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Wild Camping in Scotland
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The Capital of Europe

This last weekend I decided to take a weekend trip to Brussels, Belgium which is also known as the Capital of Europe! This was my first trip that I have taken alone and it was really nerve wracking at first. Being in a foreign country all on your own where you don’t speak the language is pretty scary, but it is also extremely empowering when you realize that you can navigate around all on your own! I met some really amazing people along the way and even though I took this trip on my own, I was actually rarely alone for most of it! Literally all I ate for those three days was waffles, frites (fries), and chocolate. There was a chocolate shop every five steps you took and every single one of them had samples of chocolate for you to try. I didn’t have any plans coming to Belgium except to get a waffle. It was so worth taking a trip to a foreign country just for their delicious golden waffles- I would totally recommend it!

Wild Camping in Scotland

This past weekend we decided to go wild camping in Scotland. We drove up through Glasgow, stayed there for one night and saw the University of Glasgow and an art museum. The next day we saw Loch Ness (unfortunately we did not see the Loch Ness moster- that we know of at least) and the Scottish Highlands. We camped in a random field that night and it was literally the coldest night of my life. The next day we drove through the Scottish Highlands some more and the guys jumped in an ice cold loch when it was already below freezing outside- I decided to opt out of that one. We camped that night as well and it was still freezing but luckily not as bad as the first night. Then we drove through Edinburgh and saw an amazing castle! Overall I would definitely recommend Scotland, but maybe just not to camp in the middle of February.

Balancing Work & Family

Week 18 Vlog. This video highlights my open forum of balancing work and family. Join the discussion and comment your opinion below Songs: True North, Adam Selzer

Shred The Gnar

Week 16 Vlog. This video highlights Logan, Landen, and I’s adventure in Colorado. Check out all of the sights and sounds of us running around, and shredding that Gnar. Songs: Nothing, Kai Engel  & Roufianos, Pithikos.

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