Banquet
A Week at KCACTF
#TBT Welcome Week

Theatre Banquet

Every year the theatre professors at MNU host a beautiful Theatre Banquet in Bell. It is held at the very end of the school year and awards are given out. But the main reason MNU students get giddy with excitement about the theatre banquet is that at the banquet they announce next school years shows. Its a big ordeal and we go all out for it. This years banquet theme was Masquerade…

Selfie with Elisa and Catherine at the banquet

Here’s an adorable picture of some of the gals getting ready in the green room before the banquet.

A quick photo of all the gals getting ready before the banquet

You’re still scrolling because you wanna know what next years shows are don’t you?? Well hold on a second I’ve got more fabulous pictures…

I love this picture because it is with my two freshman that helped me with my baking with freshman vlog a couple months ago. Dana and Christian are on MNU’s impov team with me and Christian was in BOTH shows this past school year!

Elisa, Dana, and Christian pose for a picture together at the banquet.



Many people smile for a banquet selfie

This year I was honored to receive the award for Outstanding Performance for the role of Lucy in You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Other awards given out this year were: Outstanding Improviser, Freshman of the Year, Rookie Performance of the year, Techie of the Year, and the Senior Spotlight Award.

I am so excited for next years show! Seriously y’all they are gonna be so good! In the fall we are doing a community wide version of Into the Wood and in the Spring we are doing Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare in our Blackbox Theatre. I, being a musical theatre geek, am ecstatic about Into the Woods. I cannot wait to get started with that show!

A picture of Kristen and Elisa starring at each other. The meme says, "the moment your realize you both want the same role"


A Week at KCACTF

In between workshops group selfie

This week 12 students including myself spend the entire week in Des Moines, Iowa participating and competing at the Kennedy Center America College Theatre Festival Region 5.  This festival invites college students from all over the mid-west. Here are 3 things I took away from my week at KCACTF:

MNU students in the kitchen preparing dinner

1. MNU Theatre is high quality. 

Throughout the week the festival had different shows from colleges all over. Just about every night we got to go see a different play. Some were okay but others were truly disappointing. Many of the shows had poor acting. I was reminded of the the high standard that Heather Tinker (Professor/Director at MNU) holds her students to.

Othello before the acting began

2. Dancing is Fun!

This week many of the MNU students had the opportunity to take dance classes such as Broadway Boot Camp and Musical Theatre. I probably had the most fun in these classes. We learned dances from Big Fish and Hairspray as well as basic Ballet and Jazz techniques. We definitely are not the best dancers out there but we giggled our way though!

3. Zombie Burger is Delicous. 

If you havent been to Zombie Burger in Des Moines I would highly recommend it. We ate dinner there one night and I regret nothing. Not only was the food epic but the zombie decor was top notch.

Zombie Breakfast at Tiffany's poster

The Zombie Toy Story Poster

The Zombie Lord of the Rings Poster

A final thought: This week the festival challenged all the students to really branch out and meet people. They even made it a selfie swap competition. I won said competition. (Go look on my Instagram elisasfinsta). But even more than that I got to meet so many people that are so different from me. People that believe very differently than I do and people who were very kind and loving. It made my week even more fun! Blake Holden and I made a bet to see who would obtain the most selfies throughout the week and I won said bet. To see the ending result of this bet you are gonna have to be present at MNU’s next Improv Show on February 23 @ 9:30pm in Smith 200. 

Elisa holding her award

This is a picture of me taking a selfie on stage whilst receiving an award for most selfies

Stay Classy,


Ericka, Elisa, Quinn, and Amanda at the theatre


#TBT Welcome Week

The semester starts and you have a combination of confused freshmen and upperclassmen who are just ready to be finished with school already, but there is one week full of events that everyone enjoys: Welcome Week! So whether it’s White Light or Paint Wars that grabs your attention, something is ALWAYS appealing about the first week of school. But, for some of us, the first week of school isn’t about the ASG events. While they’re super fun and I always look forward to going, it’s the auditions for the fall play/musical that gets me going every year. This year is[…]

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