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How NOT to use Land Gym

So, everyone knows that part of being healthy is exercising, right? Are you part of #TeamGetSwole? Are you looking to lose a pound or two? Is basketball your thing? It’s a good thing we have our own gym and work out facilities here at MNU! We find the gym to be a great place to exercise when stressed out, exercise when we’re happy, exercise when we’re sad, exercise when we’re furious, and exercise when we’re feeling no emotions at all. However, we DO suggest using land gym a bit differently than we do in this video…

Oxford and Stonehenge

Last weekend I went to Oxford and Stonehenge with Harriet. I was not aware of this, but Oxford is made up of 38 different colleges. We got to see a couple of them and just wondered around the town a little bit. We also got to have tea in this cute little coffee shop. The next day we got to travel down to see Stonehenge. My expectations were at first high, but then when I told all my English friends that I was going to see it they were all just like, “It’s literally a bunch of stones. Why do you want to see it?” However, It was really cool to see. They were also a lot bigger in person. I think it is definitely something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime!

Northern Ireland

This vlog is from when we went to Northern Ireland. We visited the first church in Ireland, Down Cathedral, Dundrum Castle, Mourne Mountains, Slieve Croob, The Dark Hedges, Giant’s Causeway, and a rugby match! We were visiting Northern Ireland because this is where Tristan is from. He was showing us around all of these places which was nice to have a free tour guide. Basically we traveled all over the country Thursday and Friday; Saturday we tried traditional Irish stew and saw a rugby match; and Sunday was Tristan’s birthday so we got to have a small party with his friends and family. It was a really great weekend!

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